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    Yeah so this went a bit weird...
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    1. Victoria Drew

      Simon: “8 inches. We’re to be accurate” Talia: “or not” 🤣🤣 😆

    2. Krilly XD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> you know they r goin t go back t the app😂

    3. ? CAT

      why is ksi playing football and boxing

    4. Hayyan Durrani

      Why is different

    5. Bodhi Rangiwai-Tones

      this was halirous

    6. Sudeys Blue

      App: 3 fun Me: refund

    7. Zack Rawley

      I bet Simon still has this app to this day to piss off people 😂

    8. Andrew Penn

      Hull is a Sithole? I'm from Hull and... Yes most of it is 🙁

    9. MUI sab FC

      Should do this video with JJ

    10. Darcy Jones

      Why does talia always say what do u mean in a high pitch voice, that’s the highlight of their relationship x

    11. James Fraser

      Don't diss hull man

    12. Retroreverb city

      Be be that thumbnail?

    13. Retroreverb city

      Who is the blurred?

    14. Retroreverb city

      Who is the thumbnail

    15. Abdul Hajizadeh

      Never thought I'd hear Simon say Peterborough 😂

    16. 70 bumhole

      Talia is so beutiful

    17. Ognjen Brt

      Talia:OH MY GOD Sure

    18. Тимур Бабаев

      this video is 1 year old omg how old am i

    19. ToastyTuber

      Is it weird that i am just clocking that 95K+ people have liked for Bigd?

    20. Sir Great Britain

      The BBC is left wing? wtf XD

    21. Terry OliveOil

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> Exposed. He's really 9 inches.

    22. Josh Cassidy

      Tom is definitely Nasher! Haha!

    23. Amogh Kudva

      Talia going from self conscious to doesn't give a fuck. That's just awesome

    24. Jack Busby


    25. Oflagos Setawon

      His last video literally ended with her saying what do you mean and this one started with that too. Lol

    26. Dylan sef

      6 foot 2 with 8 inches omg the 2 is the inches

    27. Kgomotso Moyo

      He knows what all these acronyms mean but still claims he doesn't know the Pornhub intro😂😂foh

    28. Chase Poskey

      Bro my name is Chase 🚫🧢 that’s a banger go on Simon

    29. Will Procter

      Talia deep down is freaky

    30. Hannah Boughner

      Are they both bi or did they just do that to get more people

    31. Loldeception

      50 shades of gray is just proof women are gold diggers. Take away his money put it in a trailer park. Now it’s a horror movie

    32. pixel

      I think Simon is trying to tell us somthing with the, "everyone is a little bisexual, a little curious"

    33. Shay Hughesy

      Chase sharing my birthday love that

    34. 10K subs with no videos challenge

      2020 anyone?

    35. Nancy mae Mandry

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="381">6:21</a> my biggest flex is having my cousin play for leeds 🤭

    36. Dylan Blackborow

      Three years my nicknames been big D lowkey happy

    37. Caitlin Brennan

      Talia looks stunning in this video gurl!

    38. Itsz grip

      Man hull is underrated af. Not all a shithole.

    39. AdamPlays

      She is toooo fit tho🥵

    40. Caleb Jacob Reed

      Simon casually wearing toby’s merch

    41. Oscar Strange

      I knew I would find u hear u look 6tf with 2.8 inches

      1. Oscar Strange

        It took me to long to find u 😂

    42. Chayce Oliver-dujon

      How weirds this my names chase Simon likes my name

    43. Bailey Winch

      Simon, get a tattoo

    44. Jack Roberts

      Why are they so cute 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    45. Harry Clark

      Hang on rewatching this back and y the f*** is he dissing hull oh well we are a sh**hole any way vids r funny as

    46. DunkdaHunk

      I went on has hand sanitiser and got 30 likes an hour for a week.

    47. Archie jay

      Talia is hot,and has a great voice hope she features again on ksi's new album.

    48. Zach Falbe

      This is for Big D

    49. CrypticVortex

      Why do you bully your gf

      1. CrypticVortex

        “I ordered her online!” 🤣

    50. hAnNah

      why is this the best vid I've watched all day

    51. Mike TheScienceGuy

      had 1994 as birth year on every account before. not my actual birth year. anyone can relate?

    52. cvorty

      Why does Talia have a anime tattoo?

      1. Max1 W1ll

        It's her sister

    53. Zaman Hussain

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> Anastasia is one of Morgz's ex Girlfriends

    54. KAPPA

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Talia: what do you mean

    55. Tricky Toes

      This man is jokes

    56. A Wanker Head

      What’s wrong with crocs 🤷🏻‍♂️

    57. David Flockhart

      "everyone is a little bisexual" no simon. NO WERE FKN NOT

    58. Andrew Thiselton

      Can someone explain <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="738">12:18</a>

    59. Tyler Broadhead

      Leeds United

    60. Chase Van Veyeren

      My name is chase 😂 no lie

    61. Jo jo king


    62. S1lent R10T

      how are you 6ft 2in and 8in

    63. Ryan Lombardo

      I creased are Simon during this

    64. Ash Morris

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="731">12:11</a> “your name is oscar”

    65. Moises Ceja

      loooollololool "fancy a swap"

    66. Chaze Tanner

      Broo my name is chase

    67. jgreenbelt

      Mad February 7 is my little bro and sis's twin b day

    68. Nomietisaatana

      talia you so sexy

    69. CTN

      My name is chase and my birthday is in may the same month you uploaded this

    70. Ghost playzz

      I live in hull

    71. David Machila

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="555">9:15</a>

    72. jaden broomes

      Doesn’t 6ft 2 mean 6feet and 2 inches so simon said he is 6 10

    73. Lewis Park

      What is this lmao

    74. Cole Weaver

      My sisters name is anastasia...

    75. Jackywacky Doodah

      You should do a video where you spin the wheel and whatever it lands on you have to do.

    76. Johnny

      Use me as the talia “OMG” button

    77. Ainesosa

      Should have had, that you were 6ft 2, 8 inches and she was 5ft 1, -... inches

    78. AB

      I live in Peterborough and i really reaaalllyyy wanna know who this pablo is xD

    79. Inferno Gaming

      why talia lookin hella fine

    80. Sohaib

      *When you know all the words that Simon blurred*