The Candy K Set - Blush Highlighter, Liquid Lipstick Holiday Kit Kylie Cosmetics

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    Today let's take a closer look at the Kylie Cosmetics The Candy K Set. This set was released as a limited Edtion set for Black Friday. This set comes with 5 pieces to create a monochromatic look. I also picked up a few other items during her end of the year sale. I hope you enjoy the video!
    The Candy K Set
    Candy K Velvet Liquid Lipstick
    Matte Lipstick
    Lip Liner
    Blush/Highlighter Duo
    Matte Shadow/Metallic Shadow Duo
    Rager Matte Lipstick from her Birthday Collection

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    I really enjoy makeup and I'm happy I can share my collection on youtube with you. I hope you like the video and have a beautiful day today.


    1. flora I

      I hope she does this with Exposed

    2. Dream

      I got the same set, it’s gorgeous !!! Loveee the color and formula. Give me the beautiful and effortless look!

    3. Ivy Yu

      I bought this set after watching your video ❤ it reminds me of pillow talk from Charlotte tilbury

    4. Ivy Yu

      Love the quality of your videos.

    5. Claudine Faye Borja

      I wanna have that candy k!! ❤️

    6. Mrs Mustafa Mustafa

      From where u buy these?

      1. Nazanin

        Mrs Mustafa Mustafa Kylie cosmetics

    7. Amy Mifsud

      The Candy k’s are back in town Ready for 2020 the new decade

    8. merlin4622

      Wow, this was a great deal, perfect! :o)))

    9. Ari Martinez


    10. enitoys

      Yeah!! New video! Happy New Year!! 🎀

    11. Nazanin

      You should do one with Tati beauty

    12. Sheralyn Haddock

      I can't believe I didn't come across this channel sooner!!! Thanks 🍪 for all that you do!!!!🤩🍪🍪🍪🍪❤️