UFC PELEA GRATIS: McGregor vs Diaz 2



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    Una de las mejores peleas peso welter en la historia fue a manos de dos pesos ligeros naturales. Mira Diaz vs McGregor.
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    1. Artista Renegado de Juda


    2. Ujjal Das

      Coner mg best ❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️ IND

    3. David Deakins

      Dumb for trying to trade with McGregor could of easily beat him on the ground. Why wait until the last ten seconds to take him to the ground? You would of thought after the last fight diaz would of known better he beat his self.

    4. Rodrigo Gutierrez

      Que asco de relatores

    5. Luis Vaillard hernandez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1965">32:45</a> jaja pinche puto sin sumisiones sabe que si lo someten al puto jaja que poca madre a puro bergaso haber si siempre le ganaría al Conor u otros.

    6. Jan Chris De Koeijer

      Que buena putiza se pusieron 👏

    7. Ariel Herrera

      👎👎👎para los comentaristas

    8. shake 777

      Please please subscribe to my channel it's about copyright free music thank you nosel.info/video/video/mIaLh4fYhnx_pL8.html

    9. Cripto Rublos

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="740">12:20</a> Que se la meta dice :v

    10. EIRE 32

      Two warriors but Conor won this fight easily. He dropped Nate 3 times and defended all Nates take downs all fight. Great fight and well deserved win for Conor, 🇮🇪🍀💪

    11. Miguel Angel Villa

      Comentarista de mierda hablan como si supiera lo que piensan los luchadores carajooo Uuupa metasenlo por el culo

    12. Noah Koontz

      don't need to speak spanish to understand they takin bad trash on connor 😂

    13. J G

      Live' La Ireland!!

    14. Arch God

      why did i hear the word "pollo" like for what reason lmaooo

    15. McCracken216

      Connor saved by the bell in the 5th.

    16. jmrm

      El español de Fabricio Werdum (brasileño) es mejor que el español de Caín Velázquez (mexicano-americano)


      Corner had a chance to end this but he decided not to

    18. Muller Nkondo

      very powerful 👊👊👊

    19. Fahru Razi

      Who is mcgregor,,,,?. No im not,,, Who is khabib...? Oooh khabib is the best...

    20. Mark Lakea

      ถ้าเจอเจาะยางนี้เรียบร้อยทั้งคู่แน่ๆครับ ดูๆไปนึกว่ามวยสากลแต่เพิ่มเตะเข่าศอกเข้ามา นึกว่าดูมวยไทย 5555

    21. szymix krevczenko

      Diaz is fucking shit

    22. TheOnly One

      Omfg why did i click on this!!

    23. shaik raheem

      Liked and started watching..but after the winner just disliked.👎..Nate is the winner

    24. Peter Thiessen

      Conner lost this fight.

    25. VAF-juanfer -07

      ....dale like

    26. Omar Lopez

      Esto es parte de lo mejor de mcgregor

    27. Azeem Shah

      Wrong decision

    28. Alberto Castañeda

      Gracias por está pelea hdspm

    29. sebas gallego

      Nate Díaz puede perder toda la cara pero el nunca va a parar es como un zombie , en una pelea real yo creo que habría que dispararle o algo para que dejase de ir para alante aquí le para el campana pero el seguiría hasta la muerte

    30. david S

      Diaz is one tough sun of a bitch. One more round, and he wins... Great fight.

    31. Far East Manila Video Production

      Nate diaz should have won this fight, he has more punches against conor plus pushed him to the cage several times plus the last takedown

    32. Juan Vega

      Estos comentaristas son una mierd@, apoyando a un estadounidense, jajaja , deberían ser profesionales..! OPA😂

    33. Hugo. De

      Cuarto de baño

    34. FROMSCLA

      Nate diaz is so sloppy sometimes and other times he is sharp. You don't know which nate you'll get.

    35. Alfredo Patiño

      Que falta de verraquera de mc.gregor.

    36. Alfredo Patiño

      Mc gregor dice que no se preparo bien en la anterior pelea en esta menos.

    37. Michael Ray

      Dana White: WHOOOAAAPAAA!!!

    38. Gid Rekas

      I will be in the past few weeks

    39. DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD

      Good scrap. Should've been a draw, as nobody done enough in round 1.

    40. Vishal kumar

      I am Nate diz big fan India🤘🤘🤘

    41. JKarstadt

      First two rounds was a striking masterclass

    42. andres valbuena

      After re watching the fight, i have connor winning rounds 1,2,4. I dont see how the commentators see Nate winning the 2nd after connor dominated like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> minutes out of the 5.

    43. Haris Khan

      Undoubtedly the best! Both are real men and took real beating! Salutes!

    44. Larnciel darknciel

      Now that I see this fight again I have to say that Conor also won Round 3.

    45. Saul of the abyss

      Quiero que peleen fuerte pero que peleen duro.

    46. Sea Ortiz

      Joe rogan is a humorous little cunt.. First big challenge wasn't idk josie aldo? Eddie Alvarez? It was nate diaz well ty joe for making that clear...

    47. Christian Campbell

      Mexican commentators are fuckin hilarious. Have no clue of what they are saying

    48. Leonardo Alvarez

      Grande Díaz,todo desangrandose aguanta 😂😂

    49. Byroon Evans

      Se comió los meos pescaos en el osico el nate

    50. Apolinar Osornio

      Diaz no trae nada no usa las patas

    51. mr machinist

      I feel bad for Nate. There is certainly something broken inside him emotionally.

    52. Adnane Tahi

      i wonder if werdum is the one going wooopppaaaa

    53. No More

      Who-pa????? Conor beat the shit out of this idiot for 1 3/4 of the first two but these spanish announcers give Nate all the who-pa's???? Stupid fucks!!!! Conor easily took 3 of 5 but to this day Punch Drunk Diaz acts like it's a fact he won both fights???? Even in the first fight Conor bashed the shit out of him until that extra 40 lbs. Caught up with him?

      1. Alex SS20

        Deja de llorar, gringou niña.

    54. Suparlan Suparlan

      Kapir anjing kau

    55. Jay Speakman

      Nate was robbed!


      Cuarentena llena de madrazos AJJAJAJAJAA

    57. Ximo RO

      espero que o sea cuenta oficial de ufc español, gracias por los subtitulo pero hay algunas faltas de ortografía

    58. Eric Y

      Yea, Conor isn't getting through any top WW with this performance. I can see why he's asking for a trilogy fight.

    59. Commodore 64

      its that second round that is hard to score here, I give it to Diaz but maybe I am bias, that knockdown in the beginning could argue for Connors but Diaz finishing strong, such a hard round to score.

    60. Nanda Saputra


    61. Froian Dela Cruz

      The bias commentators should be removed from his jobs...arsehole

    62. Kevin Stack

      nosel.info/video/video/lKB4mHTYoZWXk80.html 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    63. Flipx

      Mctapper won round 1 and 2, 3 was for Nate, 4 Mctapper and 5 draw = Nate you loose!


      Bruh Nate reminds me of a dude who was in special ed and toon riddilin to be calm in school... hes a tough dude though but still! Lol everytime I see him I laugh. Been watching him and his bro for years

    65. Fars Fuad

      الله يخلي حبيب الي ادبة صح


      Conner got fooked up! Dana is a nut hugger so he wont put his boy to fight usman or masdival. He knows conner would get smacked. Also justin would smack mcgreggor easy. Straight walk through conner like water. Not many dudes he can beat right now besides cowboy lol.

    67. wilman jimenez

      Grande Nate Diaz! se crece en su sangre gane o pierda lo da todo en la Arena, un Gerrerazo!

      1. Artista Renegado de Juda

        Yo digpo q gano dias, pero bueno.

    68. Mista Rich

      Man weak ass fight

    69. samuel velasquez

      Best butt ever in UFC

    70. Cristopher Marquez

      Que buena pelea

    71. Antoni zuaso

      Los dos son muy buenos peliadores

    72. Eddy Rod

      there´s no other better thing than mexican narrators too bad lots of you people can´t understand what they are saying they are always so fucking hilarious

    73. 90g fratè

      Conor needs lots more cardio and more wrestling

    74. Mackenziejc

      Why is there not an English version of the full fight lol

    75. MR. SendokGarpu


    76. Wodin

      I think the commentators are Koreans OPPA OPPA haha

    77. Seputar Perjuangan

      bantu subscribe donk

    78. vladiinsky

      I don't see Conor beating Masvidal... him and Nate are a weight class above.

    79. Paul Carrion

      Duuuude Nate is greaat man, his arms are awesome

    80. None Yourbuissness

      Garbage video. Good fight.