The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 2)



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    1. Nikey Crisafi

      Do the Iwo jema


      Can you do Vietnam war?

    3. muffin crew


    4. UwU_Im_Your_Friend 48

      They might have the best president but the horse saw everything

    5. Prinsha Chanda

      10:51 did anybody else notice that the picture on the calendar was of BTS. Are the confederate soldiers ARMYs??

    6. Craig Dillon

      Of all our presidents, Lincoln represented that which is the best in us. Trump, on the other hand, represents that which is the worst in us. Lincoln inspires us to forgive -- Trump seeks revenge. Lincoln inspires sacrifice -- Trump seeks privilege. Lincoln gave us beautiful eloquence -- Trump gives us bombastic tweets. Lincoln sought to bind our nation -- Trump seeks to tear us apart. From Lincoln to Trump, look how far we have fallen.

    7. Sky007

      Oh great and mighty oversimplified, I am but a lowly humble servant of your channel, if I could just recommend one subject you could do, can you do a subject on the Punic wars.

    8. British Lad

      I'm not American but I can't help but feel sad from learning about Lincoln's assassination. From these videos alone it's clear to see that he clearly had love and care for all people but still knew how to handle a war and keep his people's best interests at heart, especially on slavery, its a shame he died how he did. But in my opinion I do feel like he was one of the best US presidents its country has had and the fact that he is immortalised as very well detailed monument gives me a lot of respect for him and the US

    9. Sebastien Valentine

      9:36 😂😂😂

    10. Elora Maxwell

      Say what you will about the Confederacy but they fought to the very bitter end.

    11. Baseball boy

      I’m not gonna let them take my beans! Joseph, 18 sixty-something

    12. Lillian Peszel

      You should do a video on the battle of gettysburg

    13. Alexander Dowling-Hussey

      PLZ!!! do an episode on THE 1916 RISING PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

    14. Fronz Jr

      There is a mistake at 6:12. He failed to show and mention that Stuart, who held information about Union movements, was stopped partway thru Maryland and stayed overnight. This delayed his message and would contribute to the Confederate defeat. See more by looking up Corbits Charge

    15. MrJJuK

      Thank you for making these videos, very educational and amazingly funny. Makes history fun. 🙏 this is what schools need to incorporate into lessons.

    16. eanna connolly

      Seen as St.Patricks day isnt far off you should do a mini wars on the Ireland easter rising or a vid on the Irish War for Independence

    17. memescil

      Face reveal ?????

    18. Indoril Nerevar

      But Lincoln still rules Mars though.... right?

    19. Code fahpoon

      Do balken wars

    20. Ytterbius

      High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The State LOL 🤣🤣😂😂

    21. Paul Jennings

      You should do the Irish rebellion

    22. Kookie fan fics Yeah

      10:50 did literally no body else notice that bts was in the calendar

    23. Storm Van den Bosch

      make a vid of the eighty year old war

    24. Andrew Credit

      Oversimplified can you plz make a video on the American and Spanish War

    25. Xx Serpent_jefe

      Wilmer mclain was a plot twist cause i thought him and martha were just a gAg

    26. Trey Downing

      You should do the war of the roses

    27. OrgaYT Aka Orga plays

      Oversimplified does Spanish-American war guys

    28. Rory Clague

      "He was so great that he even forgave the crimes of his greatest enemies and shook brotherly hands with those who had plotted against his life. His name was Lincoln and the country in which he lived is called America, which is so far away that if a youth should journey to reach it he would be an old man when he arrived.Tell us of that man." - From a Circassian chieftain meeting Leo Tolstoy, asking him about great world leaders

    29. The Rage Commenter

      Should've been "stick around to see how you can save money when you shop with Honey."

    30. Vinay Khobrekar

      That corner guy in the thumbnail looked exactly like Cillian Murphy . If you don't know him google him . Lmao after seeing him in history lessons

    31. Annika Welch

      Hi i'm home schooled and I barley learn any history. My mom found this channel in the early fall. Se watched a couple of videos and the a week later I got to watch them. They were very funny and I was learning!!! :))))))) I never knew there was a bucket war o.O?! I really luv these videos. I was kinda sad when you didn't upload for a while. ^-^ I hope you keep up le AWESOME work :DDD

    32. Celia W

      You Bro!!! These Videos Are Awesome!!!! Don't Know How You Make Them So Funny And Have So Much Info. So Keep up the good work!!

    33. Random guy

      You made me fall in love with history thx

    34. 司馬毅

      Your videos are incredibly amazing. Though there is not much I can do, I tried my best to promote your video by translating them into Chinese, hoping more and more people can see your works. Keep up the good works man. I really do enjoy your video. Sorry for my poor English 😶

    35. TheFlamingDino

      I told my history teacher about you once in september(?) and we've watched the French Revolution (since we were learning about that) and the American Revolution (Since we were learning that) and btw keep up the amazing work!

    36. Tim Buktu

      John Wilkes Booth should host the Oscars.

    37. mạnh hùng phạm

      the viet nam war pls , big fan from VN

    38. jordan belfort

      Oversimplified: -Russian Revolution & Civil War -Alexander the Great -Colonization of America -Decolonization of Africa

    39. David T

      Let's hope that we never see anything like this again. We are all brothers and sisters left-wing right-wing wings of the same bird we should be able to sit down across from a table and have a dialog or agree to disagree

    40. Stephen Guidetti

      The last remaining place to learn the real truth about the Civil War was Historical site in New Market Virginia, it was run by the Citadel Collage, I think it was Five or Ten dollars for a two hour movie that had copies of original letters and documents that proved the Civil War was not fought over Slavery, but has been taken over but Federal Government, so I can no longer verify its accuracy or content.

    41. Hamza Henriksen

      Could you make a video of how the ottoman empire took konstanopel

    42. Stephen Guidetti

      I believe General Lee committed treason against the Southern States. Because at Gettysburg General Lee made a classic Freshman mistake that he would have learned at West Point to not attack a superior dug in force up hill. I believe General Lee through the Civil War. Another fact not vary well known is that Robert E. Lee was Lincoln's first pick to lead the Union army. Lee refused because he was from Virginia I believe.

    43. Jiko Demon

      "All men are created equal" Greatest line a President could say❤

    44. Spencer PhilippineDream

      im glad the outcome turned out the way it did, but i never saw the side of this story where lincoln was so interested in winning reelection. if the union army had failed, lincolns reputation would be a whole lot different. his efforts to get a victory under his belt right before election would have been seen as sending boys to their deaths simply for reelection.

    45. Stephen Guidetti

      You forgot the 1861 Corwin Amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed by the U.S. Congress in 1861, under Lincoln; which made slavery Constitutionally Legal. Lincoln said he would allow slavery in order to keep the Union together. Lincoln used the slavery issue as propaganda tool pretending to get God on his side hopping the People would follow, it worked. Even though President Davis knew Lincoln was full of it Davis failed to respond to Lincoln's bull crap; which made it seem Lincoln had God on his side. like Hitler said a lie told long enough becomes the truth. Then Lincoln went to war and stop the Southern States from leaving the Union. Before seceding from the Union the Southern States had sent Delegations to talk to Lincoln about Northern States Violations of the U.S. Constitution (The Southern States Constitutional Rights), Lincoln's response was to refuse to talk to the Southern Delegations. When in reality Lincoln was Prejudice against black's and if he lived would have sent all the black's back to there home lands. Lincoln Never freed any Northern Slaves during the Civil War all the Major Collages had Slaves living on Campus including Harvard; Dartmouth; West Point; How ever Slaves were freed to continue clean and and cook at the White House.

    46. Aqeem Harith

      Poor man

    47. Morinmeth First to Fall

      22:22 I'm not crying, you're crying

    48. Elroy Liu

      Man that ending was emotional :(

    49. Mrjop21

      As i'm watching this, i'm wondering how does one man have the streght to narrate all of these videos and still make them the best history videos on the platform. (btw if you read this maeby look into the finnish civil war or the russian) i would gift this channel 800 euros to make more of these amazing videos, but student cannot afford that money so i'm just gonn leave this comment here. May the lord be kind to you.

    50. Henri

      Just waiting for napoleonic wars, whos with me?

    51. Heavenly Troopers

      Yo OverSimplified. I BEG YE to make one on the Chinese civil war. I'm left breathless by the history of Kuomintang and the war itself. Also of interest is Taiwanese democracy but NVM all of that! Thank you.

    52. Taiga Aisaka

      12:29 Thanks for teaching me chess

    53. Dan Witzke

      He should do the War of the 5 Kings from "Game of Thrones"

    54. Tom Buck

      The end to this video really elevated it. What a production, honestly.

    55. Ringgo Siagian

      Can you make a napeolonic War

    56. Jim Dot Beep

      What the Hell was that shit with God taking a neutral stance on slavery!? Don't bring religion into this if you don't have to balls to say anything about it,

    57. David Ramirez

      16:38 (as an OIF vet) i cant help but feel like this has been used in modern days. In bahgdad we would destory property. it was never an order. just something done, to show them, incase they supported the enemy. The irony is that salvery still exists. Redefined to sweatshops and poorly valued currency

    58. Hotrod

      Only the real understand what nathan bedford forrest did

    59. Eunhee Lee

      10:46 Why is there a BTS calendar on it???

    60. TheDiamondKing

      When lee looked at the screen I felt threatened