UFC Pelea Gratis: Ferguson vs Barboza



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    Una de las mejores peleas del 2015 la tuvieron Tony Ferguson vs Edson Barboza, una guerra que no llegaría a decisión de los jueces.
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    Publisert 3 år siden


    1. Yahya mohamed


    2. Bailey Edelen

      Ain’t no one gonna tell me it’s in Spanish .. I can’t cope

    3. ES Student

      f*****g a bloody mackup

    4. Jonatan Rivera

      7.10 excelente golpe al hígado

    5. Joshua Patrick

      Kicking a downed opponent in the head is a no go but cutting someone with elbows requiring 7 staples to keep their eye from falling out, fine...fucking UFC has some random ass rules man.

      1. Ahmad Rozak

        Glad is not clean

      2. Ahmad Rozak

        That kick would kill anybody

    6. Joshua Patrick

      Strange medical stoppage in the first after that wicked up kick. I appreciate the attention to fighter safety but even I found it unnecessary...and I’m the guy who thinks elbows and body slams should be illegal in the sport.

    7. Joshua Patrick

      Back in the brief period when ufc fightmaking had a semblance of reason behind it.

    8. abdelaziz elouali

      barboza was fucking him up

    9. Khalid Pardis

      The best fight both of them

    10. Gabriel Guyaquimil

      Tremenda pelea

    11. Victor Perez

      Comenten algo putos.

    12. Kanto Freeme

      Edson was good in this

    13. Andrey Panchenko

      I feel bad for Tony, must be hard to be a Pussy.

    14. Andrey Panchenko

      I feel so sorry for Ferguson, sometimes you just need to accept that you’re old....

    15. Edu

      Imanari roll was gang!

    16. Danish K

      Tony Ferguson Undergone a Forearm Surgery..watch video on my channel..nosel.info/video/video/04KYqpbDnH5n1NU.html

    17. Шапифхон Суфиев

      Конор кунатба гом

    18. Sean Price

      This fight was actually going in barboza's favor damn

    19. Jonas Steinberg

      I guess with Ferguson it can all change in an instant lol; nice darce finish!

    20. Jonas Steinberg

      McCarthy that dick just told Barboza "yer not hurt" like he was his dad or some shit lol what dick 🤣

    21. Alexander Müller

      What a great fight! Take a shot of Tequila every time the commentators say "el cucuy". Fun times

    22. Исмаил Ахмедов

      Тони красавчик молодец

    23. Josef Agüero

      Hermosa pelea

    24. Sebastian rico

      Rifado el cucui

    25. Len Yos

      Fue un rozón, pinche comentarista pendejo

    26. Nath

      I feel Barboza fought like a man.

    27. santiago matias

      Cuando le quitaron el punto al cjcjh le dio lo mismo porque sabía que la pelea acabaría antes

    28. Guli Parpieva

      Tony Barely won the fight..! Barboza Almost got him.. but I am glad that Justin won over Tony...

    29. khabib normaguedov

      Buena pelea

    30. cesar Gómez Délgado

      Esta pelea es una muestra de lo que es un verdadero luchador, mis respetos para Ferguson y Barbosa la verdad una lucha fuera de serie!

    31. Alfred Quiñones

      This is tony Ferguson training for a striker

    32. chandrakant sindholiya

      Love you Tony Brother you are my hero

    33. shazib khan

      That is one bloody match

    34. Otto Lidenbrock

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="141">02:21</a>

    35. Muhammad Ehsan

      Is that a sport. Insane. No respect for the opponent

    36. Brenden

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="566">9:26</a> nasty

    37. K Boss

      tony the type of guy to shout out his grandma after a victory

    38. CHEPO YT

      Mañana voy

    39. CHEPO YT

      Yo quiero pelear

    40. Ashat Djuzbaev

      Вот это бешеный темп.

    41. Ly Dalipe

      ferguson is a relentless freaking machine

    42. Mohamed Abdulla

      Imagine if one of them had aids The other would've been fucked

    43. ale1coq

      The so called Imanari roll was made also here but on very early stage of the fight.

    44. lim eddie

      having a power KO punch from either fighter would have prevented such prolonged bloody exhausting fight..

    45. Lionel Ronaldo

      Una de las mejores peleas que he visto, Nivel altísimo por la PTM

    46. Akash Agarwal

      Tony Ferguson is the biggest hype in UFCl. HE has no technique , fight like a bull. He is lucky otherwise Khabib would have crushed him.

    47. Xiao Zhang

      Tony's ground game is top notch. However, his constant forward moving and lack of defense could get caught by his opponent's counter attack.

    48. Randy Rodriguez

      Tony the type of guy to kick you in the face and say quit being a bi*ch haha😂

    49. Drigo Row

      Edsinho tava bem...

    50. Khaled Ron

      4;55 Tony covering the body shot with his face

    51. Galilea Gierraud

      Mantap barboza

    52. Al

      The fact that he didn't have this level of energy against Justin bothers me the most.

    53. Maciej Paczka

      Blood sport...

    54. BOKY BOY

      Toni is terier

    55. maria Semenuk


    56. Jason C

      And people say that a different Tony would have beaten Gaethje. Tony is great on his back but doesn't set up takedowns well. Standing up he always gets hit with hard shots. The difference with Justin is that he faced someone who can ko him with his shots and is more technical than anyone he has faced. Any strong and technical striker is a nightmare for Tony

    57. Benjamin Carter

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="333">5:33</a> does tony throw fake sand in his face? lol

    58. Asif Snow

      They both fought really well but barbosa would have won if that went to the judges bug Ferguson sure can take a hit i cam say that much but this Ferguson was not the same one who fought gachie

    59. Lightning Blade

      This is literally the same style by which Tony has fought Gaethje if we were to exclude his Imanari rolls in the first round. The only difference is that instead of taking heavy shots in the first round only which was the case in the Barboza fight he continued to sustain heavy shots through out the five rounds against Gaethje. Gaethje just had a bigger gas tank and a higher fight IQ than Barboza.

    60. Rodry C

      Se dieron con de todo...

    61. Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh

      I hope we see a new Tony Ferguson after UFC to 249 we see he didnt see the value in protecting his face that good when fighting Barbosa Im paying more attention to his fighting style and I can see where he can improve alot and comeback be excellent and beat the champ whoever they will be in his next fights I see him coming out of this loss with Gatheaje a more technical and less risky but more volume when it comes to his strikes more mixed up with more variety using Sidekicks for keeping distance to knock opponents off ballance also the use of more spinning backfist & spinning sidekicks he needs to come back fighting better smarter as Toney with more weapons more often and better more disciplined defence.

    62. Alexis Loranca

      en el minuto <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a> se puede escuchar al legendario toro max

    63. Sri Kalki

      The choke of service LOL

    64. Luis Ruiz

      Es brutal la resistencia de Tony, y cabe recalcar también el estilo y la técnica de Barboza

    65. awesome1ru

      is that a WWE2K16 logo on there LMFAO

    66. Hamed Mir


    67. Lucas donnarumma

      Tony Ferguson tu es mon deuxième préféré tu es très très très très très fort je t’adore reste bien concentré c’est pas coco fais pas gaffe aux commentaires que je vois en ce moment débile désolé pour les erreurs je t’adore signez Lucas et Hugo Donnarumma😋🤩😎😜

    68. Blexx

      que peleon

    69. Des

      Tony with the wrist grabs

    70. CarlosEmilioSosa12345 8095290106

      Con este tony no hubiera podido el justin

    71. Аза Канал

      Tony 💪💪💪

    72. regular male

      That'sa nasty fight but I liked barboza more

    73. ashish sinha

      Tony the type of guy to Give his heart cardio classes

    74. The Quin

      Barboza put his all supershots on Tony's face & body many times. But Tony is a super human & digested everything. Well fought Barboza.

    75. seas picha

      Para mi pelea del año

    76. Mehtab Ali

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="667">11:07</a> tony should freakin' get an award for that

    77. Sanjar Karabai

      Тони красавчик сила

    78. Green Toastr

      Shit Tony has so many amazing fights. Dude is fearless.