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    Home workouts can be a lifesaver, especially in times when you cannot get to the gym. In this video, I’m going to give you a complete home workout routine with all sets and reps included to help you to build muscle regardless of whether or not you ever step foot in a gym. The key to the effectiveness of this perfect home workout is that it pairs exercises together in a way that allows you to train to greater overload than would be possible if you stuck with one single exercise, and it will keep the workouts brief at the same time.
    This perfect home workout consists of not one but two complete total body workouts. The first, workout A, is to be performed on Monday and Friday of week 1. Workout B is to be performed on Wednesday. In week 2, this is flipped so that A is performed once on Wednesday and B is performed on both Monday and Friday. You can continue to alternate the workouts in this way if you decide to do this for longer.
    This workout for home is going to allow you to hit your total body in under one hour.
    With this being the goal, the idea is not to try and hit each muscle with too many individual exercises since this could lead to an excessively long workout and potential for doing too much in the given workout. Instead, we select the exercises based on movement patterns that we know we want to hit to accomplish our goal of building muscle everywhere.
    These patterns are broken down below and the exercises included in each are shown.
    Keep in mind, there are two complete versions of each workout to be sure that the beginners and more advanced trainees can follow this program and get results from it.
    Here is how to construct the perfect home total body workout A:
    Alt. Single Leg Box Squats (use low box if advanced / higher box for beginners)
    1 1/2 Bottomed Out Squats (to failure)
    Jump Squats
    Handstand Pushups OR Power Pushaways
    Rotational Pushups OR Knee Rotational Pushups
    Cobra Pushups (long head contracted) OR Knee Cobra Pushups
    Alt. Single Leg Heel Touch Squats (use “kickstand” if needed)
    Alt. Sprinter Lunges
    Plyo Sprinter Lunges (jump from higher position if more beginner)
    Pullups OR Seated Pullups
    Human Pullovers OR BW Sliding Pulldowns
    Inverted Chin Curls
    Reverse Corkscrews
    Black Widow Knee Slides
    Levitation Crunches
    Angels and Devils
    Here is how to construct the perfect home workout B:
    Slick Floor Bridge Curl (Single Leg) OR Slick Floor Bridge Curl (Dual Leg)
    Long Leg March
    High Hip Bucks
    Alt. Crossover Step Ups
    Alt. Reverse Lunges
    Split Squat Jumps
    Variable Wall Pushups OR Knee Decline Pushups to Knee Flat Pushups
    Alt. BW Side Lateral Raises (from knees for beginners)
    Tricep BW Extensions (long head stretch)
    Chin Ups OR Seated Chin Ups
    Inverted Rows
    Back Widows
    ABS x 2 ROUNDS
    Ab Halos
    V-Up Tucks
    Sit-Up Elbow Thrusts
    Reverse Hypers
    If you are doing this workout just to try it out, then I would suggest you choose the workout A variation. That said, if you opt to do a more comprehensive total body split workout routine then you will want to either incorporate workouts A and B into a twice a week plan or, even better, alternating A and B on M, W and F each week.
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      1. Eduardo Galvez

        For this workout, would I do each individual workout for a minute straight then move on to the next one in the combo ? Or do I keep switching the workouts in that combo for a minute ?

      2. Eduardo Galvez

        For this workout, would I do each individual workout for a minute straight then move on to the next one in the combo ? Or do I keep switching the workouts in that combo for a minute ?

      3. The kest

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      4. Tyrone Deshauer

        Jefff you the man!!! finished the monster maker just in time to start athlean xero.

      5. Mangekyo Sharingan

        ATHLEAN-X™ guys I’ve been doing this for about two-three weeks and I have been having headaches for the entire day afterwards. They seem to have started after I started to work out from this program as my usual gym work out didn’t leave me with such headaches. I’ve decided to stop working out for a while unless anyone can help me with this? Please I do not wish to stop because I’ve worked hard for six months to get here.

    2. Jared Reed

      If you blast the Earth Groans - The Prettiest Things EP while doing this workout, it'll kick you in the gut every time you feel like quitting. Then you'll get through it, and have abs as metal as the music that keeps kicking you. It also adds a neck workout!

    3. Chris Myers

      I run this at .25 speed while working out. I can pretty much max myself out without pausing to follow along, and keep myself amused because Jeff sounds drunk as shit.

    4. Rion C

      Jeff, my buddy turned me on to your channel. You are hands down the best online trainer. I have seen incredible gains following your lessons and tips. I take your advice into the gym and into my garage now, working out from home. The science is real! Thank you for keeping us going.

    5. Emilio Rodriguez Created this timer for 3 rounds of this workout. It includes 3 mins to warm up and 3 mins to cool down. PS. Ignore the "high intensity"/ "low intensity" labels. The website didn't allow me to change those.

    6. Viker Odinson

      Sir, you are by far the best, honest and friendliest specialist and guide a person could have. YOU ARE THE BEST !! Keep up the good work, we love you

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      could we do 2 rounds per day or 1 because consistency with working out is key for me or else i’ll fall of. Or can I do cardio workouts inbetween

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      Oh my gosh. Okay, I am pretty fit and this workout KILLED ME. A really good one.

    13. Just A Man of Culture

      Am i the only one who just dies after completing one round with just 1min/ex, no rest? Anyone who's doing 3 rounds? This is so damn hard but it pays off well.

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      I respect this man for doing squats with Adidas pants like a true Slav!

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      Can an older woman do this

    16. ayoub ayoub

      Can i gain a good amount of muscle with this training program ? Il skiny fat and never been to the gym befor

    17. Jordan Millidge

      It's near impossible top do all of these exercises for a minute straight each without any rest in between. Take at least 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.

    18. HardwareG33k

      Is there a way to make the angels and devils easier? I simply don't have the lower back strength to keep my upper body off the ground like that

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      5 million views in less than a month. Amazing.

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      La importancia de la actividad Física es, poder tener una excelente asesoría, bien estructurada desde la Teoría y plasmada a la practica, eso es lo mas importante, Excelente Aporte

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      Anyway thank you Jeff. In all honesty these excersises are interesting but mostly technically and physically too challenging. They look fine on the video when Jeff is doing it but in reality will not replace our gyms.... Governments open the freaking gyms please!!!

    22. Jay Sri

      Hi , Jeff , are you recommending to do one of those two exercise 2 times or 3 times at the same time , I mean , one minute each exercise of one section , finish it and start again another section at same time either exercises ???

    23. Czech Shooter

      Dont you guys just hate it how the quarantine impacts mostly the active pople while the couch potatoes are enjoying it???

    24. Efrain Gonzalez

      Today I tried my first day of Workout A... Let me just say, it destroyed me. I am pretty fit, I have been weight lifting for about 2 years, but some months I slacked off. I wouldn't say I am advanced. I was able to complete everything 1st round expect pull ups (only lasted 25 seconds before i needed rest) and handstand push ups (lasted 20 seconds) I was so exhausted after round 1 I had to cut round 2 into 30 second sets. I still failed on pull ups and did not even attempt handstand push ups. I did the beginner. I also had to do the beginner cobra pushups this round as well. I stopped after 2 rounds, I don't want to be so sore that I won't be able to perform workout B. I will respond to this comment to update you all! Train Hard! and thanks again Jeff!

    25. Ronan Hall

      Just done workout 'A' having not worked out for 4 weeks prior to now, I've spent the last half hour on the bathroom floor spewing my load. Highly recommend!

    26. Brian Wood

      Jeff - love the channel - thank you. Also, thank you for showing me I am a total wuss. Two-three rounds - sure. Should my shoulders be making cracking sounds on the Angels and Devils?

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      the order of the written exercises in Workout B do not match the ones in the video. You have to reorder LUNGE and UPPER PUSH to match the video

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      1. Marko Miletic

        Workout one: Did the beginner version first two combos with suggested rest. Was holding not to vomit next 15 minutes. After an hour I felt really fresh and did the pull ups so I didnt skip back engagement. So the next workout I will probably decrease exercise time from 1 minute to 30 seconds and take probably more than one minute of pause so I could finish the workout and hit the whole body.

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    56. SennisWorld

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      Can any of these be improved or moves added onto this workout with a set of dumbbells? Also shoutouts to Jeff for this.

      1. Wild Bluebell

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