The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    Y'all asked for it, but can we build it?!👷‍♂️ Watch us attempt to build this crazy Ikea furniture without instructions Let us know what you want to see us do without instructions next!
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    1. Abby Miller

      Y’all should get those big LEGO millennium falcons or Hogwarts castles and not give any instructions, maybe a few seconds with a picture

    2. Gianna Todaro

      “it took twenty hours, but i did it with a knife”

    3. Vivian Campora

      Dress! Dress! Dress!

    4. AvidReaderForLife

      a guillotine

    5. Maria Lynk

      Design a dress! Design a dress! Design a dress!Design a dress! Design a dress! Design a dress! Design a dress! Design a dress! Design a dress!

    6. ReApFR0ST

      A media center like a tv stand would be good, or a bunk bed

    7. Rylee Pierce

      The try guys sew an outfit without instructions!

    8. Rain Yang

      Zach: frantically attempts to stab meatballs in order to stuff Kieth’s mouth in time

    9. Iconic Glitch

      Do Try Guys Biuld swords Please!!

    10. Gacha Dragon

      Honestly, you should design a dress.

    11. Hannah Jenkins

      i love how eugene was so focused the entire time, just concentrating on the job

    12. Mallory Pridemore

      Clothes!!!! A date outfit!!!

    13. Alphie LaFray

      The PA Sam reminds me of a softly spoken bond villain, need more Sam handing out devious chanllanges

    14. bobbymcearlton

      Build a boat big enough for a person.

    15. Jayde Hansen

      Sewing a clothing article without instructions would be amazing

    16. Elliott Mazardy

      Can we talk about the fact that Eugene is in brooklyn nine-nine season 6 episode 22?

    17. Short Shots

      A dress without instructions sounds entertaining.

    18. Angie Roblero

      A bed

    19. Faith

      Wait can they actually design dresses though!! That’d be so fun and honestly I just wanna see Eugene’s.

    20. Rei Shiki

      wow eugene....i never thought he would be a builder kinda guy but WOW!! he's amazing!! and next time make a dress plz!!

    21. McKenna Reneker

      More Sam please ✨

    22. Julia Smith

      I literally have that exact wardrobe in my room

    23. iRaspBerry Pi

      Make shoes without instruction

    24. Riona The Asian

      lego without instructions

    25. Genie Wishes

      Use your nails as a screwdriver

    26. Helena McDonald

      2 minutes in and I can already tell they need a bigger space to work in

    27. Emma Futral

      Make a dress without instructions please!

    28. Jessica Marshall

      Eugene: ... I didn’t have any tools so it took me like 20 hours but I assembled it with a knife. Honestly I probably would’ve done the same. You know not actually gone and got the needed tools but just making what I had work.

    29. xxxheyitsmehxxx

      you should make a pull-out sofa hehehehee. congrats eugene!

    30. Luz Urrutia

      Eugene is a 1980's fantasy like 😭😭🥵🥵

    31. Sonni de Soto

      Definitely design a dress please!

    32. WesDaHmm

      You should make a bed frame with all of your colors

    33. Olivia Helwig

      When you get an ikea ad during an ikea building challenge

    34. Zain Hubail

      Eugene is the most serious try guy he’s not even talking 😂😂

    35. Miss Y

      zach got all the essential stuff and yet... 😂😂😂

    36. Elliot Robertson

      Solve a rubiks cube without instruction

    37. Rhian Jones-Hancock

      I’m so glad Eugene won :)

    38. Naomi Nnedi

      How come Keith had a screwdriver from the start?

    39. Elzzz Vlogs

      I have the same wardrobe and it took me and my dad 5 hours to build

    40. Lara Caylee Gledhill


    41. 수정soojeong

      the try guys build (complicated) LEGO builds without instructions

    42. George Kargbo

      My godddd only the British will probably understand but Ned looks like he could be in a Money Supermarket advert 🤣🤣

    43. Kelly N

      Try and create a ceramic vase with instructions

    44. Lucy Thomas

      Chaos chaos chaos-- and I love it 😂

    45. Elizabeth LeJeune

      The captions say "Thai Fighter" instead of "TIE Fighter" lmaoo

    46. Spoonzi TM

      Guys I super loved this and I really hope they do more

    47. Emma Montes

      The try guys try looming 😂

    48. Lana B

      “i’m not giving half of my third place away” pfft

    49. Katie Anderson

      “ I have a big old *GAP* between my *DRAWERS* “

    50. Matteo Silver

      I was hoping Eugene would get points for the best-looking cutoffs.

    51. Mash Wench

      As Eugene a dress but also sew it and have a runway show. They have 6 hours to do it. Oh and $100

    52. Anthony Cruz

      Weld a table together

    53. Cat Dog

      By the way, great job Eugene!

    54. Cat Dog

      I want to see Eugene design a dress and the rest try to make it.

    55. AJ Dickerson

      U love how natural it was for Ned and Zach to start shoving as many meatballs into Keith's mouth as possible

    56. Harmoni Tarpley

      Make a dress out of unusual products-like the challenges on Project Runway.

    57. Anxtot Animates

      I think Eugene's dress idea was actually pretty good.

    58. Alex Logan

      Love this, try to change the oil in a car next time

    59. - 3-

      I actually want them to design a dress-

    60. Isabella Belanger_11

      Im just noticing I had one of those when I was 5 years old