The Coffee That's Fighting Climate Change | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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    Protesters rally for gun rights in Virginia, a Michigan man returns $43,000 he found in his couch, and scientists create synthetic coffee in response to climate change.
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    1. Comedy Central UK

      What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in a couch?

      1. Ana Borella

        A roach?

      2. Rombe Ruux

        i had friends came over and we all had fun parting all kinda dg and in the morning I went to work and came back on the following evening and start cleaning my house I found almost 50 used condoms and 20 box of new unused ones not only that I found a ring diamond worth 2000 starling money and stone of coc hhh i went to the shop-bought a gloves to clean my couch and products to use for hygiene done sold the ring and trashed away the rest went on nice holiday to Kenya for 4 weeks I used that money to live and enjoyed my holiday peacefully. after I came back I saw my door broken into and trashed upside down my house but the found nothing hhhhh. they cant ask me because i will have them arrested for breaking into my house while on holiday i could claim more for lots of holiday but i was kind enough to forgive them and let them be.

      3. Mr Marvelous & the Unicorn.

        Hydro electric dams cause climate change.

      4. K Young

        A dead mouse

      5. William Hung

        Climate change hoax news

    2. Lemuel Caunan

      You are so funny! Lol

    3. Justine Linley

      I am very surprised that someone named Manny Vega, clearly Hispanic, thought to come out among this group. So, is the NRA a bunch of gun touting nazis, and Manny thinks that he's assimilated by stupidity or is it full of Mexicans? Is looks like the NRA and KKK recruiting policy is the same as the US military - get minorities and send them into the battlefield on foot first, and tell them they're Brigadiers. Has Manny ever looked in a mirror and thought: hope they don't deport me? Just wondering...

    4. Justine Linley

      0:30 Thought it was about him at first when I read "great leader" and was agahst. Then, I read more and thought that he was talking in a tangent about POTUS being a "great leader who will restore economic prosperity", but it was about Venezuela 😅😂

    5. virginia helzainka

      wow that looks like terrorism parade

    6. Benzaiten

      if it was profitable for private companies to end global warming you can betcha your ass they would have done so decades ago. but alas, there's no real money to be made so nobody cares enough.

    7. Umesh Shrestha

      That guy was hifing money from his relatives and now this guy just gave it to them

    8. pl con

      Spot on about Starbucks, they still a Zionist entity?

    9. Michael Hazle

      The thing to remember about these weak men (women too, it seems) who need guns to feel powerful is that the Weapons of Death they use to bolster their fragile egos and lack of self-esteem are really only penis substitutes! With White Male fertility crashing down 60% in the last 40 years in the Industrialised Western Nations, it is no wonder these pathetic creatures, afraid of the Governments THEY THEMSELVES elect or allow to sieze power by fraud and Foreign Interference, feel the need for a Big Stiff Rod Of Iron or Steel in their hands to get that bigly sensation! If they weren't so dangerous and deranged it would be comical. The need to Shoot Bullets because they are shooting blanks is too too sad. But there you have it folks, the descendants of the failures and Religious Fanatics, Transported Criminals and Genocidal monsters who fled from Europe to steal what wasn't their's, now need guns to hold on to what doesn't really belong to them. Unable to procreate the NEXT GEN of wusses and wierdos, they cling to their ill-gotten gains with grim determination. Luckily, they are also mostly Climate Change Deniers so are hastening the end of all Humankind and the release of Mother Earth back to its true inheritors.

    10. Plain bread

      Warmonger state with warmongering citizens. Americans and their gun, yikes look like a cult. Look at Gandhi he gain independent without gun.

    11. UltraAlex2000

      the planet: reduce CO2 scientists: nah the planet: animals are going extinct scientists: so? people die everyday the planet: coffee's not gonna grow anymore scientist: WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! QUICKLY, GET MY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FUNDING! seriously, if THAT is the best science can come up with, we're doomed.

    12. Javelli beats

      Fuck....that's where my money went

    13. Nikesh Kumar

      3:48 Ok right, Let's be real, Who noticed it looks like something else??

    14. Eric Hatu

      The majority of them probably never ever served in the Armed Forces! Gung Ho Chaps! Hoooraa✊🏾

    15. Karriem Williams

      Many would have returned the money. I sure would have.

    16. Stephanie Mujan

      Wananbez who never served love playing dress up with their penis extension.

    17. Real Wolfingen

      Ahh yes America, where dudes with guns are normal and TV show-hosts openly admit that they grab and keep any more they can get. Land of the Free.

    18. Abdul Mtoro III

      Did he say "We are the Tesla of coffee"?

    19. Marvee78

      Yes!!! Finally someone said it. Starbuck's coffee is puddle water, burnt puddle water😬🤮

    20. Saqlain Haider Kazmi

      So great people are also there !

    21. magdalene adjei

      Atomo means potato in my

    22. Dog House

      Why was this suggested?

    23. joetabasco

      We’ve had that coffee here in South East Asia and it tastes like dirt. Needless the say, it’s sales are low.

    24. Steph Willer

      And this is part of what's wrong with the world. Instead of fighting the causes of climate change they're just trying to invent ways to fix the damage. Just help the environment so the damage isn't caused in the first place.

    25. Lepoon Monomotapa

      "You either get arrested or "you are the captain now!"" Lmfao

    26. Richard 303

      Next, please have the donut that's fighting climate change.

    27. TubeDisabuser

      Why say "I'm not gonna lie ..." ?

    28. sanjuansteve

      My vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts don’t have to imitate meat, they’re great being themselves, no chemicals, colorings, etc required. It is really amazing how few people ever even try to go vegetarian (or vegan) for a day, let alone a week, or let alone trying it enough to be able to compare for themselves any noticeable benefits they might have. For something so important for our health, as well as for empathy and for the environment, it's just amazing... Plant-based foods are the #RocketFuelOfFood. Three great reasons to #SwitchToVegan / Vegetarian: 1) Health 2) Empathy 3) Environment Reasons against: 1) Habit / tradition? 2) Apathy?

    29. Rombe Ruux

      yow brow you shouldn't have said I won't return the rental cars hhhh not good words in the UK lol. Hertz Arnold Clark will take it by heart boring companies they might want audience and u have some good numbers of them.

    30. MiniTrash Creations

      What if the dwindling supply of coffee was the one thing that would have united the world leaders to finally fight climate change, but this company creating a substitute stopped that from becoming a reality

    31. Askar Niko02

      Who want to process hpv vaccien ask to china .

    32. Persiansweetcat1

      Jesus Christ why are Americans so dumb when it comes to their guns and the second amendment?!

    33. Barton Henry

      One day you will all come back to that "You are the captain now" comment and realize how smart of a reference it was...

    34. sahaf mostafa

      Is that scar-l with 8x??0:56.

    35. Thorus Xth

      About Murcia AGAINß? YAWN... please let us know before, tired of wasting my time with this bizarre countries BS ... yawwwwwn 🙄

    36. Laurie Huntley

      The couch man is a man of Integrity! Thank you for Restoring my faith in Humanity ❤️🇨🇦

    37. Rafael Barcellos

      I wonder if the guy who's found the money has watched the latest season of Grace & Frankie...

    38. K Peres

      All am saying is how do we know he hasn’t taken half of the money and returned the other half🤔🤔🤔

    39. Winston Galt


    40. Wendy J

      I love that story, good for you giving the money back ❤️

    41. Kai Labre

      This couch straight out of Breaking Bad.

    42. Nini Gom

      God i see what you've done to others.. 🤲

    43. The UnknownSG

      In other countries, a mob of heavily armed drunkards marching on the capital is very worrying

    44. Lauren Hawes

      Funniest thing is the ild owner probably hid it from family because he obviously didnt want them getting it.

    45. JokerCirca66

      He could have kept the cash when learning the guy was dead jeez he just hates money.

    46. Dark Madder

      That couch guy will NEVER become President...

    47. Brad Suarez

      If it was me that found the money I would check out the guys relatives first and if they seem to be well off I would keep the money.

    48. Bethel Tinoe Mamombe

      Haaaa muface wekudzorera mari ibharanz uyu smh

    49. Babysah O

      Another person might have said "Oh look l just found $30,000 in this cushion!"

    50. zon tarr

      Last joke with Starbucks is actually a fact.

    51. Purple Dove

      Omg" climate could lead to a shortage in coffee" would be the best way to get American people to start caring about climate change and you idiots started finding a solution for the COFFEE!? WHAT?!

    52. Julian Jeandor

      I don’t any see the protestors? Just some guns floating around.

    53. Rami Emad

      #Starbucks ... true story! hahahaha

    54. Amani Ndoroma


    55. MrDngrsdave

      So if people are allowed only handguns... their right to bare arms hasn't been taken away

    56. Raniya A. Qadir

      Let’s not fight climate change, let’s make SYNTHETIC COFFEE instead.

    57. War Daddy

      Soylet Brown is people. It's people!!!!!

    58. Sizo Spice

      So Michigan is just mostly water?

    59. MVRTS

      Nearly 200k views, 4k likes and 200 comments? Seems legit

    60. Unzi Karim

      So the rich Sofa man din give that money to his family and instead hid it in the sofa..But the old man returned the money to the relatives. Not kind to the man