We got the Kick-Proof TV from China!

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    Have you seen that viral video from China of the kick-proof 4K smart TV? Well we got one. And we kicked it...
    Original clip: xavierkatana/status/1207669851990437891

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    Publisert 4 måneder siden


    1. Jordan Kerr

      is you payed good money to se this a weak inside joke or something lol

    2. Jordan Kerr

      the 80's thinks this is stupid

    3. legend pome

      3 china tv=iphone 11 pro max

    4. Hardik Meel

      destroy this TV FROM FUCKING CHINA

    5. John

      I need that tv in English

    6. Typing With Claws

      UPS will still find a way to break this TV during shipping.

    7. Dean No

      Invites an American football player over to test it in the next video.

    8. TheAnomalous

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="299">4:59</a> michael scotts voice initiated


      The linus dropping proff tv.

    10. BeefBeef

      You should've done a drop kick.

    11. Kevin 57

      Video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="534">8:54</a>

    12. Boris San

      Guys, what kind of TV model?

    13. Volantredx

      I honestly could see this being great for like a kid's game room. It's so tough you don't have to worry about the kids knocking it over or damaging it, and kids aren't the pickiest when it comes to video quality.

    14. cool dog lol Britton-goff

      do not get the tv! corona!!!

    15. Phillip Wilkinson

      I could see mental hospitals/institutions using something like this. Sacrificing picture quality for a more robust system so it is safer and doesn't constantly need replaced.

    16. Felix An

      What is the model number of this TV, and/or a link to Tmall/Jingdong where I can buy it?

    17. Baligh Laouini

      Why would you kick a TV?!


      imagine a monitor like that punch proof for gamers

    19. Midgetgamer587 TTV

      if i got pissed off id just beat the shit out of my tv lmao

    20. Aliensinnoh

      What if you drop a tungsten cube on it?

    21. Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> " bendy bois "

    22. Ben G


    23. barbaros bozkurt

      Where is the Wii remote

    24. Raied RK

      Best for fortnite and dellor 👌😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Nara Drippy

      I would love to have a tv like that so I can release my anger

    26. Master Playz

      this is better for gamer who rages alot

    27. The Bloody Doctor

      Linus sounds like Todd Howard

    28. Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!

      linus-proof tv with 8K support

      1. Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!

        and i fall off the chair

    29. Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!


    30. Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="542">9:02</a> hole in the wall... Jonah the WHALE falls

    31. TechCroz

      imagine hollywood movie props department bought wrong tv for their action movie

    32. Sumit Juyal

      *gets ignored by Brian and gives the laugh of embarrassment* "Maybe we dont need Brian, we'll take it to the workshop" Sure Linus, Sure. We see you. 0.o

    33. Mohammad RMJG


    34. Kyle Patton

      “So it has an ad the first time you turn it on?” Just like the Amazon Kindle and is the reason why I take so long just to get past the lock screen.

    35. HenryCats Yt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> 😄😆 Goodbye wall and tv.

    36. Dylan

      That was a joe rogan tier wheel kick at the end

    37. BadLobster

      It is a fact that your body wont let you stub your own toe me trying it out: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="449">7:29</a>

    38. GavinPlaysOsu

      The One Thing Linus Can't Break...

    39. Jojo Ao

      Must be the tvs they use in the re-education camps

    40. GD Arch

      Perfect TV for poofesure

    41. Boffy didn’t talk to me in bedwars

      It was made for ragers

    42. Duckies

      Linus: it has an ad when it opens that sucks Me: *is it familiar..?*

    43. Albert Lam

      Wow the first thing you turn it on (the car and mountains) first Chinese tv I ever saw even though I live in China lol

    44. The LoFi Guy

      Kid: does dumb kid stuff Dad: I knew it was coming. I knew

    45. TampseyLp

      Okay this tv has series included can anyone please send me a link to buy this thing ? I'm from germany

    46. DacrasherZ

      Plot: soccer team loses Dad: god- "rising leg Mom: its kick-proof Dad: Goddammit get the gun Mom: what? Dad: *get the G u n*

    47. isakurs

      ok so why does it have to be kick proof? who is worried about someone kicking their tv

    48. gundamxzero3

      they should have had joe rogan kick it.

    49. Melchizedek V

      Y don't we hammer it

    50. Aristo Rahadian

      As a sportsbar owner, I need to have this in my bar

    51. Maggie

      This would of been so useful a couple weeks ago when I was trying to mount my TV and it went forward and smashed on my head 🤣

    52. Dixie Normous

      Invite Joe Rogan to kick it,

    53. Daniel Edmonds

      It play ads before you can watch it?. Who would dare do that......Linus.

    54. Joanthony Almestica

      Seeing Linus get tossed into a TV was the funniest shit I've seen on this channel!

    55. Naif Lamki

      For #7 you should've done just a straight punch to the TV. #6 doesn't count since it's obviously weak. Lowkey tempted to buy this tv to test how much force it would need to break it

    56. Scide

      best laugh I ever had lol !!!

    57. Ferdynand L

      Chinese sees american always break their tv screen Chinese create kick proof tv ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED

    58. Lee Oswald

      Seems like it was the best experience for their entire life 👍

    59. MichielManBro :D

      haha so funny gives me a smile!

    60. BOI PK


    61. ANDA animates

      Its probably for wii gaming.

    62. Mrs Panda

      Now I just really want to see what it takes to break it.

    63. RELtard

      Just for kicks

    64. R F

      It's Chinese tech. There's probably nothing inside. It's like you're kicking a balloon.

    65. Reid Habicheco

      Hit it with a sledge hammer or something

    66. Rygaros

      try with a baseball bat..

    67. KilluaキルアZoldyck Z

      I need this!! my brother headbutted the tv because he slipped over a toy lightsaber😂😂😂

    68. BenAl Kozan

      Did you see his foot when he kicked it?!!!

    69. Shirajul Islam Shakur

      I will use this tv as a punching bag.

    70. NewSnow

      The one piece of tech that pleases Linus' motto

    71. XxMcHunterxX

      we not gonna talk about how he wearing socks with sandals?

    72. Phantom Gabrielis

      wait ad when you turn on the bloody TV.... bullshit man you jinxed it (one of episode's of you know what's bullshit he talked about dvd's and it's ads and he made a joke like that and seeing that now real is kinda shocking)

    73. Blip CS

      Why did you not dropkick it?!

    74. Nagare Yuki

      I was thinking of getting this tv cuz it's wide and it cost only 400$, but when he turns it on and there's an ad, i changed my mind and the movement is even slower than my school pc

    75. Peter Kenny Chen

      Linus on 0.75x speed sounds like he's talking at normal speed 😂

    76. Nicholas Farmer

      The blood gulch memories

    77. Im Invis3

      TV: Kickproof Me: *Punches it

    78. Bobby G4M3R

      hey, look, I can throw my gramma at it, and get the "beer infection" thx Linus!

    79. Xforcen

      My family's first DVD was by this brand 夏新,now it's hardly seeing in the market

    80. quiltedquickerpicker

      you should have also included a regular flat screen tv for comparison.