The Cast of Community Reunites for Table Read #stayhome #withme



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    The Greendale Community College study group is back together to benefit World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods ( Sit back, relax, and get your giggles in as the cast reads Season 5, Episode 4: Cooperative Polygraphy.
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    About Community: When the legitimacy of his college degree is challenged, lawyer Jeff Winger must return to school where he finds himself leading a misfit coalition of fellow community college students.

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    “Community” currently airs in the U.S. on Hulu and Netflix. Abroad, the show has a home on an array of channels, including Amazon Prime (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, UK, Middle East and Canada), ABC and Stan (Australia), Television New Zealand Limited (NZ), Sony Liv and Zee Cafe (India), Pro7 Fun (Germany), CTV Throwback (Canada), ivi (Russia), Channel 4 (UK), DGP Media (Belgium), NENT (Scandi), Orange (Spain), RTI SPA (Italy), Claro Video (LatAm), and various networks in South Korea. Coming soon to Claro Visión (Dominican Republic).
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    1. D-chu Chan

      If they just had Chevy Chase, this would’ve been complete!

    2. SJReid82

      God dammit, MOVIE PLEASE! And get Pedro in there, that guy is MONEY!

    3. Mazen Lasheen

      Nostalgia man

    4. Mel

      Nice table reaDEAN, helps when you have to bear down for quarantine

    5. David Arturo Velasco Vargas

      Pedro Pascal is such an incredible actor

    6. Andytaker7

      My heart melted a bit when Gillian Jacobs showed the sperm cylinder she'd saved as a memento

    7. mgeek1

      I wasn't going to watch the whole thing, but dammit, they pulled me in!

    8. Tom Eye The SFM guy


    9. ikdks

      What happened to the season 5 color palette? Did nbc cut your budget and you couldn't afford the higher registers of the visual spectrum?

    10. oscar dainis

      love it how pedro was so into the script

    11. Cridi0t

      when allison says "somebody say something," its with real sadness these guys are really close irl

    12. Dave Crawley

      Six movies are a season.

    13. Mori Vice

      Petition to cgi Pedro Pascal to replace Pierce. Its all very meta and star wars. On brand and on theme

    14. Rhett Whetten

      alison would you date joel

    15. Jonathan Berman

      I love when Dan Harmon tells Pascal he's never actually seen the Mandalorian and asks him if he is the baby today.

    16. Tolga

      This is just great. I love it!

    17. Kate

      This was amazing!!

    18. Pat Maloney

      I didnt know tv could break hearts till this got cancelled.

    19. Dunston

      Hmmmm... seems to be someone missing...

    20. Aeron Peets

      This was Donald Glover’s second to last episode on the show before he departed the series in episode 5 of season 5

    21. Jack Star

      I wonder if they invited Chevy and he said no, or they excluded him

    22. Kyle Walker

      They gotta bring back Pedro for the movie if it ever happens!

    23. Mosh Mage

      man, this started, and I wanted to watch the episode but _godamn!_ thank god I stood here instead :D

    24. bengolious

      And a movie?

    25. DarkHeartedJoker

      Love Community and love you guys. I'm rewatching the whole series through for the third time on netflix while still in quarantine.

    26. happyhell1

      I can't be the only one who wants a Lando and Mando TV series, right?

    27. kangooroo1

      Can anybody tell me exactly why did Chevy leave the show? Please. the fate of the galaxy depends on this!

    28. dcoog anml

      Nobody is talking about how we have both Mando AND Lando?!!?!!?

    29. Memo Grajeda

      Every day the chance that we might actually get a movie grows bigger AND BIGGER.

    30. Reflecting Variation ツ

      I missed Pierce and Troy so much in S5 and S6 :(

      1. dcoog anml

        Please make more seasons! And the movie!

    31. Nik Khosravipour

      did he say rick and morty season 6???

    32. Jek

      Imagine you are in the rehearsal of the show. So much fun!

    33. Anna Patete

      Pedro Pascal is adorable

    34. Jek

      Man! Donald Glover still got it!!!!

    35. Kwenspi

      I’m stealing Adrien Grody

    36. ziyaad Mohammed

      This just brings back a lot of memories

    37. Herson Ebron Jr.

      I absolutely love all of their reactions on Donald's delivery here <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1056">17:36</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1455">24:15</a>

    38. Kmpb

      In the movie I want Troy to be a millionaire, Annie is still working for the FBI, Abed is a famous movie director, Shirley has the most successful sandwich company and Jeff is still at greendale. And the dean brings them back together for some fake or real emergency.

    39. Bryan Wegner

      I love how over the moon they all were to hear the theme song live again.

    40. ??

      6 seasons and a movie

    41. Ronald Durham

      This is Awesome!!!

    42. Emerson Fleming

      This show was streets ahead

    43. Andrew Banks

      lame/pathetic fn Muppet

    44. Frederick Weston

      I love these guys, but I still miss Chevy.

    45. Jungle Jim

      this is weird

    46. William Russ

      Please make more seasons! And the movie!

    47. Nick Is Bomb

      “Childish tycoon”.... Donald’s glover.... “Childish gambino”

    48. Jeff Mathis

      This is awesome!! The most underrated show ever, so glad to see everyone involved...

    49. Nick Is Bomb

      I love the “crossover” episodes when they change the intro to the theme, like law and order and western and all the other ones, I live this show

    50. Brandon Inman

      Best Zoom reunion table read I've seen of any film or tv show cast so far.

    51. Stephen Yarnell

      6 seasons and a movie!

    52. Frenz_Declan

      Did this man... just say... rick and morty season 6?

    53. Nick M

      I love you. I love you all. Community was and is the best. Ever. Truly brilliant

    54. Ethan Amos

      Wheres Chevy

    55. Clare Flattery

      Donald Glover’s delivery of the Legoland line had me rolling. I had to step away for a second to wipe my eyes

    56. Baboon Time

      "Troy and Abed stuck at HOoOOoMe!"

    57. D C


    58. Drake Davis

      I love that they did this mad respect

    59. Alexandro Collings

      Wish they did an episode with Pierce so we could see Chevy, although I know Dan and Chevy had that blowout

    60. Its Jay

      All I hear is Rick 😂

    61. καμιά ψυχή

      This was worth is in a LOT of ways. I'm not trying to say it all. But the opening, live. Absolutely fantastic. I would watch any Joel McHale show. Someone else pick him up, the soup, netflix. IT"S ALWAYS GOOD JUST LET ME HAVE MOAR (okay you need a better producer my dude, you are so goooooood).

    62. Junior Barros

      watching this kinda makes me feel like i'm watching the episode. amazing.

    63. Soggy Lobster


    64. Peady Costellow TV

      So wait did abed not get a gift ?

    65. Nik Paul

      Its still incredibly funny

    66. Paul Chen

      where's pierce at

    67. Arlo Cordell


    68. Renato Milano de Souza

      I´m on this episode,!!

    69. ColeKreviazuk

      Laying in bed in Sweden, I've never teared up such a mix of tears before in my life. You may not be able to cure the physical part of the covid-crap, but this heals anything emotional that this corona virus has done to us. ❤ Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you ❤

    70. Joolz Godfree

      Watching Keith perform the theme song LIVE with everyone around... made me cry.

    71. ArmoredJesse

      This was pure gold

    72. Anders-Kristian Grimstad

      Pedro biting his finger with a giant grin during the intro-song was so endearing!

    73. Meid

      Pedro was so cute xD

    74. Ryan Burke

      Is no one gonna acknowledge that Dan confirmed rick and morty for a season SIX?!

    75. Paulo CA

      Slightly more magical world

    76. 8440k

      God This was amazing, even better than the actual episode!! The cast here do not have pressure and everyone are having a great time!!! I hate that I had not watched the community before this!!!

    77. Christian Rheinnecker

      omg thats sooooo awesome !!!

    78. Purple sy

      and this is how you cure a quarantine depression

    79. Fernando Becerra


    80. Luis Cortes