The Culling Dev's Delusional Response To Pay-Per-Match Monetization Backlash



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    1. YongYea

      Xaviant's Josh Van Veld actually thinks his mistake was how they announced pay-per-match rather than the pay-per-match monetization itself. What reality does this guy live in? Contribute to my channel on or by clicking the JOIN button, and you can also follow me on for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Nem3sis [BIG BOSS] - Brin - Devon B - January - Phil - UAE-Mohammed [BOSS] - Alex Moretti - Charlie Galvin - Joe Hunt - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - Abdulaziz al Senaidi - BattleBladeWar - Gerardo Andrade - Lex Henry - Mark Taylor - Meep - Prismat Dragoon - Theron Webb - Yue

      1. John Johnson

        Just being silly but... Probably that reality from Rick and Morty with all the butts...

      2. David Garvin

        Yong, have you read ubisoft's new terms of service going into effect August 12? If not you need to look into it and PLEASE do a video over it. Basically, and I pray I am misinterpreting but if you stream/upload any video containing ubisoft property, they own it forever. That's nuts but IT GETS SO MUCH WORSE, if you feature your image in that video, ubisoft OWNS YOUR LIKENESS FOREVER and what's crazier if you feature a friend or fan they also own that persons likeness. If a fan didnt want their image used and Sue's ubisoft, then YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PENALTIES INCURRED. Please look into this and do a video over it, we need to stop this now, we need to raise awareness and raise our pitchforks be ause if this gets through, it will become the norm, thanks man.

      3. Guy Called Book

        Xaviant is the DSP of game developers

      4. Viktor Gabriel

        so they are doing the same thing as Magic the Gathering do and people are ok whit that for some reason

      5. Ivan Kleshchevnikov

        Maan, could ypu speak about the outraging pay to win system in AGE OF Z? and other games of the same studio? Those bastards really allow people willing to stay at top by paying for their packs destroy, insult and do whatever the fuck they want with no concern for the hate they generate and how they belittle other players, please expose them..

    2. DC4Life BilCaesar

      Is it me or does JVV look like the type of guy that you wouldn’t leave alone with your kids??

    3. TheSaxRunner05

      He has 600 likes and 30,000 dislikes, this video now has 30,000 likes and 600 dislikes 😂

      1. bodoti qwiu

        This is the most I have ever seen YongYea been just like WTF

    4. justin mccann

      They ended up giving 25 free games per day which only the grindiest players will even get through. Meanwhile you stack tokens for wins. I have paid nothing and as of this post I would have to lose over 80 matches in a row all in one day before im forced to pay for even a single token. It seems like a greedy cash grab but the reality is they will make no money because they even managed to screw up their cash grab.

      1. bodoti qwiu

        wait, wait, wait, they want to keep lobbies full... with one game per day per player....

    5. Joshua Tay

      I'm so tired of seeing companies do this to our games I hope one day that companies will learn to be consumer friendly like cd project red valuing quality and making the actual damn game

    6. Brickster 000

      Yong is just jealous that he can't make a great monetization strategy such as this one. I mean, this will be remembered throughout history.

    7. mastertracuer

      Who the hell is liking that initial video?!? I'd say his staff and friends but I doubt he has that many 😂😂

    8. Rain

      Do you want people to cheat in your game? Cuz this is how you get cheaters in your game.

    9. Cole Fox

      It's called capitalism, dummy

    10. lucid

      lol... "it's so cringe-worthy...seeing this guy - just delusionally jerking himself off while everyone stares at him in embarrassment and pity and disgust" damn

    11. fireboy1126

      those millions just signed up and probably quit within an hour of downloading the game. or just bots..large playerbase consisting of 99% dead


      Look at all that garbage in the background

    13. The Butcher

      Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. He thought his problem was going to be TOO MANY players? Big brain right there.

    14. Isaiah Bradford III

      I think this is the most pissed off and shocked I've ever heard YongYea.

    15. WELLbethere

      He thinks the problem was that he didn't have a good enough scheme to squeeze as much money as possible from people playing his game, even now with people being outraged, all he thinks is, "they are complaining because they are would-be money-spenders, but I don't have the means and knowhow right now to take all their money." This man is not a fucking human being. He sees people purely as objects of monetary opportunity.

    16. Daniel Brooker

      I can't wait for this game to launch! Just so I can watch it burn 🤣

    17. Ja

      I don't get what everybody is so mad about. What this payment model bears down to is a subscription fee with few extra options. It's not new and it's not this abhorrent thing you all make it out to be. I don't get all this anger. I understand that everyone is causious about new payment systems, cuz they don't want for it to become new microtransactions, but this reaction is abysmal and I'm very confused watching it all play out

    18. Tushnim Gangopadhyay

      Is Bethesda paying these guys so we have someone else to hate on this year?

    19. Dekanah Denfor

      wait, wait, wait, they want to keep lobbies full... with one game per day per player....

    20. D Stutesman

      This is the most I have ever seen YongYea been just like WTF

    21. NOphion Trollbringer

      Game subscriptions just arent the future anymore. League of Legends is FTP since launch and still makes a shitload of money through skins and other stuff. Fortnite is free as well, but you can pay for a more rewarding experience. This business model is stupid and if we ever let something this crooked happen, like we ignored lootboxes until it was too late, then we can bury this industry all together.

    22. bodoti qwiu


    23. Anon

      One of the twitter replies said Final Fantasy 14 does the same thing, because yes, an mmorpg is totally the same as a battle royale.

      1. Without Name

        @bodoti qwiu money, money, money Where is fun at game? 👀

      2. bodoti qwiu

        The games industry is steadily going to hell. The fact that having 10 or 20 dollar "micro" transactions in games is considered standard, and that shitty tactics as disgusting as

    24. Sixgun Sporty

      We're all laughing now but this will be in AAA games by next generation

    25. Antonio Sonntag

      Funny how there are around the same number of dislikes on this video as there are likes on the announcement of the pay-to-play system.

    26. karthikarn

      It should be "2 steps backwards..and 1 forward" so the move doesnt look as bad

    27. MJ1284

      Gordon Gekko says "Greed is good". Van Veld says "Well alrighty then!"

      1. Without Name

        Sounds like cheat from blizzard

    28. Sean Warren

      Lost me on culling one when I couldn't get in just after purchase. I'll never send money back down that hole, this just confirms it. This asshole can go back to his grandma's basement as far as I'm concerned.

    29. Daxank

      Basically this guy thinks "We should have just told people "HEY! You don't have to pay for it!""

    30. Please_Consume_Irresponsibly

      Unless I’m getting money for winning, why would I pay per match? This game is like a precursor to bracket style gambling in gaming, which wouldn’t be necessarily bad, but would definitely classify it as an AO (18+) game in the US. My moneys betting on they’re testing the waters for some form of gambling.

    31. Soldat Daniels

      Indie developers! Here's some *FREE* advice: as someone who's played and seen some good games made by small studios, and still play soe of them, *DO NOT* go anywhere near this guy's idea. Just do what you set out to do: share your art, story, characters, imagination with us. Need some inspiration? Some pointers? Pillars Of Eternity 1 n 2, Dragonage Origins, Tyranny, the good CODs, the good Battlefields, Greedfall and last but not least, Outer Worlds.

    32. Soldat Daniels

      Somewhere, in a tall structure built of glass, metal, an ego........and could almost hear an assembly of creatures.....clothed in suits black as the coal, cackling, as they move to nullify......or hoodwink their trusted customers.

    33. Brian's Late Night Whatever

      Ok ok. Yong. You can’t say “If you look at the like to dislike ratio it’s really bad.” And have participated in said downvoting. It’s like saying “look at all the backlash this game is getting” and you’re the top comment.

    34. Gan Khef

      Ouch. That ending was a bit brutal.

    35. opzz xsin

      It’s 2020, I’m about to buy a GameCube and play that for the rest of my life.

      1. opzz xsin

        development team having such low standards and expectations for their work.

    36. KW Entertainment

      Being the genre that it is, this is easily worse than EA with Battlefront 2. So many times you just get dropped into a match and die within 5 seconds. Being worse than EA is the lowest of the low.

    37. Ussmak

      Perhaps making another shitty PUBG clone isn't a recipe for success after all?

      1. Without Name

        Wait isn't PUBG from arma, battle royale movie, hunger games? Then it is just mods game

    38. Spotikiss

      I hope this has a no review rating fingers crossed

    39. The Deranged Gamer

      I just looked up there last months player count, Low of 0 high of 10 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA i think this games being culled from the inside... also i think those "10" are people in the game dev team looking for bugs if that

    40. Karson James

      The games industry is steadily going to hell. The fact that having 10 or 20 dollar "micro" transactions in games is considered standard, and that shitty tactics as disgusting as this and all the BS with bethesda and FO76, or even the literal gambling in the update to every EA sports game every year that they charge full price for, doesn't immediately destroy a company is baffling.

    41. Kamuzu

      Why cant they just randomly add a battle pass like every other game those typically make a lot of money if what's in it isn't garbage so then people want to play so they can level up the battle pass.

      1. Without Name

        @Kamuzu a game like that is totally mess up

      2. Without Name

        @Kamuzu i saw that on PUGB or even moba or elsewhere

      3. Kamuzu

        @Without Name not really that good but for some reason people like to buy battle passes, and it's better than having to pay just to play, like that's so stupid

      4. Without Name

        Meh loot boxes

    42. Raindrop Thunder

      If you don’t care why do you make vids on it tbh your just using them for money to get content you don’t care about others thoughts you just care about your own thoughts

    43. Bad Day

      the market decides what's reasonably priced lol. By that, I mean what they're willing to spend on the games.

    44. golden panda

      He sees it like there Activision like it's thr Call of Duty brand they see it as these players even though they're getting abused will keep spending money on there game but he doesn't have the history. Cant blame him people still play games that try to milk them most likely his mind set

    45. MegaHellstrike

      The official Culling twitter account still to this day hasn't tweeted about the servers reopening, their header still says it's free to play on Steam and "coming soon" to Xbox... Shows how much they care about their game.

    46. MegaHellstrike

      I really, really, really wish that Xaviant and by extension The Culling could finally die for good. The more the game fails the more developers will think that a melee focused BR can't work, but it totally can! Hope someday someone competent makes and maintains a melee royale, god knows Culling and Darwin Project will never amount to anything again.

    47. Soundwave142

      I am going to laugh when that one player goes, “Where is everyone?”

    48. phillip hanna

      oh you didn't kno hes ea's financial adviser

    49. toxman99

      Maybe he is a stable genius who's using reverse psychology on everyone. lol

    50. Lux

      Well. Someone actually did it... Someone actually screwed up so badly that they almost make EA and Bethesda look decent by comparison. ... Almost. But not quite.

    51. [CleverUsername]

      Xaniant should cull themselves

    52. BeastGamingHD

      I've never played the game but have seen it around. After seeing the shit storm circling this game, I can safely say that I won't ever be playing it, especially with their own development team having such low standards and expectations for their work.

    53. Kristaps Savnors

      anyone knows where I could get that cyberpunk figure?

    54. RiderofStorms

      This game is just a quick flip...spend low, earn high like...what the hell. By gating the content people want behind paying more, you lose players, less players means less spenders, which means more wasted cash because you developed a game that died

    55. brad saulnier

      This is like putting lipstick on a pig. Just said this is what it’s come to. Just please let this game die for good

    56. Damn Daniel

      Is there any we can signal this as a scam to the authorities ?

    57. MCinAssembly

      What pisses me off is the people who still pay up, they are the reason companies keep doing this, and because of a few people who have nothing else to spend money on, it means everyone else suffers.

    58. dom

      When i saw the culling i was iffy to get it just because of the title of it. The culling is sort of a religous thing and when i saw the game i was a bit iffy and offput. Glad i didnt get it.

    59. SkilledAngling

      It's like putting a garbage bag over a garbage bag. It makes it better but it's still trash

    60. Hero Smash

      Funny part is I thought nobody could out do Konami's Fuckery with Metal Gear Survives greedy save slots lol

    61. nieooj gotoy

      Imagine having to pay to play a match where you could die in 2 seconds or DC.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Mark my words. The Culling will win game of the year.

    62. Doom Slayer

      I want to know the name of the substance josh smokes

    63. TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

      now that i understand their situation even thou they are dumb. they realize what you stupid fans are ur random u dont know what you want ur like women. what they are planning with that shitty game is to have very few people on the server so they dont have to spend much to keep it going long term and they are planning on gettting a little bit every month from people who just so happen to play it and get tricked into paying for more games its a simple but effective way to get at least some money flowing these guys are clearly just in the business to make money so its all about business models and graphes etc so they know what will make them some money but they dont know trends change they basically make all their money off of foolish little kids or random older idiots who dont know better

    64. TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

      to be honest they couldnt be more transparent they blew up quicker than they were ready for the number of players broke their pockets before they could fix it but your not a logical person so that doesnt make sense to you. you dont understand that even thou they had a big player base they were not getting enough to cover the huge costs if they had ridden it out like they said they couldve done something with it but they couldnt so they obviously made mistakes on top of the issue because they felt hopeless but you dont realize they are human like you why dont you make a game then see how good you can afford to just spend all you have go in debt on loans just to find out that the player base is random as we all know you fuckers are and they dont wanna play it regularly which most of you dont play ftp games daily you go on your consoles ur a joke the economy is fucked up because of stupid majorities pushing stupid short term trends after trend after trend that have no future just little blips and gimmics none of you would know a good game if it bit you

    65. TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

      if i dont wanna do it everyday then its not a game i will play at all and on top of that i sure as hell wont pay for a game i dont play everyday and even more so wouldnt buy in game bs from it and even more so wouldnt play one or ten matches or even more pay to play more lol i would just shut it off after the i was out of energy for the matches and come back days latter if i was to play it but i am not and would not i believe all wealthy people or well of people are retarded besides a very very very few they have no clue about what reality is they are too spoiled and have it waaay too easy none of those fools should even have a job

    66. TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

      i wish they would go back to the style of making a game that is good from the start so you can find the op character and know the game with these constant damned updates players cant get into a groove with a good character and get to really know the game deeply this is why most modern games are failing their updates fuck up the game and take up ever increasing space on the hard drive devs are trash nowadays they do it for money i remember when games were made by devs that actually wanted to make good games

    67. Oli Thurlbourn

      This is just as shitty as fallout 76

    68. Rick Sanchez

      So basically what the devs are saying is: "blah blah blah We are to lazy to make a battle pass, give me your now"

    69. Tobias Kjær

      I mean, from a health perspective, this is smart. Instead of playing 10 hours of videogames per day, it is 10 minutes. They are simply telling us to stop being fat sitting bruh moments and leave our chair.

    70. Morphine OD

      That's a very narrow view on the situation. Effectively the game got overexposed. They just wanted to have 5k players and cover their server costs. What is wrong with someone having a different monetization scheme? Are you afraid that it might work and somehow the big publishers will follow the trend?

    71. TheEpicFuzz

      10 matches a day for $6 isn't horrible, you have to admit What? Warzone is free and unlimited matches? So is Fortnite? Huh

    72. Trung Lê Quốc

      It's simply a matter of creative accounting.

    73. c0ntagion

      Even iRacing has a better monetization strategy. Plus iRacing is one of the top tier games.

    74. shadeglyph

      This reminds me of the Simpson, where Homer calls Vegas, bets, they say he loses and then replies ,"I'll send you a check."

    75. Luna J. Lane

      what the hell is going on with these trash developers? How can they think gambling and pay to play mechanics will work? What a shit game.

    76. Captain Lagbeard

      Ironically, with him being so worried about expenses, he probably spent a decent chunk of money designing and implementing this monetization and getting the game back up and running... Only for him to more than likely earn nothing but the distrust and hatred of gamers.

    77. Brigand231

      I'm gonna have to agree with the dev here, the choice is take it or leave it and gamers should choose "leave it", they can F the right off just like games with lootboxes, selling back deliberately removed content, pay to win mechanics.... oh right, gamers would rather blame publishers for their awful purchasing decisions. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! The only way publishers will change is if nobody buys their garbage! Instead of crying for the publisher to change, we as gamers need to change. Want better games and better monetization? Earn them by punishing the bad publishers. Now apply the same to government and politicians and shut the F up.

    78. Walter Mercado

      Mark my words. The Culling will win game of the year.

    79. Jadriam

      pay per match is an 'XFL' tier idea: ABSOLUTELY RUINOUS.

    80. Lacerta Veritas

      They need to give me his job. I know exactly how to turn the game around. Exactly how to save it. The real question is, are Xavient employees actually willing to WORK? I feel like they think "the work is done" and now they are entitled to make money doing nothing else. What he said just reinforces the problem, they "offered cosmetic items for purchase"? PLEASE. No new content is ever made. You have to make content and sell it REGULARLY. Like I have to prep food at my restaurant REGULARLY. I didnt just work for a little while and then stop, sitting back and expecting to get paid for work I'm no longer doing... Bottom line is, to save this game you NEED a free to play model, making the game accessible, and you need a shop, with a diverse, rotating stock of items to entice players to make purchases they WANT to make. It's too late to make money off of the unlockable content, even when you wipe out everyone's levels and inventory. Leave that content unlockable. Incentivize compulsory purchases with regular new content via a premium currency like vbucks... Fortnite has a daily rotation of diverse shop items which regularly include new content... I cant even anymore... Xavient, just let me take over. I'm not joking. Hell I'm giving you the right ideas right here. Pair a free to play model which makes the game ACCESSIBLE to new players, incentivizing compulsory purchases that both make players happy and make Xavient money. The key is you have to change your mentality for success; stop expecting to make money without working, get off your lazy asses (tough love) and make some content. Regularly. And in fact The Culling has already had its strike 3 with the 2nd release of 1. This will be strike 4, if this guys delusions are allowed to drag the franchise down into what seems will be an inescapable undertow of... cluelessness and apathy.