VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)

Corridor Crew

Corridor Crew

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    The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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    Publisert 7 måneder siden


    1. a moon

      Is the ladder one made with 2 jump cuts?

    2. DARK NOOB. YT

      What was the name of that instrument.? Can anyone please tell me.

    3. SkillerTheDoge

      i know how he did it he sacrificed his soul for the power to warp reaity

    4. Blame and Feed Gaming

      Lmao this channel is garbage and the vfshit reactor are not that good

    5. FaRouk Khidi

      It obviois that the scall shadow is complet before he make it complet by painting it

    6. aaron ahmed

      You should find Ryan NOselber watch his videos

    7. Farhan Diaz

      Plis Check Reaksi Editor Indonesia, They make a react video by VFX too

    8. Grace Bishoff

      ZACH KING DOES VFX? I had no idea!!!

    9. Csongor Varga

      Captain Disillusion mentioned you at 6.29. :) nosel.info/video/video/sY9hiJSYpKaGzZY.html

    10. D3athStr0k3

      That snooze made me press my phone. That’s how low my intelligence.

    11. Stewiels

      Zach king sounds like Ryan renolds btw I know I spelt Ryan’s second name wrong like if u agree

    12. M. Ilham

      Jika Kamu Menemukan Komen Ini, Selamat Kamu Menemukan Komentar Indonesia Yg Tidak Mengerti Bahasa Inggris😂😢

    13. Renni Panicker

      Do Avatar the last Airbender! Such shitty CGI

    14. 剣聖Rashiddo

      My opinion "Magic"

    15. Store Room

      I thought he was a magician

    16. 騎士

      I'm a part time card trickster and to get good I actually train for two years. I train and perform in many stage and different kind of people. I'm also learning 3d and editing and I will said learning magic tricks is easy but to actually master it I need to train for a long time. And for editing I actually only need a week.

    17. Thomas Robinson

      I've got that same green couch

    18. Logan

      "Guess how it's done" He's magic, duh

    19. Khalifas

      Maybe do Magic for Humans??

    20. arfana kauser

      Sinai or Africa


      love that instrument playing at the end of the video

    22. Sterling Williams

      THIS is my Fav Ever Episode of Yall$!! Zach is one of the few 'TickTok' top 5 heads and TRUE Talents so SO deserved 1000! and NOW my respect doubled with his such a cool positive human vibe and just talent like NONE other (and the fact all positivity humor based which has never been more needed in this ever more upside down whirld) ROCK ON CC!!!

    23. It's Andy

      After watching the thumbnail i thought zach King was being edited in their picture..

    24. MC Smyle

      That guy on the right is really good with his analysis.

    25. Morris PeterOfficial

      Man I want to know what kind of instrument is that at nearly the end of the video.

    26. Dan KVK

      I have a guess on the Ladder. Forgive my lack of knowledge of computer words. When he sprays the Ladder onto the wall it is a computer image. Then when he bends over it cuts while the actual Ladder is placed. He climbes the Ladder to continue painting. Security steps out and he climbes up the Ladder, cut. Spray painted Ladder on wall. Security runs past spray painted Ladder. Zach explained how its done in this video with the clip of changing shirts. It is also shown when they are changing the sun and moon. Time and freezing/returning to position. Take after take until they got it.

    27. Lucifer G

      A collab between Zack and Corridor Crew would be freaking awesome..

    28. Will Afani

      What ostha inthe end,

    29. ExzaustL MG

      They said guess in the comments" Also Viewers: commenting random stuffs

    30. RoonyKingXL

      i don't like him.

    31. Tiffany Allen

      Zach vs corona virus

    32. YMG music

      the ladder was painted white

    33. Cartoon world


    34. quinn westbrook

      he does multiple jump cuts which is why he is proud of it

    35. Bindas Lalit


    36. Man in the Park

      During the spidey one at the end, the actors didn’t “react” to spidey. And that’s how I know it wasn’t a man really climbing up the wall and onto the ceiling.

    37. MD FAE

      I have an lg ac

    38. Inmedlatez _

      That thing in the end sounds so cool, what is? I never seen one of that before

    39. Troy Durica

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="641">10:41</a> omfg I almost started crying I was like shit time for school already

    40. PunisherGX NDS

      Real question is what kind of drum is that they’re playing at the end

    41. Giorno Gyro Giovanna UwU

      I'm disappointed A magician never reveal it's secret

    42. Butters Stotch

      This video was brought to you by after effects

    43. Wamme 101

      Zach seems so, unenthusiastic.

      1. S Sunny

        He is cool guy 😎

    44. Peti Fox

      I think it is just true magic :)

    45. Uncle J

      There are two walls

    46. Codi Serville

      That was one of the best sponsored ads I've ever seen. The hand drum was really cool too

    47. Stephen Stanford

      Awesome video 👍

    48. Aqualibrians

      Any one else thinks Zach looks like Tom Cavanagh from FLASH

    49. Erra Music

      nosel.info/video/video/vGSjq3-8boVpuLM.html Whit no CGI A real giant battle

    50. Benedict Claxton Stevens

      The snap to place on randy's donuts as it leaves his hand is a bit jank sadly.

    51. Luka Pejkovic

      The music in the end was beautiful

    52. Bayar-Erdene Naranbat


    53. Mf Decay

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1007">16:47</a> What is that gong instrument called?

      1. Scott Gartner

        @Mf Decay Looks like it's called a "HandPan Drum" but I also found it called a "Hang drum". Here's a link to Amazon: amzn.to/2ziR2ts

    54. Vaticc 4


    55. Louis

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="254">4:14</a> I think that they did all the parts with the real ladder first then they did the spray paint part after they finished the actual ladder part then all the parts where it changes from paint to ladder or ladder to paint they just do I jump cut.

    56. rockturtle

      Was it wire work? To get him up there and just him mimicking it?

    57. Caleb Floyd

      Who else tried to tap the screen when the alarm clip came on

    58. StubblyHippo2

      This video is sponsored by LGBT

    59. Tyler Burke

      Guys it’s simple...it’s all just done in the mirror dimension

    60. Mahendra Srivastava

      i think Wren is CG

    61. The hunters

      I Can see its not a illusion in the start pic thing at left

    62. CBR 900RR life starts at 150 mph

      Ypu guys are fucked in the head, must be American

    63. Parul Aggarwal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a> doraemon

    64. Gaby Alvarado

      i know zack king have you ever seen him punch the glass on a door and it became plastic?

    65. Shadow Bringer

      They made Magic boring for me

    66. Allen Ruz

      I think... The ladder trick was done in this order: 1. The ladder was actually there. He painted the heart firstly, notice that the camera pans away before climbing to paint the heart and it eventually stops panning. There the cut is done. 2. As it stops panning, the camera was never removed in that position making it easier to paint the shadows behind the ladder. After that, the fake ladder was painted at the same position as the ladder off- camera. Since they have a basis for it which makes it easier to paint. Question: if it was off camera then how did zach paint the ladder 3. All he did was connect the unfinished ladder painting. Not entirely paint the whole thing. 4. The cut is when he looks down after the camera stopped panning.

    67. I Hate Haters


    68. Kashif Editz

      what is Clint playing On The Music Can anyone Tell me the name of it

    69. K31th Covers

      He's basically Mysterio

    70. Lee Hlub


    71. Lilaxlicious

      For the ladder scene, i feel like zach recorded 3 different shots that aren't in order, like instead of going 1, 2 and 3; he recorded from 2, 3 then 1 and edit it to look like how it is,, so to me he recorded himself climbing the ladder and getting caught first whereby he uses a real ladder then the second shot is him actually finishing the grafitti, then the last shot is him already on the roof top.. Of course him and the other actor have to remember their placement of where they should or were at.. (Sorry bad grammar and English it's 3 am here lmao)

    72. Wanderin 1

      My theory for the fbi skit: there are two takes: one with the inner desk part removed and Zack jumping in, and one without Zack and they have something to push the drawer closed. Everything else is the same. The fbi people and everything. Then they crop the video in half: take with Zack above and without him below. And maybe a little rotoscoping so they can still see the desk objects inside without Zack just clipping into them. And then for the hand closing the drawer, they just 3d model a hand closing the drawer on the plate for the second take. Boom.

    73. EpicDweeb

      So, for the ladder one, you can see a cut of the ladder becoming a real ladder as it passes behind his leg in the first shot. I'll bet the shot with the real ladder was taken first, and then they went back through and painted the ladder in. After that, I want to guess that they spliced two shots, one of him running through the ladder when the ladder isn't actually there and one where he climbs the real ladder.

    74. Madhusudanan Nair

      1 min. silence for those who thought that Zach King Magics were real....

    75. Doy Toy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="984">16:24</a> Was that a reference to Paymoneywubby and those 2 absolutely insane women 😂

    76. Aditya Prakash

      Pls watch this guy,he is just another college guy doing some videos,but yeah some good work nosel.info/video/video/2GutkJzLbG2Azqc.html

    77. That one kid David

      My guess, I have no clue, like bruh

    78. Enderminite

      The ladder didnt have a right part nad was just the left half with the sticks, And so you painted the right side to make it look like a full ladder.

    79. SSR T

      Zach is fucking handsome

    80. Fronco Amarica