tik toks but they're actually good



1,1 mill ganger186

    here are some tik toks to get you through being quarantined...
    Ciaran: nosel.info
    My TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/XHeVBq/
    MY REDDIT: www.reddit.com/r/WillNE/
    My Twitter: willne
    My Facebook: WillNEYT
    My Instagram: willne


    1. Ew

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="860">14:20</a>

    2. pandering badger

      No tiktok is funny, like at all

    3. Aisah Ostrem

      Tiktok is so shit

    4. William Wright

      It's fine Ciaran I got the Fred Durst joke

    5. blue floyd

      n i c k k r o l l ?

    6. XXZAMAN01

      "I mean deep down I was like ohh the dog will be fine cmon it's a dog"

    7. Ultra Gamer

      I've seen the tik tok from @madmax_fluffyroad

    8. Kng Benz

      it’s funny because none of them are good

    9. Daniel Marshall

      Jesus christ Will, give me 1 hour and I’ll have you a list of genuinely funny tiktoks and every single one will actually make him crack a smile

    10. INSTINCT Gaming


    11. Sehn Lathigra

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="693">11:33</a> I swr that’s a goat

    12. Rising Expert

      Who else unsubbed then subbed back

    13. Prehistoric Chewie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1081">18:01</a> the new minecraft Ghast noises

    14. quantM

      He just gon clickbait us with madison huh

    15. Shona

      My girlfriend just sits on the couch watching Tik Tok videos while we are supposed to be watching TV together and all I hear is the shitty songs from all the bullshit challenges. I love my girlfriend, the mother of my child.. But relationships have ended over less. I swear if I hear "when I popped off", "bored in the house", or "Her breath was like, WOAH!" one more time it could drive me to domestic abuse.

    16. Lauren Atkinson

      I swear this title has changed at least 4 times 😂

    17. Shona

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> this wouldn't happen if Americans knew how to build proper houses.

    18. Ciara


    19. Giuliana

      Ciaran’s reaction to these tik toks was funnier than the actual tik toks

    20. BigtheGoon

      Every tic tok only made me laugh because they were so bad

    21. MLG

      Ok boomer isn’t a thing in Russian 😂

    22. Sam_Wade16

      @swade16 on TikTok for part 2

    23. J F

      there all DoWnSiStIc btw

    24. Mad Man

      Good tiktok can be found on randolph tiktok

    25. Frixus

      POV: Peppa Pig tries to make a tiktok - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="385">6:25</a>

    26. Tom

      Mia should be ashamed of herself

    27. Diego Glez Vazq

      the second one is kinda funny tbh

    28. vibinqmegan

      I was waiting for a zoe laverne fanpage 😭

    29. Rita Martinez Almenar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> Alex Back to nothing 😂😂

    30. Liam Adams

      Mia’s sense of humour is terrible

    31. Twarn does stuff

      Tik tok is so cursed , the more people post , the more the very fabric of our reality degrades .

    32. L0G4N Y4T3S


    33. Alfie Smith

      For good TikToks look at new_dank_memes

    34. Jacksepticeye 1

      V. C. C c. Lncc. C. C ccFfcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccM. CQDHHHHHHDDDxh. N

    35. Ryan Bord

      top baller willne played f1 2019 with f1 driver lando norris and 13+ more famous people. i can see you have finally topped it

    36. DAVID WG


    37. eve keely

      Right but does about else just love Ciaran 😂😂

    38. Lauren E

      its Fred Durst Friday babyyyyyy

    39. BNA


    40. Eyeball Paul

      Whose going to sonus?

    41. Tiggle_ur mum489

      tik toks that rick my roll

    42. Penis Face

      Pls make another vid on Archie luxury

    43. Don’t watch my videos you will regret it

      WillNE: tik toks but they’re actually good Me: *I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’re good*

    44. NEO

      Im a joker Here is my joke Willy knee Ok ill stop

    45. Charlieegan6

      WillNE: blurs feet, swearing and disabled people Also WillNE: doesn’t censor the n word

    46. Mason Hawksley

      Can you plz react to softish by josh Richards it’s a lil huddy dis

    47. Iguana Alana

      I hope mua hasn’t broken up with will cuz of the comments

    48. CO YS

      why does his editer remind me of Ramsay Bolton from Game Of Thrones.

    49. mohamed abdo

      Ciaran reaction s are the same as mine when i see those dumass tiktoks

    50. Shadowz

      This video was the biggest piece of click bait, I’ve ever seen

    51. Get me to 10k with no video

      Willie get video

    52. Samir Mohammed Shukur

      Look Will. I love your channel. But since ur getting no money anyways, why’d u censor the word Coronavirus

    53. Purpleyoda 619

      Why is morgz following u on tiktok and why are u following them 🤷‍♂️🤭 to willne

    54. Aaliah Ahamad

      They really picked some shitty tiktok videos tho, I laugh at everything and I didnt laugh at those tiktoks

    55. CairodoX

      the title is a sentence i never thought i'd see

    56. Skrillyy

      Will you've drained all ciaran's emotions

    57. DiamondGamingStudious //DGS

      Will misspelt the title TikToks being tiktoks. being stooped

    58. Nina Burfield

      Did you guys no that willne is in a tiktok advert just watched it .

    59. xd modul

      The title is a lie

    60. J .JustJ

      Editor Kieran is my spirit animal😂

    61. carterbossgamer

      this was fuckin boring

    62. Lord Shh

      We Stan Ciaran

    63. ATurtleAteMyTrex

      we need a part ii

    64. Jaquelin Jasso

      Mia this gave me second hand embarrassment next time contact me and I’ll send you actual funny ones 😂😂

    65. A & K D

      My name is Kieran

    66. Arbnor Balaj

      Does he have a channel then?

      1. Stephen M.

        It’s called Ciaran Carlin

    67. GGboy

      oi that lad from football daily he’s actually pretty funny

    68. Jack Parker

      Moar ciaran

    69. ・ RileyMxchi ・

      You guys need to look at JojoSpotlights tiktoks

    70. Nitrous Graph

      Will I have a question... why when I search up or click one of the links to your merch store does it take me to Kenneth Jones soliciting site I’m confused please help

    71. zero orange

      Never do this again man

    72. Lola Weston

      i laughed too much at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a>

    73. User69 420

      Kieran reminds me of Jeffry from fresh prince

    74. Jake Lee

      Never do a video with him again he’s boring af

    75. jammy dodger_44

      Sub to willne

    76. Not a Japanese boii

      guys lets storm morgz mums comments

    77. Moose Egg

      Beat big gill

    78. Xander Smythe

      Ciaran actually the funniest thing about this vid LOL

    79. Alicia Mae

      If anyone wnats morgz address its 5 belgrave road, fulwood, Sheffield. Do what you will with that

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        I like how your girlfriend wrote at 8:12 "not that funny, just looks like Cal" as if all other tik toks she chose were funny lmao

    80. Maksymilian Celban

      sub to ceezy weezy