Top 5 Most Insane Cases

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2,2 mill ganger430

    Some of these cases are cool. Some of them are REALLY cool.. and some of them might be a little dumb.
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    Publisert 2 år siden


    1. Geese Goose

      Wait.. if that was 20K how did they get it?

    2. arctic ali

      “The beautyfullest” *egglish*

    3. MY83

      Next week: Linus watercools Yvonne

    4. reactivE Aliens

      Just loved the helicarrier

    5. airalex1919

      That last build is pretty fracking bad ass....

    6. Hameed Falaknaz

      Ya definitely buying the last one

    7. Adil Rob

      he held a helicarrier and didnt say shield , marvel or avengers once

    8. Tactical Toaster

      I have the Core P7 and I love it so much

    9. Klaas J

      20k for that shit

    10. ZeoN

      My pc fits 0 wives. Im serious, im lonely :/

    11. Victor Delta

      I love how good he is at moving from one thing to. ...... TUNNEL bear the simple vpn app that make it easy to browse privately , and enjoy a free and open internet

    12. PokeFan 28

      I whould put some small monitors sideways in the slaps of the P7 and a big one in front of the tempered glass

    13. Just Eyes

      hahhaa, its so fun when linus starts to promote the sponsor, he looks to de cameraman or something and than he gonna promote de sponsor but it is so fun to look at linus when he starts to promote te sponsor:-) Thanxs linus, maybe i wanna sel mij laptop and build my own computer, thanxs! Sorry if there are some gramatics in my reaction i 'm from the Netherlands.

    14. BlastForward

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> Banana for scale. 9gaggers will have tears in their eyes.

      1. Jetpack Demon


    15. Narax

      At this point the most insane case would just be an appealing box made out of some quality materials that doesn't shout *GAMING* or show off a laser light show.

    16. Cameron Saint 116

      Who is here after the pewdiepie creeper pc

    17. Doonbot

      Linus you could fit inside that case tbh

    18. Jamie Morton

      If only that case was a suitcase your wife was climbing into and you were sliding it under the bed...

    19. Reed Sheridan

      Wheres Pewdiepie's Creeper PC lol

    20. Wyatt Calhoon

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> MAKE A PC FILLING THIS CASE

    21. DavidYT Blue

      Lol if it ain't RGB it ain't nothing

    22. Nøxturn

      And where is your wife? In my pc case to cool down.

    23. Dan Thompsett

      I have one of those tower 900's I couldnt lift it on my desk to show it off so its on the floor with caster roller feet, apart from my cpu wc loop im not happy with I love it :) though being the white version it looks a bit like a fridge. Maybe one day ill fix it up probably replaceing the TC side panels with acrylic so I can custom make distro plates and attempt hardlines again which I bought for it, but gave up on, cause I couldn't leak test away from the motherboard without it leaking everywhere, plus you cant use quick disconnects with hardline tubeing, as far as I know.

    24. 4Chain

      im confused why the table computer case we saw in the video wasn't included. :/

    25. turtletwist 10

      Creeper PC enters the chat

    26. Alex Mann

      Did anyone else come here because they saw Agents of Shield?

    27. rayan gharbi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="537">8:57</a> When i go to the zoo and i see gorillas

    28. VALLEY

      Ah yes, a thermaltake with a volume of 1yvonne

    29. Aussie Wookie

      Linus missed the chance to say big Balck case (BBC)

    30. LightingGaming_123 !!!

      The way he sponsored is so funny

    31. Neal Croskery

      Why is everything heavier than it looks with this guy

    32. The Omitted

      WHy should i need a case as my budget cost a new case here, i will nail my build to my wall instead

    33. Eric A Carter

      I've had the lower-cost version of the Tt Core P7 (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="254">4:14</a> - but without the folding extentions) for several years now. It is so big, I managed to customise it by adding an adjustable monitor mount to the top (using an internal aluminium angle brace to support the extra weight), plus a 1/2-inch thick, 2x5-foot acacia desktop to it. Yes, that's right, my computer case really does double as my computer desk. The best part? The case only cost me $180 because it was ex-floor stock, so my entire case setup as it stands cost about the same as the 'full' version shown in this video, and is much more useful.

    34. slugger

      If Linus's wife can fit in the case that would mean about 15 Linuses can fit within the same case

    35. Paul Renfer

      I know this video is old but the helicarrier link now brings you to an Asian website that redirects you to an app instalation on Google play that doesn't exist

    36. Fold and Fray

      Ngl I hate the 3rd one

    37. Fin Mueller

      Not gonna lie I would be distracted too much by playing with the jets on the helicarrier case

    38. Joshua Arranguez

      Linus: and it's bought to you by ifixit Me: and it's bought to you by ISKIPIT

    39. MO H

      I am surprised that the Helicarrier wasn't click bait

    40. Karps Kaps

      Did u guys know Linus is worth 25mil

    41. Dopedeluxe 241

      Bro I saw Linus in an Ad while watching this video

    42. Nawit Atd

      Some people make 20k a year, I can make many of those cases a year, gimme your money

    43. Nawit Atd

      I'll make a case like that for 15k, any buyers?

    44. Nawit Atd

      Wolt is paying someone to display their ads, only they're being displayed to someone that doesn't have Wolt service available 🙄

    45. Emmanuel Chayer

      lol why is there guitar pics in the i-fix tool kit?

    46. Athalagos

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> if that price is 129999 yen then that’s still over 1700$ cad lol I mean at 799$ the phantex elite is ridiculously priced but for this one here it takes the cake lol 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ now that one is a prebuilt so was the price of 129999 including all hardware or is they just got the chassis? 🤔 and did they purchase the rights to copy the airships from marvels avengers saga ??? 🤔.... 🤣🤣 it is a badass chassis tho 🍻🍻

    47. rhubarbdedubarb

      I know someone with a BEAST of a pc in the tower 900

    48. Mark Arnott

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a>🙀 Some guys seen that PC ship carrier for $20k & ran out to there work shop And are milling parts as we watch 😳 bit aluminium here some plastic there that old tool box mums old vacuum cleaner & Wallah its now a spaceship from starwars UMM THE SHIP CARRIER 🤷‍♂️😳 Well uno how things go whats laying around budget $ etc FOOK $20k buy a few titan gpus for that and some -

    49. VipapkStudiosOfficial

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="458">7:38</a> Ahww, look at them, soo cuuutteee! ^^

    50. IIN8II

      Themaltake case was liquid cooled with soy milk

    51. Haramguez

      Oh so your sending her back to the phillipeans because she's too old now <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a>

    52. mr pickle

      Lol Linus can't Cary 60 pounds by himself just like a child

    53. Anthony Jones

      Pewds:get in the boat Linus: get in the PC case

    54. Dodgy_ Jammer

      So the second one is just a fridge with space for your hardware 😂😂

    55. me_unknown

      where is the ibuypower snowblind?

    56. Immilling Fastpaw

      I use a Lian-Li X2000fn I had modded, it is huge and sleek, and dang heavy, but it just might be the last case I ever long as ATX is the standard.

    57. lorenz kian narciso

      Is your wife a filipino

    58. Edgunsuk

      who,s the girl with the colourful hair ....shes gorgeous ! , admittedly i dont get out much but my point still stands !!

    59. ratta moh

      Tunnelbear is not free !!!

    60. FusRohDah

      5 INSANE CASES 3 of them: Haha beeg box

    61. Meowser

      Eat my imac g3

    62. Samsquamsh

      I think the EVGA DG-87 deserves an honorable mention.

    63. MoneyShift 3000

      I can buy a car with 20k 🙄

    64. DataStorm

      nice to see Maxine again, vid came up in RNG feed, lol

    65. ZoEy 101 channel

      Lol too funny stuffing wife lol don't close it now lol

    66. Jack Eagle

      He tries to speak low to sound intimidating but he still sounds like a 3d grade girl

    67. Wetosi

      Where's the Creeper case?

    68. Alex Rivers

      did u just use 2 sponsors in a video?

    69. Злобный Телепузик

      a year later, DeepCool comes up with a Quadstellar.

    70. Sharklops

      Wow how did they get that official licensing for the Heroes Helicarrier?!

      1. Sharklops

        @Jack Hainsworth/videos I guess sarcasm doesn't come through very well sometimes :)

      2. Jack Hainsworth

        They didn't that's why it says Heroes in the obvious Avengers logo.

    71. HackanHacker

      Nice finaly a sponsor on youtube that seam sefull the 1rst time it appen to nice and is 100% related to the video too !

    72. JMPlayz 03

      I wish u will give me a gaming pc😢😔

    73. bazzakrak

      Omg Linus...... Don't give me nerdgasms this early in the morning with that Corsair and Helicarrier case. And yes I know it is a 9 month old video, but heck....

      1. Thanh Phong Hoang

        the video is even older

    74. Saber

      found a cool case make a vid of it

    75. Ikxi

      Just funny hearing E-ATX after seeing GN's video

    76. Technimechanical

      Wtf is with all the cotton swabs in likes personal PC rig

    77. OZX GAMER

      linus buys 20000 pc case me i can buy a car with this case

    78. Stefan Mątwa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> how they made GLaDOS

    79. NuK1er Gaming

      The thumbnail got me there

    80. Snickerdoodle Gamer

      My pc case alone Is 60.4 pounds