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    Let me know what other challenges we should do!
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    1. F2mini7 Legend

      Simon you should do a vid u and Tobi vs Theo and Charlie cos u do a lot of footy vids with tobi and Theo with Charlie and Charlie’s good in net and tobi is aswell

    2. Tanner Curtis

      It’s called soccer not FOOTBALL ok but good job on your scoring it’s really sick

    3. DJ16 _

      Is that Theo Baker or Glik

    4. LevelUp AceHD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="712">11:52</a> Who knows the name of the beat?

    5. Julian Perrone

      Theo Is shocking

    6. Atulya Aryan


    7. Atulya Aryan

      Song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="607">10:07</a>

    8. Lily Adams

      training with ankle weights will never not make me think of lee from naruto🤭

    9. iiSp3ctrumii

      My friend saw u as u were filming

    10. VG Cobra


    11. K1NG KDl

      This was just an ego boost huh

    12. Alex

      *<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="653">10:53</a>** theo swore on his mums life it didnt hit the floor but it did...*

    13. Oh Yeah yeah

      Nice soccer chalenges

    14. Flynn

      Where is this Simon rlly wanna try it out

    15. Wolf

      Makes me wonder why wasn't Tobi the goalie during your charity matches?

    16. Shahida [Multi•Stan]

      Simon is soo good at football and Black goalie was on fire 🔥👏🏽💯 love football videos so much!

    17. I Zpademilio I

      Lanky boiii master

    18. Liam Knight

      Tobis wearing the gloves josh bought him that’s why he’s so good

    19. Robbie Dodd

      And theo was hashtags star signing a few years back

    20. Mudo

      Whats the song in the beginning

    21. Refuse Rexus

      Black goalie

    22. Syed Alam

      This just shows that even though Simon is so slim he has a lot of leg strength.

    23. Burnt Tortilla Gaming

      Yo anybody know the instrumental at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="322">5:22</a> ??

    24. sNakki -M-

      Black goalie

    25. Abbey Rozenboom

      I say another Simon vs tobi with either Jed or manny in goal

    26. oladayo oladitan

      What's the name of that ncs song after the missed

    27. Tripple S

      Tobi the mvp

    28. Dripping_ Pxint

      Theo on next level 3 1 2 counting

    29. Abraham Ogobero

      U still do crossbar challenge its 2019

    30. Luca Singh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> I miss that tune

    31. Joe Dorben

      I thought this meant the ball itself was weighted lmao

    32. Timothy Arnold

      You should get featured in one of Jj’s song

    33. Rangers Fan

      Congrats hitting 8M simon

    34. ankit gangishetti

      Congo for 8m watching you since 3m

    35. Jeff Lanister

      We need a sidemen crossbar challenge. It had to be said 🤷🏾‍♂️

    36. RaZe_Marco7

      what’s the song called?

    37. Tough Enough

      tough enough youtube channel is coming!get ready miniminter

      1. James Naughton

        Sure it is hahaha

    38. Dany Perez

      What are those things they have on their ankles?

    39. Kerem Slater

      What happened to ruud to glory and can you please make a fifa series

    40. Cross Peter

      Hi simon i wanted to ask you about the sidemen clothes i am 11 and I don't know if it is in my size please reply

      1. Chewy Gonzales

        Cross Peter if you know why comment?

      2. Cross Peter

        I know

      3. Chewy Gonzales

        Cross Peter 11 is an age not a size , so we can’t help you much

    41. ItsBog

      I just went back in your channel to see the oldest video I remember watching new, turns out I’ve almost been watching you for 4 years

    42. Battlecry productions

      Sub to me please

    43. Party city Pimp suit

      I was born September 7th too bro

    44. 10k subs without videos !

      simon are you bulking

    45. Jorthemc

      This video was kinda boring

    46. Adam Meshanko

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="653">10:53</a> the ball touched the damn floor

    47. Shea Nolen

      I just got a notification for this video???

    48. Euan Crossan

      Can u were a Glasgow rangers top in a vid

    49. Ryan McLoughlin

      When is the next annual moo off

    50. K1shna

      Oh *_look_* his *_mouth_* isn't *_open_* in every *_fucking_* thumbnail anymore.

    51. Kunal Tendulkar

      Anyone know the intro?

    52. Eddie Carrizales

      Do more videos with Talia

    53. Marina Buchanan

      Do the I got stabbed prank on Talia

    54. Fatali Fataliyev

      U should do a exploring video of a haunted place

    55. Ask to seduce Miss

      Get your fitness up and play for hashtag

    56. Rashidur Rahman

      I want to see him vs the f2

    57. It’s Nethers

      If this was with KSI I’d actually enjoy this

    58. Ed Rimmer

      Brother vs brother with trekkerz kid And mello

    59. Deep hug

      "you're making up the rules cause you feel sorry for me" AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    60. the right mind

      I remember Malfoy. Those were good times...

    61. Metal Monkey

      Here's a difficult challenge, I did it once by accident years ago. Hit the crossbar and both posts with 1 shot. From an angle hit the underside of the crossbar, then hits the far post and comes back across the goal line and hits the near post. I'm giving this challenge to a few people, let's see if anyone does it

    62. Jay T

      Miniminter is so white and thin, I could lay him on a table and snort him

    63. Rock girl

      I don't know if you guys already filmed it or know of it, but if you have forgotten July 28 is the next anual moo off.

    64. That Guy

      Congrats on 8m!

    65. DHRUV productions

      wtf is dis .. ur ideas were better

    66. Keno Redeker


    67. Aimless- Player-1

      I unsibscribed sorry not sorry

    68. Joanna


    69. Jordan Gutierrez

      sub to my channnel

    70. Cassie

      Ksi : who does football videos in 2019 Simon : hold my tuna Tobi: blackgoalie

    71. Joe Rubino

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="653">10:53</a> it touched the ground

    72. Jonty Kinsman

      Get your fitness up and play for hashtag

    73. Craig Birkett

      You need to react to lil bored menside got back to highschool

    74. David Ipinmoye

      Did anyone else notice Simon doing the flashbacks after vid with tobi

    75. Bryson Ting

      "you're making up the rules cause you feel sorry for me" AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    76. Arfan 14

      Tobi is probably the best keeper in youtube even though hes not a keeper but he has determination to save a goal

    77. Joe Smith

      Simon is a spaghetti man

    78. Samin 079

      I bet Theo would’ve turned into Leo Messi if money was on the line 😂

    79. Ns BTW

      I don't know if you guys already filmed it or know of it, but if you have forgotten July 28 is the next anual moo off.