The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates



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    In 2014, the world avoided a horrific global outbreak of Ebola, thanks to thousands of selfless health workers -- plus, frankly, thanks to some very good luck. In hindsight, we know what we should have done better. So, now's the time, Bill Gates suggests, to put all our good ideas into practice, from scenario planning to vaccine research to health worker training. As he says, "There's no need to panic ... but we need to get going."
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    Publisert 5 år siden


    1. Partum Maple

      i just... well this is brilliant timing

    2. Roberto Sandulovic

      What corna virus 😡😡🤬🤬🤬

    3. Wad Boi

      Anyone here after COVID

    4. How So

      wow good prediction

    5. DesertFox1978 MJ

      wtf is Bill Gates talking about?

    6. Svetlana Gulimova

      why are they laughing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a>?

    7. Jacob Kim

      This man is a damn prophet

    8. Beanos

      WOW just wow

    9. proffessor proffi

      ЗАРАЖЕНИЕ (ФИЛЬМ) - 2012 год 1канал Россия! ?type=2&theater&notif_t=video_processed&notif_id=1589146477395852 ?type=2&theater&notif_t=video_processed&notif_id=1589146477395852&hc_locatio n=ufi Давно уже - ещё в 2002 году необходимо было всех олигархов , магнатов и их ставленников в правительствах причастных к биологической войне против Землян выслать на Марс вместе с их вирусами и бактериями... Беда всех учёных в том , что они думают - что спасают Мир, а выходит, что их используют для уничтожения этого Мира! 1999 год в Малайзии изучают вирус NIPAH-Нипах, в 2000 году добывают с трупа жирной эвенки Люси на Аляске вирус Испанки (А грипп), 2001-2002 год атипичная пневмония вирусная SARS(с штамов 1937 года птичьего гриппа H5N1 в Германии), 2004-2005 год птичий грипп H5N1 оказался в Китае на птичьих фабриках..., 2008(2012) год МЕРС вирус в Аравии , Ближний Восток, 2009 год свиной грипп H1N1 из штамов ПО"Биопрепарат" 1964 года г.Васильков под Киевом а оказался аж в Мексике и США штат граничащий с Мексикой и в Китае там же где птичий грипп был, 2012 год упускаю автор сам указал на пандемию , но их тогда запустили несколько ...в том числе и через опасную вакцинацию на Украине и в России, 2014 год вирус Эбола в Африке и не только там а и всё там же ожидали вспышки на Украине и в России, и вот 2019 год короновирус КОВИД19, SARScov2 и всё там же Китай, но цель и решаемые задачи не достигнуты - нас уже 8млрд! А не 7млрд! Учёные работают за очень приличные деньги на гранты именно США и ЕС в ожидании лучшего результата и для достижения цели - 1млрда! Вирус КОВИД19 объединил свойства вирусов его предшественников , но цели выполняемой задачи так и не достиг 1млрда ....вероятно следующий мутант будет более смертоносный и опасный для Землян! И он уже есть! Мутант доработают и выпустят по той же цели и с той же задачей в 1млрд! Эти фильмы как доказательство и обвинительный приговор СиДиСи и США, а так же как наказание вирусное за их преступления в биологических так званых исследованиях вирусов и их искусственных лабораторных мутациях! ЗАРАЖЕНИЕ (ФИЛЬМ) - СМОТРЕТЬ ВСЕМ! Воин Христов Опубликовано: 20 дек. 2014 г. Фильм Заражение. Смотреть всем. ИСТИНА ВСЕГДА РЯДОМ Опубликовано: 28 февр. 2020 г. Заражение 2011 новый фильм LOCKSMITH Опубликовано: 5 апр. 2020 г. Фильм заражение 2011. Смотреть в хорошем качестве HD 1080p. Ayunc TV Опубликовано: 4 апр. 2020 г. Фильм "УСКОЛЬЗАЮЩИЙ ВИРУС" триллер ВИДЕО ХИТ Опубликовано: 11 февр. 2020 г. По сюжету фильма вирус возникает в Ушане (Китай). Фильм снят в 2000 году. сейчас 2020 год в Ухане (Китай) свирепствует коронавирус. ЭТО ЧТО - Фильм ПРОРОЧЕСТВО??? Я в шоке!!! Заражение фильм который все искали 1997 Piter Linch film Carriers (Заражение) RECRATIO Опубликовано: 2 апр. 2020 г. Международная организация врачей совместно с Центром по контролю и профилактике заболеваний США пытается помешать распространению смертельного вируса. Премьера: 9 сентября 2011

    10. Siddhesh Madiwale

      Déjà vu 🙄 ?

    11. Merve Tetik

      germs: 2 people: 0

    12. Adam the Legend

      The next time an anti-vaxxer claims Bill Gates created the virus please show them this.

      1. Marco

        They'll still believe and say "OMG, he even told us what he was going to do". There's no vaccine against the stupidity of anti-vaxxers - and even if there was, they would not take it...

    13. Becaye The Hybrid

      Bill Gates is such a visionary It’s pretty sure that people didn’t take it seriously 5 years ago

    14. cabeça furada


    15. a P.r

      Nueco orden mundial Bill Gates forma parte del proyecto de eugenesia a escala mundial junto George soros y cía.

    16. Fernanda Stone

      Menina e n é que ele tinha razão mermo?!?!

    17. Dima Arnaout

      Is this video in 2020 because NOsel said 2015 can anyone respond

    18. ZW jade

      he is right

    19. Jakege0

      Petition to add a "oldest first" comment section

    20. 9 54 61

      Who else thinks nature took a notebook,sat down ,noted all the deadly characteristics a virus should have and made it

      1. Marco

        Not me. Nature already had made smallpox. R0 about the same as SARS-CoV2, but IFR substantially higher (maybe even a factor 10).

    21. Jakia Sultana

      You're right (sigh) 😫

    22. 9 54 61

      Illuminati Confirmed!!

    23. RSLM 17


    24. Jzdoo

      Yeah well... he was right


      He's scammer

    26. mick taylor

      Why is he talking about something he knows nothing of? shouldn't he be talking about programming? plus whats with the pink sweater and microphone bullshit he wears? is he trying to be inoffensive and trick people into believing he is a nice guy?

      1. Marco

        Apparently he *does* know what he is talking about - I haven't heard any epidemiologist and/or virologist working in the field contradict him. The simple reason for that is that they have been saying it for years before him. Heck, even Bush Jr already pushed for a plan to tackle pandemics, Obama took it on to some extent, and then Trump threw it out of the window...

    27. shahzaib syed

      Your future prediction was right we now suffering form worst epidemic of covid 19. I wish we pay heed to health sectors.

    28. savage bot 14

      he's fucking right were not ready.

    29. Ravinder Singh

      I wish the world would have taken him a little more seriously.

    30. v ci


    31. ciang wit sang

      What's happen nowaday is correctly.

    32. SCANDINORDIC Dot Com

      "Inside Bill's Brain" on Netflix is fantastic. Mrs Gates read in the paper how many children died in Africa from diarrhea, which is easily treatable. And she thought they should be using their wealth and influence to change that, and several other terrible outcomes in poor countries. Watch the Netflix show and decide for yourself, only a couple of hours and really interesting.

    33. Дмитрий Беляев

      I always knew that Bill Gates is a masson. He planned to launch this virus five years ago

    34. Got_Wreket

      A person predicted the future. A person in the future: I should have clicked on this when I saw this 5 years ago.

    35. Eli Y


    36. TheFirstFanatic

      Ha, should've listened to bill after all.

    37. ArcadeSquish ™

      Yeah I bet

    38. emilio palac

      The agency was dismantled by trump

    39. blue sky

      so this fucking old man is the god who is gonna save us from corona ok logic

    40. Angelica Wilson

      Almost like he knew in advance... eh hem.... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> "Surveillance and Data"... ie, Contact Tracing. Lol, sorry, my tinfoil hat is probably too tight...

    41. kamal orie

      Dear gates Please please tell us when enough is enough? Is the number of 0s on a computer (that you created) not enough? Because you know that wealth has no tangible value? You want own 8 billion people. There was no prediction but perpetration on your part. You have become a comic book villian. You have no, NO right to take away the right of humanity to choose.. Right or wrong! Stick to computer viruses leave us be.. you and big pharma. Shame on you shame on you. Retire and enjoy your computerized wealth

    42. Paki Eksplain

      Evidence that Bill Gates came from the future. Maybe he has a time machine in his closet.

    43. suthobay

      *cough* Covid-19 *cough*

    44. joset magtangol

      this man is lier.. evil... he create virus... then create vaccine then put the micro chip in vaccin and thats the begining of one organization controled and rule the world... they deploy viruses in thier target country.. then prettend that them is a heroes that gives help!!! damn they deploy ebola virus in africa to test that products if its work!!! then preparing to a big thing the global pandemic... they already knew all about... its a plan people on earth.. our enemy is not north korea.. and china... our enemy is this people... they want to rule us... no freedom.. live like robot they want being to extinct this is evil.. dont trust the vaccine.. dont trust them.... or you becime a living dead

      1. BestProme

        Did you write all of this

      2. BestProme

        Hi man

    45. Yili Liu

      He predicted the future.

    46. Aldo YP

      Bill Gates is anonymous? maybe...

    47. d0ogie

      *Your about 5 years too early*

    48. Oscar Melendez

      Well, thanks for the recommendation NOsel...

    49. Rafael Thomaz Alves Luz

      Corona Virus now

    50. Herodrew14

      I wonder who saw this in there recommended

    51. How Shocking

      Politicians should have listened while they had the chance

    52. Ethan Shields

      Bill your time will end soon . Your vaccine will kill you first . And the world will go on in peace with out people trying to depopulating the planet .

      1. Ethan Shields

        Væringjar your right we shall all take our vaccines and microchips and fill up on sodium fluoride and make bill gates and all the other elites happy .

      2. Væringjar

        Ethan Shields yes, but don’t you think it’s a good idea to provide helathcare for those children so they don’t die, and people choose to have fewer kids? You know, like we have been doing in the west for the past 200 years?

      3. Ethan Shields

        People should be aloud to have as many Baby’s as they want . If you don’t like that go to China where your told how many kids you can have

      4. Væringjar

        Ethan Shields any particular reason you won’t answer my question?

      5. Ethan Shields

        Væringjar you should practice eugenics

    53. Star Wonder

      Planet earth is running out of TIME FAST 🙄🙄

    54. Star Wonder


    55. Star Wonder


    56. Lemonent Limoan

      Anyone watching this in 2020? lol Bill predicted the future 😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Christian Silvestri

      Just know you are watching the most evil man on the planet

    58. Emrold Radio

      World group chat America:not seen China: watched 10 times

    59. Emrold Radio

      China was taking notes 5 years ago

      1. Emrold Radio

        Nothing against China

      2. Emrold Radio

        It is joke

    60. Grayin Grayout

      Bill gates released the virus

    61. yaman kumar


    62. Infinite Edgy

      Haha, your about 5 years too early..

    63. 10 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

      Look he’s even on stage with a 2 metre circle round him! GENIUS!

    64. Rushikesh Wadje

      Why nobody listened to this man he is fucking bill gates

    65. uzma javed

      I made this personal blog to share my experiences as a frontline healthcare worker, to thank people for their kind gestures. Please follow @thepandemicdiary on instagram.

    66. 4 games

      he created it

      1. Infinite Edgy

        4 games yep

    67. Jie Chang

      2015: germ:1 people:0 2020: germ2 :people2 time have past 5 years USA is still allow people to walk out publicly

    68. Reila Anvarla

      Im speechels

    69. mohammed fowzi

      At this point, I'm just waiting for zombies to come out

    70. Ashugs123 _

      Well I mean he's not wrong.

    71. AshCraft Minecraft

      Hello my fellow quarantines.

    72. Artemissme


    73. Bharatvasi Banda

      Believe it or not, He has a sixth sense. contagion movie was made in 2011 #fact

    74. not Pok

      l bet 80% of the views are from 2020

    75. not Pok

      this dude predicated this virus years ago

    76. Rakesh Gaddala

      Hey gill you created this virus For your bloody medical mafia business Do you think this world only for rich people ?

    77. David Alejandro Acosta Rolando

      I seriously hope he is not responsible for the virus that killed my grandpa and nearly killed my family

      1. unite perry

        Natural selection is probably going to kill you too. He tried to invest in medicine and this how you think of him no wonder americans keep getting dumber. It's because you reward stupidity and shame people who are smart and can make predictions.

    78. bhavesh patel

      That shows why he is reachest person....his visibility in different profession is tremendous

    79. Dani Coke

      Congratulations, you’re a prophet

    80. Salemos

      What a nice way to recommend this later on. Should've prepared since then.