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    You thought Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos wasn't coming back! You STINKY! Jacksepticeye's funniest home videos is here to stay with more Laughs and belly aches than ever before! What crazy weird infomercials can we find this time?
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    1. jacksepticeye

      Had to edit out a part of the video because it got demonetised. That's why there's a weird cut in the middle. BUT WE'RE BACK BABY!

      1. Sophie Sarson

        Fsociety Creator wait what? 40 second in?

      2. Buck Mode36

        It's ok your the best keep making more videos jack

      3. Wyatt Simmons

        The wonder boner

      4. Eternity Alongi

        JACK IS COOL *wounders why I have no friends :""(*

    2. Atypical Assassin

      Anyone else notice the pistol with a silencer aimed at the chicks head on the AYDS commercial? lmao

    3. DoRullings

      i know wat is in side aeds there are smal worm egs in the chocolate that grows insade your intestens/stomuk wich eats your food insade of you.

    4. Colonel Solo

      "I'll claim-" BANANA

    5. Waluigi

      That’s it, I’m unsubscribing until you dye your hair again

    6. unbeatable gammes


    7. A.R. Veil

      Im dying!!!!:"D 10:16


      I think the reason they said ayds wouldn't make you nervous because medinces had all sorts of drugs and shit in it so youd be over energetic, paranoid, fucking stoned, all sorts a shit happened based on what you were takin

    9. ChaoswarriorX

      Jacks reaction at 9:39 killed me

    10. Mike Och

      Jack you dont have to be 18 or older to get one you have to be 18 or older to call ad order one

    11. Cupid's Arrow

      Wunder Boner scared the absolute shit out of me. I had to rewind three times just to process what tf I saw.

    12. Juuzou Suzuya

      Sry i disliked to make the Count 1111

    13. LonleyMacaroni Life

      Your hair IS a birds nest, Sean.

    14. Evan Fike

      I feel bad for the puffer fish too.... :( :( :( :(

    15. The Burning Infinite

      I don’t see any comments saying it, and I know it’s probably too late to see this.. but the song Jack was looking for was call Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club.

    16. Bruhitsderp

      L:is for lovers who love one another A:is for ass which I love to eat U: u is for ur the only one for me G:is for the only gamer I see H:is for happy I always feel it And what u do get LAUGH!

    17. SoothingCube3

      🥕🐡 augh

    18. Wiwey00


    19. Doctor jeckle Mr Hyde

      Goon man lookin like a cubby Nicolas cage

    20. Taipan2604

      i love this show!

    21. marion scott

      I told my son this siri joke as we were walking into the grocery store and a man walking out heard and said "thats why i hate siri too" :)

    22. Aaron McCauley

      “What do you get?” *Smacks board* “LAUGH!!!” 😂😂😂

    23. Chunky Monkey

      Funniest home videos or meme time

    24. Am a good example J

      the master baiter

    25. Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

      Can someone dub the Heavy over that fish eating the carrot. Just have a fish going "Om nom nom!"

    26. Banana National


    27. Maserati Maeson

      human boners ARE made out of skin, flesh, but not bones

    28. aidan baird

      The song is called undercover martyn

    29. joy freg

      i love cleaning clams, never lose any good meat. A perfectly cleaner clam there never was.

    30. anon0208

      why is jack so cute

    31. Ninja Squad

      And self aware robot

    32. Ninja Squad

      Look at some old spice shampoo videos

    33. Yuki Wolf


    34. Adrianna Collette

      *L A U G H*

    35. Fitz Anderson

      it is not luaga its laugha

      1. Fitz Anderson


    36. Fitz Anderson

      i have aids.people look at you

    37. Killadeathmonkey Gamer

      Oh yeah thick dick daddy

    38. Killadeathmonkey Gamer


    39. Liam Slavitt

      The pufferfish one made me sad

    40. SubZee

      This kid in my class always talks about chocolate ayds.

    41. Akattak The Wanderer

      Jack, ur the BEST thing that ever happened to me! I love ur videos

    42. Devin rota

      I would love a wonder boner, that'll make fishing trips so much easier

    43. Mutilate a doll Dream worriors

      Read the very horny caterpillar

    44. ProGaming Brosius

      I wasn’t paying attention and honestly thought this SOB burped his lungs out in the beginning

    45. Austin Butler

      Fun fact jack LAUGH does have stimulants

    46. Voidedmuffin 22

      3:30 as an Aussie I completely approve of this and I need this in my life

    47. William Beard

      Who needs G O O N B A G when can a G O O N S U I T

    48. marion scott

      He seems to like all different sizes-hmm, which is better small or big handles?

    49. this channel exists for some reason

      *S T I F F C O C K S*

    50. Processed Meat

      **me finishing a math problem** Math teacher: what do you get Me: *LAUGH*

    51. SushiBot

      "It looks like your trying to suck the components out of your phone" Oooooo things are getting steamyyyyyyy

    52. Zach Games


    53. Foxy senpai fluff

      I dare Disturbed the ultimate

    54. Jennifer Williamson

      My hair goes past my nose

    55. Animeweeb69


    56. Amayawolf

      The song is called What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

    57. Parker Shaffield

      Love the theme song

    58. Sapphire

      The song from the vine is Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club!! ❤️

    59. Brian Davis

      I made a joke about the “Wonder Boner”, then I lost it when it was literally the next ad...

    60. Caden G

      if they come down hard uppon me BANNANA -Jack 2020