Top 5 questions for common locksmith customer phone calls

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    Subscriber request! Apparently I mentioned we ask 5 questions when a customer calls in a older video (and I don’t remember which one) but here we have our top 5 questions for the 4 most common calls a locksmith company gets :)
    your mileage may vary


    1. PDX LockPicker

      I love the CC tip thing. Trip charge. Great tip

    2. William Penn jr.

      why do they make locks that keep you from removing the key when its locked? I've run into this problem multiple times with dead bolts. What is the point of locking something if you have to keep the key in the lock and can only remove it when its unlocked? It only makes sense for a prison, or a bomb shelter.

    3. Bart Simpson

      Is that the same green shirt u got on as in that picture of u in the back ground? That picture looks lile it was taken in 2011

      1. Bart Simpson

        Lol... someone else asked that a fue video's back and thats what I said

      2. SE Lock and Key

        Bart Simpson nowadays, SouthEast

      3. Bart Simpson

        So whats the SE mean?

      4. SE Lock and Key

        Bart Simpson it was about that time frame and I believe it was just a plain T-shirt

    4. Nicholas Aarons

      Very Nice Jason. Great Video. Keep up the great work. Nick🧔🏽.

    5. Pete Woodfine

      Very informative. These are useful for when I start up. Thank you for taking the time to do this video.

    6. frosty iceyhot

      Just to be an agitator, it is possible for me to have my dead bolt lock without a key. its an old huber deadbolt on the inside with an ancient yale cylinder on the exterior that is spring loaded, the knob lock is dead and hasnt been functional for many years so only the deadbolt is used.

      1. Cory Goodman

        Lock without a key? Sure. Mind me asking how you plan on getting back in? Better yet, how would you lock it when you leave?

    7. A J

      You really don't like the people who pay your salary, Huh? Not saying customers are always right, but little bit of respect.

      1. jjs4x

        A J it’s hard to respect stupidity. Kinda like your comment. 😉

    8. Byron Lutes

      Great videos, I really enjoyed the vacant house jobs, I cut my teeth on that kind of work. I had a house once that appeared to have a dead body in the bedroom, called the cops out, they went thru the house and found it was a pile of blankets and a throw pillow which had long gold fringe that looked like hair. It looked like a body in bed. Even the cops were freaked out when they first entered the bedroom. They agreed it did look like a body. I’ve had houses where people were living in them, and had to deal with that. The strangest thing is when you unlock a deadbolt and then it relocks from inside with a warning about having a gun, And go away Your 5 questions to ask customers is Spot on today I have customers send me photos to answer many of those questions. Great stuff I’ll subscribe now Byron B&B Mobile Locksmith’s Canton, Michigan

    9. CHurch Of Da Eternal Shitpost

      I've screwed myself before because I didn't pay attention to the number of doors requiring service on the work order. Figure it's a standard 3 door/6 cylinder rekey and arrive to ten exterior doors all requiring rekey. It'll really put a hitch in your giddyup.

    10. Mr. E

      I've had it happen many times that I drive a long distance to unlock a house, and the customer cancels in the last minute because some handyman neighbor of theirs got them in somehow. They refuse to pay the trip charge, or they won't answer the there anything I can do?

      1. Bart Simpson

        Drive faster....

      2. Byron Lutes

        It happens, I thank them for calling and ask them to keep me in mind for the next time, and there will be a next time. By being nice and not demanding a trip charge you are more likely to get future business and referrals because you were nice, Remember, Scammers are not nice and only out to take all they can from our customers.

      3. Aalbert Torsius

        3:56 Ask for their creditcard number up front, put a reserve on it.

    11. RubberBanned

      “Yeah, uh, hi, I’m just calling....”

    12. Jeff Moss

      question 6: can you tumble the tumblers?

    13. Zombie Lock

      My favorite on car lockouts Is when you ask wheres the car and they say "At My House or In My Garage.!!!!!!"

    14. Gerry B

      Thanks Jason i find your videos interesting, informative, and entertaining keep em coming plz. I noticed a newspaper clip on your wall just being nosy ??

      1. RubberBanned

        His bread and butter, (for income earned) is largely, likely, access control, lockouts, and key systems management for larger, corporate clients. That’s how it was for me at my last gig.

      2. Gerry B

        Oh ok more hassle than worth ? You seem to fly through key changes re pinning i guess it's experience but still impressive, Would you say key cutting is your bread & butter or lock-out's ?

      3. SE Lock and Key

        Gerry B I do a bit but mostly only combo changes :) if it’s locked I pass on it

      4. Gerry B

        Cheer's Jason i meant to ask if you worked on safe's & Vault's a whole different ballgame ?

      5. SE Lock and Key

        Gerry B our local free press paper the writer was off on a few dates. Here’s another from a larger publication

    15. Don'z Lockz

      Can you do a vid on all the stupidist comments made by customers?!😉👌

    16. Don'z Lockz

      Never really thought about that but it was interesting. I liked your options if there is glass next to the door and double deadbolt recommendation with a key close by for fire egress. People have no idea of smashing the glass or the fire issue.🍺✌

    17. Debbie Anderson

      Good info! Here’s what I get...caller: I’m locked out of my car. Me: what kind of car is it...caller: it’s a blue where is the car....caller: in my yard. 😂😎

      1. SE Lock and Key

        Debbie Anderson ALL.THE.TIME 😂😂🙄

    18. Rune International

      great questions. Too bad the customers often give wrong answers. I ask about the shape of the key head. is it round? - That means 5pin ruko, and mostly easy money. A square head means 6+ pins, possible sidebar. so risk of carbide and replacement parts.

      1. bu tre

        keys in the states can have funky shapes. kwikset have sort of a hexagonal head, and schlage has a wild head with all kinds of angles on it. beyond that, segals, weisers, and dexters have pretty similar looking keys, round can be either american, master, or yale, ilco can be shaped like pretty much anything, and on top of that there are all kinds of novelty keys available for most of these brands. "my key is shaped like an ak47" isn't helpful

    19. King Street Rob

      You can also as if they can e-mail or text you a picture of the key.

      1. SE Lock and Key

        Peter D'Ambra did this today funnily enough with a pet sitter lockout, emailed pic had bitting on it. Made that lockout hugely difficult :) :)

      2. Peter D'Ambra

        I use pictures more and more. Just last week I had a woman call me for a lockout. They were Smartkey Locks. I asked if her husband could send me a picture of the key from his work. He was out of town but got the message and sent me a pic. Code cut the key, she picked it up and I never had to leave my shop.. quick clean $40.

      3. SE Lock and Key

        Rune International if people are out of town and the pet sitter locked keys up they can. I’ve done it quite a few times especially when I get there to find a stupid smart key lock :) makes it much easier

      4. King Street Rob

        If they have both pieces of a broken key. I've had customers that have actually pulled the broken key out instead of jamming the broken key deeper in the lock.

      5. Rune International

        King Street Rob if they can take a detailed photo of the key, they are most likely not locked out.