VFX Artists React to AVENGERS ENDGAME Bad & Great CGi

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Corridor Crew

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    The Crew is joined by award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Aitken from Weta Digital to breakdown and react to the visual effects of Avenger Endgame! Thanks to Weta Digital for the Exclusive Clips!
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    Publisert 9 dager siden


    1. Melissa Carmona

      Worked on that scene two days before the premiere?! These guys deserve so much more respect and recognition.

    2. Clayton Dailey

      Ip man guys fight seen

    3. Nachinno

      12:40 look at the neck

    4. Jakub Piteľ

      There is an absolutely horrendous bad movie called Aztec Rex www.imdb.com/title/tt0925306/ the CGI is batshit bad - how bout trying to fix some things? :D But I don't think it's possible cause it's that bad :D

    5. Pranjal Kumar

      This movie really deserved the academy award.

    6. RaiJolt2

      I'm pretty sure that near the end of the sonic movie, there is one scene where you can see straight through his head in between his eyelid and eye.

    7. JacksonDuncanDesigns

      VFX artists react be like *technical talk* *break off topic for a few seconds* *forced laughter* “Hey dont forget to subscribe!” *repeat*

    8. SSJ K-Dots Sanctum

      Thanos shoots more than 20 missiles and yet misses everyone. With the amount of missiles Thanos dropped only Thor and Hulk should've survived.

    9. Insight Verified

      Ruffalo: Everybody Dies Cheadle: Dude! Dude! Dude. Ruffalo: Not Everybody Recovery: Unsuccessful Me: In my opinion if Cheadle didn't make a big deal out of it. No one would've known

      1. Taetaer

        Insight Verified I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be a joke.

    10. Vignesh oViyan

      VFX Artists React to Naan ee

    11. Fx_Slender13A5

      Corridor crew How about Avengers age of ultron :)

    12. Tutorials and 60FPS Movies

      In movie universe, this century is not the era of effects, this is era of defects! Give us real footage

    13. Dr. Loomis

      RDJ's head never looked right on the Iron Man suit. Always looked floaty to me.

    14. Âĺñò Jôhñ Jôşëph

      react to krrish 3

    15. marcus24000

      the cgi people are so amazing these days,you have my appreciation for what you do.

    16. Phal Happy

      So Thanos texture was generated not painted?

    17. A T

      Do 1917

    18. TGAF 2018

      What about the movie Real Steel for another time?

    19. Peter A. Michaelsen

      at 7:25 it bothers me that that one sorcerer does the thing but nothing formes on his hands.

    20. Богдан Истомин

      Disassemble "Защитники" of Russian production. It's a trash

    21. Crazy Blaster

      The channel has grown a lot from before! I m happy for you

    22. CranberryAftershave

      Narnia from 2005(?), just rewatched it and the CG ranges from not too bad to WhaT tHe heLL is thaT?

    23. Abhishek Raj

      React to bad and great CGI in anime if y'all haven't

    24. Aaqib Kazi

      Please react to balveer 😂

    25. MrStubbs1981

      All that talent wasted onarvel stuff....so sad to live in days where we need to go back 20 years to find good movies..or at least 10

    26. Steven Borg

      I appreciate the toning down of the ads for this video. Overlay ads much better as they dont disrupt the flow of the conversations. Thanks guys.

    27. Charla castens

      You guys have a great channel ive learned alot by studying you i have beem preparing to launch my own channel here in about 30 days And i have not onky learned about vfx lightning skin shadows etc but i have also payed close attention as to how you get certai. Shots and editing videos when to cut its hard to put down all that ive picked up from watching you guys but thank you hopefully my content will be half as entertaining as yours is its great the writing is well done jokes are well executed punch lines are very punchy lol but for real thanks alot when i launch my channel i would love to just tell people to check out uour channel and i could use some tips about certain things at some point thanks again guys

    28. Joe Rizo

      That missile shock wave is crisp

    29. Dark Days official

      Where is the bad CGI ?

    30. Joshua Mangrum

      Lets talk about one of the greatest Parody movies ever. Galaxy Quest. It was such a success in the eyes of the fans that it was actually rated the 7th best Star Trek of 12 at a convention once. And the Effects were Terrific. But I wanna see a break down of both the good, AND the bad!

    31. Mel

      Y'all should talk about the beauty and the beast live action with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. I bet there's a lot of interesting stuff to unfold

    32. Harbir Singh

      Knowing that Iron Man dies for 6-8 months before release and keeping it a secret is the biggest achievement here.

    33. etme1000

      Hats off.

    34. David David

      Do tintin

    35. Spencer Summa

      Toy Story 4 Love Death and Robots

    36. Magmafrost13

      I think its probably not entirely correct to say that Tony's death was a surprise to everyone. Back when Infinity War was first announced, which was a long time before the movie was even in production, it was pointed out that RDJ's contract would expire with it. So anyone who was paying attention figured that Tony would probably die

    37. Jared Haught

      0:59 what is that clip from?

    38. misirloupowerslide

      I still for the life of me cannot see what’s clipping on thanos’ hand

    39. jonathan foster

      I honestly don't mind knowing that there was a mistake on Thanos's glove, it just makes me realize that all that stuff in the movie is in fact painstakingly hand created by incredible artists, if this video showed that everything these animators did was perfect, it would look easy

    40. Epic Fanboy Man

      Try reacting to the Filipino cgi

    41. Hans69

      Im still waiting for there to be a power rangers movie to be made with good vfx

    42. Pauline

      First half: VFX of Thanos Second half: VFX of the rest of the movie *insert Thanos smiling from the grave*

    43. Isaiah White

      Just do Avatar: The Blue Skinned People

    44. Kross

      He looks like "The Dad"

    45. Stephen Leon Chase

      Really nice guest never saw the duck before lol

    46. Sir Lock

      The ad break u guys did was so entertaining, I watched the whole thing lol

    47. Gabriel Silveira

      React to the effects from stranger things

    48. Gabriel Silveira

      React to the effects from split

    49. Ollie Darg

      There should be an avengers character DLC for rainbow 6 seige

    50. AndrewBakerVFX

      Great stuff, I went to Matt's talk at siggraph - really enjoyed it

    51. Intet Mane

      I know it’s not the work of the vfx artists, but if there’s one thing that could make those grandiose shots of battles better and more believable then it would be some rudimentary tactics. Those shots just all look so unbelievable, with just two armies storming each other. Even the original lotr had it. Why stop it?

    52. Shubham Agrawal

      The thing is...these are the people which make marvel movies great and they are hardly famous. The stars on the other hand.........

    53. Alessio Balsamo

      I always wondered: can you even snap the fingers, wearing a metal gauntlet?

    54. Ali Gmal

      11:33 lmao the lightning is not cgi :D

    55. Mucrush

      I've suggested it before, but I'd really love to see you react to the Warcraft movie CGI :D

    56. Mars Ultor

      Wierd that they noticed the gauntlet clipping mistake but missed the one where Cap's shield is undamaged when the armies are emerging from the portals despite it being damaged by Thanos moments before.

    57. DeltaSceptile

      Detective Pikachu.

    58. Derren Pepper

      React to the blade trilogy

    59. Noah E

      Look at the VFX in Kon-Tiki

    60. Captain Low Price

      react to up & up by coldplay shits got some trippy stuff