We Forced Magnus Midtbø To Squat Heavy ish

Juji & Tom

Juji & Tom

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    Publisert Måned siden


    1. Magnus Midtbø

      This is what I'm subscribed for!

      1. Timothy Thornton

        Dude y'all literally moved right next to one of my best friend's house haha that shits crazy.

      2. Chris Perciavalle

        Magnus, you are a fucking beast. I kind of want to learn to rock climb after watching you. Looks really fun. My friend Adam also looks A LOT like a redheaded version of you.

      3. TheCyberTroll

        Bra jobba Magnus, kult å se deg sammen med disse gutta her. Du gjør resten av oss stolt

      4. Ashish Tirkey

        How do your legs feel ???

      5. Big Cheese

        Magnus is used to bodyweight, he's stronger than what you saw here. He lacked stability. Breathing and bracing is foreign to him. He'd be better off starting with bodyweight squats. Ques won't help him under load because he isn't used to having to think that hard about how he moves. You can still get bigger legs with body weight. Juji should teach him archer squats. Have him do bodyweight squats after. It makes more sense with how he trains.

    2. Vaughnik

      Is Tom holding his breath?

    3. Luisardo

      i love how tom is the type of guy that "know" everything but can't lift a lot of weight... the typical smart person in the gym that can't do much

    4. eel1331

      Low bar squat is supposed to feel like "you can jump on my back with 400lbs on the barbell and I won't fall over" like you're locked in on a leg press. Locked and loaded and ready to PUSH!

    5. Zenn.P

      9:15 read that rotating the hip in isnt that good for your body/spine. you can get deeper at squatting but for what cost.... anyone knows smth more?

    6. Scuba Steve

      Missed you guys working out at the home gym like this. To many videos of other random strong people working out. The gym Looking good maybe paint a cool Juji and Tom logo on the floor. I dunno cant wait to watch your next few videos and see how the gym turns out. Love your hat Juji, looks good on you.

    7. dirt war

      Was Toms knees popping 😂

    8. djvasforever

      Oh God I hate squats. Knee cracks are too loud for my ears.

    9. Paul S

      Magnus, first off would like to say you're the man dude! You all are, love when you guys collab! Anyways, squats will help you're climbing! For one they strengthen the core, but also send neurological signals that are vital for producing new, healthy brain cells! Squatting will help cognitive function and critical thinking improve!

    10. Oscar Miranda

      17:18 sounded like Magnus tore his whole knee up😂

    11. BKL

      I want to know what Magnus eats in a day. Sport climbers/boulderers tend to eat pretty light.

    12. Jørgen Skoglund

      Bevegelse er viktig 👌

    13. Todd Stewart

      Between this and the DL video I kept saying "When did Tom get so strong?!?" outloud

    14. BossFinale

      The taint technique

    15. Igor Petrenko

      Is Juji on the juice?

      1. Top Lad

        Nah he's obviously natty. 5'9 or 5'10 and 240lbs is not feasible without the juice buddy, regardless of how good your genes are.

    16. Wudang Academy

      My Grandma added this special flamingo pot just for you in our store: grandmas.shop/store/heat-resisting-ceramics-flamingo-open-fire-pot/

    17. Jason Moyle

      Don't teach poor form! you don't go any lower than your quads parallel to the ground or slightly above.

    18. oh

      haven't watched in about 6 months and both you guys are looking a fair bit bigger. good on you for somehow making gains between this ridiculous content cycle. i like this style of video where you guys are just training and hanging out as well

    19. Phillip1310

      toms squats did not look clean ..

    20. nunnink av

      How much are the Mrs. Juji beanies?

    21. Brendan

      Magnus' squat actually looks better than Toms ngl

    22. MrHothead099

      Tom is the Jeff Goldblume of weightlifting.

    23. the super good boy kids ?

      Tom is getting swol

    24. Diamond Eyes

      Happy 34 th juji

    25. dolphin082

      Geez Magnus stop skipping leg day. It cant hurt from what i see... And john... happy birthday man have a very successful year.

      1. the super good boy kids ?

        Dead weight to a rock climber.

    26. Jason

      You guys are awesome! Love your channel.

    27. Jon Cannon

      Norwegian sounds a lot like German

    28. Cherry tree Deer

      -Hey Magnus, what would you do if you lost your legs? -My what?

    29. David Colborne

      It took me half the video to realise why they put their hood on to do the squat.

    30. Brian Getty

      "Honestly I don't mind leg day, it's just the two days later I cant stand"....ba dum tss....ok, I'll go...great video guys!

    31. E Gall

      Russian Olympic Sleeper Agent activated

    32. Steve Lifts

      Maybe my plate math is off - but Tom, you say 265lbs at 10:20 - I think it's actually 205. You've got the 55lb'ers on the inside, and then the 25lbs on the outside...I think you were used to doing "2 plate math" and had 220 in your head for "2 plates", when in reality, one plate is 55 and one is a 25 - right?!?! Anyway, great lifts, glad to see you boys getting stronger!

    33. Julie Ehrmann Wesley

      Look at the ceiling when you squat, not the floor.

    34. Fabiainski

      Magnus - 30 - retired

    35. S30V

      duh, slav squat advantage

    36. Space Pope

      Tom looks like Earthworm Jim

    37. Joshua Ciardelli

      To prevent injury and maximal gains you have to keep up with your cues and do what works for you every time.

    38. Joshua Ciardelli

      I always wonder how I never met Juji even though he's over a year older and grew up in the same town as me forever!!! I'm still here reppin huntsville!!

    39. Joshua Ciardelli

      Man I was born within a few weeks of that place lol.

    40. TripleMGaming

      “There’s Asian people, and then there’s Russians.” Brilliant.

    41. Roy khoury

      I always thought you shouldn't hold your breath when doing heavy lifts, but I always see Juji holding his breath! I understand it makes you able to lift more but isn't it dangerous?

    42. Tapan

      Not gonna lie, it's hard for me to care about Magnus' squat form after coming from his video in the ninja warrior gym.

    43. David Fruin

      Happy birthday Juji!

    44. thevidguy11

      Don't know why tom is talking shit about high rep front squats Anton is doing. Look at Anton's physique and athleticism vs Tom. I think Anton knows what's he's doing.

    45. Vulpes

      I never was interested in sport but you guys are such nice people I love to watch you hang out. You inspire me to get my own gym friends.

    46. clint cross

      Happy belated birthday brother

    47. Recov '04

      Happy 34th birthday juji I've been watching your channel for about a year now and it really motivates me to workout better I'm only 15 and dont powerlift like you do but I do workout

    48. atrumluminarium

      I think Tom may not be tightening his torso enough on his squats given how his pelvis moves with respect to his spine. It would greatly improve his squat if that's the case and he works on it

    49. solly Brown

      This kind of vid with magnus makes it much easier to learn squats as a total beginner

    50. Ratt Riot

      "There's Asian people and there there are Russians"... TOM ... Russians are from Asia, and therefore Asian. lol

      1. 8r04lif3

        They're Eurasian

    51. CallMeJack08

      You guys should train with a mountain bike racer

    52. joshua park

      High bar always looks awkward.

    53. Paul Ruben

      How do you spell Anton's hometown's name?

    54. Jon Dovik

      Juji said tieing shoe laces in Bergen accent

    55. 27 Peace

      Low key feel bad for Magnus he gets pushed a little to much and he does not seem as happy/ glowy as he used to but it could just be me I dunno 🤷‍♂️

    56. Arve Hanssen

      Tom, you should try to have the bar lower on your back and not on your neck. That would really improve your technique, it takes off some load of your back.

      1. GuideTheNation

        Yes, if your a long limbed lifter / have a short torso lowbar is definitely recommended.

    57. Victor Segedahl

      Happy Birthday Juji!!

    58. Controversial Kevin

      I did 17 reps with 350 kg on the squat machine on Monday

    59. Controversial Kevin

      range of emotion would be translated to: rekkevidde av bevegelse.

    60. Controversial Kevin

      bevegelse is movement. flexibility is fleksibilitet XD