Trump’s 2020 State of the Union | The Daily Show

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    Trevor went LIVE after President Trump’s third State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. #TheDailyShow #SOTU
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    1. chris silver

      I want to know if the follow up to Rick Wilson's Everything Trump touches Dies will be I told you all 🤔

    2. maham rafique Mughal

      Lol ..trump and our PM are so similar Imran khan is still obsessed with nawaz sharif ..!!!! *Died*

    3. IT'S ME FROM 713

      It's amazing just how insane and chaotic Trump's presidency has been that you forget the insane shit he's done the week before. We're bombarded with daily insanity that our brains can't retain it.

    4. david he

      great democracy

    5. Detox Inbix

      I don’t think the Coronavirus joke will age well 😅

    6. Vikram Bhat

      Corona virus: I'm really sorry for killing more than 100,000 people. Also corona virus: I really am, I really am. `:)

    7. Wai Keet

      I'd like to hear his updated speech now. It also feels like an episode of Apprentice.

    8. Cesar Augusto Gutierrez Diaz

      US is a meme!

    9. Dhruv Datta

      why not use EVMs like India.......

    10. Mohammed Yousuf

      All the lies cheating and making the show based on falls information he learned from my Prime Minister.

    11. Aaron Bradley

      Wow what an awful piece of shit- now we are under house arrest and laid off and the economy is in the shitter

    12. Dakingltroy Productofdade

      Trump is over flowing with shit lol can’t stand that dude voice or site of him 🤮🤢

    13. Fredz Carleson

      As an outstanding of american states. I say this. Usa's still in wild west,

    14. somsanouk saensombat

      is the airplane spraying corona sh@#

    15. somsanouk saensombat

      are government sound like a joke? luv your videos, shows Noah keep it up!

    16. Ali Winton


    17. Nusrat Bhatti

      We also have a similar clown in Pakistan...... the PM IK

    18. life with anxiety everyday

      That's the face of a racist plain and simple. Also the economy was flourishing it was at an all time high. Obama also talked about george bush just as much again using comedy to make the trash you are preaching easier to take in. So the fact that the black community is doing better and received help you all said they wouldn't get plus some now he is riding the soul train you sir are racist.trump also did not try to get rid of coverage for preexisting conditions he tried to replace obama care that contained coverage for it with another insurance that had the same coverage. You love to twist things and use certain clips of things that he said to fit your lies.

    19. JP Maurice


    20. me_shell

      When Trump isn’t re-elected he and his sheep, will blame the economy collapse on the new Democratic President. I can already see the social media posts from idiots that will believe him!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. me_shell

        Lovemercy your comment doesn’t even make sense! You’re a perfect tRump supporter - IGNORANT! 🤦🏽‍♀️

      2. Lovemercy

        You sound like you'd criticize anything about the president. You guys just don't like that he doesn't promote in his policies that any sinful behavior be fully accepted and encouraged in this country.

    21. ntando quinton


    22. Mary Kelly

      Another lying Free Masonic demon.

    23. GG Gaming

      I think an app was actually a great idea. Just I wish it was made by professionals, people who were actually good at making apps. The total app meltdown was a disappointment

    24. DŨNG BẢO


    25. Rochelle H

      Champion of Health Care. Okay. At this point we KNOW the champions of health care are our nurses and doctors ❤️❤️

    26. Flex Thomas

      how so this is why the coronavirus or in other words COVID-19 really started

    27. Bryan Nguyen

      I wonder does everyone who are at Trump rally’s, state of the union, etc. have a gun held to their heads to make them clap and applaud? I mean are these people just blind to how stupid Trump is or are they just as stupid as him?

    28. ghada chouikh

      u get something right #africa

    29. B Patel

      2.1% GDP growth. Yeah, our economy is the strongest it has ever been my ass!

    30. Jeff Lanton

      Fuck this bitch! What a fucking pussy!

    31. Anon anon

      Nancy, my spirit animal 😂

    32. Lintzy

      I'm a republican ... but this was too much...words, words just words 🤏...totally true Trevor.

    33. yousra alnahas


    34. Michael L


      1. Anon anon

        You can cry for all of us

    35. Alexander S

      This try's soo HARD to LAUGH AT TRUMP! You ask you're self why? Cause first of all he proved obama wrong and became president; they say the person who laughs last laughs the hardest!!! President Trump laughed, I bet for 3 months; obama care! Wow, seriously steal from the rich and give to the pour! Lets not forget, 11 million undocumented immigrants that fine too!!! What soo President Trump is creating order! The American population is about 35% English decent, 10% Irish decent, 10% Italians decent, 35% Africans decent, and 10% Hispanics. Who where who made America the English Americans, thats who!!!!!! But I bet if obama was president you would be fine right!

    36. Kinley Gyeltshen

      Im sure Trevor is also a Democrat supporter. He is crying inside

    37. joseph janssen

      cant stand trevor what a fucktard

    38. Joanne Bracken

      What a difference a month makes! "Our economy is better than ever before!" Say, what now??

      1. Charlie Graber

        Joanne Bracken have u heard of coronavirus

      2. doubled mysterious

        T R I P T O T H E S U N

    39. Darrin Darrin

      Trump stop rideing obama dick

    40. Eason Cheong

      “our economy is flourishing" well that didnt age well

    41. Ashley Coplo

      Why has no one talked about how Donald Trump didn’t mention Native Americans AT ALL in his speech. Especially when he spoke about “the history of America”.

    42. JCBs At the helm

      Now 50+% are jobless with nothing on the horizon

    43. Jessica Emilia

      Old black people don’t have time for that!

    44. John Patrick Cole

      Little did he know that the backside was to fall out of the economy

    45. Ch. Kashif Afzaal

      Download my app its called SoNZ Creator It creates children automatically AMAZING

    46. Lino Blindenbacher

      The world's greatest democracy?😂😂😂

    47. heinz53

      No matter what these media idiots smear, 2020 will be Trump 4 more years to stay….period. Live with it....and these idiots make the landslide even WAY bigger…….thank you idiots.

    48. dumb thicc wizard

      Awesome reality tv

    49. Vincent Mangano

      Old black peoples faces always tell the truth? WTF

    50. Regita S.

      Trump clearly forgot to mention his biggest achievements : longest government shutdown in the US

      1. Dianne

        @Lovemercy who are the 'guys'? I would love to say something positive about Putin's Puppet but he never does anything positive unless he's lining his pockets with my government's money!

      2. Lovemercy

        @Dianne You guys would criticize anything about the president. Now people are saying he's scaring people by talking about the virus too much.

      3. Dianne

        Interesting, he was informed of the coming pandemic in December but was doing nothing to prepare our country to help save lives. He only made his Happy Talk speech full of lies. I hope he burns in Hell next to Hitler.

      4. MoDgaf R

        He didn't mention the virus either😷

    51. kickass overdose


    52. kickass overdose

      Whoa,Nancy Pelosi has done it again.Salute to her.

    53. Tony Parks

      #werise2 #unhoused #schontell

    54. Ava Doe

      "PayPr" - hahahaha holds its charge forever - wow!! where can I get that app sounds great - lol

    55. Parthasarathi Panda

      I can literally see Pelosi trying to revaluate every decision she's ever made in life :P ...

    56. Amir Tamang

      The job of the guy behind is standing up and clap

    57. まめはらけいリ

      that birthday joke makes my day

    58. MissWitchiepoo

      I love Nancy she really has a backbone!!

    59. Fritz

      Why does he only have four videos uploaded...? Edit: his last video was removed too...

    60. Alisa A

      It is NOT normal to throw a gender reveal party. I will not legitimize it 😂😂😂 I’m using that one!

    61. Michael Warchol

      That was so american

    62. Sarat Chandra

      Man, Mike Pence's forehead is more brighter than Trump's future!!

    63. Shali Koi

      Someone hacked it.....

    64. Shali Koi

      I wonder if trump saw this? 🤔

    65. jay tee

      y'all hate Donald Trump for a different reason. Admit it

      1. jay tee

        @Joseph Figliuolo Reasons that make them just as embarrassing as Donald Trump, or I should say equal.

      2. Joseph Figliuolo

        jay tee What reason(s)?

    66. Rachel Evans

      nancy a savage

    67. Austin Shelton

      How did this man get elected back in ‘16?!?He’s just a walking joke.

    68. Poochito Gaming

      Mr. Trump is the new Bob Barker...The Price is Right! hahha

    69. Odeane Sappleton

      Can someone tell me specifically what trump had done to create the present thriving economy? Wasn’t Obama stimulus package the major cause😑.

      1. MoDgaf R

        I thought Bush did that🤔

      2. Odeane Sappleton

        Bella xu: What Obama did cannot and should not be discounted considering the immense and tragic state he took over the country from Bush. Based on statistics, unemployment was going down and prospects were becoming brighter economically for the country under the Obama administration. The platform was set for trump to reap and boast the benefits of a thriving economy. Trump only smoothed over what was already set in place by Obama. Any well thinking and unbiased person can see this.

      3. Bella xu

        Bailey thank god someone actually understand the economy.

      4. Bailey

        Odeane Sappleton decreasing regulations on local business and cutting down on imports. Obamas stimulus didn't do much.

    70. Alex Dz

      I used to love Trevor, nowadays hearing one person being so one sided is just sad and makes me doubt it all. When someone does something good just give them credit for it however shitty they might be man. You've lost what made you unique. I'm disappointed in you. I'd hope you'd have more objectivity especially for your own integrity. You always talk about fox being one sided, but i think we'd all like someone giving us REAL news with no biased.

    71. jdax21

      Nancy Pelosi shouldn't have offered Trump her hand; she should have just given him the finger.

    72. Dav Ehhh

      according to trumps words it seems that u.s it’s a great country but reading the comments I think it is not so

    73. Heather Holidays

      oxoxoxo thank you for watching this SOTU I just can’t ... Dump Trump!!!!

    74. PyroRomancer

      The app's source code was posted on and a long story short. For every 4th vote Bernie got, 1 vote was given to Biden, but the the thing about that free vote to Biden, it was generated out of thin air so the total number of votes was far too high. They tried to rig it but in a stupid way. Democrats are like sharks out for blood when it comes to one another.

    75. Sergio K

      No wonder why Russians wanted Trump for prez.

    76. L.a.d.s Productions

      Excuse me “African American youth unemployment has reached an all time low” how is that a good thing? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t youth mean not an adult or does it just mean anyone in the 20s and younger because if it means under 18 wouldn’t that mean kids are having to get jobs?

      1. Randomfully Wonderful

        They're referring to African Americans age 18-25, the time in their life when they're most likely to get into trouble, and they're getting jobs, instead. That would be a good thing.

    77. jeffery williams

      Unfortunately Republicans didn't stop the slandering of our President nor did Republicans have the courage to stand behind our President and the others that have been ruined,bankrupted and threatened with nobody on their side. Even after Steve was shoot by a Bernie supporter during ball practice which by the way the shooter tried to kill as many Republicans as he could Republicans still cowardly turned their backs on the President and others in fear. Today's definition of a coward is clearly our Republican party. Unfortunately we just can't fire these cowards. These cowards are now use to extremely large paychecks and taking long vacations with democrats. This so called bias comedian would have been fired or possibly murdered for insulting clearly the worst and clearly the most destructive United States President in history. Due to his color and using his race game card every time things didn't go his way Obama was given multiple free passes including lying under oath and helping Hillary Clinton destroy thousands of incriminating emails sent to him. And Republicans still cowardly turned their heads and defended Obama and Hillary. This so called comedian that uses his personal hatred for Trump for comedy for his Obama fan's wouldn't last a day on stage without Trump haters to support him. Think about it. What would Maxine Manson Water's, Nancy Pelosi and the other cult members do if anyone said anything about their God that most call looser or Obama it's the same. Even after Obama admitted his hatred towards America these cowards still stuck by his side.

    78. yeahImquiteKool

      wait why does everyone hate trump again???

    79. Jasper Nelson

      best comedian

    80. Ron Kimbrough

      It’s a technique that white supremacy, when a black man make you look bad then you must attract everything he has done 🤨 all you have to is look at the History of this country, Has a history of hiding black accomplishments in this country