UFC 246: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview

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    Hear Conor McGregor's post-fight comments immediately after his knockout victory over Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone at UFC 246 in the first round.
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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Pramit Nandi

      3:37 best moment ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Pramit Nandi

      *where are the Conor haters now motherfuckers* 😡 *Love you McGregor* *Love to see ur family happy once again* ❤️

    3. emre hattus

      World has only 1 king, to khabib

    4. Loża Szyderców

      0:24 Barbie plastic dolls 0:24 co to za plastik?

    5. Scott Sterling

      the only mouthy little fool is mctapper himself. It's funny how stupid and non-self aware he is.

    6. Melon n

      3:21 its the old conor

    7. ognavo1

      Respect to cowboy and his grandmother and family

    8. Rustik Safiullin

      Conor)) come more often to Russia ... everyone loves you here .. here others will stand up for you)))

    9. Cephas Jackson

      The guy behind Cerrone embracing his grandma is pure gem❤️

    10. Kenedy Kshetri

      Love you @Cowboy bro..


      I pay for these fights not just to see the end results, I want to see what's leading up to the fights and the aftermath. And honestly regardless of this outcome is say money well spent.

      1. N-Word Salesman

        IG BROOKLYN pay pig

    12. Mike V

      Them other dudes wishing for Conor to change their lives and pick them like, "please pick me, please pick me"...

    13. David -01

      Can we see Usman smeshed?

    14. Jenna Robertson

      Can someone please translate the last part of the interview where CM goes off? lol

    15. liamsimpson1994

      3:53 "what a great glame-blam he had" - Donald Cerrone 2020

    16. XdSlurped Ice

      Ok someone comment if they think the same, people say Conor can’t defeat masvidal or usman but if you look at both of there last fights they where good but I 100% believe that Conor’s skill and timing and everything in his game plan could run right threw the welterweight division


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:45 ❤💝 👇👇💛

    18. prateek walia

      Dee Devlin wearing red panties i see.....

    19. Abdirisaaq Ahmed

      Where is Khabib Nurmagomedov

    20. JonSadlierMusic

      Mac in a video with another bird going around whatapp 100% him

    21. Ahmed Elnadi

      Its fuckn fike and you fuckn talk to much

    22. zt v

      15m damn connor is the face of ufc

    23. Adriangarciacejajose 1

      So are gonna act like win over a dude who just came from two losses is impressive oh cause it’s Conor I see

    24. Reborn 777

      Dana White and the UFC Handpicked a Mentally Weak opponent for Conor McGregor and their plan worked

    25. Mukti Singh

      Connor - legend

    26. Ryon L

      Masvidal high af

    27. Max

      Proprer tweeeeeelve

    28. Ron2652

      He had Tony Robbins with him, you can tell he took that loss to khabib veeeeery fucking serious

    29. wesam.wesam wesam.wesam

      well- orgnize circut

    30. Joygreat Sankhil

      Soo many fighters everyone in the control of the UFC but this dude is on top of the UFC.

    31. Louis Lee

      Conor, You want a real fight with Habib again ? I don't think the fight with Ceroni was a real one. Fight with Habib again must be a proof that you would be a legend..not now and not even before.

    32. R'do jr Buchem

      Usman acts like a gay

      1. Jeremiah Mitchell

        Personality maked the fighter hahaah

    33. Jay M

      Cowboy looking like he just fought 5 rounds

    34. James Quinn

      He might not be the best lol some of them dudes would probably beat him but they wish they had his swag 🔥

    35. Run it up Wayne VDM

      the first person to get knock outs at all 3 ww, lw & fw true but not the first person to get finishes at all 3 just saying

    36. naufal mf

      holy shit 15 million views already?! lmao

    37. Brian Masters

      Cerrone you fucken legend!!

    38. Arizona Colour

      They need to run that shit back. Or I need my money back


      Can't beat kabib

    40. adams sessions

      Can’t wait till Conor fights a real opponent, he’s such a pussy!!!!!

    41. Carl Campbell

      Nice sportsmanship right after the fight was over Coner. I have a lot of respect you now. This kind of display elevates your sport.

    42. Arul Raj

      Sure the dislikes are from Khabib Dickriders!!!

    43. Thomas Noel

      Cowboy’s face looks like he’s been beat up for 3 rounds and yet the fight lasted 40 secs 😳 And still people say it was fake.. Shame on you! Cowboy never fakes he’s a true fighter!

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Stupid tick lmao

    44. Johnny 32

      Who would win in the rematch? Like: Conor Mcgregor Comment: Khabib

      1. vinasu maaj

        Just watched this fight again on ESPN plus & I noticed they dubbed over their entrance music with some straight up bullshit songs lol it was so lame

    45. Ahmed I

      Conor has been preparing for khabib since before he fought Aldo. He even said it himself that khabib will end up the champion at 155. He weaseled his way to skip Khabib, took the belt from Edward and skip town for 3 years like a Coward. And that whole time he thought playing touch butt with Dillion Danis would bridge the gap in the grappling department. Let's not forget McGregor's whole team took an L that night he fought Khabib. nosel.info/video/video/ko-tmmDHh31115Y.html

      1. vinasu maaj

        Stupid tick lmao

    46. Unbearable Suffering

      1:33 lol the zoom in just gets funnier everytime you play it

      1. yaliso gioouy

        That 4 Piece with a Shouldah

    47. Ishan S

      3:24 Im a fan but Masvidal looked like a clown wearing conors robe with a fake make belief belt and his cheap ass bootleg tequila 😂

    48. Massive Landslide

      Cowboy you are Useless piece of shit. Get the FUCK out of UFC, I put money in you and now I lost 3000 Rupees. You are useless piece of shit.

      1. Massive Landslide

        @ceerw buty cuz his balls are too heavy.

      2. ceerw buty

        why hes smilling.

    49. Wonder Boy

      👑Conor felt bad for cowboy gotta love conor

    50. Travelling Tom

      nosel.info/video/video/x2mpmqzRgaB2tNU.html vm.tiktok.com/VbUXbN/ Subscribe for more content!!

      1. ceerw buty

        Great knock out by mcgregor but i believe that conor will need alot more preparation to go against guys like khabib and jorge masvidal. Masvidal is a hell of a fighter. I can see

    51. ELIBONSA TV Production

      Ireland babeeee that one was powerful

      1. ELIBONSA TV Production

        skinnyfags what’s you mean, you little twat.

      2. skinnyfags

        English bitch

    52. / SwisheR \

      “ we love you too Donald”

    53. Jamal Zafar

      Not to mention that cowboy is not in his best form, lost all of his previous 4 matches, and McGregor chose to fight him. Easy win for him. And all these dudes in comment section tried to suck hard on connor, masvidal gonna screw him so bad lol



      1. beedsj roiue

        inches too his reach ffs

    55. 就是愛廢話

      4:02 mom and son.....I cried

    56. mauricio caceres

      Tony Robbins is the king so much respect

      1. beedsj roiue

        his pecks are. They're full of muscle. he's all limbs chest and shoulders. he must have the smallest diameter and actuall smallest waist in the sport. look how bit his shoulde

    57. Chris Ste

      Khabib dont care he will knock him out again lmao

      1. BigBoyTraks

        Ummm....He didn't knock Conor out the first time, he won via submission (Modified RNC/Neck Crank)

    58. Nathan Dust

      That 4 Piece with a Shouldah

    59. Yo Bro

      Stupid tick lmao

    60. DirtyWater

      Just watched this fight again on ESPN plus & I noticed they dubbed over their entrance music with some straight up bullshit songs lol it was so lame

      1. sotuur aeei

        Usman will get his ass waxed by Conor give him Masvidal I’m tired of paying for shit fights lmao