The Tinseltown Murder Of Thelma Todd

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    A Hollywood starlet struck down in her prime- was it an accident, suicide or murder? This episode contains sensitive subject matter pertaining to suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or self-harm, there are resources available online to speak directly with a trained professional or to find local community outreach services If you're in the US, you can visit or call them at 1-800-273-8255.
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    Thelma Todd
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      1. Uchiba Uki

        BuzzFeed Unsolved Network poor Shane and Ryan they don’t have haircuts 💇 maybe because of pandemic 🤦🏻‍♀️

      2. Evelyn Patino-florese

        I love that music...background....

      3. Fishcakes the Umbrella

        Do you think she pissed off the mob? #postmortem

      4. Arthina Selchow

        I was thinking, what if West got mad at her, beat her up some, and then locked her in the garage. Then she, drunk, cold and upset, got in her car and turned it one where she then passed away. Just a thought I had and wanted to share. Love the show!

      5. Stephanie Ulloa

        Obviously she was killed, but if you had to fake your death, how would you do it?

    2. BRKN glasses

      I eat body positivity while I love myself everyday. CHANGED MY LIFE!

    3. Sophie Walsh

      Why was her weight so concerning..? (I’m genuinely the worst mathematician in the world so correct me if I’m wrong, but) she had a totally normal healthy range bmi of about 21.5 since she was apparently about 5 foot 3. My mom literally gasped when she heard her weight was 122lbs.... I don’t get it.... that’s not underweight or overweight.... what is so shocking?

    4. Nathan Cate

      I've played Chronicles Of Crime: Noir. Their is a story based on this case. Mob.

    5. Genesis Osuna

      I forgot how addictive these videos can be lmao

    6. Arya Thergaonkar

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="809">13:29</a>.. it might be that someone played an earlier recorded message from Todd to messup the investigation

    7. Madeleine Goodison

      but this was Hollywood.... wouldn’t there have been some people who were good at impressions?

    8. Sarita Garg

      When even murder sounds relaxing because Ryan's voice is so soothing.

    9. Ignacio Rodriguez

      Shane makes the disheveled look trendy.

    10. Hhhannah 123

      Thelma todd is an ancestor of mine, I can’t remember exactly but I think she may have been my great great aunt or something like that on my mums side, and my great aunt is acc named Thelma after her. I feel glad to have a relation to her, but knowing she died this way is horrible :(

    11. уσυя lσcαl єχρlσѕινє.

      ` ` T H I C K ` ` 🖐🏻 🤚🏻 - Shane Madej, 2020

    12. Tom Giants fan

      you guys should do the conspiracy of Kurt Cobains death and the things suggesting that he didn't shoot himself

    13. Sigurlaug Marteins

      I was born 16 desember

    14. Rohan N

      Do the freeway phantom murders

    15. Aniket Srivastava

      Hey, I'm from India. I've been following you guys from a lot of time. I request you to cover the death of a famous bollywood actress, Sridevi. Her death is a big mystery, so please look into this case.

    16. Syafiqah Nazri

      Shouldn’t there be fingerprints on the car door / handle / garage door, maybe hers if it was suicide or a suspect if it was murder? I’m sure it was murder, nobody would dare break two ribs and a nose of their own😳

    17. Kristina Adame

      Did u forget that she had a coat how was it cold

    18. Alicia Nyblade

      Thelma Todd, a woman who stuck to her personal morals, knew that beauty isn't just about physical looks, AND liked her whiskey. What a badass lady. I may pour out some Jameson in her honor tonight. Whatever happened to her and wherever her spirit is now, I hope she's at peace. Cheers, Thelma, and blessed be. )O(

    19. Laras Saelan

      "SORRY A LITTLE EXTRA SAUCE ON THIS ONE FOR YOU" HAHAHA ewwww <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">4:56</a>

    20. Ruza Hel

      Why would you introduce us to an amazing lady with such a tragic end. T.T

    21. Jaz Watson

      I think quarantine has gotten to shane

    22. EliteSpark 6947

      The Hangover 4: Trouble in Hollywood

    23. Avid Angel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> i laughed so hard lmao

    24. Remiii

      Ryan: "i dont ive never been accused of murder-" Shane "YET"

    25. Jenna Durham

      Shane's body positivity single handedly cured my dysmorphia

    26. ritvik

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="637">10:37</a> look at Shane's hair when he talking about hair *f i r m*

    27. Gerrie Bii Good

      😂😂😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="277">4:37</a> .....LIKE WHYYYYY 😂😂 y'all a mess

    28. Zoe Jones

      Ryan looked so satisfied when he looked into the camera and said "I don't care about you" to shane lmaoooo

    29. Danikah munoc

      How could she open the garage if you need your torso to open the door which is broken.

    30. Nicola Bevington

      Whoever did this did not mean to murder her! Yes there was an argument and he hit out a little to hard but he didn’t mean to kill her! He panicked and turned on egnition closed the garage door and ran off that’s what I think

    31. Major Anna

      Shane: very firm, firm... Ryan: yes,yes *silence* Shane: F I R M

    32. katherine collins

      Such a fascinating case, full of amazing information and interesting theories. The banter between Shane and Ryan is brilliant

    33. Mohammed Parker

      Check the lady who replaced her on the big production she signed. Something to see there.

    34. Andreia Janeiro

      Shane is being so remus lupin this season

    35. Aurelio Rubio

      It was the chauffeur

    36. Ghaz

      OKAY WTF happened to them...they never used to make dirty jokes and stuff but now...

    37. Ghaz

      ...Do they Live together ...i mean aren't they in Quarantine and stuff...?

    38. Fnaf Fnatic

      I feel like this case would make a good Netflix series

    39. dumbbrowngirl

      Thelma Todd and The Black Dahlia are two people involved in Unsolved cases and both of them have the same birthday as me omg

    40. dumbbrowngirl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1258">20:58</a> I KNEW the name Gloria Vanderbilt from somewhere, imagine my surprise realizing that she was Anderson Cooper’s mom!

    41. Average Alien

      My theory is that it was the mob, or the person sending threatening letters. They ambushed her, knocked her unconscious, put her in the car and turned the engine on for a silent and almost unsolvable death. Makes the most sense.

    42. The Lord Doctor

      I bet they're self isolating together

    43. Cherry Black

      I really like how they are so amazed by the three fingers. I've drank a whole bottle my sweeties.

    44. Jesus

      “Love your body everyday” don’t worry we do 😉

    45. Psychroclasm

      Wait, why was the chauffeur not a suspect? An hour and a half is a huge window of time unaccounted for. Maybe he tried to take advantage of her drunkenness and she resisted.

    46. Lumorniel Sycamore

      The thing is, the mob thing sounds the most probable one but then at the same time it seems kind of... shady? I mean if what the mob was really after was money why kill her? Threatening her would've worked way better. Additionally, isn't the point of mob killings over money like that to set an example so others would be willing to pay up without much resistance with the mob using the threat of 'You don't want to end up like Todd'. Or something like that? So then why would they go through so much trouble to make it look like a suicide. I feel like if this was a mob killing they would've made it an obvious greusome murder in order to shock and set an example.

    47. TY

      Forget her, I see luciano in the thumbnail and I click.

    48. Katrina Whiting


    49. Katrina Whiting


    50. Anna Molina

      shane: "me, i don't like talking to people i care about, that's my personal preference." ryan: "wait, you never talk to me. do you care about me?" shane: "yeah! clearly!" me: :) ryan: "that's crazy bc i don't care about you." me: :(

    51. Zach Brown

      Ryan says he’s drinking 10 fingers of rye. *stacks 8 fingers together.

    52. hailey grey

      I'm 5 minutes in and Thelma Todd seems very awesome ♥️

    53. rivoli carvalho

      Thelma Todd thought way ahead of her time and I respect her for it

    54. Ladnavar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="784">13:04</a>

    55. Madison

      f i r m

    56. Harriet McCabe

      I believe that she was had a lover/ boyfriend and he beat her and she couldn’t handle it any more and killed her self

    57. Hunter_sama UwU

      This so lacked any class or respect for the woman that it was about

    58. Susanna Banana

      Suspects tend to engage themselves in to the investigation

    59. GRAY

      Quarantine edition.

    60. Maxwell Shedlock

      Could you make a caylee anthony unsolved.

    61. Astro Wolvez

      Hell blacklisting still happens, like brandon fresher spoke out about being sexually assulted and for about ten years wasn't in any movies. And just recently is finally back.

    62. Bella Metoyer

      TRIGGERING: Is it possible that since she was a beautiful young actress who was somewhat incapable of defending herself, because of her size, she could have been raped and beaten (broken ribs) and she felt so ashamed and alone that she went and did the unthinkable. It would explain why she was quieter than usual in the car ride home.

    63. Gaming Lunala

      Mixing business and pleasure gets you FakeTaxi

    64. Sara Moore

      Shane kinda looks like Remus Lupin

    65. Redora Cameron

      I think the reason they killed her is because she mention the casting couch n if she didn't mention the casting couch she will be alive today.

    66. Howdy Yall

      todd carmen and west were obviously polyam

    67. xX_SpillThe-OrgansSis_Xx

      i cant be the only one who thinks of DC jason todd when he says her last name ._. but fr she sounded epic

    68. Esther Lüscher

      I like her.

    69. Loura Marks

      agent with UNDERWORLD connections hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    70. Loura Marks

      "I'd eat free food off a-well nevemind I don't want to get into it" w h a t d o y o u m e a n s h a n e ,w h a t a r e h i d i n g ,s h a n e

    71. xxxexpired lol

      Dang she was a thotty. Das tuff! She one of those🤣

    72. Bi Cycle

      "Firm, firm." "Yes yes." "Firm."

    73. Pigzlikebacon

      I literally just listened to the podcast My Favorite Murder and they were talking about this, which is funny because its pretty much the female version of this

    74. Young SAV

      The car was a transformer but he didn’t realize there was a person in him while he was transforming and broke her ribs and nose

    75. Алена Абросимова

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a>

    76. Slater Gaming

      I wonder what happened to the presents. Were they delivered? Were they thrown out? Were they returned? I guess we’ll never know. 😕

    77. Angela Pfeil

      Rest In Power Thelma

    78. jose deleon

      Are they under covid house arrest? Looks like they never left the office

    79. L2 BBOC

      BTW...three fingers of rye is NOT bourbon.....rye whiskey is made from rye....bourbon is made from corn...completely different tastes.

    80. Satan

      The only Lucky Luciano I know wears a pink polo and khaki shorts.