We drove these electric cars until they DIED!



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    How far can these electric cars go before they die?! We drove the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan Leaf, Kia e-Niro and Mercedes EQC across the UK to see how long they could last! Sure, the smart money is on the Tesla, with its claimed range of up to 348 miles - but can the manufacturer's figures really be trusted? Will victory instead go to the sporty-feeling I-Pace, or the posher EQC? Or will the more affordable likes of the e-Niro and Leaf pull a major upset and make it the furthest? There's only one way to find out...
    Map imagery taken from Google Earth.
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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Del Lawrence

      I am sure these figures are of great comfort to the people whose neighbourhoods have been contaminated by the Lithium mining in South America and the child slaves dying working in the Cobalt mines in the Congo so that white middle class virtue signallers can boast to their friends at dinner parties.

    2. Mr Nine Sixteenth

      Hey, why no Chevy Bolt?

    3. ap xpandy

      Great review, but here in Oz, a drive from Brisbane to Cairns (1000 miles) is not uncommon. I'd say there would be quite different outcome when multiple recharges have to be done, especially as the tesla suprcharge only does 80% in 20 minutes. A good future test, would be to come out here and repeat this test.

    4. Twig

      My 2 litre Diesel can do 700 miles on a full tank and takes a few short minutes to refuel. Also, it can be pushed without damaging the motor!

    5. Candycane

      This is why it is hard to have a precise measurements. As your slowly driving, possibly coasting and breaking, your regenerating energy

    6. Ferdi Posch

      So on a cold Winter day the range is even less. And that means more charges, more electric power and more impact on the environment. Ok, a Diesel or Petrol driven car makes a whole more sense now. Thank you.

    7. TobiasEnder

      Great video

    8. Blondie SL

      Here's a fun idea. Have this same test runs happen, but over here in North America. With many, if not all, of these manufacturers, the software is different from Europe to North America. Actually, as I've discovered, the software can be different from the USA to Canada. This is due to differing laws guiding the numbers. A good example is the BMW i3 with the add-on of the motorcycle gasoline assist engine. In the European version of the software, the engine can be used to charge the batteries and you can continue driving. But in Canada, for example, the software will not allow that. Something about it not being considered a fully electric vehicle if it did. So it would be cool to see these same tests done over here AND perhaps 2 tests. One test in the south where it's warm and the other in the northern parts where it's crazy cold. Northern Michigan comes to mind... brrrrrrrrrr :)

      1. Blondie SL

        @Koda Jackson Yeah, I didn't think of that, but it makes sense that any software for any vehicle is going to be different depending on regional laws.

      2. Koda Jackson

        There is different hardware and software configurations to comply with government regulations from country to country. This isn't just with EVs but all different cars around the world. The actual efficiency of the car should be the same however. The BMW i3 Rex has actually been discontinued across the pond here now. You can only buy it as a full EV in the new 120Ah Variant here.

    9. Cherian Mathai

      how much did it cost to fully charge each car?

      1. Koda Jackson

        Some public chargers are completely free to use. Others are more expensive at up to 35p/kWh. Most people charge at home overnight though. Take advantage of an Economy 7 tariff and you could get around 5p/kWh and with an average consumption of 3 Miles per kWh that would be 1.6p/Mile.

    10. Mark Fredrickx

      Let's do the same test when it is freezing!!! I know someone who works for a small city in Belgium. Has an electric Nissan at his disposition. Went in the underground garage to pick up the vehicule. The vehicule said still 190km range. But as soon as he drove the car outside where it was freezing, the display said: ONLY 40km LEFT!!!!!!!

      1. Koda Jackson

        @Mark Fredrickx Again, with exception to the Nissan LEAF for the reasons in my earlier comment, all the other EVs will have good batteries for many years and miles to come. There are 2014 Renault Zoes for example which have only lost around 3% of their original battery capacity. My local government here in the UK are just as bad with the whole trees and parking thing. I can see both sides of the argument though. 20-30 Minutes at a rapid charger will put you back to 80-90%. Otherwise you can charge at home overnight.

      2. Mark Fredrickx

        @Koda Jackson Thanks for the reply Koda, but, I would like to see the same test as above when the cars are 1 or 2 years old or older... And do you know what they do in Belgium? (I am sometimes ashamed for the decisions of our so called government). Almost half of the parking space is lost in the streets! Planting trees seems more important; these trees only serve as a pee spot for dogs. So the wood at the base gets peed rotten! And: let's imagine that you have no garage at your home... Something else: if you drive your EV till it dies like in the test. How much time does one have to wait to 'refill' the batteries to a decent level so that one is able to reach his home or another loading station?

      3. Koda Jackson

        Your friend has a faulty car then. Your range does get worse in the cold, especially if you put the heater on, but the range estimate doesn't just drop like that. If it did, there has to be some sort of fault at play causing that. A Battery doesn't suddenly go cold when you go outside. They have an insane amount of insulation. Especially on the Nisan LEAF that is bad, since it is the only mass market EV to not have a thermal management system, leading to overheating and significant early degradation as a result. Get your battery hot enough, and the insulation means that if you leave it overnight and come back 12 hours later on a cold morning the battery still won't have fully cooled off.

    11. ferkemall

      So when he tapped his bank /credit card onto the charger how much did it cost ? We learned that if you dont have a partner you need to buy a bag of cement for when you need to push your EV. We learned that you need to make sure its fully charged and not just the 80% recomended if you use a smart motorway otherwise a car /van or truck will plough into your EV . We learned not to diss the diesel recovery trucks because as yet there is not any EV recovery trucks as yet . We did not learn that in 2021 the EU are going to UNIFY the cost of energy for the EU & the UK=big hike in energy prices and brexit wont save you because of the 2 under sea pipe & cable grid links we have with France and an EV will cost the same if not more to run than a coventional car , 2018 Eon UK charged me 12.34 Kwh whie they charged the Germans 30 euro cents Kwh ,what it is now i dont know , so if you bugeted for an EV you might want to take into account the above . We also did not learn that if you spend £40,000 on an EV in the UK you attract the Luxury car tax [ VED ] of £310 per year for 5 years and that Mrs may slashed £1000 off the green grant for an EV .

    12. beatonthedonis47

      Hope you didn't run out of juice on a smart motorway.

    13. Asl6uk

      All those toys, deary me We wonder why there's so many accidents ffs.

    14. Fingers Crossed

      Q: How long did it take to recharge, how much did it cost? Prolly spent more in the pub I guess. How about taking 3 passengers on a test in stop start traffic around town with the A/C on and the stereo pumping to be realistic. Your test was well thought out, thank you.

      1. Koda Jackson

        20-30 minutes at a rapid charger for 80-90%, otherwise charge at home overnight. More passengers obviously takes more power, but not as much as you likely think. It is a minimal increase even if you're fully loaded with luggage too. Stop start traffic is great in an EV. You're using no power while at a standstill, and regenerative braking recovers energy that would otherwise be wasted after starting to just slow down again. The stereo is a 12 volt accessory just like in your petrol car. It uses no noticeable amount of power, and is coming from your 12v battery, not your 400v traction battery.

    15. Rogue warrior

      Towing a diesel generator to charge an electric car, the hypocrisy is real. lol

    16. Larissa Martinez

      this was such an interesting video. Looks like KIA came the closest to telling the truth. traveled 90% of claimed range. I would consider buying a KIA E-CAR.🚘👯‍♀️

    17. Seth Shaffer

      220 miles is the width of ohio

    18. John Jones

      They were already dead in case you hadn’t noticed...

    19. cooolwhippp

      I’ll stick to my Prius. 22 bucks 550 miles

      1. cooolwhippp

        @Koda Jackson wow.$2.10 a gallon here at the moment

      2. Koda Jackson

        A full tank of fuel for a Prius costs you only $22? Here in the UK you're looking at the equivalent of about $70!

    20. LMHS63 John

      OK...nice but I'll keep my 2009 LS-3 Corvette for a while !

    21. rupert the bear

      over 4000 lbs in weigh 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and some moron goggling at a computer screen... (how is that safer than using a mobile phone).... that scenario spells death for everyone else on the road... expect road deaths to go up soon...thanks. nice to see the ladies involved... chauvinists!!

    22. HaraldDV

      was watching this as my laptop was running out of battery

    23. J A

      The Hyundai Kona would out range all of them, even the model 3

    24. William Vagabond

      so how long did it take to recharge these cars fropm 0? In a 15 year old IC car I can top off in 5 minutes for another 400-500 miles of range.. and I can bring the fuel to the car in an emergency..

      1. Koda Jackson

        20-30 minutes at a rapid charger to 80-90%, otherwise charge at home overnight.

    25. rc-wingman

      my car has a steering wheel!

    26. Eddie Murphy

      Scientific test my hole! How can you claim the Tesla won when it only did 78% of it's range and the Kia did 90% of it's claimed range. Why not relate the distance travelled to the Kwh capacity of the battery?? Or to the Kwh capacity and the weight of the vehicle...that test is meaningless. Well, meaningless but it massages Mat's ego for a while...

    27. andrew j reading

      just another globalist con .

    28. Cartman

      I'd say the KIA won, when factoring price and actual range vs promised range. Driven tons of electric cars as daily drivers and KIA (Soul in my case) was by far the best one to plan your route with because you can actually trust the numbers it gives you. Edit: I meant KIA won on value and range, the quality is not the best and its not exactly a rally car through the corners.

    29. Reagon Ramiah

      How did the Tesla win this. It’s a real world challenge. The Kia did 90% of its claimed range. Surely this is the winner. If i planned to charge my Tesla at around the 90% mark I would have run out of juice at the 78% mark at the side of the motorway. 2nd is the Jaguar then the Tesla.

    30. David Stead

      loving that the emergency vehicle is a jeep with a generator. that tells the entire story right there. i had a G1 Leaf. No thanks. No thanks.

    31. marn200

      Now do the same test again, but in winter when it’s cold

    32. moonlander03

      I want a Tesla model 2 !!!!!!

    33. Ivo Kraaier

      in my mind, the kia came closest to its claimed range, so that's the winner!

    34. Marek Střalka

      Wait what to replace a camera than mechanical mirror? Dont think so those cameras are cheap

    35. Andrei Burlacu

      Was about to give you thumb up, but you made her pushing your Tesla. Not nice. :) Interesting experiment.

    36. josh786manchester

      Wow! How did you jump from one car to another??! That is some type of sorcery.. 🧙

    37. Chan Abadilla

      Will you be able to do another range test.. This for Hyundai Kona Electric, 2020 Tesla Model S and Model X? 🤘🙏

    38. Lucky Dube in RC

      KIA all day long ! clear winner

    39. Mau,

      Drag race all electric vehicles’

    40. Артур Арутюнян

      Just add some km/h for european part of your viewers😌

    41. Bustin Ass

      It’s a great test guys but it’s flawed because you did not credit any car for for the power to run the heater and lights so the actual percentage figures you achieved are flawed. There’s no free rides with electric every device reduces mileage. Thanks

    42. Stephen Zungi

      Guys as a model 3 owner i can attest to the fact that for some reason driving the car on Autopilot tends to REALLY boos the economy of the car. again not sure why. Too bad it didn't work for you guys

    43. Big D

      I thought it was about how many miles you can put on them until the car needed a major repair.

    44. david jones

      The battery system needs to be much much larger to supply all the needed functions such as heating and cooling. Instead of using a bunch of little batteries it would be better to build a transformer size battery that would last for an X amount of years. The The vehicle could have one or two of these batteries installed. The traveling distance needs to be at least 500 miles before recharging. Speed would very with each vehicle according to motor and trans gearing specs. This part has to do with drag. When letting up on the throttle, it needs a coasting type drag release. This means that it will recharge batteries when it go's into the coasting mode recapturing electricity back into the battery! Also the vehicle needs to recognize when it is going down hill so it can collect a recharge on any downhill slope. It could do this by going into a slip-mode position to harvest a recharge by using downhill gravity to recharge. This could be done by camera, and or using a electric activated thermostat or a brain sensor that can detect when the vehicle is going downhill by using a wheel generator charging system to recharge battery. Also does it really need to be recharged all so often, no it would not need to be if it has another recharging system installed onto the vehicle. The vehicle needs to have a discreet water shatterproof solar panel system built into the body of the vehicle. It could be done by putting a solar strip on top above the front and back of the windshield and other places on the body of the vehicle. Not to many solar panels on the vehicle. It needs to be done in a stylish way that looks good. It could be set to charge while setting or driving. Charging rate would be debatable according to the unit.

    45. Mark Rudolph

      U can perform the same test on gas/diesel vehicles and have same results.


      To cut to the chase: 25:34

    47. Dave Block

      These speeds are not representative.

    48. 2H80vids

      When the cars died completely, did you still have lights, hazards, computers etc or were you left completely in the dark?

      1. 2H80vids

        @Koda Jackson Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the response.👍

    49. 01V70T5 4LIFE

      Someday I will probably own an electric car. But only after I can't find gasoline anywhere.

    50. Coover

      I'dlike to see "real world" Australian tests. Driving in 30-35C (86-95F) temps with the AC set to 23C and non stop driving at 100km/h. How does heat and the air conditioner affect range?

      1. Coover

        @Koda Jackson Range will be a big deciding factor with EVs in Australia. Even just "driving around town" is a different experience here than in the UK. My hometown of Brisbane is ten times the size in area than greater London. A trip to the other side of town can take 45 minutes on the freeway. Then factor in that Australians like to drive 500-700km in one sitting to get to their favourite campsite, fishing spot or to see family. Our state and federal governments have done zip to make EV ownership attractive here. When you get EV utes (pickups) with a range of 800km then they'll become popular. Pickups outsell SUVs and sedans here.

    51. Arthur Walker

      These electric cars are a danger on motor ways unless you stop every 150 miles and sit and wait hours for them to recharge, petrol drive no lead in the fuel, will get you anywhere fill up anywhere, electric power generated from nuclear gas coal powered stations ????, then disposing of the DANGEROUS CONTENTS OF THE massive battery packs when used, WHAT PRICE ELECTRIC CARS.

    52. Novack George

      Three factors to consider: 1. This same test under similar conditions after 2yrs real world usage. Range decay? 2. Identical test in warmer conditions affects full battery range. Baseline of manufacturer claims? 3. The engineering behind the car weights to battery capacity. Kia's ratio is outstanding but why? Very good video.

      1. Del Lawrence

        @Twig On a rainy freezing morning in Winter.

      2. Twig

        Also do the test after 4 years with a full load of passengers and luggage.

    53. NuXe_Allianz

      Congrats Elon

    54. Nick

      ok, I'm being very sceptical, after the normal range of claimed mileage to the charge, like claimed miles to the gallon. what is the cost of charging? compared to fuel? also, can you imagine sating to the Saudis, or American oil companies, ' sorry we do not need your oil anymore? it is not going to happen.

    55. NuXe_Allianz

      Matt was smart on going on the Tesla last... he new he would get further

    56. Jet Fusion

      So Kia or Tesla. Kia's 90% of promised is nice. Tesla's 80% is lower than expected tbh as being market leader. Still a good range score though, but you most likely pay more too. Is the Kia's battery better protected from outside temperatures perhaps with the 90% in 10 Celcius compared to all others around 75-80%?

    57. Gee

      I did 380 mile in a day for work last week... so what do I do in the future?

    58. JN NJ

      electric cars are a very big sheet !!!!

    59. Red Salamander

      Expensive cars with very little range. There will be a day when electric cars are common and have good mileage, but for now, not for me!

    60. Mac Sixtyfive

      No Kia e-Niro In Oz...maybe 2021...maybe never....