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    It's rough out there these days. It's like the Coronavirus took everyone's minds. Let's look at some of the craziness that's been going on lately...
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    #ToiletPaper #Coronavirus #PanicBuying


    1. Andrei Terbea

      Had to reupload this because of an audio error. Thanks to those who brought it to my attention. And to those who got blueballed after the video went down, I appreciate your patience haha!


        People are buying toilet paper cuz they won’t be able to go outside cuz the virus so they can wipe

      2. Victoria :D

        Andrei Terbea people are buying toilet paper so they don’t need to leave the house because people us the bathroom so much.

      3. KitKat Talks about stuff

        Dude your not allowed to say the viruses name but there are gacha tubers that say it’s name and spread misinformation about it and NOsel doesn’t even give a shit about those videos even there are sexual videos that NOsel doesn’t give a shit about so that’s why I’m agents gacha which gacha is a video maker app mostly used by seven year olds but some strange people can use the app and make “strange” or “edgy” videos sorry if this comment is long

      4. Lucian Iacob

        Ești roman

      5. EliYT

        Andrei Terbea Well the thing is WHY WHY are they going crazy over Toilet Paper!!?? It’s not even a symptom (Just wanna throw it out there)

    2. Bunica Mihai

      sunt roman!

    3. Sahoory Alzeer

      We need ‘big royal no-no’ merch

    4. Mcs23

      I have one question actually... Why are people even buying TP?

    5. rafdrndm

      you can tell that andrei is listening to the h3 podcasts

    6. Rolando Valenciano

      Pilipinos holding the tabo: good luck and mabuhay

    7. Adri Rafi Putrayuga

      Can we talk about johnny depp and his wife? Cause i have no idea what just happend and need full story bout it

    8. Fabian Trinanda

      Its corona time

    9. Kokichi Ouma

      Salut Andrei întrebare de ce wilfur este mereu nervos?

    10. J Jim

      the people singing the song were so cringy

    11. Richard Winter

      monkey see monkey do

    12. Moshkalopsis


    13. A Parakeet's Gaming

      Andrei: A pandemic the likes of which we have only seen in video games and movies. *laughs in Spanish flu*

    14. Ayden Barrett

      I just came here because of Alex Clark

      1. Ayden Barrett

        and are you crazy about the toilet paper to?

    15. Lil Tee

      Ahh I just love this channel

    16. eerryyk

      my dad said that everyone is buying toilet paper cause when someone coughs everyone shits their pants lol

    17. Sausage Boss

      you want toilet paper cough on it and it's yours

    18. Really Toasty

      I’m a small animation youtuber would anyone like to check them out...😶

    19. Wolff boiii

      Do one of ur countrie

    20. 염하

      휴지사재깈ㅋㅋ 마스크라면 모를까.. ㅋㅋㅋ

    21. Quan-Oh-Re Desk


    22. Paarth Vaish

      who is wilfred?

      1. Paarth Vaish

        wait no wilferd


      You don't need toilet paper you just need to wash your hands

    24. The ender

      People be like Hippity hoppity the toilet paper is now my property

    25. Tru_lee


    26. GAMER BOY 101


    27. 「抜刀隊」Λce

      there are toilet paper in mongolia bruh

    28. Joy Ahmed


    29. fat boy

      Im Filipino and we dont use toilet paper to wipe our butts we use water

    30. Copchilu Jerry

      Cine stie ca andrei terbea e roman sa puna un comentariu si like daca vrea

      1. bofooit gojo

        I think I video about LeafyIsHere would be interesting.

    31. Zaluschi EmanuelYT

      Salut Andrei ce faci?

    32. Skyloop 222

      That's my local Woolworths aka Australia's best supper market

    33. Jewel Richards

      I pray to anyone who may have this very horrible virus that they must get well. I am praying 🙏 Stay Safe, Healthy, And wash your hands! Please stay safe, we will be cured or the virus will have a cure! Hope Quarintine will soon be over, So we can go outside without toilet paper fights. Love y'all!!

    34. Neon Dragon

      i wish there was a way to at least click the like button multiple times cause i love your content. It's so funny xD

    35. david elliott

      Hand sanitizer is useful just dont get to much and stay sare

    36. riya kolluri


    37. Christopher Gonzalez

      It was dustin from stranger things? Maybe.

    38. TIM YANG

      Covid 19

    39. Captain Borcane

      Ține-o tot asa mă Terbelistule!!

    40. Live Wire

      You can't control what's going on but you CAN buy all the toilet paper...seriously I get fearing you'll run out but please you don't need ALL that.

    41. Ptao Tom

      Andrei: there is no moret toilet paper Algeria: are you sure about that

    42. Ahmed hany

      Use a dam water hose.....

    43. Valeanu Antonio

      Hei, where are u from?🇷🇴

      1. Ptao Tom

        For All The toilethorders out there ;)

    44. BatexPro

      I think I video about LeafyIsHere would be interesting.

    45. Guess What Animation

      Some one took all the crackers.

    46. iSimao Caria

      I am romanion so, ceau

    47. Misu M

      Are you from Romania,right?

    48. Alona Is User

      I love pandemics. And i don't mean that like to hear and see people dying and getting sick, i mean about what pandemic's teach us! Its my first time experiencing a virus outbreak.. And i learned something from it. Its like.. Viruses exist for a reason, like viruses are meant to show us what's more important and what's more stupid. Listen.. When there's no virus outbreak, we all do business as usual, everyone's thinking about money, and there's nothing exposing people's personality and their stupidity, and the important part of life. Pandemic's show people who they really are! What and who they really care about! And it shows us something that should always be in our lives. We can find a solution, we can find a cure! We can find a vaccine! Only if we stick together! You see, when we work and stick together, we get out of isolation! We get out of stress! We get out of fear! We get out of the hard times and focus on love and care! Let me give you an example.. When someone has cancer or a heart disease.. They call the doctors and they say they need to pay. But what if they don't have enough money? Are you just gonna leave him there.. Suffering from cancer and other problems? When it comes to health.. Nothing else should matter than trying to cure it! Here's a message.. When someone plays an instrument on solo, it sounds good! But when a bunch of people play it with the rhythm.. An orchestra happens! Another one.. When a horse holds 20 pounds, you add another horse, and together they hold 40 pounds! We human beings can make things better and reach up to the light if we just do it together with love! What do you do when there's an enemy approaching at you? Would you try to fight it yourself? And try to fight it with others?

    49. Everything is funny

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a>

    50. Alpha The wolf

      Everyone buy bidet's cuz their better

    51. brawl UwU UwU


    52. Fifhas21

      You are romanian...?

      1. MARIO_pinki

        Yes he is


      May those two women never forget that they ever fought for toilet paper ownership in their lives.

    54. Melooonen

      Do a vid about this new trash so called star wars film the "rise of skywalker". pls!

    55. Ciripescu Vlad

      Hahaha ai pus Țeva pe ambalaj 😂😂

    56. 愚かなYøkii

      Ahem, if u like this.. You will get A lotta toilet paper 😏

    57. The- -Kiler

      Salut țerbia am fost uimit că ai reușit să treci de barajul youtubului românesc și ai ajuns o celebritate americană foarte tare 😁👍

    58. OLLINKAN

      For All The toilethorders out there ;)

    59. Sergant Razor

      I just use water to wash my butt.

    60. AnimateWithKyle

      Andrei:They Bought All The Toilet Papers(Panic) Filipinos:(Laughing)

    61. AnimateWithKyle

      Andrei:They Bought All The Toilet Papers(Panic) Filipinos:(Laughing)

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        That's what I'm thinking


      Try using water?

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Just use plain bits of paper

    63. A Sasquatch With internet

      It’d be a lot cooler if the top 25% richest people donated a chunk of money to us the people since most of us are already struggling being poor in America.. which is expensive af.

    64. Kok Sreng Toeng

      Yea I believe this guy don’t this type of shit

    65. x Charlezzz

      This is so wrong

    66. Forsaken Storm


    67. Forsaken Storm


    68. AlexMace 666

      Cine mai este român de aici?

    69. Blake Hammer

      Andrei, are you sure this is a verified source that I can get my information from? sarcasm

    70. The3rdAttept

      Why is this not trending

    71. Kim Arundale

      The U.S. just *has* to beat other countries in everything apparently Even if that thing is COVID cases/deaths 🙄

    72. Shea NOADE

      Make a vid on KDI’s new song pls

    73. Ruwan Chamara

    74. diya

      Hit that like button if you have coravvus

    75. Radu Oprea

      Teva :)) cineva roman?

    76. Ziyad Ak

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> he said virus

    77. Angelo and Estevan BFF forever

      Just use plain bits of paper

    78. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox

      That's what I'm thinking

    79. Sebastian Beilic

      De ce nu vorbești în romana

    80. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox