Trying FOOD Gadget Hacks to see if they work

Little Lia

Little Lia

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    Trying Kitchen Gadget & food Life Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying out some more DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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    1. Little Lia

      kitchen hacks :D uploading on sssniperwolf later in 2-3 hours :D

      1. Yuri Gacha

        Are you SSniperwolf

      2. Gabriella Mathias

        Hi Lia

      3. Hanaa Sabri

        Little Lia thanks ok

      4. STEPHANIA1982

        Little Lia your lucky to 2 puppies because

      5. Bri Carrick

        Question did the USA say there is going to be a world war 3 I'm scared if it will hit Canada

    2. Eyeless Jack

      Are you related to sssniperwolf because you two look alike

    3. Gacha Shell

      People in Texas:BLEH byeeee Me:bye bleh

    4. ღ Lotus ღ

      ashe: barks lia: *ashe its not for you!!!!!!* my dog: breathes me: good job, here’s some chicken

    5. claire kaminski

      Lia: this boneless piece of MELON!!

    6. Lacie Phan

      Who else saw white stuff on Lias head ? 🙋🏻‍♀️


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> me when I get to school..

    8. Grace Rodriguez

      I got burnt by a oven and it has been 13 years and i still have a perfectly seable scar

    9. Aleighssa Donker

      Call me dark sausage Duduch

    10. Rosa Ho

      Is digitalmax your bf or that other guy???

    11. Nasya Ackerson

      What is your iron doing on the table

    12. Grass Is Greener Landscaping

      Everytime you try to do something in the kitchen you have scalp ;-;

    13. mmarcelle3

      Lia:one hour later Also lia:it's been like 2 hours

    14. ꧁ Crescent Moon Studios ꧂

      They call me *Darth Sausage*

    15. Illiana Aguirre

      little Lia your my favorite NOselr keep doing more videos I love them all!

    16. Bailey Blackwell

      I live in Alabama

    17. Sophie Jocelyn

      That last hack is a game changer. 😱

    18. kathy ferrari

      I actually started crying looking at the Onion

    19. kathy ferrari

      My Grandma freeze Gatorade halfway and then when she freezes it halfway she puts a warm drink in there after breaking it up so like using a hammer hitting the bottle and grabs a warm drink like the aloe water and she pours it in and she puts a towel around the bottom so she has her own little Gatorade icy so I tried Gatorade ice and it tastes good I swear

    20. EddiePlayz184

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="780">13:00</a> what’s the thing named?

    21. Shiloh Alaman

      guys did you see the pilled potatos in the left PEOPLE ARW DUMB THIS DAYS

    22. Mahina Thompson

      I literally got shivers when she bit the ice...

    23. Klaudia Richards

      lia: cuts chicken* also lia: eww its bloody also lia: gives chicken to her dog*

    24. Klaudia Richards

      sausages voice sounds like one of those robot voice over

    25. The Okere Family

      Why does she say boneless hahahahahaha 🤦‍♂️🤣😂

    26. Brave Merida

      Little lia I love you

    27. Joseph Carter

      You have soomuch money but you act broke

    28. Jasolin Pitts

      Is he your boyfriend

    29. Olivia Byrd

      I live in superior.wisco

    30. Olivia Byrd

      Lia did u know the one u didnt know what state u at u are Wisconsin superior

    31. angel hernandez


    32. angel hernandez

      No wonder my state is cold and that the coronavirus is here YOU DID IT hahahah

    33. Ethan Levi


    34. Joan Besst

      i wish i were as prity as you but i'm not

    35. Isabella Werner

      You know every SINGLE TIME you have to do a hack with an iron you always tell the story of how you burnt yourself and are scared of irons

    36. Samuel Pérez

      She got burned in the arm I got burned in the butt. No cap

    37. Teatimejava

      For once she does her hair 😂 (not hating)

    38. Shantalee Ford

      Lia :I dub u queen corn Me:im the corn of the jungle

    39. Vianka Colon

      I mean hack not video

    40. Vianka Colon

      Wait a minute that lady in the watermelon video before lia tried it was one of the teachers in my school

      1. Vianka Colon

        I mean hack not video

    41. MasonDaBeast YT

      Cantaloupe is the best

    42. Gracie Anecki

      u are absolute beautiful

    43. Supriya Patil

      potato hack you didnt add oil

    44. Sadie Hall

      You could attach the drill inside the the hole and put the drill side ways when you turn it on. In all the best ways

    45. Lainey Jane

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">1:57</a> yummy meat that's what my family eats

    46. Cookie Gacha

      You Won’t Believe Who The most Greatest Person is Hint read the first word 😉

    47. SpydermannXx oof

      Why do your melons have bones?

    48. Mikayla Romero

      I got burned by an iron to

    49. jugi adventures

      U just to rinse the onions

    50. XxxWerewolvesXxx _forlife

      What I do is eat it and sit out the seed outside like a Mexican does it also i saw some of the potato skin in the bucket

    51. Brynnroseflame

      I am also scared of steamers! The reason why is because once when my mom was using a steamer I was messing aroun, and some how my mom burnt my butt. don't as how because even I don't know. I remember that she had to put milk on my butt! Lol

    52. LilyMorris and JaydenTheFlowerBoi

      SUSHI IS MY FAVOURITE 🥺 yOu maKE mE SuFfER 😤 😡

    53. Melanie Enriquez

      I did the one with the iron and it worked .-.

    54. XxsenpaichanxX

      Littlefield Lia I Love your dog its so cute ang fluffy

    55. Lorelei Falcon

      hey we actually have those, and they really work

    56. ariel bravo

      OMG 😮 😝

    57. Selin Yesim


    58. Melissa Peterson's

      My mom has bear claws to and she loves them

    59. Emmie Serpas

      She said the whole United States but what about Hawaii and Alaska

    60. New Kid

      Please dont eat montana

    61. Ashish Rai

      No leia not the chicken I love those I don't want them to go trash but still love it

    62. Melissa Beauchard

      Ai love you so much 🥰🥰

    63. Jenny Mitchell

      I love how how she goes scurrrrrt

    64. savannah Skinner

      You are my favourite you tube in the world and my Hamster loves your video to. From savannah

    65. Masala Haandi

      Hey Sniper wolf what is your favourite country mine is India because I live there 😀😀😀😀😀😀🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

    66. Kathryn Pelaez

      RIP the watermelon

    67. Epic DOGE Gaming

      was that OHIO

    68. Lindsay Ellis

      Bro I have the same chopsticks but in red green and blue

    69. alex perez

      If that’s your boyfriend he looks like post melone

    70. Hannah Joachim

      You weew suppose to turn the corn stripper gadget, not choke it down

    71. Violet Apples2

      Plot twist: *lia is the corona virus and she’s eating the states to take over the world*

    72. Sutton Van Lenten

      Omg!!!!!!my mom and uncle got the claws for christmas!!!!!!!!

    73. cutegirl1123 Hunka

      i thought when you said bear paws i thought you meant by the food like the kids food for lunch have you herd of it

    74. Emma King

      Houston we have a problem I was thinking that when she said Texas is falling apart

    75. Delecia Mccarthy

      I can't at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="637">10:37</a> I replayed it about 1000 times her face tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

    76. Scarlett Niu

      is this the real sssniperwolf???

    77. CX519

      When she said bear claws I thought she actually had bear claws LOL

    78. Amber Oriol

      Me and my Brother: I hate getting burned. Me and my Brother: gets hurt 24/7

    79. Malak Ahmed

      Whats your name

    80. Lovella Sangel

      Do you not know how to use chops ;_~