Tommy Lee Sparta - Mighty

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    Music video by Tommy Lee Sparta performing Mighty.


    1. Jmal Yor

      Hi 👋 +!🇸🇩🇸🇩😜😎✌️👍👌🇸🇩🇸🇩😜😎👌🇸🇩+!

    2. Anti Rusty

      Did Tommylee sparta really insulted God in his Hero song?

    3. Shanese Johnson


    4. Kahlil Clarke

      This guy is like 10 Bruce lee lyrically, lol he his sharp


      Tony mantana Kartel nuh easy Tommy Lee u all r must some time travelers

    6. Devin Murillo

      Sparta fi eva

    7. Javiel Sthilaire


    8. Awo Yaa Adomako

      Sparta fi life 😫😘

    9. Xayon

      I love satan

    10. D.S_ Chapo

      2019 an it's still on replay 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🌀

    11. Dovon Choy

      Mad thing that

    12. Gamer Station

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a> we are mighty!!!!

    13. Armando Williams

      My dawg tommy Lee sparta

    14. Hassan Abdul

      Real Gothic Dancehall shit.

    15. Stephanie_sparta _Spartan

      Dead dem dead now sparta boss👿👿👿👿👿👿

    16. RBG Marcos

      Bomboclaat spaarta🤙💥

    17. jah-j


    18. Delon Thomas

      Sparta almighty god

    19. Killi Pro

      Yuh know we got e factory we Neva lock a gun😈

    20. Killi Pro

      Dead bwoy n dead gyal 😈💀

    21. Zevan Pascal

      Yes Sparta tell Dem 🤗💯💋💖

    22. Hassan Abdul

      Gothic Dancehall ah best! Tommy Lee di creator di general ah ting dis!

    23. FRADO DI DJ

      Mi just recognize this style and mi cyah stop play this home n party without a mighty pullup,real great man greatest son of dancehall

      1. stinga sparta

        Yah dj?

    24. Keith Caesar


    25. Roland Antoine

      Links it forever mighty

    26. Jasaney Tyndall

      This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    27. dwight wilkinson


    28. Jace Terro

      Up Sparta 4coner

    29. kamaal martin

      Spartan for life

    30. Kentish Andre

      warning to all the new enemies dem!!!!!!

    31. Kalee Giant

      This tek 2 long

    32. Sallah Benz


    33. Jennifer Edwards

      love rats city jevon boss vs topy boss fuck you gunshot 2018

    34. drecorner Seen


    35. Maserati Nick

      Maaaaaad 🇯🇲

    36. Debo


    37. Santos Aguilera

      no one more wicked !!!!

    38. Andrew Vitch


    39. gazao Junior

      Dead bwoy n dead gyal 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 254 hapa 2019 if still

    40. Kiki Kayona Kayona Kikk

      Big up pepper

    41. Danjae Poyser

      A wah tell yuh 😂

    42. Jonathan Barbe


    43. Jonathan Barbe

      C'est du lourd BAD BAD MALADE LOURD BAD

    44. Shanaey Martinez

      Heavy Tommy lee mih seh

    45. Horac Croney

      Yow the video bad yuh fuck..dead bowy an dead gyal yuh deff😈👿👽☠️

    46. Odain Allen

      Dead boy and dead gyal yo deff evil🤘😈👿

    47. Jevanny23

      Dead bwoy and Dead gyal unu DEFF😈💥🔫🔫

    48. Emodict Spirit

      This a warning to all a tommy Lee Sparta enemies dem.. If u wanna go at him just remember di man link dem Eva mighty since 2012 & still standing strong!! GazaSparta - Yoowww

    49. Rohan McGregor

      Shadow mighty

    50. Tyla Antoine

      Tommy Lee is the best

    51. Ace Mal comedy

      It hot☠☠☠☠😈😈😈

    52. J eagle Officialtube

      Kartel buss a powerful artist me addicted to the name him have. Name fit him talent superstar gwaan do u thing g u soon recognized for the creative mind you have. U soon get a global platform

    53. chis black


    54. seiva mint


    55. Kaydine Guiness

      Mighty...... Bad.... Spartan

    56. Selector93240

      FLOW deh pon an oda level

      1. Branson Forbes Music

        a mi fi tell yuh

    57. Kadijah Joseph

      Yah deff... dead boy an dead gal.. sparrrrrta

    58. klassicrebel


    59. Keno King

      Mighty might mighty Sparta dead bwoy dead gyal!!!!!!!!

    60. C.g

      The real Spartan king return Gothic dancehall up again 💯

    61. Rvssian Willams

      Mighty 🤙🏻💯💯

    62. GHETTO VYBZ TV jamvybz

      Still a chop 6up

    63. Rosheed Davis

      Suh mi claat di matic everyting a drop a grung

    64. Ramone Barrett

      Evil mi name.... Dem caan guh ever overstand Spartan Badness !!!! Mid evil history!!

    65. Latanya Heath

      Right now tommy lee sparta is the baddest.. been loving him since warm dem.. evil bombo claat ppl.. #mighty

    66. Eddie Ford

      Dem dead respect Sparta up up


      We naffi cuss a bad wud fi murda them ...spartaaaaaa all the way

    68. Annoying JA Reviews

      Neva know this was out.

    69. Ramesch Brown

      me links them might big up you self tommy

    70. Annette Hall

      Up top

    71. Kapshan VEVO

      Never disappoint in the delivery #SPARTA MIGHTY

    72. Demoy Taylor

      dead bwoy an dead gyal unuh deff evill bbc ppl

    73. Elly Gaza

      Tommy dah song yah mighty the riddim mighty #Evil

    74. Newton Smith

      What a BBC intro🔥🔥🔥🔥

    75. John Wayne

      Wah, meh son name....MIGHTY😈☠👻

    76. Stacyann Stone

      Tell them a one don

    77. Lisa Ford


    78. Best DANCEHALL Vevo

      Tommy lee # Sparta don Free cramon

      1. stinga sparta

        Best DANCEHALL Vevo oh hope the boss free up soon.

      2. Best DANCEHALL Vevo

        @stinga sparta yapaaw

      3. stinga sparta

        Best DANCEHALL Vevo cramon deh a prison ?

    79. bhhh llaak

      Well done tommy Lee Sparta up

    80. kaysian brown

      The one at the end look like popcorn