The Best Of The Office UK & USA On The Graham Norton Show

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    Who remembers The Office UK Airing in 2001? Here are some of the best moments featuring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Steve Carell, and John Krasinski.
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    Publisert 10 måneder siden


    1. mjb0183

      Amy Schumer doesn’t belong with those comedy geniuses. She’s a known joke-stealer. She’s in the “crowd” though.

    2. Dynasty 00

      Wow, look at Amy Schumer being in awe at someone who’s actually funny

    3. Dee Wolf

      Dawn French looks great...and Kristen Wiig is beautiful, obviously Emily Blunt is a goddess too...

    4. Michael keaton

      It's good to have Stephen Merchant on this, it would've been better to find a clip without Amy Schumer to ruin it...

    5. Ego the living planet

      Ricky laughing at his own jokes is a mood

    6. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

      Amy Schumer waiting to steal the joke!

    7. Human247🎬🏳️‍🌈✌️

      The UK version is SOOOO much better than the US version, just saying

    8. Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot


    9. Kyleigh Ann

      Omg if Steve rolled down his window and I was on the bus I probably would have lost it!!

    10. B J

      Sam jackson does not find steve merchant funny. Stone cold on it.

    11. Alan Morrison

      Amy Schumer’s legs are that bright I had to put on sunglasses.

    12. Cam

      I think whoever made this vid may have forgot Ed Helms was on the show (with Bradley Cooper, Rob Lowe & Alex Kingston) because he has several funny moments better than most of these. Anyone who hasnt seen that episode, its in my Top 10 for sure.

    13. DominantCub 72

      I've been to funerals funnier than Amy schumer

    14. Shashank Jamdagni

      Who's this Man in Red

    15. Alec Taylor


    16. Val Venegas

      I was listening to this while doing homework and I thought John Krasinski was Chris Pratt ... I realized just now that they have very similar voices

    17. Cameron Adams

      Wow the yelling in, possibly one of the worst German accents I’ve ever heard, was painfully unfunny

    18. Jag Maharesi

      They should do one consisting of SNL casts: Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Chris Rock, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Will Ferrell etc...

    19. MrTargenor

      OMG steven is a male equivalent of Gretha Thunberg

    20. Juvylene Herreria

      watched this five times already 😁

    21. Michael

      Amy Shumer is so gross.

    22. MegaMsc123

      Steve carell just is not funny. US version of the office is awful. The original is a masterpiece.

    23. D-Beat & Techno

      Steve Carell just ain't funny to me....

    24. Callum Westlake

      I love the little head shake and then nod Ricky gives when Ben talks about him laughing.

    25. James

      Ricky Gervais is a but of a self absorbed guy isn't he?

    26. Eyedeas Never Die

      Lets just have a The Office reunion on this show.

    27. Tazzer 1506

      Am I the only one getting offended that someone turned their back on Samuel L Jackson

      1. Roonil Wazlib

        I was doing something else while watching this with one eye, of that makes sense. Anyway, I saw that part and was like, “Rude, was that Jennifer Lawrence? Oh, it’s Amy Schumer. Same thing, I guess.”

      2. shoosh

        Jake Howard and it’s the last time

      3. shoosh

        Ninaad Adhvaryu but... she’s not funny

      4. Foe Jnr

        I just don't like Amy. 🤣

      5. Jake Howard

        I actually found it pretty funny, first time she's ever made me laugh haha

    28. Danila Monteiro

      Samuel L Jackson always seems bored

    29. HR


    30. Lucy Matilda

      I love how Ricky just laughs at everything he does😂

    31. Pambudi Wardhani

      Steve Carell with that mustache was actually looking good. I don't get the porn actor vibe.

    32. Eddy142

      “It’s the eyes”

    33. Jorge Guillermo Zorrilla More

      Where is your mother. Con Scarface, i want see the Irishman. Maxwell Smarth in progress. 99% complete.

    34. GoOdTaStE2123

      Judging by the title, I thought this was Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais together and they were watching Office clips, comparing them. This was okay though! Just about worthy of my time and a like.

    35. Michelle Adamchak

      Why is Amy so slimy?!! Irl, on screen, on TV.

      1. Avatar N

        Cos she's a pig

    36. Tom Kiggins


    37. CoralCarne372

      You forgot Ed helms and Martin Freeman

    38. OJ Noodle

      Uk version is trash

    39. JAFC 49

      All I’m asking for is Ricky and Steve together

    40. Mulch Diggums

      That guys pretty tall

    41. JaNeY KeNnY

      Ricky and Stephen but NO Karl Dilkington?! The humanity! Tsk tsk

    42. Charlie K

      that guy sound just like GRU!

      1. Jay Paul

        He voices Gru

    43. Nova M.

      Did Amy Schumer bathe in sunscreen, in vaseline or wrap herself in plastic or something?

    44. Unfathomable Reasons

      I'm so torn... I love the Office, but I can't stand Amy Schumer... My love for Steve Carell has earned you a thumbs up from me.

    45. Nur Syahindah

      excuse me where is martin freeman

    46. C. Hills

      One of my favorite things is how hilarious Ricky finds himself 😂

    47. Sheri Alexander

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> Michael B. Jordan quoting Anchorman To Steve Carell like he's done it a million times hahah LOVE it!

    48. Vaibhav

      So nobody's gonna talk about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a>

    49. never rook rook

      ‘So I flew back to see my wife and my kids’ ‘Yeah, sure’

    50. Izzie Trinder

      “Best of the UK and USA” First shot of Rebel Wilson An Australian

    51. seth stevens


    52. GoldenEaglePrincess

      If I was a celebrity, I would know I'd made it if I was on the Graham Norton Show.

    53. Princess Chewie

      Who is the woman on the couch?

      1. Mary Rose Kent

        Princess Chewie Are you talking about Amy Schumer?

    54. Cantaloupeman

      I can't hear Stephen Merchant without hearing Wheatley from portal 2.

    55. lina iz

      Daenerys is Steven merchant's doctor : Bend the KNEE

    56. Potterhead

      When are Leo, Brad, Margot and Tarantino coming on the show? Please invite ALL of them for a full show!

      1. zurzak ne-etra

        ew why

    57. Matthew James

      Is it weird that I daydream about being on this show 😂😂😂😂

      1. matthew safarz

        Nope. I do too

    58. hector Maclean

      the pure passive aggression

    59. super gerd

      thank you Graham (and his team) for uploading these. best stress reliever

    60. BGRoyal

      I think Amy Schumer might have used too much baby oil on her legs and her arms

      1. KillerKillingKeem aka *kkk*

        I was wondering who that pig faced woman was

      2. Luke Do

        She's repulsive. I bet a feral pig wouldn't even touch that meat

      3. Alexander Supertramp

        Shae McCubbin Even without the oil she looks like that

      4. whats his name?

        get your mind out of the gutter. oh, it's my mind. Sorry.

      5. Pharaoh Bhang

        That's bacon grease and sweat, sir.

    61. Sandwich Anomaly

      Brick killed a guy...

    62. TheHehe1223

      I"d love to see Karl Pilkington on the show

    63. Rebel Raccoon

      Steve Carrell is a blast😂

    64. Curry Whatley

      More garbage by the left

    65. Ryu So

      Why does he still using such a small LCD SCREEN

    66. Conn Benn

      This show works so well cuz of graham! He plays into his stereotype, an Irishman getting everyone drunk haha

    67. Daria

      I don't even want to know what's up with Amy Schumer looking so oily

      1. Rebel Raccoon

        The magic of coconut oil

      2. Zakaria Remane

        I don't know but watch your steps it's so "slippery"

    68. lames saad

      Where can i see the whole episode of jamie fox and steve carrell

      1. Mary Rose Kent

        lames saad Go to TGNS website, type in Jamie Fox Steve Carrell full episode.

    69. DJ Deckard Cain

      Yea, I don't care what anyone says....I'd do Amy Schumer any day.

    70. Kiki Vol-au-Vent

      I just happend to see this AGAIN and it's still so funny - as if I hadn't - only a short while ago - laughed my head off already!!!!

    71. MissAhmed Ahmed

      I love Stephen merchant

    72. ytdlder

      we need way more Gervais... one cannot have enough :D

    73. me2525

      Why does Amy Schumer look like she is sweating JUST ON HER LEGS?

      1. Mary Rose Kent

        me2525 Baby oil

      2. Geoffrey Holland

        Have you never heard of pantyhose or stockings?

      3. Beck Cetera


    74. Riley Nicholls

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> her legs are brighter than my future

    75. molly tsanadis


    76. Michael Gibb

      I must admit to having never seen a single episode of The Office, both UK and US.

      1. Rebel Raccoon

        @Eddie T I've seen a tiny episode. Lame humour, you're not missing anything.

      2. Eddie T

        I have never seen a single episode of Friends. Have I missed out?

    77. Pamela Beesly

      10 minutes of pure joy

    78. Dan

      Dwight was right, Jim can sure grow a great beard.

    79. King Lurch

      My pp hurted

    80. Shichhya Jugjali

      Ricky laughing at himself is everything

      1. El Manco Gaming

        I don't know, "Ricky Gervae and Stephen Merchon" is what craks me the most.

      2. josh waterman

        He’s just always so happy and giddy