The Invisible Man - Movie Review

Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns

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    A remake/retelling/reboot of the Universal Monster/H.G. Wells THE INVISIBLE MAN. Here's my review!


    1. Freak Show

      i love the invisible man beside you its very clever. noticed it at the end

    2. Eric Fludd

      Movie did it very wrong. She uses her phone to videotape everything in the house for evidence and sends it to the cop. Oh, she didn’t. SMFH

    3. Taylor Lodge

      How does he not sneeze

    4. fledwest

      Excellent movie!!!

    5. Dave The Rave

      A few people in this comment section are taking the piss outta Adrian, calling him a loser. But for me personally, this is a concept that has always terrified me: being in a room alone, but you’re actually not alone

    6. Carlos Munoz

      That Bitch was too stupid

    7. Carlos Munoz

      By the first 20 minutes I was rooting for the invisible man

    8. Carlos Munoz

      Plus the girl was a moron

    9. Carlos Munoz

      It was basically sleeping with the enemy

    10. Carlos Munoz

      This movie sucked

    11. Kyle Campbell

      I thought the movie was using POV

    12. SR997 1

      Plot twist it was John Cena the whole time

    13. Angelo Guardia

      I have a horrible time believing that you actually liked this mess of a movie.

      1. aces high

        I agree, I think it sucked. I paid $20 for this POS...

    14. Nehemiah Pouncey

      He didn't punch the screen this Time.

    15. Edgar Patlan

      The camera panning or focusing on empty spots in the room was very unsettlingly. They did a good job of that.

    16. Ken Grand

      If you wanna feel whats its like to be invisible, try being ugly & poor

    17. Bing Bangxo

      The sister scene !!!! That is all !!!🤯

    18. Taffy is trashy

      I was just watching this, I can't, I couldn't watch anymore. This is a terrifying film, it's so unexpected.

    19. John Lewis

      This movie was awesome loved it when I saw it

    20. RandomGaming2.0

      This movie fucking sucks ass I give it a 2. It’s not even scary so boring so predictable I fell asleep 4 times

    21. zZzZzZz TM

      LOL! Dude I thought about that TNG Episode too! It scared the crap outta me also. I really like this movie though. Elizabeth Moss was perfect.

    22. Seoul

      This story only happens because of when they decide that cameras exist. That psychiatric ward damn well has footage of some flickering man beating the shit out of guards while Cecilia lays on the floor yelling

    23. black M

      couple scary scenes but i thought the movie was boring Moss ruined it for me both her character and her acting or lack of

    24. Vincent

      Did you put a translucent version of yourself in the background? Sipping coffee??? WHAT?

    25. Ana Paula Martinez

      Has he always done bloopers at the end of his videos?? I stuck around until the last minute and saw that and loved it! Please do more!!

    26. Charger, Corona, La Familia !

      Just watched, was a fun movie.

    27. Lord D_

      If you pay attention in the video you will see that next to Jeremy there is another invincible Jeremy and at minute 3.24 drink coffee

    28. tali thino

      It was good time if you are very drunk (at best). Let her fail to prove he is real, but she doesn't even try. Some scenes are completely ridiculous, like the murder of her sister. Doesn't the restaurant have cameras? You need to be very drunk to enjoy this.

    29. Priest King

      You're promoting the BluRay already? Sponsor much?

    30. gashthrasher _

      It was a good flick but if you see a demon on fire ready to take your godamn soul is much scarier than someone invisible. You can actually bring on some Muay Thai shit on that invisible prick.

    31. Rami Al Ahmad

      the best thing about the movie is the fact that u keep checking every frame for clues....makes u always on edge, it kinda lost it a bit in the hospital when people clearly saw the invisible man and yet no one seems to talk about it.....but good movie, the restaurant scene was the best.

    32. Phristo Cardiel

      Hahaha "Adrian Toomes"

    33. Meshugganaut

      Jeremy you dick, I thought my TV had picture burn. Nice touch.

    34. Richard Smith

      Weird because at the end the cgi was sooooo bad

    35. JonnyDarko602

      Don't praise this stupid movie

    36. John Wick

      OMFG, when you see it you'll shit bricks!!! Nice one Jeremy!!!

    37. Michael Hudspeth

      This movie is awesome. Highly recommend it. Saw it in theaters before the Coronavirus blew up and it was worth every penny.

    38. CroCho

      I disliked this movie a lot. I was sure that this asshole would give the movie only praise. For those who still think his reviews are honest, let me tell you something...

    39. Nahue Stark

      This is why i love his reviews. they are clever as fuck

    40. Nahue Stark

      This movie was A M A Z I N G

    41. NatoHoro

      This movie sucks.

    42. booboo child

      this film is overhyped, just saying

      1. Kyle Roberts

        No it isn't. Just sayin

    43. bulma_999

      saw this movie last night, thought it was kinda shit. the main lady just came off as a raging crackhead the whole film, like it made sense that no one believed her. it wasn't scary at all, there were a few jumpscares that fell kinda flat, that was it. i thought the cg on the invisible suit looked ass. and most of the scenes in the movie fall down under any logical scrutiny, a bit too much for me to take it seriously.

    44. Joe Ruiz

      Strange my brother and nephew hated the movie! They seen it streaming. I seen it in the theater and Iliked it. Grade C +

    45. SebaJaster

      You and Chris must have been paid for this review. Movie is shit.

    46. Anuj Murmu

      Cecilia, you're breaking my heart You're shaking my confidence daily Oh Cecilia, I'm down on my knees I'm begging you please to come home Uh-uh-uh-eh-eh Uh-uh-uh-eh-eh Uh-uh-uh-eh-eh Uh-uh-uh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh

    47. Nick Franklin

      When you put the “invisible” you on the screen it startled me😭

    48. Andy Drew

      LOL I thought I was tripping out seeing reflections on my screen throughout this whole video or I was being paranoid because I just finished watching the film. Nice touch man.

    49. Angel Fish

      Love the latent image behind you.

    50. Mister Ranksz

      i had to stop the video at 2minutes 43 i got fucking scared like wtf is that on my tv lmao nicve one jeremy nice one lmao!!!!

    51. mike

      It may well have already been mentioned, but this film reminded "so much" of "Sleeping With The Enemy"(great film btw for all you young ones if you want to give it a look😉👍) quite nostalgic there for a moment, this was a brilliant film and also very clever!.

    52. Cisco Cabs

      How did the asshole get rid of the paint he got on him, we just see him washing his hands and he is all clean

    53. Tramaine Terrance

      This movie is awesome and intense. Sometimes in life, an invisible man wants to kill you. TERRANCE OUT

    54. Kevin Harrison

      Review light house

    55. GronkGrunk

      Let's see.. 1) Pepper spray works on invisible guy in sci-fi super suit seeing through high tech lens.. oookay. 2) 6 ft cop gets beat up senseless on the floor in close quarters hand-to-hand fight... oookay. 3) Invisible suit gives super strength & fighting skills... but gets stabby-stabbed by girl w a fountain pen, but then proceeds to beat up a whole security team... oookay 4) Tons of cheap exposition directed at the audience.. oookay. Whatever happened to good storytelling in film? Aside from the lead actress carrying the movie, i thought it was garbage. Poor concept & execution.

    56. Ash Livingstone

      I was worried when I saw the trailer for Invisble Man that it would give too much away for it to be an enjoyable watch. Thankfully I was wrong, that shower scene is a very real fear that I have. Can't shut my eyes while shampooing but at least I'm still alive.

    57. Monarchtron

      Give Jeremy's production team an Emmy or whatever those awards are.

      1. Matt Coughlin

        A Webby, I believe.

    58. Szãm A

      This is why bird box was very good

    59. Blue Marble

      This movie was fucking stupid. The main character made so many dumb ass choices over and over again. This movie was so damn disappointing.

    60. Psyclonus

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a> Bullshit.

    61. Wildjason888

      This movie sucks!!! why is the guy so strong? why can he take four bullets? just lock the door behind any room and no one can get in... Dogs need to eat and they piss and shit! who took care of the dog? And yes it didn't know when to end! I kept thinking okay it's done now ...okay is done now.. so it done now then? okay As the the critical Drinker says: don't know?

    62. Shelby Pierce

      I just can’t watch this one. Fuck that

    63. Carl Thomas

      Very nice Jeremy, can just about make out your ‘invisible counterpart’ whilst you were reviewing this movie 😏 is he sipping on coffee...

    64. Sir Billius

      I have an insanely vivid memory about seeing that TNG episode. Thanks for bringing that back up. I’m going to go buy a night light now if you don’t mind.

    65. YeetBoiSkeet

      I see a Invisible Jeremy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> thru <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="272">4:32</a> and I now can't unsee it.

    66. Shayauna Sherrod

      😂 Jeremy edited his video to make himself stand right behind him, it’s really faint but you can see it, can anybody else see that too?

    67. Tyler Gilbert

      It was tense until they revealed the suit then the flicking black suit and idea of not knowing if it was something or wasn't kind of eased the horror tension for me. I think if they kept him hidden for longer we could have more spooks and less of a man in a suit chasing her

    68. Oronk

      A better twist in my opinion would have been if she was actually a delusional killer and killed her abusive husband, and later, her sister when she didn't believe her.

    69. cod2025

      I see an invisible man behind you

    70. iamblackgambit


    71. Cole REVIEWS

      All 7 Invisible Man Movies Ranked Worst To Best (Universal) 1. Invisible Man 2020: A- 2. Invisible Man 1933: B+ 3. Invisible Man Returns: C+ 4. Meet Invisible Man: C 5. Invisible Mans Revenge: D+ 6. Invisible Agent: D 7. Invisible Woman: D

    72. Doctor Who Fandom

      I lick cinema screens

      1. Doctor Who Fandom

        I am retard

    73. Juan Arocha

      You ever get the feeling that you're being watched yet there's nobody there

    74. Lady Marmalade

      Something about empty doorways and long corridors where you can't see the end creep me out, and this movie really understood that fear. I think the ending tried too hard with the twists, though. *Spoiler alert* I thought it was really clever to reveal that it was actually the brother. That made perfect sense - He could have blamed her for his brother's suicide, or just wanted the money. There was no need to reveal that Adrian was actually still alive and they were both in on it.

    75. kurtemeigh

      That episode of TNG was awesome. That one little moment is better than the entire two discovery and Picard series.

    76. Thomas Probert

      Claude Raines portrayal in invisible man I more preferred. Elizabeth moss did a good job in this new take but for me the original was my favourite good video though Jeremy as always very enjoyable video

    77. aohige

      I'm with you brah, TNG is still the best TV drama series to have ever aired on network, and I stand by that.

    78. Deric .J Wong

      Spoiler talk ? No.. . .okay.

    79. Chris Sayer Anderson

      This movie was great. A giant metaphor for domestic abuse.

    80. sam

      Can't believe the positive reception this trash got from both critics and audience