(The Shirley Temple King) Barstool Pizza Review - Remo's (Stamford, CT)

167 k ganger31

    The biggest crossover event in Pizza Review history...The Shirley Temple King meets The Pizza King.
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    1. SpaceBear

      King > Presidente

    2. strelni kov

      One trained kid, everybody knows his parents are using him for money

    3. Turk Sandwich

      Everyone knows the rules. One future screwed up kid by a mommy blogger

    4. Payton Johnson

      El pres is actually damn good with the kid!

    5. John Grant

      One wholesome review, the king was quicker to the rhyming score than the pres, everyone knows the rules

    6. Dan Dannerson


    7. accent77

      I hope they changed out the silverware after he mauled it.

    8. Justin Hollar

      I love this. Great job pres!

    9. bobinsuffolk

      Funny outcome, the Shirley Temple King is NOT a child, he’s actually a homeless midget. Every review needs a homeless moocher , everyone knows the rules.

    10. Morpheus Fishburn

      The camera loves this kid.

    11. Pulling the Strings

      Prez ran out of Coke in this one, everybody knows the rules

    12. Tehgreatist

      A "Thankyouoff" sounds like something you get from a grateful girlfriend.



    14. brandon kush

      That kid looks like baby mac from sunny

    15. Mike Hatzl

      Hell, yeah. This kid has so much swag it is ridiculous.

    16. Chris Cowan

      One kid dressed appropriately.....one old kid not so much...everybody knows the rules

    17. Drew Bledsoe

      Feel like this kid has a lot of prepared responses. Most likely from his parentals. Hope he's having a good time while they milk him for clicks.

    18. Jeff Olson

      Damn I've watched quite a few reviews ... this is great!!

    19. slowmopoke

      Child explotation is so cute

      1. Nikninja

        Read that as child exploration and was greatly worried

    20. Pirates Fate

      Garbage TV at its finest!!!

    21. ConorLK

      So who was filming this one then?

    22. Sheldon Levine

      This kid is great

    23. icantechnomore

      Get the kid some fucking good merch, he's old enough.

    24. Nicholas Powell

      One kid looking at his future job everybody knows the rules

    25. hulivar

      little guy is quick as a whip

    26. Michael Coursen

      One thank-you-off day, everybody knows that's thanksgiving.

    27. Sammy Rosenthal

      One sip everyone knows the rules

    28. stamfordson

      The wop that runs zaza is the worst, rude arrogant ginzo.

      1. thomas samson

        What's a ginzo?

    29. MrPickledede


    30. JohnnyWithABass

      Get that boy a roy rogers

    31. Dalton MM

      How is this kid so fast with words lmao

      1. raghu rajaram

        Squeaky Toaster yo it’s kinda weird lol

    32. Jonathan Green


    33. L SZ

      A saucy 7 .frankie ....thank you presidente! .................team portnoy

    34. Aidan Smith

      One kid better at rhyming than a man in his 40’s everyone knows the rules

      1. Blake Denton

        Aidan Smith saucy seven isn’t a rhyme lol

    35. P yKay

      Child labor, boo.

    36. Dylan Thomas

      this kid is the epitome of explotation

      1. Alvarez

        Lol you haven't been around long have you? Child actors back in the day were WAY more exploited by their parents and directors. To the point where they became addicts or commited suicide.

    37. Lou Zer

      One review with the Shirley Temple King, everyone knows Pres is grooming him till he’s of legal age of consent.

    38. Justin Cheriyan

      Wow that kid is so intelligent what a blessing

    39. Justin O'Neill

      Lock up the parents

    40. Nolan Mendoza

      I could totally see multiple episodes with this kid and we're going to see him grow up.

    41. PlasticPellets

      Give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish. Give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish. What if it were you hanging up on this wall? If it were you in that sandwich, you wouldn't be happy at all.

    42. Snoop Anoop

      Dave have met his match lol

    43. Meg Travers

      Cutest little guy ever

    44. Matt Pritzl

      This was the cutest pizza review ever

    45. Truett Underwood

      Priceless review

    46. greenlizardballs

      man that kid is so cute

    47. Michael New

      How does someone dislike this video

    48. Eric Schneible

      1 PG Vin Dog. 1 PG Prez. Everybody knows the rules.

    49. Luis Velazquez

      Where did the shirley temple king find this guy lmao

    50. 2KGrind09

      if only YT was around when I was drinking temples ... ugh

    51. allard1213

      Was that his mom?

    52. Shane Howard

      Stoole pres ceo of opening stuff with one hand

    53. WestSide1207

      One child being exploited by his parents, everyone knows his future will be messed up.

    54. Emily S.

      I wonder how the kid is going to feel in a few years when everyone in his middle school / high school finds out he used to go around rating kiddy cocktails and his parents are most likely still trying to shove a camera in his face to review some other drink.

      1. Alvarez

        Fine...that's how he'll feel. If you paid attention to the video, he was the one who asked if he could start doing it.

    55. cowheadcow

      Dave loves the children. #ElPres2020

    56. Carson Swaim

      My grandpa owns Remos and Zaza’s that’s crazy

    57. Carson Swaim

      That’s crazy this is my grandpas restaurant

    58. busiest Nebula

      I love the Shirley temple king

    59. drew

      pres’s reaction to when he scored it an 8😂😂

    60. BeyerT1

      When this kid grows up, his ego is gonna be so massive he'll need an 18 wheeler to drive it around for him. They made the kid famous because he repeats what his parents tell him, but doesn't actually know what he's talking about at all. Not a good combo.

    61. Jake Kennedy

      One kid with early onset diabetes everyone knows he’s!

    62. TICO

      Great,pizza is good,but keep bringing in others to make a good interview.

    63. Chad Garrison

      Dave’s a good man

    64. Zachary Hohman

      Prob my favorite review. Lmao.

    65. Sean Martin

      The only good pizza in Stamford. The only.

    66. Justin Bastian

      So cute

    67. LMK_TheDon

      Did my heart melt a little bit when he said “thank you frankieee”


      Dave go to circles and squares 2500 tulip st in Philadelphia you will love 8.7

    69. Bobby Miller

      Dave and the mini me. Great jobs guys.

    70. octagonproplex

      Euthanize that abomination!

    71. Hack Attack

      This kid has a bright future ahead of him.

    72. bbos 12

      Pres about to hire this kid and put him on the books

    73. swimdude2113

      This is easily the most wholesome thing Barstool has ever done.



    75. Eoin Joyce

      Frankie absolutely nailing it with the saucey and out the door tags on the review scores.

    76. martin gatavaski

      Hey DAVE, i met with Debbie, n i see your back in Ct, n i was PISSED she didn't bring u to FRISCO'S!!!! But i KNOW she will.!! Its Literally in the middle of Minerini's (not a fan) n Wooster St, but now i KNOW you'll b there, n meet John the Owner. I Just happened to b passing by, n HAD to get a Frisco pie, n BAM!!!!!! Debbie!! We traded slices, Cheese, n the Frisco Special (Modern Bomb but BETTER), n i never had his Reg Mozz pie, Its Fuckin DELICIOUS!!! I scored an 8.9 at first, then 2nd slice 1 bite of course, its a 9.1 on my day!!!! N i grew up on Zuppardi's, Modern, n GOTTA give Neil another try at John n Marie's!! East/New Haven my Whole life, 40yrs old!!!

    77. Matthew Bevan

      El Prez has a soft spot around the kids

    78. pLuhhmmGaming

      Three cherries. Everyone knows the rules.

    79. downshall

      Adopt him Dave

    80. lukedabiere 19

      rookie score