Trisha Paytas Ruins The H3 Podcast - H3 Podcast #184

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H3 Podcast

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    1. patrick mccartney

      Banging the hand down on the desk next to the mic is somewhat distracting

    2. SugarDev

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:51 imagine theo listening to this song in the future

    3. fantanapanama Schack

      I don't get Trisha's nipples

    4. Frog Plop

      Of course his name is Moses

    5. Taylor Zenner

      John Legend

    6. James Dean

      I'm not sure this is the channel for me.

    7. N Michael

      "Saving with honey is like your instacart order for lysol & tp didnt get canceled"

    8. Amanda Marie

      Omg the Corona videos are so funny! This man is a legend!!!! Where does he find these people???? 🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️💀💀💀💀

    9. Amanda Marie

      Ethan I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I work in the medical field and I work in a specific area right now and I am unable work, but im watching children for essential workers and it breaks my heart hearing all the chaos. I used to work in a nursing home and I love the elderly. I can't imagine my family member being alone in their last days or even just in days of pain. The lady I was taking care of has been in the hospital this whole time and she can't get any help either. But it's bc they have low census in the hospitals and are forcing time off for nurses. It's So sad. My heart was breaking hearing you talk. I am so sorry. If you feel up to it, please keep us updated. 💜 My heart is with you and your family.

    10. Fishmind

      It takes two weeks to get your test back

    11. ceren

      The way he pronounces "Cannes"....

    12. Zero cheeks

      yikes my names copeland

    13. iain cox

      trisha looks unironically like a karen in that photo ngl

    14. John Johnson

      But this imagine song is dumb as hell.

    15. John Johnson

      The Beatles don’t own their music bro. John Lennon was not that rich.... compared to some of these people, you’d be surprised.

    16. Young donkey Kong

      “Nows not a good time for an orgy in New York”- Ethan Klein lol shit made me laugh

    17. Madeline Intravia

      Omg Hila IS more beautiful! 😍 She literally looks perfect EVERY waking minute without any makeup and her eyebrows are really like that, lol. I've always adored her, outer & inner beauty 💕💋🌻

    18. dopihead

      Whatt!? you got Papi Johns to do your intro.. How cool! :D

    19. jaidan

      im late but yk, the philly offensive isn't a sketch lmao. it's a dude from kensington who literally goes in the street and interviews junkies, everybody tells him to run for mayor cuz he does a lot of shit for the city

    20. Miss TwoONine

      I wanna see Ethan B's video lmfao

    21. Dill

      Where’s my 215 people at😎

    22. Mateo Salazar

      "Alfredo, kill Shredder"

    23. Anthony Bradley-Dawson

      there is a huge difference between famous people and every day people showing talent because normal every day working class people are representing us and showing us what *we* can do but celebrities are just the people that yes may donate to charities but we dont know what they are doing on a personal level

    24. North 1

      yo youtube unsubscribed me i thought they blocked you guys idk if you'll see this but wtf why tho it is legit a month of not being able to see your stuff

      1. North 1

        i have two accounts and you were off both of them

    25. Aleia Ouellet

      the french girl and ethan should date sooo cute

    26. Sarah Desrosiers

      Lol I bet that guys highly regretting licking that subway pole now

    27. Sarah Desrosiers

      When are yall restocking the teddy fresh merch? Theres alot of cute stuff sold out. I mean I cant afford anything right now but I would love to be able to get some things in the future 💜

    28. Moses Embrey

      When he said “moses, let me talk to you”, I felt that

    29. Ruby El-Hajj

      Hila is wonderwoman.

    30. James BD

      c r i n g e

    31. mrsanchez27

      Papa's in the house!!!!!

    32. Moth Man

      I'm beginning to wonder if restricting family access to members who are dying are causing more people to choose not to seek treatment for fear they may die in the hospital alone. I don't know anything about it, but the thought occurred to me that is a possibility. Also, I'm not saying to allow family access, just that this may be an unintended side affect of completely shutting out family access. I can't imagine having a family member you love leave the house knowing you might never see them again, even if they're seeking treatment

    33. Moth Man

      I wonder when the last time Kenneth Copeland was sick and why he didn't just pray the damn sickness away, the man must have never gotten sick in his life

      1. Moth Man

        which is even funnier to think about, cause he's either a hypocrite or has literally no idea what he's talking about even less than we already think he does

    34. Zoinks Boink

      No need to thank me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:16 😎

      1. AFlakeOfDandruff !


    35. May M.

      Trisha <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>:33

    36. Bloo Munki

      We need an update please. Trisha’s latest video has us all confused.

    37. MrSxesamuel

      Papa john is a cool guy

    38. ah kkaebsong

      I have no idea what someone could say to me to convince me to voluntarily get in a car crash

    39. Angel Ortega

      Papa johns loooks old

    40. DD Bears36

      My grandfather died from this he was in the hospital a week before it was announced that was in Washington but it was actually here six weeks prior before the announcement my grandpa was fine was released from the hospital and within three days got wrapping pneumonia and died so we all believe that he died from the virus every sign is pointing to it 100% a week after he passed away it was announced in my state Washington supposedly

    41. yaya_38

      I have an 88 year old grandma in a home. No cases there yet. And hope there wont be. My other grandma is 97 years old, and hope she is just staying inside her house

    42. Michael Hovis

      Ethan, quarantines HAVE to be lifted either very soon, or now. Our economy is plummeting and it was calculated, if we stayed in quarantine for upto barely over a month, we would hit a MAJOR depression and all hell would break lose. You need to think of all sides when you think politically, and that’s why I personally just think you should stop talking politics. I love you to death, but a lot of times you’re just not thinking straight enough to know why the government is doing what it is. They’re doing sooooo much about this virus, you’re just not seeing it on CNN or ThE nEwYoRk TiMeS because they report all fake news to try and make Trump look bad. I have a father who is a doctor at Barnes Jewish, one of the nations top hospitals, who is claiming that Trump is working night and day with his administration to help him and his nurses out and they couldn’t be doing more to help

      1. Michael Hovis

        Also, we can’t forget who’s the bad guy. China hasn’t had a case of covid-19 in over 3 weeks. Hmm, sound like a lie? It’s because it is. They’re reporting to all their citizens that the virus started here, when it originated from Wuhan, China, and they falsely report vital information for helping stop this virus, YET CNN and all mainstream media are sucking China’s cock because they must be doing something right if they haven’t had a case in over 3 weeks, right? Well that’s how a communist/socialist government work... they shut out the people, and then pretend to be a Utopia. It’s sad

    43. Dean Lillabu

      Watch Gokanaru's videos and points he made on Ethan's behaviour

    44. Pronkii

      The burbs are a bit disqasting, like the podcast im new here.

    45. Daytona675

      h1z1 :lul:

    46. IIIAVoiceIII

      Wait that's Hila's brother? I thought that was Joaquin Phoenix.

    47. Mia S

      Everyone's commenting about Trisha. I'm just cracking up on his commentary during Imagine. Lmaooo. Needed that laugh more than you know.. thank you.

    48. UN-List

      pretend for hours

    49. Joshua John

      Damn. I really liked this bachelor series. If you guys do it again I'll be a faithful contestant. I am orthodox Jewish though. But it could be fun

    50. Jessica burr

      Mardi Gras was before the country was in a state of emergency. Most people hadn’t even heard of the virus during Mardi Gras season.

    51. Reba Ecky

      Ethan, Please make a video of just you singing the song "Imagine."

    52. Myles

      If I can kiss you I can rim you -Ethan 2020

    53. QuickDrawMcGraw

      ahhh The "H1Z1" King of the Hill virus...pretty scary stuff

    54. Fire Goddess

      Wonder Woman.. not super woman 🙄 lol love y’all

    55. RAIN HAVOK

      V A N I L L A A F

    56. K Evangeline M

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> Did no one catch "finger a baby" what a disgusting thing to think let alone SAY ON OR OFF INTERNET. I've only watched 2 videos here and this is my last! That was the saddest thing I've heard

    57. Üzun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>:20 this moment was the inspiration for Trisha's video

    58. Eh It's Hannah

      You are giving her what she wants lol that is the best part

    59. azian cheezecake

      does anyone else think Ethan could kill it if he actually decided to seriously sing

    60. Labrie Melzer

      Does anyone else think Hila looks like Allison Brie? So pretty!

      1. Diana vargas

        Hila is prettier

    61. Rose Rose

      Ethan predicted the whole thing

    62. Texas 1

      Clickbait! No better than Paytas! Trolls! No tP story till well past <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>:00

    63. Justin L

      Ethan is utterly clueless that we could literally have something worse than the Great Depression if we don't think about opening up the economy soon. It is not unreasonable to want to open it as soon as we possibly can, not wasting any time. The president is right to be thinking of re-opening the country in May.

    64. Yaz B

      When does the Trisha part start??

    65. Rose Rose

      Dang Hila brush your hair girl lol

    66. Rox

      Hila for superwoman!!!!!!!!

    67. KDG Wolf

      Dam I was kinda hoping that Ethan was serious when he said that PewDiePie was gonna be on the podcast

    68. Bird

      PewDiePie couldn't/didn't make it...

    69. Kate Jenn

      louisiana had mardi gras feb 25th before lockdown. mardi gras is one of the last parades of the season. like actual fat tuesday. most of the parades are before fat tuesday, the 25th. we had no guidelines put in place, just your own discretion in early february. we couldn't have predicted that it would have aided in the massive outbreak because we hadn't been told to stay home, hadn't ever heard the term "social distancing", it was being downplayed in the media, and that gave a LOT of people a reason to say "fuck it" in early february. it wasn't "real" in a lot of people's minds, especially if you're far away from NY/LA. we also have an international airport. there are a lot of reasons we're hit hard and mardi gras might be one reason but it wasn't for lack of cooperation it was due to lack of information at the time. we're all learning as we go. can you even remember back to feb. 25th? i can't, time isn't real.

    70. BlingBlong Floob

      Why Ethan talking so much shit about hilas brother

    71. BoobNVeuv


    72. Leila Bitarafan

      hila > gal gadot

    73. Mr yoy12

      Soooo is that a no on kissing the homies goodnight?

    74. Rectangle boi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3570">59:30</a>

    75. Sarah Giannino

      Don't body shame. I agree with the rest but that was a little much.

    76. N N


    77. Jenny lee

      Ethan is fat

    78. Donnie V.

      Trisha is secretly in love with Hila but realizes that'll never happen so she's going after what in her mind is the next best thing, Hila's brother! After the relationship ends, Ethan and Hila, you two are in for one heck of a ride I feel.

    79. Flowergirlcrafts

      Wtf happen at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="252">4:12</a>? 😆😆😳

    80. Karla Erazo

      they start talking about Trisha at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>:35