Try Not To Laugh Challenge #38 w/ Tom Lennon

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    Tom Lennon and Ghostmates Director Jack Henry Robbins are here to try and make is LAUGH!
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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Max Richards

      6:56 Tom Lennon just became my least favorite person in the room, because he said Bernie is bad.

    2. Chilli Wowah

      Where’s Noah ?

    3. TheFlamingFox 360

      Damien has my same phone case

    4. Mai Waifu

      18:53 I’ll a little confused on how that was a fail tbh

    5. Kevin Ray

      Courtney isn’t funny

    6. Mitchell Pozovskiy

      If you pause at 0:13 everybody is at their finest

    7. Persephone Winters

      Why does Shayne remind me so much of Jeff Goldblum at his bit (starting at 5:02)?

    8. Avery Foley


    9. The Great Amida

      Tom Lennon is a goddamn comedy legend... The State, Viva Variety, Reno 911!

    10. João Cabo

      When he said "OK boomer" it activated my Google activated ahaha

    11. Sidharth Rao

      15:51 Forgot to bleep Shayne’s swearing but it doesn’t matter

    12. Austeja Austeja

      I think shane would make everyone laugh with Courtney freakin miller

    13. Bl00ster

      I feel like this is the "Yeah, we went there" episode.

    14. Dr. Who 107

      no one is going to talk about Damien's "plane" bit?

    15. Gosia

      The bit at 18:48 said they failed but at 18:55 Ian spit our his water from laughing

    16. Jackie Owens

      19:03 they got him


      Hey did u guys get a google pixel 4 ad?

    18. Morgan Merry

      11:50 You're welcome

    19. Sҽlҽηҽ

      btw, Courtney, I give you props for being able to carry Shayne like that, strong gorl

    20. Desirae Faust

      they won not fail 18:52

    21. A Random Ambipom

      brb shipping courtney and jack

    22. IronAhyden

      Love that prince shirt!

    23. Ashley Hartin

      is it just me or does Shayne look good in glasses when courtney was in the hot seat

    24. Max Richards

      10:58 The Weirdest Thing Damien has Ever Said!

    25. Wolfqueen 888

      love the Glee skit!

    26. FoxxxFatal

      I immediately bust out laughing at the "I came here in a really expensive car" bit

    27. roblox_awsomeness Michele kane

      is tom lennon married

    28. treyspurge

      How have they never had Tom Green? This screams Freddy Got Fingered!

    29. •Agaki spills Tea•

      15:51 Oh mah god i cought Smosh editors

    30. Maddox Moody

      Paul Blart?

    31. jeffrey hupp

      Tom Lennon is on the movie monster trucks

    32. Jonny D Reeves

      Why did the 2nd to last one fail? Ian spat all his water out... 😯

    33. GameAce6

      That Ash Ketchum impression was spot on!

    34. Justin Iverson

      With the baby oil! “Cooooool...”

    35. Hot-Like-The-Summer Colder-Than-Winter

      10:50 picks up the whole divider.

    36. IncorporationXII

      Can we just say how at 8:24 he just sounds like john mulaney so much

    37. mac gaither

      Tom Lennon is the son of John Lennon. Seriously. just the wrong John Lennon

    38. Justin Case

      Why doesn't Tom Lennon age?

    39. april sampson


    40. Bean Breakers

      Courtney is bad at making people laugh

    41. Arthur Morgan

      Thomas Lennon visited my school to sell a kids book last year and I forgot about him till now.

    42. Jamilyn Giberson

      I was really hoping Damien was gonna say “17 again” when mentioning movies Tom was in, that’s one of my favorite movies 😂

    43. Susanne Wolf

      Tom Lennon being Robert Downey jr. for 21 minutes

    44. my brooklyn baby

      Jack is lowkey very cute...

    45. Evelyn Leggett

      hannah where do u think ur going? give me 1 no 2 no 4 actually 6, 8 ,10 actually hannah baker give me 13 reasons why ur leaving! i kill my self at work almost everyday 😂😂😂 i lose it

    46. DeanTastic

      “WOOO” 3:17

    47. BlueflameKing1

      10:47, okay, legit, how has that never been done before?

    48. Kiwipeach18

      When shane said I make the star wars noises I yelled “YOUR WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL”

    49. dellilah jamees

      when shayne was making the "13 reasons why" joke, he reminded me of Jon Matteson for some reason.

    50. Joshua Thomas

      How was 19:13 a fail? He spit out the water

    51. Drew Downs

      Don’t forget he played in 17 again

    52. Brooke Jacobs

      Damien is so underrated i swear-

    53. Omg Hi

      Courtney has a redhead I APPLAUD your hair!!!

    54. Noah Deibler

      I can’t tell what Ian said while doing the Conan impression

    55. Violet Cook

      I'm starting to not like valley folk anymore...

    56. Skull TV

      Jack: You look like my sister Also Jack: **gets close to Courtney** SWEET HOME ALABAMA

    57. Jack Smellington

      Isn’t that the guy from 17 again! I love that movie!!

    58. Will Jacks

      Jack robbins face and smile makes me laugh hard af just that alone kills me lol

    59. Olivia Kirkbride

      D͟i͟d͟ a͟n͟y͟o͟n͟e͟ e͟l͟s͟e͟ s͟e͟e͟ t͟h͟e͟ k͟e͟y͟ n͟o͟t͟e͟

    60. Emmalee Arias

      When Tom Lennon walked out with his mop -o nOo got to clean up her failures