What Made You Realize Someone Was Smart? (r/AskReddit)

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    Publisert 5 måneder siden


    1. Jennifer Torres

      My dad could solve organic chemistry problems and calculus problems that took me an hour or so each in 15 minutes in his head without having to touch a piece of paper... Always pissed me off, he would then proceed to point at my head and tell me to use it. I'm definitely good as far as academics go and I don't have to study for most classes/ace them while paying little to no attention but I will never be half the genius my father is. To this day I'll be thinking of how to solve a problem for a week then ask him about it, he usually has a solution in seconds.

    2. Nicholas Johnston

      I have an older sister and she was a quick learner when she was young. She did everything faster than typical like walking, talking, etc. she was so quick that when my mom had me she though I was retarded. I didn’t do things slow I, I just did them at the normal time. My sister just learned so fast that she made me look like I had a mental disability.

    3. britney aquize

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    4. Pink Guy

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    5. Duked

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    6. Isa Efron

      I had this friend in high school, and we had to go to school on a Saturday to take a math exam which we had previously missed out. He was actually dating a close friend of mine, and the previous night they'd had their anniversary. The guy hadn't even checked out the sample quiz. Walking in the next day to the empty classroom, I greet him there and I started going over some mathematical problems with him. He had never seen the problems before, but managed to solve them on the spot, with maybe one failed attempt. Problems which even the straight A students weren't able to solve easily. I was shocked to see him barely breaking a sweat, and also knowing that he hadn't studied at all the previous night, as he was with his girlfriend.

    7. varghese abraham

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    8. H0ST Mello 69

      can relate I was considered smart until I stayed back hs

    9. Aurora

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> if it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid

    10. Ollie Kim

      yea. anyone who can explain something complicated in a simple manner is very smart. first, the intelligence to grasp it and understand it fully, and then the organization to get the point across quickly and efficiently. usually, they are great at conversation and telling stories.

    11. High Definition

      Dang, guess I'm not smart because of the one at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1078">17:58</a>. The Internet really fucked me up

    12. Adarsh Sajan

      Tiny turtle

    13. Black Spiderman

      HEY! Play dough kids are people too you know!

    14. UniWolf

      One of my friends. He is about 4-5 years older than me and I knew he was smart but didn’t quite realize until now. He is graduating this year and has already completed 2 years of online college while still keeping up with a full time job and other activities. He taught me a bit of sign language too.

    15. vibrantpixels

      i am not smart by any means but i learned early on that the best way for me to retain information is just by rereading my notes word for word while my favorite songs played in the background right before bed the night before the exam. i am not joking. friends would not respond to late texts and would not hang out for an hour after school for a whole week before the actual exam and here i was playing my videogames and watching movies until the last ~24 hours. I've tried doing the study a little every day leading up to the exam but it just doesn't work for me. i think sleeping right after I'm done is what cements the information. I've been in the middle of taking a closed book exam and on a tough question I've pictured the section of my notes in my mind where i knew i saw the answer the night before. its never happened again to that extent though but that was such an awesome moment for me lmao

    16. Johnny McJohnson

      Some of the biggest idiots can be straight A students, school has very little to do with how smart someone is

    17. Dylan Jacko

      Before my dad passed away he worked in a small CNC machine shop called KTR. They made couplings for John Deere tractors and Caterpillar cranes and such. Well, a few years after he passed away, I decide to try turning in an employee application and they nearly hired me on the spot (my dad was a very smart man and a hard worker so they recognized my last name). My second week working there, I am working on this machine and there's this old, weird, bent piece of metal lodged in the front of the machine. It would always make it so my arm was getting slightly wet every time I would load/unload the machine. I asked my supervisor about it one day and he explained that my dad had made that and put it up for some reason and it just kinda stayed. So being the cocky son I tried to be, decide to take the makeshift guard out of the slot in which it had been placed in. I open the machine doors after the very next cycle and I am COMPLETELY covered in coolant. Turns out my dad had some pretty good ideas and I was still learning from him even after his passing. TLDR: Thought my dad's janky coolant guard was useless, turns out it was a very good idea and was still being used for 12+ years.

    18. Raymond Rosas

      I had a calculus professor who taught our lecture of about 100 people. With most large lectures like that professors just ask you to pick up your graded exams off the desk since they don’t really know anyone’s name. Not this guy. He had a stack of graded exams and proceeded to hand them back to everyone in their seats. He had somehow memorized about 100 names and faces.

    19. Galilea Villegas

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    20. Gerardo Saldaña

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    21. Johnny Guy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="274">4:34</a> AMEN!!!

    22. fr1day2

      Lazy people often tend to the best at cutting a time consuming task in half.

    23. Ruby_Dragon

      the lasiest person is the person who named the bible it literally means "book"

    24. Chase Rydstrand

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    25. ViralGrenade

      Pretty sure that credit card thing was me. That's kinda spooky lol. I remember numbers all the way back to my childhood. Address, phone numbers, speed limits, you name it if it has a number in it for some reason it just sticks with me. I can easily recite my DL#, SSN, my Wife's information, and the numbers to all the credit cards I have ever had, barring one of them.

    26. umbraheart1

      Simply put mayweather and lil Wayne Used to hate them both mayweather for his arrogance and Wayne cause thought he was mindless hip hop artist saw interviews with them that completely changed my mind both got great minds and mindsets on life and how to live right for success. Mental monsters who took over the world

    27. Trevor Lemke

      The fireplace got me

    28. Amber Richey

      So nice I had to watch it twice

    29. Crux Noctis

      I was babysitting a kid who was like, 7 or 8? We were watching TV and an informercial comes on for some kind of cleaning product. Person is making spaghetti sauce; cue the super exaggerated mess, they absolutely spread sauce everywhere while cooking without a care in the world, and I let out: That's so dumb. Who would willingly make such a mess while cooking? The kid just instantly replies: Well they gotta make a big mess to show how well the product works. It's a commercial. Dang did I just indirectly get called stupid?

    30. Russian Girl

      So...does not being smart make you dumb, or does not being dumb make you smart...?

    31. Livingvapour

      my dad taught my brother and i calculus when we were 5. so when the teacher asked the class what 1+1 was I could do the mathematical proof of how 1+1=2. He did this just to fuck with the teachers and the schools. good times.

    32. Sunset Skye

      I’m going to make it a point to remember random trivia so people think I’m smart

    33. Sunset Skye

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="908">15:08</a> Writing down info, will actually make you remember it.

    34. Лиза Баранова

      I"m really good at Russian grammar (I'm 15) A few days ago my dad asked me to check his 70 page paper for his university for punctuation and phrasing mistakes.Found 85.

    35. Lazarus1095

      Tiny Turtle.

    36. you don't know me

      I need that brain calculator sister 😂😂😂

    37. Sana Shakir

      The one at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> is so true. Ive gone through the same thing, and I remember I did the one-page note thing for a class once, and used it ONCE to double check an answer but it helped me review soo much. For smart kids who dont know how to study: they key is to take as much time as it takes to fully learn the material first time around with book notes/lecture notes. Then review however you can (this is a good technique from the video) the day or two before. You just gotta not procrastinate enough so you have time to review lmao

    38. igonzalez4319

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    39. The Mastema

      Was at a chess tournament and I thought there were only amateurs in there as I was told by a kid that was there. I drew my first match with this old dude and after 12 moves he trapped my Queen like i've ever seen before, I folded the match... I was against the #1 ranked portuguese player at the time... It felt like I just had been rapped, I at least am happy that I lasted 12 moves and I'm an amateur but I was happy that I defeated the #19 with a similar move but as a queen sacrifice.

    40. Michelle Lee

      Huh, turns out I've never really met a very bright person. I've met several people who won in academic international competition and stuffs but they never really get to show off their intelligence? Neither do I think theirs are practical.

    41. HotChips&Donuts

      there was one famous mathematician(don't know his name lol) who was late to class one day, so he just scribbled down these two questions on the board, thinking it was homework. He solved them, and they were actually 2 really famous unsolved questions. He earned his PhD because of that.

    42. Lo Co

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    43. Kim Zastrow

      Kangroo shoes are trademarked and are the only shoes with pockets

    44. Brett Lumar

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      1. Brett Lumar

        The holy fruit is mine😎

    45. Colin Corday

      When you watch this video and realize that you need to have a memeory in order to be "smart".... Me: well fukkkkkkkkkkkk

    46. jigi

      Last year in high school, scientific section. The math formula to be solved required almost half the board. My friend was so stressed by the teacher that he could not write a line. So he solved the problem mentally and wrote the solution directly . He found a simplification the teacher did not notice. The same guy : he started computing on an antique machine with 400 programming steps at most. He programmed a 3 dimension tic-tac-toe, displayed line by line (3 x 3 x 3 lines). So he mentally recreated the position of the pawns to play the next move. He usually won. He has good knowledge of 4 languages (French - English - Latine - German) and use them to read books in related languages (Spanish - Portuguese - Italian - Romanian - Dutch - Swedish). He learned conversational Portuguese in Brazil in two month, and when traveling has a "deciphering" method to acquire vocabulary in a few weeks : feel the rhythmic of the language, get the meaning of the most repeated locutions, read any public sign by context. Then start reading newspapers headlines. I saw him doing that successfully with Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Thaï, Vietnamese.

      1. jigi

        I forgot : this guy as such an encyclopedic knowledge in history / geography that his surname at work is "Human Google".

    47. MITA___GHOSH -00000-

      When you get a smart dog among smart people 😂😂😂 😂😂 😂

    48. Connman 8d

      Right off the bat, 2nd story is dumb as hell. Bail is 100% refundable.

    49. Gbomb31

      The second grade teacher was a bitch. Making kids cry for your own personal experimentation is why homeschooling should be more common.

    50. Inspired by

      I think some people confuse being "smart" with being educated or good at memorizing. Like having a photographic memory is a pretty cool talent but it only makes you smart if you can apply that knowledge and learning a lot of languages is obviously easier for people who have a talent for this but for the most part it just requires effort rather than being particularly intelligent.

    51. Bruno Barros

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    52. nene yashiro

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    53. Jose Garcia

      I’m the kid that ate play dough 😂😂😂🤣

    54. Reamy

      People called me "smart" all through school and college. I always disagree with them. I just have good memory. I've never studied for a test.

    55. Lindsay Shannon Joyner

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    56. ratchet319

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="912">15:12</a> If you study and make notes, you subconsciously learn the material. No, I think that's a pretty conscious effort....

    57. Quinn Jarvis

      my dad made a huge piece of code that (i'm not sure exactly how many but quite a few) lots of astronomers use(he's one too). He's pretty smart.

    58. Martina Raffo

      There's a particular artist who comes to my mind. Marc "Xenoyr" Campbell, front leader of an australian band called Ne Obliviscaris, is an excellent lyrics writer. He once stated that he takes a lot of inspiration by looking at complex buldings or architectural details, like for example the windows of the Duomo in Milan. I don't know about others, but converting architecture into extremely visual and spectacular song lyrics sounds pretty genius to me.

    59. Dave Stevens

      Since the moves weren't done in succession, the "mental chess" could've just been a type of correspondence chess - each had a board at home and just played the pieces, figuring out the move for the next day. And the eye twitch was just to memorize the particular move to set later.

    60. Christian Williams

      People always mistaken schools “education” for intelligence.they aren’t the same

    61. Harv Begal

      The breaking down complicated stuff into easy to understand bits is what my boss and his boss have tasked me with because they said "you're really good at explaining the program to your team members. We want you to do the same for other teams in the company." 90% of my family are teachers, pretty much only my immediate family is not, my dad saying we escaped the curse. Looks like I can't escape the curse.

    62. E B

      My youngest brother is secretly a genius. When he was 3, we were all sitting in the car and a daycare bus stopped next to us at a stoplight. He absentmindedly read off the name of the daycare on the bus. Just crazy.

    63. Sh4d0wgaL

      Am I the only person who never had to study in high school and still got straight As, but didn’t have a reality check in college...? Like, I don’t get straight As anymore but I get what I need for scholarships 🤷‍♀️

    64. Kilei Mick

      Tiny Turtle

    65. Amaroq64

      I was diagnosed with ADD because I couldn't pay attention in school. They put me on ritalin for a while, but my dad didn't like the side effects, so he took me off of it. I always got D's and F's in the classes I wasn't interested in, and A's and B's in the classes that interested me without even having to study. I was held back a year for most of high school, and never graduated. Only got my GED. When I got my GED, I was the fastest test taker in the history of that testing facility. The guy who managed it already knew I was smart, but that I couldn't focus on things that didn't interest me, so that's why I struggled through high school. I'm also the family computer nerd who always fixed the computer. I built my own computer. I'm a self-taught web programmer. I've made maps and mods for video games. I know some philosophy. And I'm currently finally motivating myself to learn to compose music, because I want to make a video game but I'm too stubborn to let anyone else work on it.

    66. Spencer Sandberg

      You know what, today is the day... Tiny Turtle

    67. Golden Garuda

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    68. Andro Santos

      The bail money dad, who was he , Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)?

    69. Mr Bond

      I had a classmate in high school whose parents would make him read an entire textbook for the year & create self exams flas cards notes etc. He would always have the teachers looking at him like he had 7 eyeballs because he would know what was happening chapters ahead. Felt kinda bad for him though didnt have a normal high school experience no dances games or even hanging out before/after school. He was #2 in our class and became a surgeon.

    70. Oussama Farhati

      Tiny turtle

    71. andgate2000

      There’s a difference between intelligent and smart. Smart means...you get the intelligent person to do it. I’ve meet intelligent people with absolutely no common sense....to much time with their nose in a book. Also meet the dumbest intelligent people ever.

    72. ccandrew111

      I play darts in a league, and you’d be amazed at how fast some of these guys can call out scores after having to add them up

    73. Manal Kh

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    74. zachary zurfluh

      Wrapping the 30 rack like a gift. This kid was ahead of his time.

    75. I am Enobius

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    76. K Kariana

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="829">13:49</a> lol geens

    77. LegendStormcrow

      Some people have weird mental quirks. Early in the 2nd grade I could read 4th-5th grade level books, read several chapters ahead in all the text books if not half a book ahead, had an almost instinctive understanding of how flight works, could read a map and knew fire arm safety for several years, studied fossils and the solar system in my free time, picked up any bit of science I could find, yet didn't know my alphabet or my phone number, let alone people's names or important dates. They had me in special ed because I had ADHD. Imagine being yelled at for reading a 300 page book because your class is supposed to be reading something off Reading Rainbow. When i moved schools they tried to keep me in special ed math but let me out despite them never finishing testing me when I took the TAKS test and ended up in the top 10%. Funny thing was it was all stuff I had no idea about and simply rationaled my way through it. To this day I have a habit of figuring out math. My professors must go cross eyed whenever I forget a formula and end up writing a full page problem to replace that simple formula I forgot simply because it was the first way I could figure out that worked. in other words I am either the smartest idiot or the dumbest smart person.

    78. hbest07

      tiny turtle

    79. William Lieske

      I'm 15, my teachers, "friends" and my therapist all often call me intelligent or bright, speak English German, French fluently, also learning Russian and Latin (my Latin is shit tho) but I can't do simple maths, so lmao nay

    80. Ice Fishing

      I got a 5 on my AP psych test without being in the class. My AP French teacher was a bitch so I tried to switching classes halfway through, but my school wouldn't let me so I got a AP psych book and studied it myself. Also, only kid in my class to get a 5 on the AP Bio test, but I'm not that smart.