The DISTURBING Onision Problem UPDATES, Clinton Bashes Bernie, Coronavirus, Australia, Iran, & More

Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

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    U.S.-Iran Escalations:
    Australia Fires:
    Brexit Updates:
    Impeachment Trial Starts in Senate:
    China Coronavirus Outbreak:
    Hillary Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders:
    @OnisionSpeaks Files Order Against @Have A Seat With Chris Hansen :
    Three Puerto Rican Officials Fired After Unused Hurricane Maria Aid Found in Warehouse:
    Eminem Faces Backlash Over Lyrics About Ariana Grande Concert:
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
    #DeFranco #Onision #BernieSanders

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    1. Philip DeFranco

      It feels good to be home...even though everything is crazy now apparently. Timecodes: Updates on Iran, WW3, Australia Fires, Brexit, & More (00:37), TIA (7:00), China (8:47), Clinton (10:09), Onision (12:39)

      1. Azn1Tim

        Here is a video of someone who lives and has family in China discussing the coronavirus

      2. Sherrilyn Tumacder

        Why isn't anyone talking about the Taal Volcano eruption? People in affected areas in the Philippines still needs help :(

      3. Voluntary Comrade

        For someone who is a cultural critic I'm surprised you where moved by the FUD of WW3

      4. Adam Black Chris Hansen is a scam artist. Chris Hansen: "predators refuse to give you their story" Police issued a warrant for Hansen's arrest after he refused to speak with them.

      5. ETP3300

        You a real one

    2. Sarah Ng

      Thank you Philip’s team for your hard work in bringing this news together!!!

    3. th1smomentisfate

      Can someone tie his hands behind him? Im dizzy from all the hand signaling.

    4. Mharti McDonhalds

      Is nobody gonna mention his new teeth?

    5. bloodydove5718

      Lmao I wish i heard the rest of that police call... I can only imagine a cop's reaction to someone calling to tell them that they dont want to talk to Chris Hansen. Like Really? I understand the rule and laws around this.. but like... You know that operator is side-eyeing the shit out of the person on the other end of the call, and wanting to ask "What did you do?"

    6. Hi & Hello

      I’m coming to this late but I just want to mention That some of the people who died on that plain belonged to my university. I say this because 63 is just a number but the people dead and gone are not. I did not know these people but I could still see and feel the whole the left behind..... all this stuff just sucks

    7. We Fancy

      New Teeth! 👏👏👏👏

    8. Shannon Briggs

      I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at 'Bernie Bros' 😂😂😂😂😂

    9. aratosm

      They really need to do something about Hillary. She's saying Bernie is not supportive of women, her campaign against him in the primary was corrupt. Reason we have who we have in house is because democratic party is idiotic in its support of her.

    10. Eve D'Agostino

      Nice teeth!

    11. Ragesauce

      Showing up to someones house with an accusation, and then claiming that not wanting to do an interview is "behavior of a predator" is simply put...retarded. If you have evidence you don't have to make accusations. Get a conviction and then you can say all you want, till then it just looks like desparate baiting and it will do nothing but pull sympathy for the other side.

      1. Ayame

        I might not be getting this right, but .... Are you defending onision?

    12. A C

      What the heck did you do to your smile?!? You have a bizarre lisp now.

      1. ChrisB

        He did dental surgery, for better teeth

    13. Marcus Anthony

      Phillips new teeth weird me out a little

    14. BooBooYup

      hilary clinton.. you should go back in the forest. You gave us trump. now go away you troll.

    15. Micah Rumba

      I just came here to find the first episode with Phil's new teeth. 😁

      1. CroKick

        hahah sameee

    16. Cami Hein

      i spot new teeth

    17. will york

      the world has always gone insane, you just werent here to tell us about it

    18. Glitch Xero

      Whether you love or hate Trump, I think we can all agree: he'll win the next election, laughing as he watches the Democrats cannibalize each other.

    19. Nah Fam

      Bernie is a “problem person”, he wants to break society and establish communism and the destruction of US culture as well as support white genocide.

    20. Nah Fam

      Bernie is a socialist (person), he wants to break society and establish communism and the destruction of US culture as well as support white genocide.

    21. Helio Duarte

      Anyone else notice Phil's new grill!? Looking good Phil!

    22. Wrath Upon Eden

      great show phil!

    23. Rohith Kumar

      NOsel never notified me! I. Just found it the shows been back over 2 weeks now.

    24. iLikeMenNow77

      I'm very glad Phil has started talking about this Onision story

    25. Fa11enArchangel

      If there's anything I learned from physics in university, it's that human error is not a valid excuse to use when something goes wrong. It needs to be more specific. Good job Iran.

    26. Samantha Battye

      Thank you Phil for covering us in Australia, we need people like you keeping us in the conversation ❤️

    27. Adam

      God bless I knew something changed .... teeth! Looks good man just bugged me that it felt like something was wrong and had to go back and make sure.

    28. qWirk Theory

      She can also crap on Bernie all she wants. We all know that helps whoever she doesn't like. We all know her and Bill run an Assassination Foundation, and how Psycopathic they both are. We all know who House of Cards was a loosely based on.

    29. qWirk Theory

      In today's news, Iran threatens to send Warheads. Meanwhile, Phil threatens to send photos of his mushroomhead.

    30. Aaron Garabedian

      Surprised that you didn't bring up the K-1 Airbase Attack on Dec 27th, 2019 or the attack four days later on the US embassy in Baghdad on the 31st of December that were carried out by Kata'ib Hezbollah a division of the Popular Mobilization Forces, militias most of which receive direct support from Iran but are trained and supported by military advisers from Turkey, Iran, and Hezbollah, including prominent Quds Force figures, formerly such as Qasem Soleimani.

    31. Cami Peterson


    32. Saraphim

      Phil comin at us with the whitest, new teeth.... I was like, "Something's different here...."

    33. KlusterFuk

      "Chris The Pedo Slayer Hansen" please refer to him as what he truly is.

    34. KlusterFuk

      Iran wants war give it to them America show them the olds America ways of war fuking murk em.

    35. Chase's Father

      I think you're just like me if you tied our hands A conversations will be limited to 1 to 2 minutes😆😆😆😆

    36. tokunaga432

      15:13 Onision has that same look on his face as Tyrese from that IG video where he was crying "What do you want from MEEE?!"

    37. tokunaga432

      Repzion the person who kept making those hate videos on Trisha Paytas, then stopped after he appeared on one of her Halloween Viral Videos?

    38. Christopher Hoffman

      Do you think the whole idea behind Clinton making comments publicly was reverse psychology? "If Clinton doesn't like him, guess most everyone else will", kind of idea. I bet she knows that she has almost zero people that like her.

    39. Laurel Smith

      Onision: It’s Christ Hansen Operator: Ok groomer

    40. Lenna Nicholson

      Re Aussie fires This season has been super awful for all of us. But the recovery isn't going to stop when the summer does. The recovery from this is going to be ongoing for months and years, in some of the worst affected area maybe even decades. Disaster relief charities need ongoing support, not just immediately after a crisis, for all the work they do helping communities and individuals reestablish. If you can afford ongoing donations, these are incredibly helpful. Many badly affected areas relied heavily on tourism. Once the immediate danger has past, lack of visitors is going to be a major issue for these places, and the communities that live there. If you can, take a vacation there. Go to these places, see the amazing things they have to offer, and offer them hope in return. If our government doesn't take drastic action, this is going to happen again. If you're in Australia, you can contact your government representatives. If you're not, talk about these things. Let people know this is a crisis, and that things need to change or we won't make it. Ask why there isn't more being done to combat climate change- in your own country and others. Support change. Every little bit helps.

    41. Lisa Mylynn

      Can someone give me or link to a condensed version of the Onision situation? Chris Hansen's videos are extremely long and I still didn't understand the full problem after watching one of the videos. I understand he has a history of grooming underaged girls, but I don't know the full story.

    42. Patrick Devine

      So much money raised for the Aussie fires, yet so much of it went to the wrong charities. So many pocketed a large portion WWF not really doing much here compared to ARC. And the red cross pocketed most of the money to store in their coffers for future events, when the money is needed now.

    43. Brian the Trainer

      0:37 Trump is a human error

    44. Nick Clark

      No one who's innocent is this adamant about avoiding the truth, Onision is all but proven guilty as far as I'm concerned.

    45. iloveyou58121

      Your teeth look great

    46. Kenneth Walker

      Welcome back!!!!

    47. MrMyopinionsmatter

      Rip Kobe, Gigi, and the 7 others

    48. Brynn Mallory

      Phil your teeth!!!! Looks good buddy 😎

    49. adam beaudoin

      love the new teeth bro

    50. dcoog anml

      "Dark humor is a comfort blanket to survive to the next day."

    51. Caboose

      Please don't support the red cross! they're holding millions of dollars in donations because "Of future disasters" and aren't actually using the money people donate towards fire affected victims

      1. dcoog anml

        Think about how terrible we look to other nations like total bullies. Invade countries and take out targets like its our right. Telling people they cant have nuclear weapons when

    52. _tubbytits

      Please don't donate to organisations like Red Cross, St Vincent's ect. They're refusing to distribute all donations to those of us that need it. Local towns and community run facilities can greatly benefit from anything you can give. They have lost everything. Homes, clothing, food, and plethora of irreplaceables.

      1. dcoog anml

        to begin with. With this president especially, I am ashamed to be an American.

    53. Ireland V

      Onision childrens need to be removed, they're not safe!!!

      1. dcoog anml

        Think about how terrible we look to other nations like total bullies. Invade countries and take out targets like its our right. Telling people they cant have nuclear weapons when

    54. Dante Cowie

      911 Operator: Do we know his name at all? Onision: It's Chris Hansen! 911 Operator, internally: ...So this is the day I'm going to have, huh.

    55. Drake pendragon

      If Iran tried to get nukes we should destroy them

    56. Fruit Connoisseur

      Hillary is projecting I see 👀

    57. Zenkai76

      Phil is back and defending Terrorist, nice way to start the year. The strike wasn't illegal, if it was then all the Strikes that happened under Obama would be. FFS fire your research team so you don't sound so stupid.

    58. Random Jar

      I was wondering from which laboratory this virus has again broken out... deliberately... *hust* erroneously, released into the wild? Accidents, obviously. Every year some new shit comes along. How long are you gonna keep playing dumb with humanity? New drugs and vaccines including nanoparticles for tagging included. High-frequency radiation welcome. - In an article from 2017 the magazine "Nature" reported about the Medical Research Institute of the University of Wuhan, where the laboratory is located. A laboratory in Wuhan is about to be released for work with the most dangerous pathogens in the world. Some scientists outside China fear the escape of pathogens. These fears are well-founded, as such laboratories have already experienced several serious incidents: The SARS virus has escaped several times from high-level containment facilities in Beijing, notes Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. The laboratories now handle even more dangerous pathogens such as haemorrhagic fever. This is the case when man must / wants to play God and stand above nature at all costs. Something has been predicted which is now coming to pass and will once again find its origin in China. Until the middle of the 19th century, it was still correctly described: Virus = poison = warfare agent. Bill Gates has already announced a virus of this kind. Just look for it. Gates presented a simulation from the Institute for Disease Modeling that shows how a new type of flu - like the one that killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918 - could kill 30 million people within half a year.

    59. Hunter is Here

      It’s been a long time since leafy is here that I’ve felt disgust twards him and hear nothing but bad things about him still consistently. Just Every so often, and it’s about time I stop hearing about him and he gets locked up for some of the bad things he’s done.

    60. Carolina’s Thoughts Show

      Imagine thinking that everyone just hates and is jealous of onision.. that’s literally what it means to be an onsion fan. It’s literally him vs the entire world... you can’t be that delusional man. At this point natural selection needs to take its course. Or I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they are just scared he will come for them too if they stop supporting him.

      1. Carolina’s Thoughts Show

        mnika voli what

      2. mnika voli

        arson not weather