Tisha Campbell-Martin Breaks Silence On Relationship With Martin Lawrence

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    Tisha Campbell-Martin on Martin Lawrence (00:10)
    Bad Boys For Life opening weekend (02:02)
    Oprah pressured by Russell Simmons to back out of doc (02:43)
    Aaron Hernandez lawyer responds to Netflix docu-series (04:01)
    Tekashi 6ix9ine bodyguards are done (04:51)
    Kanye West at Awakened 2020 and kicking alcoholism (05:25)

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    1. Nsikan Udoh

      🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ smh. Monique told y'all 🍑 about Oprah. Don't hate... Vote 🤭🤭🤭

    2. Infidel14?

      No small coincidence that this was posted by a gang of infamous tea-spillers like the BC.

    3. RockWell Kay1

      He had a kitchenette in his office, Kanye new addiction is being a cult leader. And his drugs is brainwashing people like he is brainwashed and stuck in the sunken place. The Kardashians brainwashed him too brainwash his community & all the dumb people paying 389.00 for yezzy.

    4. Mike Egah

      Women in America acted like they're so perfect. Lying bitches, brainwashers

    5. Mike Egah

      I am sick of " ME TOO MOVEMENTS "

    6. Mike Egah

      Here we go again ! trying to put another black man away and destroy his career. What happened to let the past be the past. I am getting sick of this " ME TOO MOMENT " Gays people abusing kids they aren't saying anything about it.

    7. Michael Hatcher

      Did you know did a martin xxx parody it had dior love

    8. Blairtronica

      When it comes to romance, the best practice is to do your job and go home. Weird energy will eventually come between you or from those around you in the workplace. So, best to just leave the job, if a romantic relationship develops. Even friendships between the same sex can cloud judgement and cause problems. So you know a full blown heterosexual romance is gonna end badly 🤣. It sucks, but business and pleasure just don’t mix for some odd reason 🤔

    9. Portia Matthews

      If it wuz a confidentiality agreement in place then she shudnt have brought it up period. No she still lying and that's why she ain't saying nothing else. 😡🤔😠

    10. Tyrell harris

      I read that title a few times

    11. Kenneth D DeWeese

      they said they're good but yall gotta keep up some damn drama smh....

    12. Chief Coachese

      Tesha. U my girl mah but please. Ease up on the eyeliner

    13. Rene Torry

      You laughed with a sexual harrasser. Im confused. Anything for the bag.

    14. Sports Are For Women

      They kissed damn near each show. How was there a sexual harassment lawsuit?

    15. Jay W

      Yes he can because Opera is not the most powerful black woman the world.. secondly it's easy to pressure a woman just keep getting at it

    16. Brian Ditto

      Oprah got some tig ol bitties

    17. DNA SOUNDz

      I can't believe you guys Envy & Cthagod think that O has a squeaky clean past... He obviously knows her and things in her past that we don't. Who the hell cares if she's the "most powerful black woman" on earth. It's really not that hard to put together.

    18. RAIN DROPS

      Nobody gives a ish news.

    19. Micah Broussard

      Russell got shit on Oprah



    21. Power Ad

      *I think Martin could come back to the show without Tisha. It would be hilarious seeing him date around and all of those funny situations and women would be hilarious. And show more of his other characters and have them in situations like JEROME finding out he was dating a TransSexual.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sit there and think about that for a moment. Would be frikin HILARIOUSSSSS! I.d prefer he come back, do the show without Gina. Bring back Cole and Pam, the moms, YoYo, Shanaynay and give her some bad ass Bay Bay kids and all the rest of his characters. That will be enough to carry the show! Most people are still not interested in Tisha and won.t miss her! We WILL miss Pam tho and need her back on! 😘

    22. Anthony Hill

      Martin just did BAD BOYS 3. They should do a reboot

    23. Cristal Quinn

      Him and tisha was messing around, she didn’t do anything because she knows what happened. People are trying to make it more than what it is

    24. Mo A

      I never trusted Oprah. Taking down a king like Russell who gave more opportunities to people like Martin Lawrence, Chris tucker and Def Comedy Jam. Oprah gave cars to white middle class women.

    25. Chocolate Truffle Kerfuffle

      They going after Russell too?

    26. Yawn Sleep

      Man all that rubbing and kissing they did every episode I know there was some sexual tension c'mon a lot of celebs get together after a movie/show. This highschool drama lol

    27. SK Boxing TV

      they was about to kill martin ....thank god tisha kept it real

    28. prdnblk

      Who cares tired of hearing about this crap

    29. Dante F

      Clout chasin.. on God.. on G.O.D .. on Heeeem

    30. Kiera Daniel

      Something really happened. These sounds like lies

    31. Roy R

      Shoutout to Martin

    32. Ragan Tate

      Oprah need to stop it. Ask her about her feelings on that Harvey Weinstein dude. See what she do.

    33. Forex Freedom Fintech

      So this comes up the weekend after the release? Hmmm

    34. WavyTrea 180

      Let’s keep it real Oprah is just not poppin she doing all the lying she can and it obvious dat she not getting attention and is trying to hard

    35. cruddytalkz

      Guys on a side note please do not believe in the hype that is Oprah she dirtied her name when she tried to shit on Michael Jackson ,do your research on Michael Jackson and his life then you will see that she used her platform to destroy this man for reasons that are unknown

    36. Yep Yep

      She won't mention they was fucking on the lowkey because of her husband

    37. Island Roena

      Never cared for Martin Lawrence he was always ridiculing and disrespecting dark skin black women on his show as a part of his slapstick routine he was clearly a colorist

      1. Damon Martin

        Island Roena the whole cast was dark skinned besides tisha

    38. Cha Gra

      I'm about done with Angela...she does not even seem excited to report the news..ole dry monotone raspy voice head...

    39. SSK Music Beats

      Im glad she hit him up directly instead to inderect on the gram

    40. Olivia H.

      That's awesome

    41. Jay2Gutta Gold face

      Money 💰

    42. DJ Spinister

      Trilly ThaGr8, you missed a Martin. Going in reverse, she was married to Duane Martin, worked with Martin Lawrence, and was in the Kid'n'Play House Party movies with Play aka Christopher Martin. It's just luck she wasn't Play's girl in the movie, but how is able to attract an actual Martin in each point of her life/career. Could it be because her middle name starts with an M!

    43. Sam Nelson

      What's beef? She lied. He didn't want to talk to her about it. She still hasn't told the truth, why don't you guys hold her accountable

      1. Shawn Carter

        Didnt you hear her say a confidential agreement? So that mean its something he (martin) dont want to be spoken about so please stfu

    44. Nicholas

      What is wrong with the hosts voice?!

      1. Nicholas

        @GantzIsSloppy Wuhan Clan aint nothin to cough wit!

      2. GantzIsSloppy

        she's 1/2 Chinese so she's carrying the Wuhan Coronavirus

    45. gcode lauderdale

      that wasnt nothing but her thirsty ex duaune in her ear for a set up screw them both

    46. reclaimmynation

      Brainwashed idoits in these comments can't simply decipher that by Tisha mentioning a confidentiality agreement is indicative that she accepted payment to not talk about the events of what happened. You can simply put the pieces together by taking the fact that Martin and Tisha didn't appear together in the scenes in the last episodes of the final season of Martin. Martin did sexual Harass Tisha and they both settled it outside of court with a confidentiality agreement to not talk about it. That's what happened, end of discussion.

      1. Damon Martin

        reclaimmynation they was fucking long before she got married , and maybe they was still messing around while she was married . Trust me if it was REALLY REAL it would’ve came out by now .

    47. A B

      Charlamagne always talk about people being “socially clueless” when it comes to black culture but he’s a hypocrite cus he’s socially clueless about other cultures and he has made fun of other cultures that isn’t black, he’s a fucking hypocrite

    48. Bria Saint

      She sound like she lying like shitttt

    49. Charlene Ferguson

      They need to leave it alone. They are good now❤️

    50. hubba bubba

      Tisha please stfu... let this man enjoy bad boys 3 being the #1 movie

    51. Tamirah And Tey

      Tisha new Martin was gonna be back on the scene wit the movie lol

    52. Selena Cherry

      Tisha is always trying to dim Martin’s light. Every time Martin is promoting something or doing good she has always found a way to get it and overshadow his spotlight. She may just be a narcissist.

    53. chasing cars every day chasing cars

      Shes breaking the silence because her money aint been right since Martin now she see bad boy movie out and making money shes like let's get something started.

    54. KenShayla Davis

      When the Hatred doesn’t work.... they’ll tell lies!! Unfortunately when “our culture” gets too far.... *Masser gotta wheel it back in!! (I’ll name No names but we all seen whom they came for thus far) js 🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️💕 🌎 ☮️

    55. Brittany Bracey

      its sad no 1 had nothing to say about Kanye west talking about Jesus but every other subject it was response here response there ppl fear talking about Jesus now or they will get cancelled im glad i wont be silence about Jesus when its time hell is real ppl

    56. Michael Bynog

      I'll protect 69. Pay me dammit



    58. im Schwaggy

      Glad hernandez is rotting in hell. RIP Odin and whomever else he killed.

    59. Christian Brodie

      She reaching, just want a check

    60. Elliot Ness

      I'm glad to see 2 black celebrities sew up the beef, the media was trying to tear down their legacy.