These MEAN Comments Went TOO FAR...



1,4 mill ganger120

    I posted a picture of myself on Reddit and I got some of the meanest comments and roasts...

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    1. Davie504

      Not epic

      1. Dale Adams

        You are the big funny and give me happiness you have the big pp

      2. sillis 505

        Smol cazzo

      3. Kairo Tagamine

        Not epic ☹️

      4. Esmarza :Re

        Not wise no Epico!

      5. prasad grg

        Epic too

    2. oh senpai

      *_Your pp = smol_*

    3. Seb Julien

      When the pandemic started I stopped entirely having fun a laughing. Then I found Davie504 and Stevie T, and then I started laughing again. I have a backlog of videos to watch. You make my day every day man. And seriously...using a cRAPper to make a song to ridicule you...seriously? Its not even music and never will be, it is pure verbal diarrhea. And don't bother about the haters, the better you are the more hate and jealousy you always get.


      Ehh Davie504 is not Mr. Crabs

    5. Lark Dibbs

      Then you became blonde and female some how. (Famous italian person) + (Bigg bird)egg = you (hatched) + HO3 - pp

    6. X_Boi

      People: tried to roast davie Davie504: uno reverse card

    7. rebby 1313

      Jonparody looks like Mario on crack.

    8. ต่อพงศ์ หัสชู

      I don't care, I like to see you slaps your B ass. Thoes guys don't have any ball, checkmate,but you.

    9. Your Raine

      Slap them now

    10. Ramira Grace

      Do you want to read something nice? Something nice

    11. Jessi Tayylor

      Davie: What's a "basement"? I only know BASSment. Wise choice

    12. Anh Nguyễn Hoàng

      Epic video

    13. Estrella Macias

      Davie:have fun Also him:never smiles

    14. Oni Avelino


    15. arnel litusquen

      Your look like a Frankenstein that face your look like Squawrid

    16. NOTE GOAT

      Ur nose is perfect

    17. Chris Bromley

      me *watching that rap roat at the end*: Wat? seriously what's going on with the camera? is he using it to disguize that he can't even lipsync properly? the obvious music samples? the lyrics hardly even keeping to a rhythm? i really hope that guy was cheap davie... considering time, "composition" and editing time... i wouldn't have paid more than 30 USD for that mess...

    18. GwynicoPlays

      but then that he get angina. Haslamanne la big gooch

    19. Comrade Pheonix

      Davie from now on is Russian.

    20. Firdana Raafi

      Checkmate guitar

    21. Kristel Boyz Channel

      HEY DAVIE504 PLEASE NOTICE THIS COMMENT. I just wanna know how did you get that scar near your mouth, is it a scar or what? If someone noticed the scar thinggy then slap like! ⬇️

    22. MNash EnV

      If this guys doesn't want this vids, then let 'em dont watch, but I really recommend this to slap the play, subscribe and button!

    23. R.o.B FE

      Your bass doesn't come through my subwoofers.

    24. Bishal Uprety

      davie504 and remco's groove lab i cant choose who is the best both are excellent.

    25. Kim Rikardsen

      I played bass when i was like 15, but then stopped after about 2 years. Now 8 years after i've picked it up and accually enjoyed playing after watching your videos. Thanks man.

    26. ‘Inx

      If you don’t like this comment you have small PP

    27. Shannrhonan Oliva

      There no permission to use bass!! Thats forbidden davie

    28. Joules Vincent Jayoma

      No one: The roast video: me: *having a seizure*

    29. Léo Kasic

      You want something nice? 🆗 You have a big pp That's it💯💯💯💯💯💯

    30. Extreme Matthew

      Hii I'm a yutuber matt

    31. Robert Eksten

      I've been binge watching your videos for about 4 days. Your channel is super entertaining.

    32. itzJonas

      Hehehe pp smoll

    33. The Newbie Sniper

      No one: Davie: USD Dollars

    34. G-carbohydrates Channel


    35. nepo rongmei

      don't be sad i already slap like most of ur vids i make my pp bigger n bigger lmao

    36. ItzGalaxyBoy - Roblox

      I love your Bàss

    37. Ruben

      This guy is very smart(i m not sarcastic).

    38. iLoveNoodle Playz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> he said it

    39. Zildjian Dela Cruz

      The laugh Davie made at the missing chromosome joke proved that Davie has complete chromosomes. *checkmate haters*

    40. TheRaphGamezN'More

      Bruh idk if they think it’s really a guitar or just a roast?

    41. Abdullah Al Mahmood

      *Smol pp*

    42. Sean Alexander

      Rickenbacker 4003 with synth bass pedal? :/

    43. Kakashi_. sensei

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="485">8:05</a> Worst camera man ever Also the rap is kinda cringe Worst roast rap😂😅

    44. Dragos Andrei


    45. Mike Hunt

      we live u davie

    46. Brandon Hernandez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">4:56</a> I agree with him

    47. Itz_Ren Playz


    48. Jericho Apacible

      No one: Literally no one: Me: The one who don't know what PP means

      1. soi firulais xd

        @Kristel Boyz Channel I love you

      2. Kristel Boyz Channel


      3. Nikewester YT


      4. soi firulais xd


    49. beyblade master


    50. Marina Dante

      You look like a guitar

    51. Stingu Sebastian

      Spot on final roast :D but that combination is the reason of your uniqueness ;)

    52. McLain Dow

      If my dog was half as ugly as you I would shave its ass and.....not even that would work, I'd have to just shoot it.

    53. Jose L Vazquez

      BASS: dam

    54. FibeVideo

      I was laughing so hard throughout this video. I haven’t laughed this much in months. Thank you Davie504

    55. Pol Pol

      SLAPP may comment davie504😭💖🇵🇭

    56. Paul Stock

      New fan...twice your age... 10/10 he checkmated... LMAO

    57. brian clough

      32 year old here. Love these videos

    58. little sister

      U get to keep the p p if u like..disappear if nothing......... So.. What happens to the people who dislike the video... 😕

    59. Raiyan123

      Im 14 years old

    60. Giorgio R. Pohar 9B

      Davie, you make amazing content bro. Keep it up dude! DO NOT EVER PRESS THE READ MORE BUTTON Yo davie, I love your noob guitar solos, which make me slap dislike. I was eating pineapple pizza while my mom was breaking the spaggheti and cooking it. And I also love the way you play with that picc. Epicc

    61. Jonni Hard

      Sorry Davie he checkmated you. But only because you paid him.

    62. Sérgio Alves

      When someone orders a music video just to roast you, that's when you know you made it.

    63. Windyboy Productions


    64. newac4534 ROBLOX

      Get happy because I SLAPPED like

    65. Nikalye Dexter

      Don’t do that to yourself again man you deserve more than that be happy and play that “AMAZING VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL EPIC BASS!”

    66. ivana oh nana

      i am having fun.... EPIC!

    67. NeonX

      davie = EPIC

    68. Rimm Purple

      Yes I yes I my friend great video like all times slap like now it will me epic @davie504

    69. Udyan Ojha

      20yo 14 supporting you

    70. Jesse Poe

      All the people who roast/dislike you horribly are mad cause they have small pp, small brain, and noob while us slappers are big brain, are pros, and have BaSs

    71. Rachele Fregona

      haha adoro i tuoi video!!

    72. Sripathi Radhakrishna

      You are my favourite bassist

    73. T Sommers

      God I love you Davie!!!!

    74. Pandacorn 12

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a>

    75. the men write in the sugar

      ok but the last one made me mad, all he really did was talk about his face.. like you got anything better to say and he's not even that bad looking tbfh

    76. bronzon noznorb

      Dont worry u have big peepee

    77. Kaarthicc Suresh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a>

    78. Gray Catbird

      This was actually pretty cool. Rather than just cash in on the supposed wit of redditors, he used them as a springboard to show off his wit.

    79. Mr Anderson

      Hey Davie roast haters by reading epic comments, checkmate 👊😎

    80. ianna kiersten

      Eyy..... Filipino Fan tho.... I'm also shy when it comes to laughing/smiling/talking, because of my teeth...... But You look great and AMAZING I just wanna say SALAMAT (thank you) cuz I found you here in youtube.. *so dramatic hahaha But you inspire me😉