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    Produced in 1989..
    Cup Of Courage:
    A jockey's life is filled with excitement, danger and constant struggle. The jockey - everyday they ignore the dangers of their occupation; they could be in the winner's circle after one race and in an ambulance after the next. A jockey puts his life on the line every time he rides; it's the ultimate test of an athlete's will; he's blind with fear and risks death all for the chance to return a winner. There's an excitement as the starting gate opens; a chance to win is at hand but the ever-present danger of the sport is always close behind. This is the only sport where an ambulance follows the competitors.
    "A Cup of Courage" takes you behind the scenes to show the life of a jockey, from the constant struggle to keep their weight in check, the extreme pressure and competition to get and keep winning mounts, to the inevitable dangerous spills and accidents.
    Also included are interviews with some of the sport's most accomplished riders: veteran Laffit Pincay Jr., reveals his life-long battle with keeping his weight down and the extreme dedication and sacrifices he's had to live by to succeed in his profession of choice, Angel Cordero, Aaron Grydor, Chris McCarron, Jorge Velasquez, Richard Migliore and Terry Lipham and respected trainers D. Wayne Lukas, Neil Drysdale, and Charlie Whittingham.

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    1. Georgia Gonzales

      Thank you. This is a great video. Really injoyed it. 🥰

    2. mehmet ozerkan

      That’s not 30 feet high though

    3. José Zurita

      "The jockeys are the best athletes in the world. Look for the tests which they must pass: some of them barely eat what is necessary to mitigate excessive hunger, having to vomit immediately to avoid digestion. The possibility of accidents is not the only risk The greatest risk lies in the loss of health due to the constant and excessive weight reduction. At present day, methods to lose weight have been perfected, it was previously difficult and risky. Today it still is, but on a smaller scale.There are scientific methods and the ultramodern control carried out by experts in the field is used " Johnny Bejshak (1909-1969) Canadian Jockey "To be a jockey is to be an athlete" Virgil Decan "Aly Khan" (1931 -) Venezuelan former horse racing caller. Greetings from Venezuela.

    4. José Zurita

      "Los jinetes son los mejores atletas del mundo. Fíjense por las pruebas que pasan: algunos apenas comen lo necesario para mitigar el hambre excesiva, debiendo vomitar de inmediato para evitar la digestión. La posibilidad de accidentes no es el único riesgo; el mayor riesgo estriba en la pérdida de salud por la constante y excesiva rebaja de peso. En la actualidad se han perfeccionado los métodos para rebajar, antes era difícil y riesgos. Hoy lo es, pero en menor escala. Existen mpetodos científicos y se usa el control ultramoderno llevado a cabo por expertos en la materia" Johnny Bejshak (1909 - 1969) Ex jinete canadiense "Ser jinete es ser atleta" Virgilio Decán "Aly Khan" (1931 - ) Ex narrador hípico venezolano. Saludos desde Venezuela.

    5. Kenneth

      Can I be a Jockey at 120lb



    7. The Neo Shaman

      Is that bryan callen?

      1. Ben Manwaring

        brilliant haha

    8. Juan Caraballo

      Great documentary. I was an exercise rider at Aqueduct racetrack Belmont,and Saratoga did worked for many trainers im now retire ,there is not one day that i don’t think about those days ,loved every minute of it and i still some times dream about it.😍

    9. J Marciano

      @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="980">16:20</a>, the great wayne lukas sez he puts jockeys who got injured riding for him, back on live horses when they return healthy......hey Wayne did you mean horses like Bravazo? hehe

    10. Richard Hommel

      Great video but at least 20yrs old

      1. Gary Drew

        I was working in the Jockeys room that day.

      2. Gary Drew

        @calo10able Try 40 years. I used to exercise Seal The Deal trained by Lukas, the horse that went over the rail with Laffit. He never ran again and was used as a stable pony. That was 1979 I think. He was by Secretariat.

      3. calo10able

        I think older then that maybe 35 years ago

    11. TJ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1550">25:50</a> dollface

    12. Carpetlay1

      Jockeys are the most corrupt athletes in The World. Well The British ones are anyway. I can’t speak about the rest of The World, but I can’t see it being much different anywhere else. One of the problems is the don’t get paid enough. But that’s only part of the problem. Bookmakers are the real problem.

      1. Anthony Max

        That's true , horse racing is very corrupt , they forgot to mention that , but , pretty much all the sports nowadays are fixed one way or another , betting being the main cause.

      2. calo10able

        Ghays a stupid thing to say, if anything boxer are pretty corrupt and still get paid great money

    13. Jiffy Jim

      I believe jockeys are some of toughest athletes in the world...They get up early...They ride these powerful half ton horses with great risk each time they roll on the track...I admire their loyalty and dedication to the sport...When I was a kid my father would drive out to the track Every weekend... Aqueduct or Belmont....The first Time I saw a horserace,I was exhilarated,amazed,just in awe of the whole spectrum...It is my favorite sport...Most people don't understand this sport... These jockeys are brave..Tough.... Underestimated to say the least..But they will always be my heroes... Inspiration...And always have my respect... Wonderful video..Thanks for posting.🏇🏇🏇

      1. Concepcion Ledezma

        Jiffy Jim, thank you for the comment. I'm a son of a retired jockey; he did it for 23 years. Everything you wrote in spot-on. It takes a special type of tough guy to be a jockey, more so if you're among the top riders. My dad rode in Saratoga, Aquaduct, Belmont, Churchill Downs, Oaklawn, Gulfstream, Calder . . . he was right there with the top ones. Me? I'm not brave enough to want to become a jockey. Hats off to Papi!

    14. Jiffy Jim

      Great documentary.when I was young,I wanted to be a older now, maybe it wasn't my destiny..But I still dream about what could've been..To me it's the greatest sport ..I admire these guys... They are soldiers on these incredible,powerful creatures...It just amazes me each time I watch any horse race.. Amazing.🏇🏇🏇

    15. Adam Curry

      Do you any more Live Del Mar Racing from the 1980's or 1990's?

      1. Adam Curry

        By the way Welcome back.

      2. Adam Curry

        @Horse Racing 1988 or 1989 Eddie Read and 1992 Pacific Classic ESPN Broadcast

      3. Horse Racing

        I have some 80s and 90s races from Del Mar, are you looking for a specific stake race?