Trump Fights with Governors, Reporters Over Coronavirus Response: A Closer Look

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    Seth takes a closer look at an unhinged President Trump wanting to ignore the coronavirus crisis and return to normal as soon as possible.
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    Trump Fights with Governors, Reporters Over Coronavirus Response: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Publisert 2 måneder siden


    1. Jamie Houk

      Seth meyers, Andrew cuomo, gavin Newsom all have trump figured out and he is too self centered to even know why people hate him!

    2. Mary Ellen Quigley

      Trump's psychotic, a loser.

    3. barbara grazer

      He sickens me.😝

    4. 420JRMan

      Very, fake big, deliberately a liar; self-confession by the failure's limited vocabulary.

    5. 420JRMan

      Drumpf's not wise enough to associate Moby Dick with any more than Pinochiio.

    6. 420JRMan

      46? Damn! Was off by ten. Thought I'd had at least 4yrs on you.

    7. 420JRMan

      5? You forgot, Drumpf doesn't acknowledge Tiffany.

    8. Raymond Ortiz

      You are very funny! Great.

    9. A Mori

      I love this guy, he cracks me up. Funny as hell even with no audience!

    10. Lapis Lazarus

      LOL, how he's got the bird problem! I'm not trying to film a show, but I had this loud as a F16 fighter cricket right outside my window! And they chirp faster the warmer it is, this little bugger would NOT shut up! My BF went out & squashed it!

    11. Ace o Conner

      Donald skin flute player Trump 🇬🇧

    12. HMSMemaw

      You're sick of being in the White House? Then go Donald, Just go 🙏🙏🙏

    13. Patrick Rubino

      These comments are full of sycophants zealously worshipping at the altar of Orange Man Badism and this grumpy little man, rage smiling while he oozes childish sarcasm (who was once funny), is their high priest. It’s a damning commentary on the malleability and stupidity of large swaths of humanity.

    14. Cecileeanne Lockhart

      I love you Seth, you are the best, I am so serious, you make my day. I agree Ken H, these at-home Close Looks are getting better and better, Seth, there is only ONE of you!!! I laughed so hard I ached. I love it!!!!!! hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    15. Booker T. Dooley

      You keep telling yourself you did one hell of a job when you lost 83,000 American's I told you. You fucking asshat @Trump i will be your worse PR nightmare you fucking clown. Are you ready are you ready your stupid, have cost American lives, and not wanting to help the American people you put at risk. Due to your game playing and new hoax rhetoric all the media has done was report exactly what you said and what you have been doing so if that's fake news you destroyed your own career by it next time dont speak in front of fake news

    16. Booker T. Dooley

      Dude let me tell you you f****** big orange clown what's detrimental to your f****** re-election losing 83000 f****** Americans when you shouldn't have that's detrimental to your f****** re-election you not listening to the scientist that's detrimental to your career

    17. HushIAmTalking

      Ngl thought he was wearing a bathrobe in the thumbnail

    18. Cheryl Moore

      OMG! You say exactly what I'm thinking!!! KEEP IT UP SETH!!! HE is such a narcissistic idiot A-HOLE!!!

    19. MLJ Shell

      It’s just so disgusting how rude and ignorant the president is towards so many people. So unprofessional!!!

    20. Michael Jenca

      Sometimes even when I'm just alone I say to the whole world at once; does Raquel Welch have to do everything, and now that even includes; does Raquel Welch have to say everything, and does God have to do every little thing as well? As if anyone in the whole sky requires that little speech, I say it as an introduction to just one statement; golly gee with extra G, thank you very much to the SS, Seth sir, and get some ganja, five-star general Sully's orders.

    21. Purple Rain

      So he will have to to take on responbity when something happen this time.

    22. James Jack

      That's it, the official Donald Trump mask is finally available MAKE AMERICA FREAT AGAIN!

    23. Dave Hudson

      Dopey Donald strikes again!

    24. Dave Hudson

      Way to go Seth. Sincere condolences to you, and all of America for having to put up with your President. A friendly Canadian

    25. Chris Terrence

      You are the best Seth!! Keep up the good work.

    26. Alan Constantine

      Our prime minister in the uk ended up contracting the coronavirus and was in hospital fighting for his life. He survived and now has personal perspective and can emphasize with the victims of the virus and the healthcare professionals. Heres an idea hide trumps stash of sudafed and give him the virus only then will he finally understand why hospitals are begging for more masks and respirator units. The silly little man child might then also understand why putting everyone back to work too early into the pandemic is a bad idea and will only increase the rate of new infections thus putting the health system into total collapse putting even more lives at risk. There is no easy answer to this problem and the virus is going to stick around for a long time I just hope trumps decisions dont hurt more Americans.

    27. kvdgadj

      He has a helicopter at his beck and call. He just afraid to leave and catch the coronavirus

    28. Junkman2000

      I did a TV show for years and I had to do my own makeup. But that wasn't the bad part. The bad part was the look that I got at the cosmetic counter from the lady who I had to ask for some foundation. I would get one of two looks. It was, "You really don't look like someone who would be attractive in drag" or, "My God, you are really vain."

    29. Junkman2000

      It's comical when you're "the man", but your family makes you realize that you're NOT "the man".

    30. FromBeToReality

      oh god!! more of his "political rants"!!!! LOL!!!!

    31. Gregory Von Dare

      Did you say (as Trump) "Sharona virus" ? Brilliant.

    32. YoussefB

      He reminds me of King Joffrey

    33. Michael Brown

      So who's the robotr behind the crazy man?

    34. Vincent Miller

      ask Trump to (in his own words)show us now how to inject disinfectant ....wait 10 sec. and no more lies or hearing him say how great he is.....what a thought,as the most powerful man on Earth makes up so much bullshit!!! Only repeating his advice and if that;s wrong???? how bad is it for our crazy president to tell the world to inject anything????

    35. John Townsend

      We never hear about what trump ACTUALLY DID OVER THE LAST THREE YEARS. It’s on record that his administration fired a pandemic czar and an office staffed by experts who worked at the highest levels of the federal government running trainings and exercises, ensuring national pandemic stockpiles, modeling possible outcomes, organizing collective response and communication channels, and planning for the execution of these plans. How different things would be now had trump not been so mindlessly reckless! Fully supplied and operating testing facilities would have already been in place and the whole virus catastrophe gripping the nation could well have been avoided. “You’re fired” was once a popular TV ‘drama’ program catch phrase . Now it’s a way of life in the White House, but it’s not so popular any more. It’s now a grim metaphor for a crippling contagion rampant in the highest governing office of the land.

    36. Rene Sebastian

      I love the Bernie segment

    37. Rene Sebastian

      Sending strength and love to Seth...😶♥️

    38. Randy Norman

      I'm sorry but I'm laughing at the majority of the American people that voted for Trump

    39. Gary Wilson

      Somehow I missed this show. Bur one of the best, with many full lol moments.

    40. Michelle Stewart

      This is sooo truthful scary real is this a phrase😳👀🤭

    41. debbie541

      poor man is so afraid of women

    42. Perro Pulgoso

      That orange clown is repulsive.

    43. Egor Biletskiy

      I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal website :)))

    44. William Yau


    45. Ms Linda

      According to one of the guys in this video, nurses make 15 or 16 dollars an hour when working, but 24 dollars an hour while on unemployment. And because of that (according to the guy) there is no incentive for nurses to go back to work. Where do they get that information? Per nurses.og, the lowest average hourly pay for a nurse is approx. 28 dollars an hour. They'd make almost twice as much when working than when collecting unemployment!

    46. Bertoboy41

      Seth, When are you gonna run?

    47. Carmelina Cappetta

      Trump is bored? Tell him to step outside and shake hands with his adoring fans who are not social distancing.

    48. Justin Hicks

      U gotta new subscriber I like your content. GOD BLESS

    49. Jenny hickson

      I’m sorry but Americans voted for this man ! I don’t understand how the citizens of a great country could allow a man like him to be President. He has made America a joke around the world. The mans ego is out of this world.

    50. B K

      Americans do not have time for stupidity either. But yet we have to deal with you Donald!

    51. Shannon Mayer

      Your videos are awesome!

    52. Shannon Mayer

      I know, and most of us aren't stuck inside in a mansion! I for one, am in a tiny studio apt. He is such a narcissist.!

    53. Jen M.

      Makes me so upset that here is Bernie fighting for middle class rights and people decided to go with senile Joe Biden as the nomination. Im so disappointed in the country.

    54. Constant Chaos

      🐶: borkborkborkborkborkborkborkborkbork

    55. xredstar303x

      Lindsey graham should be on that show where rich people switch lives and budgets with poor. I bet he’d change his tune then

    56. xredstar303x

      Jesus I made 11$ an hour making supervising making sure people didn’t do something stupid. You’re telling me a person who helps save lives is making a $1 more? That is one of the most depressing things I’ve heard in a while

    57. N. I.

      Enduring trump's speech daily requires patience.

    58. Rambaldichick 43

      😂😂This at home video is probably the funniest one. When he was talking about how everyone is inconvenienced "You know how bad things are when you're having bird problems??" And the part about poor Dr. Fauci touching his face because Trump broke him. Too many things to mention. Absolutely hysterical.😂😂

    59. Ben Quinney

      Work incentives

    60. Ben Quinney

      Keep this format

    61. Michael Kun

      my parents are so fucking blind in admiration for this idiot im sitting here crying and begging to go to canada but noooo im on lockdown because of this asshole! jesus christ! i can never win an arguement with my parents because they believe the left which they think is you...are bashing on him! wtf! im seeing this from both sides and i still fucking HATE this man as our glorious leader!

    62. kylie Thorn

      Trump will fire, hire and fire and hire until he finally gets what he wants. A task force with mindless puppets. Trump is looking to become the richest man in the world. That was always his plan. Nothing but lies, threats and "fake news" comes out of his mouth. He has contradicted himself time and time again. Trumps motive as president has NEVER been to care for and protect the USA. Trump shuts people up, yells and throws insults and threats. This is a bully not a leader. Trump is concerned that he wont be re-elected (even though he is manipulating the voting process), therefore he only has 7 months to bulk up his bank account and portfolio. He has no knowledge of the corona virus. He didn't know what he was talking about from day one. Trump only says and continues to say what he needs to say at the time as a smoke screen to appear caring and smart. He cares nothing for the lost lives or his responsibility for this. Now he wants to open the economy...because he and his rich friends are going to cash in on this pandemic at the cost of thousands of lives. Ronald Mcdonald would make a better clown, I mean president.

    63. Patrick Akpaette

      Please more rants. I haven't laughed that hard since this all started. Seriously, thank you!

    64. Susan Morgan

      I think you are doing a terrific job at home. You certainly have nailed reality vs Trump world. I appreciate you

    65. Uthman Baksh

      Seth is dragging Trump's entitled ass for being bored in the most famous house in America and I'm here for it!

    66. SithLord Hibiscus

      "Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." Republicans are so fucking worried about the economy and your paycheques that you openly said people would have to die to save the economy. I'm not going to praise a dumb as dirt dictator because he demands it anymore than I'm going to put money over my fellow human being, which is why I love nursing. I don't own much and I'm happier than ever. If a major catastrophe (as in earth-destroying) happened tomorrow, like Yellowstone erupting, and your stupid homes were crushed by lahars, ash and mud, as would most stores in the western US, you'd never be able to spend your green paper with pictures. It would be meaningless, insignificant fodder best used to keep a fire going to stay warm enough to survive a decade or more of volcanic winters and starvation. Then, as you would watch your less selfish neighbours share their food, you might realise that your hateful, judgemental attitudes towards those with a social conscience are the people you need to have a chance of survival and you would have to do the unthinkable: admit you were wrong, work for once and charitably give without expectation of reciprocity, but most likely getting it back.


      I just love your videos.....very interesting

    68. Rach

      God bless Bernie 🥰

    69. Lebofilms

      My state of Florida was so f-ing stupid putting Rick Scott into the Senate.

    70. Jay Norris

      Oh sweet baby Jesus Trump is getting worse by the day. Barking mad.

    71. Sheryl_E Robins

      How many copies of the Thorn Birds do you have?

    72. Monica Henley

      The voice game is strong. Love your impressions.

    73. Debra Lanham-Newhouse

      I would LOVE to see the titles behind him!

    74. WWZenaDo

      I want to emphasize that having a bullying narcissist in ANY position of power is ALWAYS dangerous. Whether allowing such poisonous monsters to dominate their poor victimized children or to tyrannize an entire country, narcissists should have their gaslighting and manipulations exposed for all their victims to see and avoid in future. I'm going to refrain from stating all destructive narcissists should be summarily executed, at least for now...

    75. cloudynites

      I wish someone would slap the cow-walkin' chit outta that asshole Ttump.

    76. Berenice A. N. Barkovitch

      Trump getting Cabin Fever? Pity it ain't the 2002 one by Eli Roth... also, ye gotta love how Bernie ain't buying the right-wingers bullshit

    77. S Ros

      Hmmm...just under 2k on the dislikes. Probably the same inane drones that Trump loves to have for supporters. As Seth said in the video, maybe those same folks should go out and get coughed and sneezed on by randoms out there and take their chances while chanting "fake news fake new fake news" to fool themselves.

    78. S Ros

      Hmmm...just under 2k on the dislikes. Probably the same inane drones that Trump loves to have for supporters. As Seth said in the video, maybe those same folks should go out and get coughed and sneezed on by randoms out there and take their chances while chanting "fake news fake new fake news" to fool themselves.

    79. Stewart F

      OMG. Trump stop playing politics, lives are at stake.

    80. baxtar1963

      One good thing that will come out of this possibly people spending time at home able to educate themselves on what’s actually going on with Trump