UFC 246: Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone Recap


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    See the highlights from UFC 246: Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone recap after Conor McGregor defeated Donald Cerrone for his first win since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018.
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    1. MMAWeekly.com

      Hey guys, we'd love to show the finish, but we are a credentialed media outlet and are limited to the footage the UFC provides. They did not provide the finishing footage. So we try hard to add more insight into the fight, particularly when there is limited highlight footage. But we just wanted to say thanks for checking out the video and for all the feedback!

      1. MLMRC.COM

        it was blatant proof that many of the top fights are staged.

      2. John Rajobson

        Je ne sais pas parler englais

      3. ANTI HATUN

        WHAT THE HELL VIDEO 👎👎👎👎

    2. Alen BG

      Lets see this shit

    3. Alen BG

      Yes kobib and coner

    4. MLMRC.COM

      So to be clear, it wasn't staged both for the betting odds, and to help reinvigorate the McGregor fan base? come on. If I had to bet, I'd say it was staged.

    5. Kankerlijer 447

      Khabib would have destroyed Khabib if he had the same preperation as he had for this fight

    6. U-tube editoR

      "feather": conor...i cannot fight you...i just FOUND [Chi Sau(/Aikido)]...my fahder...will be very upset if i fail conor...

    7. Edison Aristizabal

      Amo ver este deporte,sin ninguna técnica solo fuerza bruta.

    8. Elvis Jefferson Dela Cruz

      What if McGregor become a youtuber?? Hello Gamers!! My Name is PewDiePie!

    9. nel 85

      Fixed staged

    10. Matanix


    11. Sony Ajj

      K habib 😆

    12. Don DAmato

      Fake fight

    13. muhd helmy

      Mcgregor just talk to much but he nothing! He loser

    14. Ariel francisco

      You Need To Fight Jorge Masvidal

    15. Zahir Abbas

      Since 5 years Conor did not win

    16. Zahir Abbas

      It is fixed fixed

    17. RON DOC

      Don't celebrate Conor! You have a catching of wasted time to do. F*ck Media attention, They are not around where you are down.

    18. Soja Saturre

      You deserve 26,000 dislike asshole.

    19. Soja Saturre

      Your an asshole . You only made an compilation for mcgregor not the fight between coner and cowboy.

    20. Yanger Aier

      This fight was like my first time sex... Couldn't wait but lasted only 40 seconds... And this video was how I told my friends how long lasted ... 40 seconds stretched into 8 minutes

    21. Kevin Areiza


    22. Cameron Presley

      MMA can shut they bitch ass up tooo

    23. CAP1217

      Sure, Khabib is a dangerous man. He has proven that. But I think Conor will get him in their rematch. He's a different animal now.

    24. yunindra indarta

      I like McGregor from 🇲🇨 Indonesia

    25. J. Jim Jimmerson

      More dislike to like ratio for Mcgregor fanboys

    26. Ray Sandoval

      tony vs mcgregor

    27. Elliot Brambach

      Cowboy: “I’m not here to take part i am here to take shoulder

      1. Shernon Sequeira

        Real funny

    28. Sunarto 2019


    29. Bossman

      Crazy I still think cowboy took a dive lol he didnt do nothing. It's sad people are taking money and dont have honor and integrity

    30. Anthony Mullings

      I never thought cerrone was any good

    31. Anonymous squirrel

      Shut your face fowking idiyot

    32. nicksucht

      Trash talkers always get knocked out at the end

    33. Danyar Matniyazow

      Yeaaaaa conor macregor

    34. Luke Williams

      Hope he fights more than 40 seconds next year

    35. Larnciel darknciel

      Cerrone looked like a fan trying to fight a pro. Honestly, I think any of us would have done better than Cerrone. No wonder people say this fight was fixed. Cerrone didn't do shit man. He clinched Mctapper, but He wasn't throwing anything. He was just holding Mcgregor. When he threw the kick, it looks like he was aiming for the arm. There was no signs of a winner there. There is a possibility this guy was paid to take a shit that day.

      1. M. Öckthem

        Ding ding ding,,,we have a winner :)

    36. mio

      Conor vs old cowboy, common guys

    37. Wes Dolan

      This video is poorly put together

    38. Jinx Jr Jumper

      The King is back.. 😎😎

    39. Murat Özgün


    40. Marcell Gyetvai

      Even i could stand more in the ring with McGregor...joke (though I would be middleweight in UFC, and familiar with martial arts). Can't believe that a professional fighther could not stand more than this. Or it shows, that Cowboy was afraid of McGregor. A man full of adrenaline could continue running after taking a bullet to a non-lethal spot, but he conceded after 1 kick and 1 punch. He didn't have adrenalin, because he was so afraid. Or he got lot of money to concede with ease....

    41. C McA

      8:17 minutes to talk about a match that lasted 40 seconds. And where was the recap?

    42. Erick Avila Ahumada

      Quiero ver la pelea ctm

    43. Manny Vasquez

      Why not in Moscow? Its Its anyone knows why not?

    44. Jason

      SO SO SO FAKE Mcducker the actor UFC hid him from Tony F and Khabib forever and the world can know for certain why now good grief.

    45. Najing Xamang Jhao

      Cowboy disgraced me stupid !

    46. Kenestar Sunn

      What he wants to show, no meaning

    47. NotsoSalty

      McGregor has found a new sponsor "Head&Shoulders"

    48. iChest123

      Can we fucking stop rigging fights in 2020?

    49. Kim Olsson

      LMAO This recap is longer than the actual fight!

    50. Linh G.

      What name music

    51. Adnan Alim

      That's what happens when you fight cowboy who fought 10fights and lost 7 fights. Mc chicken thinking he is the best fighting amateur kids. Shameful


      Why you showing kabib.he is way better than conor

    53. Sultanbek Kalbaev


    54. John Pow

      Wow this video got equal likes and dislikes. First time in my entire life.

    55. Homeland Security UK

      He loves sly punching old age people in bars....he’s a disgrace to humanity, thug.

    56. Rox Veen

      Imagine seeing The Notorious VS The Last Stylebender, uuuh, would be exciting.

      1. Rox Veen

        @IGOR True dat 🤔

      2. IGOR

        The Last Stylebender is much bigger.. Wouldn't be fair at all

    57. INTEL Plays

      26k Likes, 26k dislikes.......yikes

    58. BlogFoot

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    59. James  S

      Cowboy threw the fight....

    60. YogiINTraining Christian

      1st ever NOsel comment, and its to say that this was the worst RECAP I've ever seen. Apparently 26 000 other ppl agree with me. We live in the age of TV not radio. If I just wanted the audio play by play, I would have built a time machine, went back 70 years or so, just to buy an authentic old Radio. Then I would travel back to present day, get some triscuits and some iced tea, then sit by the window listening to Connor beat up Cowboy. BUT! I don't want audio play by play! I would like to watch fight highlights with my sight-balls. Thanks for wasting the time I spent watching this video, and the other time I spent wasting on this comment.....