Tycho - Dive (Full Album)



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    00:00 : A Walk
    05:16 : Hours
    11:04 : Daydream
    16:35 : Dive
    24:55 : Coastal Brake
    30:32 : Ascension
    34:54 : Melanine
    37:48 : Adrift
    43:47 : Epigram
    46:20 : Elegy


    1. Hamza Momin Rauf ICSBR1

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1545">25:45</a> is where all the fun begins ,like the video if I'm true!

    2. L H

      This is the sound track to an introverts mind :)

    3. invisible vengence visits

      I use to love listenining bc it was calming!! But thanks to the hundred ads it defeats the purpose. and yes i know I could purchase the album, but i dont want to.

    4. Bas Schipper

      I can't believe how popular Tycho became. In a good way of course, but I'm just confused that tens of millions of people are listening to this yet similar music (unique in its own way but similar vibes and also really good) gets only a small fraction of the views. Think producers like Electric Youth, PilotRedSun, Haircuts for Men, Windows 96.

    5. Hunter Angle

      I mean I like this and it's good, but how does it have this many views???

    6. Eugene Collins

      please dont cancel greenfield lake i need u

    7. fantasyvimmienskrrt


    8. HeavyProfessor

      Wow, 33mil views and counting

    9. Banjo Fries

      An interesting find on a sunday afteroon, very nice.

    10. Sebastian Guardia

      first time i was high i listened to this album, whenever i hear it i feel high


      I was really stoned when I first heard Tycho. Best car ride ever.

    12. Holly Wills

      My ex love introduced me to this album many years ago and it was my break up album I listened to to help me get over him. Now I am here 5 years on I’m going through another break up and my heart feels it’s shattered into a million pieces but for some reason this album is uplifting and makes me remember that everything will be ok

      1. Moe N

        It's because this album eased you into living normally again without that person. Now it's a reminder that things can get better. For me, this album reminds me of my ex and the easy moments with her.. it'll get better one day

    13. Susan Gordon

      Dude this album reminds me of some sad and lonely times in my life. It's almost painful to listen to now. That just goes to show the power of music.

      1. _ Danielle


    14. Der Men

      Helps with my anxiety. A lot.


      Love it :)

    16. HandsFullOfHearts

      years ago with this album began a long love story.... 🎵♥️

    17. Chillange

      I spent 3 weeks alone, with two cats, on the woods in Norway. I was 21, backpacking, exploring life and myself, a time utterly dedicated for my soul. For the first week I kept in silence, I didn's say a word to myself. Just me, the 18th century wooden house, the two cats and an infinite landscape. It was winter. All white around... There was a small red snowboard that I found in the barn. I took it and made my way to a valley where to my surprise I made it into a snow boarding path with my little snowboard. This album was repeatedly playing while the sound was merging with the cold, the pine trees, the snow, my self, and the proudness for balancing myself on this little board and making it quite far down the valley. The upbeat of the rythm made me feel like a master of myself. No one around but my life and nature. Up and down, over and over again... I felt alive.


      I Love TYCHO

    19. Peter Rossi

      It’s nigh time and sitting still here, but also moving in a orbit around space and time, it’s all relative anyways peace to god’s creation.

    20. I like Youtube

      no body is this happy

    21. Eugene Collins

      Love is beautiful

    22. ItsMeii

      holy crap, this is severly underrated

    23. Nick Ruiz

      muy buena música viajera!

    24. Serhii Sikora

      best music for outdoor trips)

    25. Dinky Grambus

      This album means something spiritual to me, it's rare to find something this special.

    26. Skinny J

      Reminds me of those late night trips in high school

    27. Old Soul

      I was on a random playlist on spotify and i was like "tycho that sounds so familiar" fuuuuuuck i remember being a junior in high school walking home to this on my ipod thinking i was so cool and edgy lol. time flys man

    28. Frank Vairo

      years after 1st hearing. the love has not diminished.

    29. Clinton Nkolokosa

      Nostalgia brought me here <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2780">46:20</a> : Elegy

    30. Cody Maverick

      I can hear souls floating away when i listen to this.

    31. Priscila Yama

      OMG thanks so much for this divine piece of art

    32. Andrey Solo Films

      My best friends showed me the way to Tycho. They truly are my best friends

    33. Edd Jordan

      just lovely

    34. Ayylmao

      My cousin brought me here in 2012. Thanks cuz. He also showed me slow magic, bonobo and this whole genre of music.

    35. happyhour2624

      Does anyone know anyone else like Tycho? I love the melodic ethereal emotion in Scott's tacks. If you have a second please check out the song I made: soundcloud.com/user-821942097

    36. waffielz

      this is some pretty good space music, *ironic isn't it*

    37. Germán Arens


    38. Mr. Fister

      superb. I love the Hasidim Rabbi image. Shalom

    39. Soren

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="664">11:04</a> Makes me so emotional cause I used to listen to this a lot early 2018

    40. E

      theres another song that has this same beat and i can not for the life of me rememver what it is. its a rap song i think. its driving me nuuuuttssss.

    41. ABSTRACT

      funny this album makes people feel things ans yet the comments on stupid rap videos are saying how great the music i mean who da fuc says Gucci gang over and over agin

    42. Piggy Raccoon

      Listening this to the way back home in hopes life gets better

      1. Patrick Neal

        Not much music can move me like this, especially without words. I truly hope your pain eases; I know mine's taken a few years to get there. 🙏💛

      2. Jano allgood

        I think it does a long as you try to solutions to your problems

      3. *b

        it's beautiful and made me cry, there's not alot of really fkng pretty emotional in a good way kinda musicians left these days. Reminds me of the bands I found in the end of the 90s early 2000s but more talent is here

    43. Rupin Hundal


    44. Евгений Ошовский

      Есть хорошие мелодии и не только они делают этот альбом лутьшим

    45. Jack Rose

      So good!

    46. Dwight James

      Absolutely ❤ ascension.

    47. Mark Bernhardt

      Am I in a Chipotle? I keep checking...

    48. blah blah blah

      8 ads

    49. Erica N

      The beginning ❤️ takes me back several years to when I first found myself

    50. Countess K8

      oh look it's Adderall the album. i see the reason i'm here is that i once again need the boredom necessary to write a 20 page paper

    51. Robbie De-ville

      Shame about the ads

    52. nodnoc

      Dont ask me why but this album makes me think of The Brave Little Toaster

      1. Callum Ormond


    53. torq

      A friend showed me this a few months ago and I feel like i joined a secret club

    54. William McPheat

      This is the sort of music that you wear

    55. Dj ReNNed Oficial

      SPACE X

    56. Roberto Ramirez

      Everytime I heard then my soul become a whole !!!

    57. THE WALL

      Oliver Francis

    58. Sebastian Garcia

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3046">50:46</a> segundos

    59. BlueNachoDangerous

      hobbies include: wandering around the Pacific Northwest listening to ambient techno

    60. ozhan tasdemir

      I’m gonna tell my kids tycho create electronica

    61. Chloe Clark

      fell in love with a kid names tycho. i find it just a tad misfortunate i moved away from him.

    62. scabbarae

      The #1 album that no one searched for, but everyone came back for.

      1. TV-Obscure

        scabbarae i searched for it

    63. Victor Waites

      Reminds me of the 80s.😁

    64. Byron 310

      I'm back since high school I'm 27 now bumping this brings back nothing but gd vibes and memories . all my friends I dont talk to I just wish them long lasting happiness and friendships to build and help others. One day I'll be gone some day someone will fall in the comment section and find this and read it.

      1. Samira Belhoussine

        I love this comment and the good vibes that Tycho brings !

    65. AD mzo

      Bless Tycho, great music!


      I don't care how it got so popular, just glad this album finally has the recognition it deserves.

    67. Daniel Thompson

      "seize today, and tomorrow. I'll seize yesterday." ,daniel'"

    68. Daniel Thompson

      "let them know not in secret this time please."

    69. Daniel Thompson

      "i am Odysseus" ,danielus'

    70. InYourHead

      Best album to take Peyote to

    71. Shrouded In Dust

      This music is gut

    72. Sabbarish Govindarajan

      Aesthetic mind, aesthetic body; aesthetic body, aesthetic mind.

      1. JF Éire

        We're all gonna make it

    73. Brian Lardass

      This cover is absolutely trippy and genius simultaneously

    74. Brandon Healey

      So good..... so reflective of ones own life .....easier said then done Just let go and relax......

    75. Burçin Şimşek

      Best Acid nights

    76. Jonathon Contreras

      *dozing off while studying* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="993">16:33</a> *instantly wakes up*

    77. Hawaii is Serbia

      codeine tears in her fanta

    78. Brahman

      Ads on music you didnt create is just plain wrong.

    79. Neen Alladeem

      I used to go on nightly bike rides throughout the city, empty streets, darkness, Tycho and me. Add in some wine prior and your heart is feeling emotions that you usually block. I'm a dead man, but Tycho manages to rekindle some embers from time to time.

      1. Achille Dieudonné

        Your last sentence put some words on what many of us are feeling, I'm sure.

    80. NI ELSIR

      Probably one of my favorite electronic music albums of all time. Thanks, Tycho for making this piece. It helped me get through Uni back in 2012. This music has been an influence on my own music production since I first heard it.