We Water Cooled an SSD!!

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    Should YOU water cool an SSD in your gaming PC?
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    Corsair MP600: www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Storage/M-2-SSDs/Force-Series%E2%84%A2-Gen-4-PCIe-NVMe-M-2-SSD/p/CSSD-F2000GBMP600
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    1. Frederik MHz

      haha, he dropped it! again!

    2. DiabloMinero

      "Clearly that's not going to work" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

    3. dtb

      what copper unit cooling have you used? the small copper bock on the SSD chip

    4. CHARGUI Fahd

      Did he say 2TB of ram ?

    5. brianbp4f

      Linus almost drop tips

    6. smoothie Blender

      Is it just me or Linus sounds like Gru from despicable me

    7. TechFan

      Linus: You shouldn't watercool. Also Linus: Your parts need good cooling and benefit from Watercooling.

    8. NvrUseYur RealName

      Bruh! Do a vid about that piece of tech you used to check the temperature(4:32)! I want one! You don't even have a link to where you got yours! :( Help a brutha out, man.

    9. Divit Rutia

      *In the next video* Water cooling a water cooled water cooler...

    10. bearhood2004

      I thought you're retiring?..still need cashflow??

    11. armin black


    12. Marley Stoll

      Do a watercooled keyboard next time.

    13. Husky

      could have just gotten the Bykski m.2 water block and not have to worry about the down sizing adaptors.

    14. Rickard Duong

      Is it weird that he kinda sounds like Gru from Despicable Me?

    15. TwizzElishus


    16. They Live We See

      so water cooled and rgb on everything

    17. Vsiem_ priviet

      Next step : we watercooled a watercooling

    18. 000 McKing

      Her: "Don't go hard it's my first time." Also her: 9:36

    19. Anon


    20. Tamer M

      @08:06 demonetized!

    21. Matthew Hales

      Uses windows 10 Still using resource monitor -_-

    22. uwot Games

      but can i water cool my bread toaster?

    23. Niggawok

      0:26 he turned into gru

    24. candr


    25. Piotr Adamowicz

      You know what you haven't watercooled yet? Mice. I want a nice watercooled mouse so my palms stop sweating.

    26. Addictive_LiquoriCe

      haha bsod... wut!? I do love these things, just crazy ideas let's test it!

    27. Redbow Unboxing

      What if you used dry ice to cool it further??

    28. NothingXemnas

      Wait, if NAND chips should run at 40C, then doesn't it mean that the first 10 minutes for them to heat up is harmful? I mean, what if its down to 15C at your home? *Time to mount heaters on my SSDs*

    29. ImFireBall

      We want water cooled power buttons😂

    30. Galilööl

      +Linus Tech Tips why tf do u have a thermal camera that costs something around 60k euros???!?!?!?!?

    31. Mr Pupp3T

      Did he say 2TBs of ram?

    32. Pitchblack

      I want to see a watercooled Brain of a Gamer

    33. Rising Stars Championships

      If they ever do another Despicable Me movie I suggest Linus playing Gru's Canadian cousin.

    34. wakman756

      Only for the epicest gamers

    35. Ardian Qusaj

      Speak metric or don't speak at all

    36. Lalit Mahajan

      I think u should try for water cooling your brain also bcoz it looks like you are out of ideas nowadays.

    37. Eddy mmm

      Can't wait to water cool my RGB lights they are too hot 😏

    38. pavy415

      Lol no reason to do this your just killing your ssd by doing so much writing

    39. Tarel sun

      1:17 Linus Drop Tips!

    40. test subject

      Anyone got ad from pulsways featuring linus

    41. nub dupre

      2:58 two terabytes of ram..... Why

      1. TheBrothergreen

        64 cores/128 threads.

    42. qdrkhairum

      "the little tiny one" thats a most cute i ever heard from linus

    43. Dettidogg

      watercooled an ssd?....

    44. Poupou Pidoum

      I need Linus to water cool my balls.

    45. Tachiro Akisu

      Aren't videos like this getting really tiring for the LMG team?

    46. Toukir Ahmed

      Is their any Water-cooler for Human! sometime i may angry or may very hot?

    47. Axel Fox

      oooff he dropt ht ssd

    48. gui matte

      2020: water cooling a ssd 2030: *dumps liquid helium onto the PC*

    49. Nut Screw Gamer

      What the heck is "pulseway"?

    50. Mahinn Mee

      2 tb ram wtf

    51. Toms Vilnis pujiņš

      0:04 autotune

    52. Fn Tube

      other things aside.. is it just me or when Linus says "little tiny!!" it sounds adorable and cute for some reason xD

    53. Kanna Kamui

      But can you watercooler your watercooler?

    54. USSR

      Your voice reminds me of Gru from the Minions movie.

    55. Александр Родионов

      whats next, watercooled rgb led strip?

    56. NeverEnough

      Linus is a mad man.

    57. Holy Land Exotic Corals

      Water cooled mouse :-)

    58. Eric Newton

      It's my understanding, paraphrasing from a fellow in the SSD industry, that the NANDs work better hot, so the controller's heat is moved to the NANDs. Any water cooling/air cooling etc cause the heat to get removed altogether and thus the NANDs dont get the heat they desire.

    59. Ciastek pow

      not ssd but nvme. ssds dont like to be cool, they need to be "warm" to get optimal efficiency. nvme disks can and should be cooled... watercooling well

    60. George Bowley

      Higher temperatures are good for NAND flash lifespan though users.ece.cmu.edu/~saugatag/papers/18hpca_heatwatch.pdf