Trump Has Lied 16,241 Times

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    Trump celebrated three years in office by paying tribute to himself and somehow brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into it, Trump has officially lied more than 16,241 times, put together an all-star defense team for his impeachment trial, and despite everyone in Trump's circle claiming they don't know Lev Parnas there seem to be a lot of photos of him with all of them. Meanwhile, the champagne drama continues on ABC's 'The Bachelor,' and we remember the highlights of the first three years under Donald Trump.
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    Trump Hates Kids, Sanders vs Warren & Articles of Impeachment
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    Trump Has Lied 16,241 Times

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    1. SaigeeDoll

      8:30 that guy has sexually assaulted many women. Please do not make him famous.

    2. Enz# home

      and which politicians haven't lied..

    3. Delta Lima Bravo

      This was PERFECTION in describing the hell we (those with any intelligence & ethics) have endured since the orange, ugly & bloated boss baby (T-bag) was born

    4. Tony Fernandez

      Trump in india wod be amazing

    5. Tony Fernandez

      Big love from India

    6. Random Rangoon

      Oh and please bury Mr Trump in a mountain of burgers and let's see if he either withers away or eats his way out.

    7. Random Rangoon

      More like tweeter "little hands" in chief is what he really is.

    8. James Edward Sterling

      Why not list all the lies? I'll wait....

    9. Petite Twist

      US embraces liars more than Hilary + “socialists”. Trump will win again in 2020 for sure. Democrats should focus on keep their majority in the House and get the majority in the Senate if they are so concerned with Trump and McConnell.

    10. D e x

      Maybe things would be better if he stuffed a LOT more chicken down the ol' spray-tanned pie hole....

    11. Wooly Ryno

      I wonder if Jimmy gets paid directly from the DNC or if Disney is getting a cut. Who am I kidding? Disney always gets a cut!

    12. dmwegnerowicz7554

      tRump is fast approaching the "pants on Fire" level! Toasted marshmallows anyone?

    13. Rick Deckard

      On average I think that he's lies about 395,197 times in his lifetime

    14. Greg Paris

      He talks about all these lies but I have not heard one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jimmy is so stupid just like the rest of the of the democrats

    15. ugaas foodey

      Jimmy " did you just lie? Trump" it was a prank

    16. James Graham

      Trump's BS, is gospel to Republicans

    17. Megan Werth

      Such disrespect. It's disgusting. Grow up.

    18. Redcomet33

      Guy in the background laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. PATBLOGZ

      and obama has lied 16,242 times

    20. David Day

      That is how much he has lied since being president. That is not his life time average.

    21. princeoftidds

      Trump has lied more in 3 1/2 years than any President in eight (or 12 in FDR's case). He may only have one term but he's only the third impeached POTUS, the most corrupt and dishonest. Soooooo much winning...

    22. KAMI 0x0

      Why isnt jimmy the president

    23. Никита Сергеевич

      Trump will be president for 4 more years and there is nothing you can do about it. Have a good day :)

    24. Olivethevibes

      Sounds like Arthur Fleck is in the audience

    25. Chątõn Sqïrty

      I keep forgetting this is part of entertainment industry when I started taking US politics seriously.

    26. Farida Soemawidjaja

      Excluding lies to his wives

    27. bubba luv

      sop that's about 1600 times per day no?

    28. Paul Vargas

      TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    29. Miram Reyes

      That is an awful lot of lies Trump had told!

    30. Ed van der Ree

      please USA come back to earth and become our friend again, we missed you

    31. that guy

      God this loser is bitter that trump didn't get impeached, you need a tissue wittle jimmy

    32. Glenn Sankey


    33. dolce1788

      The last minute and twenty seconds.

    34. James Doakes

      Wait so is black unemployment really at its lowest? Nobody disputes that n jimmy kimmels writers are cringy

    35. Iampieman76


      1. Derek Brown

        Iampieman76 RepubliKKKans🤮🤮🤮

    36. Tom Cooley

      No more years.

    37. boatman222345

      It's a sad day day for Network TV when the most accurate, most complete, most perceptive coverage of the office of President is found on a late night comedy show...but as my old pal Walter Cronkite used to say, "that's the way it is." Thanks Jimmy for a job well done...even if it isn't really your job!

    38. Michael M McDonald

      Who cares .. lies in Politics? Like that's a new thing. Its normal behavior

    39. Gal Štupar

      Fake news

      1. Gal Štupar

        Sold out

    40. Daniel Isajiw123

      The reality is he’ll be in office for four more years because the democrats have no main candidate but the news will push whoever is on top of the dem party to try and gain voters, but when you act like kimmel people will just laugh not take what you say as fact and truth

    41. TheFu1709ck

      it's not about the quantity of your lies, it's about the impact these lies have. think about Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction....

    42. ACK Preacher

      Its a shame peoples noses dont grow when they lie -- But imagine how the world would look if this were true --

    43. Victor Saville


    44. Mark Clovis

      I dont believe this at all that way to low he incapable of being honest

    45. Jack Hezzi Crossover

      Who else is here after the acquittal?

    46. Marshall Ross

      1.8k that disliked this.. Are Trumps followers >.>

    47. Leo Scheibelhut

      Trump lies so much he has to pay someone else to call his dog for him.

    48. Tom Worden

      16,241. You don’t really believe that.?

      1. Terry Kane

        Trump ass slurper.

      2. Derek Brown

        the facts speak for themself

    49. Ethan Benjamin

      i want to like jimmy kimmel, but i wish he wouldn’t get so political every time.

    50. anthony guerrero


      1. Derek Brown

        you're comment is a really good description of trump

    51. 0ne Zer0

      He was referring to the good things that his policies have done for African Americans. Its way more than Obama ever did. I'm willing to bet Trump gets another 4 years. I'll come back and rub it in anyone's face that disagrees. Good things are happening to the U.S. under Trump and the low brain function people that have been manipulated easily by the corporate media that paid for Hillary to win can't understand why, Trump before he was elected, was just some rich dude, with 14 season's of his show the apprentice suddenly and magically turned into a racist, chauvinist, compulsive lying, evil, bad, man. Has anyone actually went and looked at the supposed lies to see how petty and stupid they are? It's not like the idiots who posted it would ever lie right?

    52. lionharehart

      The Great uniter??? More like the great urinator. President Pee-pee is as Orange as a warm stream.



    54. 05greendmax

      Four more years I can’t wait trump 2020 is gona be awesome

      1. 05greendmax

        I’m sad your trying to put word in I never said. Usa all day trump 2020 make in America even better day by day with trump in charge

      2. Derek Brown

        @05greendmax i'm sadden to see, you hate the US, like Al Qaeda

      3. 05greendmax

        Four more years

      4. Derek Brown

        05greendmax that means we need “god bless america” more than EVER before

    55. avni ajdini

      Damn! someone should have gone back to 1946 and give a condom to Fred Trump so we wouldn't have had this moron

    56. Qino this is the most important Qino

      So all these years the only reason anyone knew or listened to thief constant liar trump was bc he had $ !? Discussing ! He's always made my skin crawl Everytime I heard/seen him anywhere

    57. sam banks

      Jimmy Kimmel New World Order Puppet!

    58. slvr chrm

      America has lied millions more times! JC

    59. Cody bayan Sands

      Psalms 140:3 [3]They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders' poison is under their lips. Selah.

    60. Herb Liptow

      And yet evangelicals support this thing? I guess that the 9th commandment is optional for republicans?