What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

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    Here's an inside look at the United States Army's intense 22-week basic training known as OSUT, which stands for One Station Unit Training. Senior Video Correspondent Graham Flanagan spent four days at the Army's Maneuver Center of Excellence located inside the Fort Benning military installation near Columbus, Georgia, where he observed different companies at various stages of training.
    After a processing period that takes one to two weeks, recruits experience what's known as a "shark attack," when drill sergeants create a high-stress environment through a series of rapid-fire instructions and commands. Once the intensity subsides and training begins, the dynamic between the drill sergeants and the recruits evolves into one found between a teacher and students in a classroom.
    Despite rainy conditions that rarely let up during filming, we saw various dynamic aspects of training, such as marksmanship, tear gas exposure, and MOUT, which stands for military operations in urban terrain.
    In the video, we incorrectly refer to duffle bags as rucksacks. Insider regrets the error.
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    What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

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    1. Shaquerra

      Wait so right after Graduation it’s straight to the Army.

    2. Shaquerra

      I do not think I could handle all this

    3. James 070605

      I had someone from the airforce jump on my back and cuff me as a joke 🙂... it kinda hurt

    4. Tetsu de Rothchild

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    5. Emerio Manzano

      I won't join any military branch because what you go through at bootcamp

    6. Rosa Parks

      Now those are good drill sargents

    7. Avishek Das

      I gained a lot respect when I heard their starting salary was about 20k a year, that's a bit less than a reservists summer pay here.

    8. JayyB

      This seems chill compared to marine training

    9. James Henderson

      Those mre's can be pretty good... like legitimately better than school lunch.... this is from a civilian who had gotten then from someone else and like... they're good.

    10. RusseII Westbrick

      I couldn’t do it I would laugh every time he gets in my face

    11. ZoryFN

      I would never make it to the military i would laugh so hard

    12. Totally not your friend Hehe

      i am not joining the army because i want to be a youtuber

    13. C.K. Holliday

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a> that's one Angry Cop

    14. Eddie Sprain

      I don't need someone yelling in my face until their face is red as a tomato to know they are in charge.

    15. LMS Productions

      I would be crying every time the drill seargant yelled a me

    16. Erick Aguilera

      If I was there I would ask for the 6 feet distant for covid 19

    17. Phillip Smith

      To military folks here: Are balisongs, folding knives, balisongs, anything else under a fixed blade, allowed?

    18. Jeermiah

      Am Gonna play Call of Duty in Real Life

    19. Mathew Freeman

      Weak ass shit! Semper Fi

    20. Jack Klemek

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> who here knows that drill by voice? I sure do

    21. MysteriousAdmin

      How about putting them into a forest and hire some VC.

    22. trono phono

      I saw the one with marines. Seems everyday is shark day in the marines.

    23. Kasham Iqbal

      The drill sergeant at the beginning shouting "Why are you moving!" Looks like Jake Paul😂😭


      Must be nice our first night is a nightmare compared to this

    25. E T

      My dad was in army he once found a deer did not kill it. his dad was supposed to be in army and one time he was going down a mountain with his friend he went first then his friend went but... the bad guys put bombs in the ground so his friend exploded and his leg got cut and blood every where he did not die tho

    26. zack slechta

      I dont know if it's just me, but during the shark attack doesn't one of the drill sergeants sound like @angrycops

    27. Nathan Watson

      Those are not ruck sacks🤦‍♂️

    28. KnightOnRBLX

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> Got me scared. That guys face looks like he's been to Hell and back. Gotta like the video for that recruit

    29. Leaf

      LMAO 20k a year, holy shit you have to be desperate to take such a shitty job.

    30. Enzo Nilo Tocas Palomino

      Interesting to see other ways of training volunteers... I remember fort benning... Great memory

    31. PoisonFoxx

      They had to have cut out the part where they fucked up personel count. There's just no way it was that smooth 😂

    32. Alexander Williams

      Im at Charlie 2-54 right now lmao

      1. azazel.mp4

        wish u luck

    33. Dublin Banana

      I would like to join the the us army. They are lucky

    34. Matthew Bridges

      I remember watching the Shark Attack from the barracks next door and relieved that wasn’t me

    35. What’s my name ?

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> Is that. Angry Cops?

    36. Army Veteran 18 the.Airborne

      Ft Sill, Ft.Bragg, Ft Cambell, Ft.Jackson, and Ft.Riley.

    37. Army Veteran 18 the.Airborne

      Being in a combat most there were no woman .Run 6 miles everyday, before breakfast it was hard but loved every minute of it.

    38. олег плотников

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    39. Lo Telusi

      Asia in the world

    40. Sebastion Parra-Perez

      this is like my music class in the 5th grade

    41. clover the lucky

      Me wanting to be an combat medic: Where's the shitter.

    42. Kurt Sedlmeir

      What is up with the roman solider at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a>.

    43. Samuel Redd

      30th ag was the worst part, change my mind.

    44. Temple Rodriguez

      Fort Benning, home of the infantry, class of 2010!

      1. Temple Rodriguez

        During morning runs, who remembers A squad, B squad, and C squad. A squad was for the elite runners, B was for the normal runners, and C was for the fat/ out of shape runners.

      2. Temple Rodriguez

        I had a drill Sargent that had a hook for an arm and he would say, “private I will hook you up”!!

      3. Temple Rodriguez

        10 mile ruck sack march, killer!!

      4. Temple Rodriguez

        The psychological part is no joke smh, treat you like a peace of shxt just to mind wash you.

      5. Temple Rodriguez

        91J - Chemical equipment repair specialist

    45. avenger

      Dont let people take your respect for a pay cheque. Racist army. Fact


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    47. MbisonBalrog

      Is this boot camp or infantry school?

    48. Risang Sr

      i just wanna to feel what taste about dude yells front of my face

    49. KingSavage

      Saw my boy angry cops

    50. Nealy’s Network

      nosel.info/video/video/tm1pep3GeaSg1ac.html. Tour of active duty army barracks.

    51. Zakari

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="431">7:11</a> thats not a ruck sack smh its a duffel bag

    52. Zakari

      This video aint accurate at all. The 2 weeks you stay at 30th AG are by far way worse than the 22 weeks you endure through actual training lmao

    53. *

      I want to join

    54. Friedd Gaming

      Thats not a Ruck XD

    55. Big Marbel

      Does the thing of the hat leave a mark?

    56. G Money

      A snack right out of the shoot, eh? I'll bet a bubble bath was next.

    57. bloodygoth

      Mommy I’m scared

    58. Nicole Wiser

      It’s depressing how much money our soldiers make compared to famous people....

      1. Mowee Westy

        Or how little

    59. Donald Trump

      wow shoutout to Jay Shortz for the sick buzz cut he gave me back in 2017

    60. Jåčøb Wöød

      Was that angry cops

    61. Det Nine

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="705">11:45</a> c'mon man, that's not a SSG.

    62. Sam Speen

      The girl isn’t scary

    63. Brandon Hill

      the guy at the beginning tho XD

    64. RiCtY

      When I watch to much of full metal jacket this recommended to me

    65. John Pacquiao

      compared to the other branches marines navy and coast guard is way worse they yell at you for the entire camp

    66. John Pacquiao

      army is the most lenient branch to join they only yell at you for the first week or 2

    67. ABulgrin 22

      heheh, funny hat man loud

    68. GBblocks179

      “Delete inappropriate photos” My “homework” folder: oh sh*t

    69. Young Xander

      This seems more chill than the marines

      1. Chris Davis

        The marines might be more histrionic, but, trust me, they're neither tougher nor nastier than a former paratrooper or ranger drill sergeant at Benning.

    70. Son Of Ender Gameplay and Animations

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> that roman soldier statue

    71. Captain Chaos

      They’re trying to be drill instructors lol

    72. Arx Fortis

      Narrator: "This is Army boot camp." Um...WRONG. The Army doesn't have "boot camp." Anyone who says so is full of SHIT. Boot Camp is a term used by the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

    73. Ashton Rayne

      Why do they all look like they have downs

    74. 사쿠라

      시진핑 빡큐

    75. This who we are

      I'm suprised some of them don't turn into joker or Super villains.. Seems like a perfect sitting

    76. Tsuki Hoshi

      CameraMan: *its a movie*

    77. Outdoor Orgy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="461">7:41</a> everyone yells "yes drill sergeant " except for one woman 🤭

    78. Marshall Stell

      No all privates have to go through OSUT and not all of us go to Fort benning

    79. Deadmanjoker88

      Last week before graduation we are getting haircuts. Two of our drill Sergeants notice a drop off new trainees and immediately runs off to go shark attack them and we just stand their cheering for them as they run off.

    80. Dmitri Fukov

      Osut is only for 11b,19D,19k mos's.which is infantry, cavalry scout and tankers. I did my tanker training at fort Knox