UFC Debut: Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage | Free Fight

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    Nearly seven years ago, a two-division champion from Cage Warriors named Conor McGregor began his journey to becoming the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.
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    Publisert 2 måneder siden


    1. Skümmtööns '66

      A real live Leprechaun, right here on TV! Badass👊!

    2. Skümmtööns '66

      Marcus can't even get back to his corner, "Nah, I'll sit right here, bring it the stool" That's what you get for not touching gloves at the start of the round. BADASS!! 👊👊👊👊

    3. mario hee

      Connor is the cop , the other guy george floyd😂😂😂

    4. Dylan Roth

      Wow this guys pretty good at fighting I hope he never beats up an old man

    5. Dylan Roth

      Brimage looks like he's on roids

    6. NealStronk

      Khabib's reaction in the background lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="449">7:29</a>


      Nate Diaz - He fought midgets

    8. Эльнар Яковлев

      Макрегор 👍

    9. Yusuf65_ Official

      connor is 24 years old ? wtf

    10. Test Test

      Mc cornor va bobby lesley

    11. RK800

      Wait, what? Detroit: Human Reference lol

    12. Sweather boys

      good match

    13. Bachtiar Rachim

      Yaaah..lawan nangka bubur...🤣🤣🤣

    14. Chris Padgett93

      60 grand, must of been alot of money to him at this time.

    15. Merman Terren

      Imagine those people that don’t have NOsel like I’m taking a poop

    16. Leo Mendoza

      Weak Gregor

    17. Scott Margreiter

      Very nice K.O.

    18. Alex Македонский

      Ну не знаю, с Диазом поинтереснее было...

    19. Alex Non

      Sat, Apr 6, 2013

    20. Dylan Atkinson

      Damn who is this guy?? He's going to be a UFC superstar someday!

    21. Rt Rt

      As much shit this guy talks he always supports his opponent when they lose. Everytime he mentions them in his post fight in a positive way.

      1. Skümmtööns '66

        Supports?? What, like helping them up off the mat? Supports their head and neck after getting knocked out? 😝(I know what you mean)

    22. Chad R

      McGregor sounds like a drunk chipmunk

    23. Bandit

      Еб*ть я русский

    24. Craig Irwin

      Would you look at the state of that horrible flag he holds👎

    25. I'm Purrito

      i actually love his tattoos

    26. Live Life Freely

      That fight was stopped 5 punches too late.

    27. Chad Corber

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a> you see the exact same counter that dropped Aldo

    28. Nick Tumia


    29. Samuel Carrillo

      5’4” ?!? What the hell

    30. koo

      the 24 year old looks 40

    31. Jurggenn Kilop

      He had such a strong Irish accent back then

    32. Pok Hensem

      Conor look calm here

    33. Quade Washington

      Never have been a fan of his mouth and IQ level, but McGregor can strike with the best of them. I respect his fighting style.

    34. Бендер Задунайский

      нее.. на Конора так кидацца низзя!

    35. JustA Melon

      Brimage’s parents really put all his stat points on reach

      1. CodeBreaker

        Lmaoo they forgot his height

    36. Umer lodhi

      they shown his reach in this fight is 72 but actually his reach is 74.I don't know you all guys noticed that or not

    37. Adam Beaman

      Only a numpty couldn't see how this was going to go, Conor broke out some basic wing Chun...job...done

    38. Nikola Milosavljevic

      Im so glad he made it

    39. William Winkle

      Conner looking like a sad shelter dog with "In the arms of the angels" in the background.

    40. nelsonmrqz10

      Thats a short black guy

      1. G C

        No shit lol

    41. Nou Samath

      He is still good standing

    42. Ямиль yamigos

      Khabib killed you

    43. Jimmi James

      A fight like this today in 2020 would not be called so soon.

    44. Hugo. De


    45. The Rewind

      No one watches UFC and is seriously interested unless Conor is involved....It's like Tiger in Golf, Lewis In F1, Fury in Boxing.....He made the UFC what it is today, not Dana.....Conor is the UFC

      1. Sabroso Lopez

        @Fin Regan na MCtapper was tapping for his life. He let you Irish down, what a shame 😆😆🤣

      2. Sabroso Lopez

        Khabib moped the floor with him 😆😆🤣

      3. Fin Regan

        100% agreed. Anyone who fights him gets a red panties day until their wife divorces them and takes their money.

    46. so no

      mc 👉👌

    47. trumatic max

      Черный за бабки лег ахахахахах

    48. Oh Beey

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> that fight already end

    49. Heath Knight

      should have tapped at the start

    50. Metal Mentality

      Pre~gorilla tatt

    51. Joshua Richards

      Poor Marcus, the UFC knew he was gunna get dispatched so quickly that they didn’t even bother broadcasting his walk out.

    52. harvey poten

      conor is a douche bag

    53. F_azkia aB

      Tumben si anjing g songong

    54. MessiersElbow

      I’ll beat the fucking shit out Conner McGregor

    55. mbah. surodigdo

      Kawak kie.....isih pas cungkring nok.....r mutu tenan

    56. Sam Injection Tips


    57. Jason Nester

      Back before the coke and whiskey ruined him

    58. Jimmy Steiger

      Man that combo!!! Left hand uppercut then the right hook n left hook!! BOOOM DOWN HE GOES

    59. Ras Alghul

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="266">4:26</a> - That blonde ring girl looks like she would be so much fun in the bedroom

    60. Rebekah Field

      RIDICULOUS! You may as well of thrown in me dressed as MR Blobby, would have lasted longer and been more interesting! Marcus Brimage....My Oh my! ER...maybe you shouldn't have left your till job at Asda.

    61. Pretty Vlogs

      My summer pikini floralkini collection try on nosel.info/video/video/pmR8Y2PdsKaDrt0.html

    62. Muhammad ahmed

      Khabib really made him humble

    63. 18 street

      This guy fook

    64. yusuf khan

      This would be floyd if he hopped in the octagon😂

      1. when did i ask

        except he’d get immediately taken down

      2. Kenneth Colon

        More like what Connor did to Aldo 😂

    65. CPSY T100

      fight style of capoeira nosel.info/video/video/l5l3ZnalgZ6Bu54.html

    66. Mercator

      No way Brimage's reach is 71"

    67. Desi Arby

      Ko ga ada tatto nya?....

    68. Айнур Даутов

      Конер всё равно лучший )

    69. AKA Compilation

      At this time conormcgregor was awesome

    70. TraGik PiG07

      And then, he fought khabib🤣🤣🤣

    71. ANAS oX

      Impressive but not the best. I think you know who the best is😂

    72. Surfer Franco

      Brimage thought he could just walk through past Mc.

    73. Perfume And Travel

      What a great fighter to defeat the best pound for pound fighter in the world Brimage, wow...😏

    74. tahoman1616

      Manlet y manlet

    75. 1111truu

      That took way too long.

    76. twitch z00m

      mcgregor kid looks good where is he now??

    77. Alter Ego

      Easy to uppercut analysis

    78. LIMITLESS FourEight

      Conor in Destruction Mode when the light was bright and the Fire within was raging!, the drinking and partying n Coke etc has thrown water on that inner fiery fight mode,, the Cowboy fight looked riggers pretty much ,really disappointing especially hand picking fighters past their Prime!!..Masdival would literally finish McGregors entire fighting career followed by a rematch with the last opponent he lost to followed by a rematch with Nate Diaz that’s 3 fights all of which he’d be tortured in and leave his career in ruins!. Jorge Masdival bmf belt holder would literally retire him. Fame got him like Rousey and the drugs have weakened him aswell as a culmination of outside of the ring antics showing his real attitude and the Bus incident

    79. NbaLive4ever

      This McGregor guy looks like he could be a star someday 🤔

    80. Ricky Parmar

      5'4 vs 5'9

      1. El Lee

        Both midgets