Trump Washes His Hands of the Coronavirus

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    Donald Trump handed Coronavirus duties to VP Mike Pence, the White House released an instructional video about washing your hands correctly, the Trump campaign is opening 'Black Voices for Trump Community Centers,' Michael Bloomberg delivered laughs at a CNN Town Hall, a baboon escaped a vasectomy in Australia, Air New Zealand will be offering bunk beds on future flights, and we check-in with a man who has been leading the charge to make unmarried sex legal in Virginia. #FredWillard
    Can You Name a Country?
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    Trump Washes His Hands of the Coronavirus

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    1. rejoyce

      Fred Willard begins <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> RIP

    2. Eric Cosares

      Rip Fred Willard

    3. Fatima Castellon

      The ones that wash their blood filled hand are democrats. Actively slaughter the innocent by promoting abortion on demand. Abortion kills one, hurts another.

    4. pat kavanagh

      just as Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the order of Jesus' execution, Donald Trump washes his hand of the responsibility of any outcome from this Pandemic. this horseman rides with the right at his side.

    5. Abdul khalik m Khalik

      Hanwash trumb😁😁😁

    6. Egor Biletskiy

      Check Unflexal handbook if you want to learn about workouts much much more.

    7. Ken Osiel

      Hey Jimmy......... eat glass you sellout puppet

    8. JoeCnNd

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> Americans laugh at something that's not a bad idea. No wonder why we're the number 1 country for deaths due to the virus.

    9. Robert Garcia

      BUT, he refuses to wear a mask. Only our 1st lady can prob. pressure him to wear one. By the way, I never watch those Late Night Shows. They suck Media and Deep State ass.

    10. Overweight

      Orange man bad

    11. Jared Linger

      Its not funny any more

    12. Jared Linger


    13. Jared Linger

      R you an alien or something bro

    14. Jared Linger


    15. Alc atel

      i 'm sroy

    16. Alc atel


    17. Sierra Suz

      Gee Jimmy. I watched a in studio show. Pretty good.

    18. Wayne Woolsey

      how come you're not crying like a pussy? you usually cry a lot.

    19. TheDiamondBow //TLB

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a>

    20. Josh Qata

      This is NOT A JOKE. Even if it's too late, at least it's still not worthless. Plus this is not his mistake, this is partly because many people don't obey and got sick. Also, if China told the world that they were having the coronavirus earlier, it wouldn't be the pandemic right now. Remember, the first corona case in the US was confirmed on Jan 21, and on Jan 20 China confirmed that the 2019 coronavirus can spread between humans.

    21. Justin Dawson

      Dude ain't even funny a puppet, that needs laugh tracks it sounds like. He laughing at trump a guy that chugged beer to ziggy soggy soggy soggy oy oy oy then watched ladies jump on trampolines.

    22. Артём Неделин

      AHahah Guillermo is that you? - No names allowed here.

    23. Rustin Zitoun

      Wash your hands🖐🏻🤚🏻 Like this comment for spreading it to more people

    24. zirak93

      We are all going to die!!!!!!!!!

    25. marc atkinson

      Oh how I hope Kimmel gets a full dose of the Wuhan... A potted plant in his chair would be an improvement.

    26. ABN

      Got to vote this trash of liar out of office.

    27. paul

      your president is 1 fuckhead! im proud im NOT an American...….

    28. HotRodMan

      Go out and get some Purell man ! If it's good enough for Trump it must be good enough for you ! Kills only 99.9 % of illness causing germs ! Apparently he didn't read the bottle ! No where does it say it kills viruses ! Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum ,Dum De Dum De Dum !

    29. ericlogos

      What a punk. Those that joke about the virus should get it and find out if it's a joke or not.

    30. nat lee

      What does Kimmel know about this?He is just as ignorant as Trump and Pence.Elite people need to be eliminated.

    31. Brendan Price

      “Flarda” - Jimmy Kimmel

    32. Scotty Sings

      nobody with a brain likes jimmy and his raunchy monologues. TRUMP 2020

      1. Clothilde

        “raunchy monologues” lmao 😂 Go back to Fox Spews, ya prude.

      2. Koopa kid420


      3. K T

        Jimmy Kibble is a jerk.



      1. H Gee

        Sit down corny ass!

    34. Diogen Diogen

      Not a funny

    35. Terence Chow

      (CNN) - The American Conservative Union announced on Saturday that one of the attendees at last week's Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, has tested positive for coronavirus

    36. Ben


    37. Ben

      Jimmy kimmel obviously doesnt do any of his own research its amazing to me how he thinks it would be ridiculous for black people to vote for trump. Trump has done more for blacks than any other president before him. By far more than the literal black president before him. Jimmy kimmel is trying to hide the real facts to influence an election

    38. rotex

      Trump 2020

      1. Koopa kid420


    39. Donna Rogers


    40. TJ

      *Few countries outside Africa worried about the 2014 Ebola crises and its deadly spread. Frankly, it's the **_out of sight, out of mind_** disease that's a **_somewhere over there bug._** One would think World Leaders would have taken notes and prepared for a universal pathogen no one thought would come.*

    41. Melanie Lainez

      Wish Jimmy was man enough to interview Bill Gates as he funded the creation of the coronavirus back in 2014 before TRUMP was president...and where the outrage for Obama allowing anyone to come in through our borders bringing diseases? When H1N1 virus came, fake black Obozo didn't address it to the nation untIl 1,000 people had died in America, and he along with the UN, and many other elites new of Coronavirus back in 2015....the more you all blame Trump the more walknoff the Democratic plantation....look who you stupid idiots have left to get slaughtered by Trump in November! LMAO! Trump 2020 baby! I love him! He is unstoppable! And you all have to tAke that! Hahahaha! Go pop your antidepressants now! Hahaha!

    42. Richie

      Fake comedy! Oh he's so funny....

    43. broomsterm

      Jimmy Kimmel is a pussy-whipped asshole. Ever since he married his second wife, he's become a leftist, Hollywood prick. He is a shill for the Marxist left, and if he had any groin at all he'd fire his entire writing staff and be the man that he used to be.

    44. Alex Sparks-Bakota

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> “this is, uh, a funny joke too...” Kimmel’s transitions are the best lmao

    45. Dan P

      "Wait a minute, Guillermo is that you?" I wouldn't have even noticed that if that if he didn't point it out.

    46. Jay Breezy

      Wasn't that phils dunphy s Dad?

    47. Dushu

      I am wondering how much the KFC paid Jimmy Kimmel for the ad at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a>

    48. lidor 99

      Trump in another viruses. ..

    49. Jame Prime

      Yo ya yo

    50. phoeniximperator

      better late than never

    51. Robert Soto

      Can’t wait til trump wins again! Can care less but love seeing the left freak out !

    52. Joseph Stine

      Yeah he gave it to Pence so the market drop would be Pence fault

    53. Relax Enjoy

      You know jimmy, this was a perfect show

    54. lentruthbtold riv

      Biden n Obama for V.P!? trumptard will have a heart attack on the spot!

    55. james fiaco

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    56. Marco Anttila

      This dude is great

    57. 2727rogers

      Well I guess Virginia is not for Lovers after all.

    58. Wansom sou

      Florida man:"I said harpie-monkey, not herpes-monkey! You know like in the wizard of oz"

    59. Proud Infidel

      I see Biden did well on super Thursday

    60. Jarod Gordon

      Lol, Fred Willard also played a virgin on Golden Girls.

    61. Janet Donald

      Those baboons were being used in medical experiments 🙁

    62. Bhagavati Dasi

      Always get distracted by the perfectly tailored jackets when I watch Jimmy Kimmel, and instead of listening I just sit there wondering how much the thing must cost.

    63. Vector Y

      Kimmel is such a sad,pathetic piece of pandering slime! He is a total global elitist supporting shill and a really great crisis actor! But God loves him and Christ died for him! So I guess we'll see.....

    64. len thomas

      Stupidity has always been the shadow of meanness. The more intelligent you are, the less mean you are. The utterly intelligent person cannot have any meanness; it is impossible. He can have only love and compassion. The stupid person has to be mean because that is the only way he thinks he can win. The intelligent person has no desire to win; the intelligent person is already victorious in his intelligence. The intelligent person is already superior in his intelligence; he does not have to compete for it. The stupid person has to continuously compete. And because he is stupid, he cannot rely on his intelligence, he has to rely on something else: he becomes mean, cunning, deceptive, a hypocrite. Stupidity is the only sin, and everything else is just a by-product of it. Intelligence is the only virtue; everything else that we have known as virtue follows it like a shadow.

    65. Emotional Basketcase

      diet coke and chicken skins would be a chunkie, not a smoothie

    66. Jae Lynn

      Just stay home and look up how to PROPERLY wash your hands. The backs of hands, nail beds, base of thumbs and wrists are what get missed. Places that have only cold water in their washrooms need to turn on the hot water. Avoid groups and consider that everything you touch in public to be contaminated, and if you have to touch something, do NOT touch your face until you've washed hands or used hand sanitizer, which you should keep in your pocket and car and entryway of home. Learn about aseptic technique and cross-contamination. I was at a Walgreen's yesterday and saw a women cough into her hand and then use that hand to touch things on the shelves! I wanted to tell her what she was doing, and didn't, but I will if I see it again. I may start spraying the outsides of room temp food products with alcohol and repackage food from stores. You never know what idiot coughed all over the shelves. I would also avoid eating out cold foods, like salad bars. Take extra precautions: I'm not just "some person." I've worked for my State Lab of Hygiene in retrovirus immunology, and have a degree in this area.

      1. R S

        Wear toss away gloves - better to use disinfectant on them than on your skin. You can even disinfect the gloves with hand sanitizer

    67. Jamal Rey

      Those remote control tanks are not spraying disinfectants it is Zyklon B.

    68. Pat Hamer

      I like that riddle, he who laughs first laughs last.You're funny!

    69. Hector Torres

      Anyone knows the name of the girl with not Guillermo? asking for a friend.

    70. Dovlet G

      I'm in China and we almost defeated the virus, no new cases of infection in cities other than Wuhan

    71. Reb

      I love the way the left jumps on Trump over the coronaviris. What they fail to mention is that long before coronaviris had entered the U.S., there were over 34,000 deaths during the 2018-2019 flu season in this country. CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018-2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza. I guess they were all Trump's fault as well. But, by all means, vote for the socialist Bernie and then watch to see what happens to our healthcare system. But be ready to pay out the a** for it and an increase in deaths which could have been prevented.

    72. Moe Rey

      Bozo is a germophobe? And he did Stormy without “rubber”?😂😂

    73. Erik K

      Community Centers, do they come with showers, like the Relocation Centers for Jews during WW II!

    74. thomas sheppard

      The establishment are trying to frighten you with the word 'Socialism', Bernie when talking about other countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany etc are talking about Social democracy. His policies are standard for many western democracies. America( and the UK to a lesser extent) are exceptions , they have been deliberately driven to the right, to enriching the wealthy and impoverishing the working class. think about it, America celebrates inequality. Vote for Bernie

    75. kath david

      How to bring 7 billion people to their knees... create a fake virus... simple!!!!

    76. Connie Crawford

      Every time I heard the expression “ washing his hands of”, I have to think of the origin of this expression- have you ever heard of Pontius Pilate, people? That’s where the expression originated- in the Bible!

    77. Moses

      Funny that you joke about the virus so much and you’re one of the most soft hearted talk show host who cries and get emotional so easily. Imagine one day one of your family member gets the virus and you be remembering of this video lol

      1. Clothilde

        He’s not joking about the virus itself; he’s joking about how moronic some people’s responses to it are, especially in the government. That’s a big difference.

    78. L Erkins

      For those of you NOT in the know JOKES, HUMOR is usually how people combat whatever horrors they are going through or MAY go through. It is just a temporary reprieve for a depressing situation. NO ONE thinks death is funny! People try to find ways to laugh at the SITUATION and not the people as with Kimmel’s roomba joke that seemed to have “offended” many of you Republicans. I guess not any of you work in law enforcement or been first responders to an accident?! Did you know that the military in combat, the police, and hospital workers make more jokes about deaths and near deaths and how they found the bodies more than ANYONE?! It is their COPING mechanism. Too many of these people commit suicide simply because they could NOT get out of their heads by just laughing it off. So the next time someone is laughing at something don’t think that means they are being callous and don’t care. Far from it. Usually it means they care too much.

    79. L Erkins

      Why are these REDHATS coming on here all the time just to complain! You people WON, remember?! You won BIG with the president and the rest of the Republican Party! So why are you people STILL so miserable?! You have to come on here to pick a fight with us just to feel validated. I truly pity those of you who are not feeling valued enough that putting someone else down for who they support is how you make your day. Enjoy!😉☺️

    80. L Erkins

      People get mad and say, Jimmy’s not funny anymore. All he does is talk about Trump. All TRUMP does is talk about Trump yet you people STILL find that hilariously funny!!! 😏