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    1. lukman pelu

      I choose him over J Ling anyday

    2. Thirdeye147


    3. Murphy moe

      Get Ed out of the club ASAP

    4. Murphy moe

      Alexis did what he did at Utd. got him hated by the fans who don't want him at the club...Get lost Ole we don't need players with that attitude or prove us wrong

    5. thomas watson


    6. Amir Danial

      Ole out, Poch in

    7. jamie thompson

      he has to say this ofcourse mr injurys only future at united is with the medical team running his contract out

    8. Karl Anthony Margate

      Alexis Sanchez getting injuries because of playing non-stop high intensity football for both club and country...and people think klopp is mad for stating players need a break

    9. Don Jon

      Before they bring him get wenger in and ole out😊

    10. Norman Rand Wolfe

      While you're at it, also sign back Young for £30 million in the summer... Is part of Old Trafford build with mushrooms? OGS is becoming a laughing fool, far worse than the "Gud Ebening" fellow.

    11. Aditya Sharma

      So Sanchez’s injury problems are partially because of.... long flights to Chile?? Some analysis that...

    12. Jordan Hart

      If you're going to bring anyone back... Bring Depay back, and give him a second chance! Seeing as though he's been on fire for Lyon...

    13. thatchillkid07

      I’ll take Alexis over lingard anyday

    14. Ansel Williams

      Nooooooo...!!!!!! Send him to Afghanistan , Burma, Bermuda triangle , the Dolls drum , the Dead Sea , North Korean Racoon island , alligator alley, space but not back to England not even to Mill wall.. and make sure to castrate him tonight when he is asleep...please..!!

    15. captain first

      Alexis Sanchez , i sold him out in the first seaon of my FIFA20. i think it's an impulse transaction, i didnt think mourinho originally target this man, but forced the club to buy a new player pressure only. u have many reasons to ask why MU need this man then, the answer they didn't want this man, but club pressure to him to get a new player before a deadline.

    16. Vander Prednison

      If big clubs don’t want to sell they big players go buy smaller clubs best players !! This guy don’t even have a vision talking about future

    17. experiences2c

      Sanchez is an ageing squad player at best, he used to run around like a blue assed fly without any creativity. If Olly thinks fans will praise him for bringing him back he's living in cloud cuckoo land. I will be over the moon if we get the Bruno deal over the line but with Rashford out we are desperate for a quality striker.

    18. i am not you

      Imagine lingard having conversations in Spanish with Sanchez 😂😂

    19. John Okoh

      Y’all should get ole in to talk to you guys

    20. Kryptonite

      If he can get his stay fit, get his form back he’s a welcome addition to the squad. He’s only 31 & has 2-3 years at the top left. A fit Sanchez can be one of the best again.

    21. newyork ny

      Ole still kissing Woodward ass .talk about sanchez ole should be sack right away

    22. Butters

      Thought ole was being sarcastic no???

      1. damian Hayes

        @R S he does not even get into the Milan team

      2. R S

        he's been playing well lately

    23. Ayaan Ibrar

      Also sign Young for 25mill

    24. Mohammed Faisal

      Ole is a bit odd for thinking sanchez will prove the doubters wrong. He went to inter and can't even get a game. Sanchez won't do much if he returns this summer

      1. Mohammed Faisal

        @R S I checked Wikipedia the other day and he only has one goal for inter Milan

      2. R S

        @Mohammed Faisal he's scored more than one goal. 4 so far and wrong referee decision cost him an additional two. He would have had six goals and a hattrick on his first starting game

      3. Mohammed Faisal

        @R S he's only got one goal, I think if he scores around ten by the end of the season then I'll be a little impressed since he's already played in Italy before so he doesn't need settling in

      4. R S

        due to injury. he's playing well now

    25. LaurenceTristan

      I have to say this Reed chap did a good job as main presenter!

    26. roisin moore

      Ole u clown A united legend my bollox

    27. tim66612343

      Can no one else see he was joking 😀

    28. M4 Productions

      United are not fighting to be on top. The club is happy to be where they are and struggle for top 4 and just do the bare minimum. None of them have the desire to win that Sir Alex had whilst the fans are still hungry for the success we had under him. Its an absolute mess

    29. ash Murphy

      There is something like bruno, we had 100m budget in the summer net spend of 60m so that's y we only offering 40 for bruno, we clearly have no money, I'm done with his club fuk United n Ole the wet flannel, these rumors are just to get activity on the United app, I'm confused by the club are we building for the future with hungry young players or r we just the nw AC Milan

    30. mark lloyd

      We dont want him back he’s shot

      1. R S

        no, he's not

    31. Tygerrr Uk

      Going backwards ,,,

    32. T L

      Ole is at the wheel !!! Another corner turned...give this man a lifetime contract PLEASE 🤣

    33. Fullee Naresh Kumar

      Man city need to sign a centre back

    34. Peter O'Donnell

      He olde club Manchester United should build a team around Sanchez man what a team that would be yea , thumbs up ☝☝☝ thumbs down . One thing for sure is man u, need good players who play for the club and jersey not players who just want money 💰💰💰💰💰💰.

    35. Claud

      let's be fair, they're doing this because they realized they sold/loaned all the good forwards and they don't want to buy a new one. Leave Sanchez at Milan and open your damn pocket, for fucks sake.

    36. GabeLogan

      Bruno Fernandes will be sold to Barca. Barca doesnt have such storng midfield and Rakitic will be out soon. I would choose them instead United.

    37. Andy Pattison

      Barcellona in for Bruno bye bye Man Utd

      1. sean morrissey

        Might wanna check again mate 🤔

    38. Mohamed-Bayaan Adan

      Did Manchester want to into recall Alexis Sánchez

    39. Ronnie Biggs

      Utd fans over the moon when the big signings are announced,The Pog ect and cant get enough of the board, but when these overpaid frauds don’t perform they turn against the board ... Ola doing a great job of taking Utd to the bottom it 👍👍👍👍Come on City 😂😂😂

    40. Mohamed-Bayaan Adan

      That’s good for us Man U fans is it

    41. Brad Warren

      Man Utd have become a laughing stock of a club... Sanchez has no future at the club... and it will be some half-hearted loan deal at best in this window... JOKE☹️

      1. Mohamed-Bayaan Adan

        No that’s is good for us by recalling Sanchez

    42. El Donny

      United man. There going be the reason fergie tops his self

    43. Alex Doughty

      Love how Bamba said "it was absolutely freezing" in a Scottish accent 😂😂😂

    44. Kris ManUtd Devil

      Every day this vid isnt edited its very poor from a big organisation like sky 7 minutes of nothing till it starts come on lol

    45. bright esk

      This is stupid Ole was clearly joking when he said that

    46. Thomas Kunda


    47. A G

      Build a bonfire, Build a bonfire, Put the glazers on the top, Put Ed Woodward in the middle and We’ll burn the fu*king lot.

    48. Gazno.1 Fan

      Why don't these guys upload the 7pm Programme with Kaveh or livestream it

    49. ATTRAYU

      As an inter fan i want him to stay in milan Atm man u are ruining players n board too cheap to care n fans too emotional to see it aint these players its the whole energy n practice of club n inexperienced Manager

    50. common senselogic

      😂😂😂 keep going Ole your doing an amazing job mark oles words...Sanchez will prove everyone wrong 🤷‍♂️ stranger things have happened I suppose 😏

    51. Stan Gable

      Endless ridicule and embarrassment were the reason I could no longer carry on and had to walk away, a decision had to be made for my sanity This is my story Man Utd had my support after the 1998 treble win but after the moyes and lvg debacles I decided to give up and switch my support to MAN CITY 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿and boy am I glad that I did !! No longer am I the butt of all jokes from family friends and colleagues 🖕 You man u

      1. Dark side

        Glory Hunter

      2. hambakhaya

        Bandwagon fan🖕🖕🖕🖕

    52. Daniel Holt

      7.00 mins in. Your welcome

    53. 2 Tears In A Bucket

      What are Utd doing. We need strikers but we're paying nearly half a mill a week for a top striker to play elsewhere. He keeps giving lingard games who celebrates when he scores against tranmere. Even maguire didn't celebrate his screamer. We are a shambles of a club!

    54. T Chowdhury

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1410">23:30</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2226">37:06</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3184">53:04</a>

      1. Sam Rhodes


      2. vibroidmeat 68s


      3. Harry Patatochips

        Thanks bro

    55. Klinton Baptiste

      C'mon sky sports can we at least start getting some time stamps on these vids? Please.

    56. Grandson Little Billy

      imagine Sanchez and lingard together both doing amazing dance routines 😍😍😍😍😍😍

      1. Grandson Little Billy

        @migray garakara good idea let him get some experience points and then when he comes back he will be in his prime

      2. migray garakara

        Lingard will be on loan next season

      3. Jack March


      4. Grandson Little Billy

        @Darren Allen just think it's only 10 years since little jess jess was in the united under 17s. the progress has been phenomenal

      5. Grandson Little Billy

        @Jayretro17 those dance routines have accelerated puberty for this little grandson they're so amazing

    57. Med Med

      If man utd signed withe islam slamni they win very good striker

    58. Jim West

      Uniteds big summer signing is..... Alexis Sanchez.

      1. UTDspiritF1 Virk

        Kryptonite only 31 players especially wingers are done by then I think we can write him of now

      2. Kryptonite

        If he can get bk to somewhere near the Barca & Arsenal’s player he’ll be a welcome addition to the squad. He’s only 31... he’s got 3 seasons left in him at the top he’s just got to regain his form. 18 months ago he was supposed to be one of the best players in the world.

    59. warriorprince101010

      Alexis Sanchez should go to MLS.

      1. Mohamed-Bayaan Adan


    60. Don Grace

      Solskjaer has become such a liar and is clearly not to be trusted by the fans. Of course Manchester United have to take Sanchez back because he still has a BEAUTIFUL contract gifted to him by that other Numbscull Woodward! The "LIAR" comes from hearing smug Solskjaer saying with the smile on his face that Sanches will "prove YOU all wrong!" Truth is HE and his Parasites upstairs had no faith in Sanches and were more than eager to get him out the door to Inter within a day!!!! (Lukaku his best United buddy has some to answer for in that expensive Inter BLOOPER!) This wonderful transfer decision to vacate his position...again without replacement left us in a terrible state numbers-wise....but they rushed him out as fast as they could! Him (Solskjaer) sat there with that dumb smug smile on his face acting like we now have a super exciting addition to our squad for next season turned my stomach inside out! After my 53yrs keenly following and supporting this once great club with the unmeasurable passion that has all but died in me!!!!! God save us... Where are we going with these utter clowns running our ONCE great Manchester United?!

    61. Callum Oneill

      We are trying to get Sanchez because he scoring in the Italian league such a joke such a joke and there is a really bad league so I don’t know why we getting like really gassed

      1. damian Hayes

        Who told you he's scoring in the Italian league? He's got one goal from seven games also one red card

      2. array s

        Hes still employee of Manchester United.

    62. prashidha subedy

      Want sanchez again at united

      1. Luka Kaunda

        Sanchez Man Chester United

    63. array s

      "United want to recall Alexis Sanchez from Inter Milan NEXT SEASON". Such an idiotic and hyperbolic clickbait title. Sanchez's loan contract with Inter is just for 1 season, ofc he'll go back to United next season, whether United want him or not. 😑

    64. Anthony McIvor

      Ole is a joke needs sacked

    65. agc

      I'm just going to assume this is a masterful 4D chess move from Ole: Intentionally piss the fans off, spark the anti-Glazer chants / boycotts, and force the board's hand to start spending the god damn money. It's genius. Pure genius. Bravo Ole. Or perhaps has Ole's unrealistic positivity just infected me?

      1. Dave Hammond

        a 4D chess move ha...Ole plays checkers mate .....need new owners and Woodward Out

      2. agc

        @array s If I am dumb, it's due to my naivete in assuming people can figure out blatant sarcasm.

      3. skidan4real

        Lol, good one.

      4. array s

        Are you dumb?

    66. Richard Cannon


    67. Benz Abanga

      He was crooked when we signed him. He's shown NOTHING to warrant another opportunity, he's even been out injured on loan ffs. But no the joke that is my club, Manchester United want him back? I don't even know what else to say!

      1. Zaid Ashraf

        @Benz Abanga I don't actually think your an idiot, I just like to be toxic

      2. Zaid Ashraf

        @Benz Abanga Idiot

      3. Benz Abanga

        @array s Who's an idiot? What does his loan contract have to do with what I said you imbecile?

      4. Maax1200

        The real clincher is that he DOESNT WANT TO BE HERE!!

      5. Bruce Wigley

        for starters... he's on 400k a week

    68. James Bortles

      With these owners I'm sure we can win decision 2 in the next few years

      1. Luka Kaunda

        Good after

    69. James Bortles

      I'm sure Sanchez will bop 50 plus goals in for Utd next season, why else would Ole want him back? I'm guessing it's because we will be making no worthwhile signings in the summer , this a Lingard extension and 200 year contract to Mata, Matic and Jones will be our summer business



    71. Morgan Rees

      The fact Ole thinks he will be at United next season is hillarious.

      1. Morgan Rees

        I meant Ole being at United next season.

      2. Tony 2 Toes

        He has to say that knowing inter doesnt want to buy him therefore when it comes to other clubs wanting him it'll keep his price higher than if he said different

    72. A K


    73. ULAŞ 14

      Man Utd fans have got nothing to worry about, from a very good source Poch is going Man Utd start of next season

      1. James Bortles

        @ULAŞ 14 plus Southampton spent wisely and was well run and Spurs finally spent some cash but he was doing badly with them this season and they had a better squad , plus he hasn't actually won any cups not even the League cup. He is better than Ole but who isn't but to be honest I would go for Nagelsman if that's how it's spelt, I think we need someone new to the League that's really hungry, if Poch joins I feel he will be doing it short term to get some retirement money and go home. Poch will be looking for a payoff the day he turns up, there is no way he will work under the Glazers for 5 years

      2. James Bortles

        @ULAŞ 14 I agree he will do better than Ole but a badly run club is a badly run club, if they haggle over Pogbas fee all summer which I'm guessing these arseholes will then we won't have any money for signings, I see one midfielder arriving that is a lot cheaper than Pogba, probably Rice and crazy Sanchez will be used as a number 10 until he gets injured for the season. Jose had a great CV, Van Gaal had a great CV, it just doesn't matter when the owners aren't trying to win anything, they are useless and this rubbish will carry on for as long as they are here, there is no quick fix apart from vast amounts of money being spent wisely on the right players and our owners have absolutely no intention of doing it

      3. ULAŞ 14

        Where ever Poch has gone he has done wonders, Southampton relished under him, thanks to him players like Mane and Lallana excelled under him. Same with Spurs. He's got the backing he's got the stadium the team is half there just need couple star signings and a manager that knows how to manage the team and the press. POCH WILL TRANSFORM MAN UTD. TATTOO THIS ON YOURSELF

      4. James Bortles

        Any manager would be mad to take the job, I'm presuming they will only take it for the payoff they all receive when they get sacked

      5. James Bortles

        Well he will be stuck using Lingard, Mctominay and Fred in midfield with cameos off the sick bed from crazy Sanchez, add the fact Pogba will drag on all summer before being sold in the last few days of the transfer window and we should have an even worse squad next year and Mata and Matic will be a year older. I am expecting top 10 next year aswell no matter who the manager is, our club is run by idiots and until they go our team will stay crap

    74. Deji’s dog It got put down

      Shouldn't leave a team you were doing good at for a shitter team for the money

      1. scott lawton

        Shitter team? Since when? lmao

    75. Bon Scott

      The newly awaited Manc signing is Sanchez😱😊😄😆😂😌

    76. Ian Docherty

      Sanchez is the future at OT........Good that we’re putting our faith in youth and building for the future with players who want to be at OT and are value for money then.......Oh, hang on a sec!!!! 🤔😂😂😂⚽️

      1. Gazno.1 Fan

        Why don't these guys upload the 7pm program with kaveh ?

    77. tranquility321

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="972">16:12</a> Whats wrong in giving Sanchez a second chance? He's had about 20-30 chances to prove he's not a flop at UTD and worth his wages. The guy is past it and will be another year past it next season, why not give Rooney and Scholes a shot too. Why don't these clowns call it like it is.

      1. mark1817

        tranquility321 we did call scholes out of retirement already to be fair

    78. Sean Cread

      I still have faith in Alexis He will be good for us next season...

    79. David Singleton

      Shouldn't have one

      1. Richard Head

        David Singleton what

    80. Naasik Hendricks

      Ole/Man Utd/Sanchez is joke...