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    As the U.S. Postal Service faces financial catastrophe, John Oliver discusses why the service is so important, what brought it to this point, and what we can do to help.
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    Publisert 17 dager siden


    1. Adamantium9001

      The reason government doesn't work is that the people who say it doesn't work sabotage it so they can do evil stuff more easily.

    2. Michael Wright

      You know, I half thought this was going to be cringe without the laughter to supplement the jokes... Thank goodness that John Oliver and his writing team can actually compose and deliver jokes and a show that is both funny and informative in times like these. Thank you for this.

    3. Cody Eason

      I believe Trump wears a priority tube top under his suit just make him feel safe. Do you see me now daddy do you see me Daddy.

    4. striker1553

      Well it would be great if the USPS didn't fucking suck.

    5. Matthew Mcgrath

      I'd love those stamps but cant get them in New Zealand

    6. Theodore

      This is wild. I am pretty sure Canada would implode if Canada Post collapsed. You should have saw the rage when to cut costs they started doing some community boxes. There were protests in my city. There was even a case that went to supreme court! City of Hamilton vs Canada Post. Eventually Trudeau won the election and than the federal government shut down the move to community mailboxes in 2018. They refused to reinstate door to door on the affected homes post calling it putting toothpaste back in the tube. So for the 840 000 households affected over the 4 years no door to door mail

    7. David Daquiri

      Stamps ordered!!!

    8. I Skandar


    9. Spikey Monkey

      Head CO of Australia post was making $5.6million in 2010 the prime minster is like $500K-600K.

    10. dean julian

      that tiktok was weak asf john

    11. Abdul Gafoor

      Make an episode pigeon spy sent by Pakistan into India.

    12. SkyCommander

      You know I think this video showed me the single dumbest thing Trump has ever said.

    13. ashtree80

      Where the fuck is my sympathy goose??!!!!!!!!!

    14. xoobo vola

      No USPS, no vote-by-mail. One move that MIGHT keep Trump and Co., out of prison.

    15. Warblood

      When ever something goes wrong with in the government you can always thank the Republicans for it... this is literally why they always say the government cant do anything right.. they want to privatize every part of the government

    16. Catherine Lemieux

      I would buy them but I live in Canada :(

    17. Pepper Potts

      Oh man! They don't ship to Canada! Damn.

    18. Pepper Potts

      I live in Canada and I'm going to buy those stamps!! 🤣 Also, I need that rock! I have two miniature Weiner dogs! 👍👍👍

    19. Surgé Land

      I'm getting tired of the "sink or swim" ideals of capitalism. It's exhausting and cringy to listen to.

    20. Warren NZ

      *_"24 million Americans don't have access to broadband Internet???"_* I live on a small Island off the coast of New Zealand (also a relatively small Island) thousands of kilometers from anywhere and my download speed is 900 MB/s! If that doesn't mean anything to you, it's about a whole full length movie in 3 seconds! The USA is getting close to third world status.

    21. redmanticore

      i am surprised there still is any public service left in usa.

    22. BunzeeBear

      Greener under my Wiener STAMP and other slogans would be collecter items. for stamps

    23. Abram Thiessen

      Rock Facts!

    24. Ryan Alexander Music

      Don't let this distract you from the fact that John Stossel got slapped twice by Dr. D David Schultz

    25. Yoshimitsu4prez

      Omg trump hating the postal service for not charging more is infuriating

    26. Justin Kaipada

      So, First John said, Congress made a law to put price caps on first class mail.(Saying they should be able to raise prices). Then John says FedEx and UPS are bad cause their service cost a lot of money. (So you don't want USPS to follow private companies). Conflicting business ideas John

    27. Elise

      Someone needs to meme that on tiktok now.

    28. Qienna

      If I lived in the US I would absolutely buy those stamps!

    29. matthew benard

      Im shure the fact that given the virus alot more are gunna be mailing in their vote, and closing of polling stations has nothing to do with it. The only way Republicans can win is by cheating. and they get away with it election after election. So now that the dems have chosen the weakest, Brain numb candidate, We have another 4 years for this man child, tyrant to destroy everything that makes america, america. RIP my neighbors to the south.

    30. Krvys

      John Oliver: Who wouldn't want a Sympathy Goose? Me: All the Canadians this video finally became available too. Cause we know, if you send someone a goose, its to say "f*** them"

    31. Otokogoroshi

      Go to the post office website and buy their products! Buying stamps technically doesn't help them unless you USE the stamps! At least that's what I read. I plan on getting a few USPS bags :)

    32. AvatarOfGames

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="461">7:41</a> Suddenly i'm even happier that Dr D slapped the shit out of this idiot.

    33. Serenade2461

      I forget Mother's Day on purpose John

    34. Life in 2k

      They should seriously consider jumping into the delivery app market.

    35. Snack Time

      I live in Canada, and what the USPS charges me to ship one record from the States could keep them operational for a full year, so I'm calling bullshit on them being broke.

    36. Maria G.

      That cheery postal worker has rendered her medical grade mask useless by lowering it to her chin. Touching the outside of the mask means it’s contaminated, potentially with the novel coronavirus, and when it’s pulled up again it won’t protect others. Having the inside touch a part of the face that could also have viruses etc on it means the wearer’s own safety is compromised. That’s why, as evidence of asymptomatic spread became clearer, public health advisers still asked the general public to stay home and that the risk was that people would think they were helping but not using correct mask hygiene, which wasted the tragically scarce medical PPE Now that people can be out and about, please do wear a fabric mask, and be careful to wash hands before and after putting it on, touching only the elastic or ties, keeping your hands off it until removal, and take it off with the same hand washing before and after, touching only the straps, then carefully place in a lidded container. It’s not easy to do so practice at home, and wearing them can be hot, uncomfortable, irritating and even make it harder to breathe so maybe practice wearing them at home until you’re able to go a couple hours w/o touching it. They should be washed and dried at the highest temps your machines have and stored in a sanitized lidded container in a layout that lets you pick them up only touching the straps Safe and sane, love and light 🌈❤️

    37. A Glyn-Jones

      Sadly does not appear to be available outside the US

    38. punkrock4401

      This is like the one late night show that is just as good as it was with an audience.

    39. Mac. McLovin

      That ending! 🤣

    40. Cari111111

      He waited for his rock to arrive to shoot this episode........

    41. John Jackson

      The world we live in is “Do the opposite of whatever Trump says.” Sad.

    42. Justin Co

      Maybe 'burying his dog' is something sexual. I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

    43. Matthew Marr

      Fuck you, I did not.

    44. floaty cloud

      I want that job delivering mail to the base of the grand canyon, sounds awesome

    45. Thirst Fast

      Gee, good thing we can get that service shut down before the election. Wouldn't want voting by mail, under any circumstance.

    46. E Nikata

      Trump isn't going to be happy until he's destroyed or bankrupted the whole of America. It's like he's really trying to make that Simpson's prediction real.

    47. Kitty Kat

      omg I love sierra XD

    48. fantasticmio

      Perhaps Americans can start a letter writing campaign. Get a post card, write down the name(s) and info of someone you know who has died or been injured by COVID 19, slap a stamp on that sucker, and mail it to the president.

    49. RAWC 94

      Now we know why dinosaurs went extinct.

    50. Joshua Marshall

      Wait 42 million Americans can't access the internet???? I'm not even American and I'm shook!!

    51. Brian Merkosky

      I'm in Canada and even I see the value of the USPS. If I order anything from the US and they ship UPS I get hit with huge border fees every time but if a company ships USPS it's either much lower or nothing at all. I always tell companies to not ship UPS to me and only use USPS. It's also the same thing in Canada with Canada Post. I have a business and Canada Post is always the cheapest by far for me to ship out. Private companies gouge people and I have no idea why people use them still. Whenever the conservatives here are in charge they threaten privatization... My business costs would go up quite a bit if that happened. Save USPS and Canada Post!

    52. Jaws10214

      #AmIEssentialOrSacrificial Fuck me that hit me hard...

    53. hawaiisunfun

      If I knew how the USPS could get a revenue stream of $90 bil, I'd be a multi billionaire by now (maybe one of the richest people on Earth). Billionaires should be asked this!

    54. hawaiisunfun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="960">16:00</a> it looks so strange seeing everyone together - I'm like for all of human history, that's what normal looked like. Then I think 1) why didn't I make the most of it - we were all privileged back then to be able to do that, 2) why didn't they think of outbreaks, 3) it looks so far back in history until I realize it was less than a year ago that this happened 4) looks like seemingly good times - but they did complain about overcrowding - so I guess it's not too bad right now.

    55. hawaiisunfun

      I wonder if it's unions that messed up the postal service?

    56. Jacob Rowe

      If Violet Evergarden has taught me anything, its the absolute necessity of the Postal Service

    57. hawaiisunfun

      USPS needs drones!

    58. Eric Cesar

      Lol "it won't get the USPS out of its current mess."

    59. Renato Corvaro

      "Who wouldn't want a sympathy goose?" Anyone who wouldn't want a tiny winged cranky asshole ruining their lives. Geese are the worst.

    60. Marcel Moreau

      Someone needs to let Dave Schultz know Stossel wants to shut down his postal service. Instead of a slap, might put him through a table.

    61. Kevin Brooking

      Standard conservative playbook; step 1: cripple a service, step 2:point to said service as an object of ridicule, step 3: suggest replacement of service with private industry

    62. S R

      Why is everything so inefficient and bad in america? From healthcare to prisons

      1. VejyMonsta

        Because all the rich greedy people living there.

    63. Cid B.

      Where's the Marlon Bundo stamp? Hm, huh, hm?


      Didn't expect to see Sierra lmao

    65. Jesse Collin

      Its not that I'm ungrateful... I just don't really believe in corporate hollidays. Now on the otherhand... if I had considered it, or been offered the option for a moder's day chick... hell fuckin ya I'd have bought my mom a mother's day chick.

    66. Charles Cloutier

      Thanks for letting me watch in canada hbo

    67. Tyler Dyer

      This Canadian to the rescue! Buy all the stamps!

    68. CreativelyInsane

      I wonder where all the jokes are landing

    69. Steven K.

      It's not entirely untrue that USPS does subsidize companies and indeed other carriers by providing lower cost delivery services, he sketches over that. If you compare Saturday delivery costs in the US v. Canada using Fedex (Canada Post doesn't do Saturday deliveries) you will see a massive difference in Fedex prices, because Fedex drops stuff off at the PO and USPS delivers it. Postage stamps generally are far cheaper in the US than in Canada. USPS doesn't make a loss because it's illegal, but they do provide lower costs deliver options. Also, they get low interest loans from the Treasury Dept. that other carriers could never access.

    70. IOnceAteAPinecone

      From my somewhat limited experience working for the post office in Canada, I've noticed that USPS handles it's parcel insurance like it's the goddamn mafia. If the package was insured, it showed up in one piece, right side up. When the package wasn't insured, it looked like they bowled it all the way up here.

    71. insert name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> don't start hatin

    72. Captain Phoenix

      Fuck Trump.

    73. The Stuttering Gamer

      The Faux news hack is what conservative media truly thinks of rural people. Ironic, since that's their voting base. Don't vote against your own interests, people. Also fuck the far right.

    74. butchdeadlift10

      I am gonna go against my better judgement here and ask deplorable questions. 1) 43 million americans without internet access? Does that include or exclude our prison and homeless populations (in which case. Wow, we suck for an even worse reason than I am questioning)? 2) Post offices are required to reach remote locations. Would that not be enviromentally friendly? Forcing people to move toward trade hubs and high traffic areas rather than the "Hold my beer" middle of nowhere shitholes that have to RESORT to selling rocks? 3) I want the postal service to live, but let it die JUST TO WATCH PEOPLE LOSE THEIR MINDS! Funny thing. The right wing assholes we hate most hate taxes and small amounts of money being lost than large amounts of money and human life. Making them pay through the nose with FedEx and other postal alternatives is EXACTLY what would piss these guys off. "But, senting a card to my pappy cost 25¢ last week. Now it costs $3? TYRANNY!! CALL THE MILITIA! WE ARE MARCHING FOR OUR NIKELS! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!!!!!"

    75. Aude Forcione-Lambert

      Today on Last Week Tonight: sad Discworld

    76. woop_dee_doo

      Simple. Stop delivering last mile to rural areas. Make them go to town to pick up for last mile. Save billions. They presumably have to go into town all the time anyway. Rural voter love a trump and hate the USPS so why not give them what they want. Which is less service

    77. Rachel Ward

      Thank you for this, John. So many people don't know the real story and you have summarized it so so well. I worked for USPS for five years, had to leave to become a caregiver to relatives. The work is VERY hard and it's completely essential. Anyone who thinks the US can be a real country without the USPS has no idea what they are talking about.

    78. neejoy sola

      No USPS, no vote-by-mail. One move that MIGHT keep Trump and Co., out of prison.

    79. Joe Ubil

      If America can do everything on the internet, then now is the time to prepare programs and policies to vote on line...but only by those that have a federal social security number...let us pray for all.

    80. DarkMadder

      Was this a paid advertisment? There is VERY GOOD reasons the USPS is failing...bc their customer service is shit.

      1. neejoy sola

        knew what they were doing. You however do not.