Trying FOOD Life Hacks to see if they work

Little Lia

Little Lia

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    Trying FOOD Life Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying out some more DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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    1. Elyssa Munoz

      I would try the melted gummy YUMMM

    2. Charlie Cecilia Frölund

      I relly hope this was before corona got series or else girl stop touching your food

    3. Derp Studios Bloopers

      RIP Georgina

    4. Klaudia Richards

      her blue shirt really bothers me

    5. Caitlyn Smith

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> she really channeled her inner Rapunzel

    6. Ashley Forbs

      Lol u got me hungry

    7. Peko OwO

      I thought she said regina..

    8. Sniper Sniper

      u just roasted hershey's no hard feelings

    9. Lily Adams

      I trusted you Lia when you said that potatoes were delicious in cinnamon so I tried it and it was delicious 😁

    10. ivy Oliver

      Im not gonna lie...but foid is...liFe

      1. ivy Oliver


    11. Danica Noahubi

      Is her name lia

    12. Areli Bueno

      Sis vs bro had the wrong corn and should watch this VIDEO

    13. XxWøłfie HeartxX

      Pls play roblox and watch tik toks :D

    14. Brayan Guevara


    15. Camille Guerra

      I like to be cheesy

    16. Camille Guerra

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 Two

    17. Jessica Lee21

      her: *uses plastic bottle* me:THAT'S NOT VERY VSCO OF YOU- LMAO i stole you're joke


      Why do you make your videos at 3AM

    19. Brittany Pettyjohn

      I love lia so much

    20. Brittany Pettyjohn

      I subscribe and click the bell

    21. Angel Hall

      That's ssniperwolf

    22. Kerry Tingle

      Me: PLASTIC that's not very visco of you

    23. Vanessa Lopez

      When you put the pan in your but it look like someone from the Diary of the Wimpy Kid

    24. Anupreet Marwaha

      The funny thing is that this was published on my bday 😂

    25. Zayaan Amod

      KFC hairclip licking good

    26. All Nighters!

      Isn’t that how you make Mac and cheese?

    27. Entesab Khan

      Spirals are made by special devices

    28. pewds finally got a break

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> its still going its still twitching

    29. Monica Zhao

      Is using chopsticks another correct way of eating noodles

    30. Robert Daniels

      Listen to be my dadand I'm Isabella and I'm a really big fan and I really like your videos and I want you to wear wigs again because it was like so beautiful I like your purple one and it's so pretty Isabel's phone but now it's

    31. Erica Boyer

      do you get any sleep

    32. Annaliza Gabiola

      how many times she said ''bad boy'' in all videos

    33. arleth

      Ever notice sssniperwolf is so pretty

    34. kenzie Plank

      This video just made me soooo hungry,ima get a chewy granola bar

    35. Markus Al-Bardaji


    36. Nightcore Leo

      you are alesom

    37. anika

      just me or do i have to have a SPECIFIC types of cheese otherwise i feel sick 🥴

    38. Bald Phones2.0

      Just so Lia knows, that lemon hack was for storage.

    39. Chanelle Ramey

      I didn't even know your name was Leah

    40. Nasir Ahmed

      Hi...... lia u are so cool by Tasmiah sultana......😊

    41. Araceli Ruiz

      Ash be like umm ok mommy

    42. Austin Arizmendi

      I was eat romen noodles

    43. TG- Mystic

      She sound like an alien a 2X speed lol

    44. Josslyn Wasson

      My new baby brother was born on February 23

      1. Rubin Xhemali


    45. wolfblox :]

      Dam you got a big house

    46. arthur paul white

      Pan pants pants

    47. Sadie Morris


    48. Maria Gonzalez

      She looks so lazy but me to

    49. Alhan Yousif

      this vid made me so hungry

    50. Myra Petrucco

      omg wait I love that- it aint easy being cheesy

    51. Susan Barlow

      pause the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a>. Her face!!!

    52. Christy A.

      I feel bad for you..... But I love your videos!

    53. Derya Ozdil

      Who else watches hacks but never tries them

    54. Yuvika Dadhich

      your house is so big

    55. Alexander armstrong

      Good cooking 🤔

    56. Feneti Mohamed

      Or you could take steroids to get a bigger butt

    57. Kassiah Fenner

      I need to try the Mac And Cheese

    58. Chrisitne Chambers


    59. SonicPlaysGames

      I thought this was sssniperwolf

    60. Cool Ryder Bros

      The Flat iron with the kernel is not working For me

    61. J U P I T E R S D A U G H T E R boo

      lia: i just found this louis vouitton bag in my pantry. me: dayum. IM BROKE

    62. GachaGamer Official

      Okay but the first one is a little dumb tho. Just use one of those thin sticks and poke it through until you can hold it on both sides. Or you can just eat it and wash your hands after🤦🏽‍♀️

    63. Andrew Cheung

      That potato.. good thing you're rich lol

    64. Infinate Girl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> I wonder what was It that made her cry herself to sleep P.s ily❤️

    65. Tyxaminx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> is that from DIE POTATO

    66. Subash Shrestha

      Wow ha ha ha


      I just realized that you posted this video on my birthday. lmao

    68. Melany Corrales

      Why does she always make vids so late? (No hate I love her but I was just wondering lol)

    69. Susan Willis

      It aint easy being cheesy is what my dad says to me i like cheese they sometimes call me cheesy

    70. Rain

      Lol I know what shows you are talking about the green potato. It was Arthur

    71. Taylor Burkett

      Holdddd up why u crying urself to sleep doe 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    72. Brenda MeowMeow

      I eat ramen the normal way and I drink the juice ;-;

    73. Van Pham

      You look like SSSSniper

      1. Amanda A. Ngollo

        Van Pham because it’s her! This is her second channel

    74. Lora Smith

      I love your Channel❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟💜🖒🙌👧😻🙃😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😐😘😙😚☺🙂🤗😇

    75. Ninja 1

      Hahah my name is Georgia like Georgiana

    76. Sophie Barthel

      It's melted because it is not tempered chocolate

    77. gr phillips


    78. Alyssa Babcock

      Of corse her microwave says wolf

    79. Antoinette Tingley


    80. Zahra Ali

      Why was she crying her self to sleep ☹️??? 🤔