What's The Worst Mismanage Of Money You've Seen? (r/AskReddit | Reddit Stories)

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    ► What's The Worst Mismanage Of Money You've Seen? (r/AskReddit | Reddit Stories)
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    1. molly

      my uncle sold his flat in London for over £1 million. instead of moving down to the small town we live in he decided to start renting a house in London and spent all his money. he doesn’t have a job and now he is homeless and living with my nan. he also brought his dogs pâté which explains alot.

    2. Blake Etter

      Not me but a story I heard once. Some college girl got a lot of credit card offers in the mail, as you do, and started abusing them. This was around the time internet shopping was just getting big. She couldn’t afford to pay for college and the bills and started paying off the credit cards with other credit cards. She ended up accumulating over twenty six thousand in debt before her father found one of the bills and made her come home. The teacher who told us this said her reason was, and I quote, “I didn’t think I’d have to pay them back”. Idk what happened to her but it can’t have been good.

    3. Blake Etter

      A brother who’s in a very expensive college with no year round job and spends fifty bucks a day at a bar and goes on trips for every break. Rented a house for spring break. Dude makes a few grand over the summer which is his only income. He’s doomed cuz his major isn’t very lucrative. Mother doesn’t believe in saving, would have no retirement if not for my dad, spends every paycheck to the dime, admittedly she doesn’t go over but there’s no savings. Not a lucrative job either. Dad and I are the cheap ones and the only reason nobody is homeless.

    4. Madara Uchiha


    5. Tilda Spridd

      **insert that dril tweet about spending $5000 on candles**

    6. Mithcoriel

      The last one isn't stupid, at least not compared to the others.

    7. JenaB

      my friend buys fast food everyday and complains about being broke instead of spending way less money by going to grocery store where she would be able to get a weeks worth of food with the amount she usually pays for just one day

    8. Drew Street

      I dont make much money, but I never take loans or credit cards, I dont have overdraft set on my debit card, the only luxury monthly payment is my phone which I then use the unlimited data as a hub for everything else that requires wifi, i work every time i can, I dont complain about having barely any money I just wish I could move up in life

    9. Hastin Taylor

      These are all the type of people that the earnin app is directed towards.

    10. Elli Sowers

      A girl I used to be friends with got a 24k car, without having a job to pay for it. Had her dad co-sign for it. She got knocked up a month later. Good luck paying for that car with the expenses of a new baby. She also spent her financial aid from school on makeup and lash extensions. I’m super glad she’s not my friend anymore. She was toxic and only cared about herself.

    11. Super Saiyan Salamence

      The other day my coworker asked me how many payments he could miss before they come repo his car because he needs it for his Vegas trip next month. This was about an hour or so after he bought my old subwoofer and three pairs of shoes

    12. Allen Weber

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">6:06</a> This is what my mother expected me to do. "Once you pay that off you can get another." No, mother. Once I pay off this bulletproof toyota yaris I will maintain it diligently until it reaches maybe 300k miles, THEN I will get another affordable car.

    13. Michael Petrovich

      I was like that when i was 20 years old and then my father beat the crap out of me and to this day i allways pay my Bills in time.

      1. ESP PupsnKits

        Michael Petrovich sometimes that’s the safer option to drive that into you instead of failing on your own and being unable to fix it

    14. JohnnyTyrant93

      I made it three minutes in before having to turn it off. This is all my nightmares at once.

    15. was 37e3ue37eww 7

      I remember taking a second job because I thought if I’m going to spend money on weed it’s not it’s gonna be my main money

      1. Squirrel

        @Madi Armstrong its a good idea to make sure you dont overspend money you're going to need

      2. Madi Armstrong

        was 37e3ue37eww 7 I have my weed budgeted into my “fun money”, all of my friends think it’s a weird concept to budget in stuff like that.

    16. Warren Cotton

      Sad, sad, sad.

    17. Maeve Fitzgerald

      Oh god, the ad before this was for a pyramid scheme. It's a new one, advertising some plastic hook for about 2 seconds before moving it off-camera and boasting about the wonders of selling stuff on Amazon.

      1. McsTube

        Maeve Fitzgerald mine was a demonrat ad

    18. Angus Rhoton

      I have a metal bank thing that you can’t open easily that I’ve been putting $30 or more into it each week that I’ve had for a long time now. Once it’s full I’m opening it and investing it or using it as a down payment on a house. I also have a mutual fund that I put money into and am saving for when I’m an old man. My biggest non necessity is weed. About $100-150 a month and if it passes $150 I take a break. I don’t eat out. I don’t shop all the time. I don’t know how it could be hard to manage money.

    19. M Death

      I will never understand why people waste so much money on cars...

      1. Cupcakes Yum

        People now a days care more about looking cool than budgeting

      2. Erik Spotting

        Yep an good car lasts a while

    20. harley james

      On Friday i went out with a few work mates, and one of my mates spent £300 On alcohol.

    21. Cupcakes Yum

      The reasons why people are poor listed from 1 to 7 1. They don't know how to budget 2. They misuse credit cards 3. They have children when they are barely able to support themselves 4. They waste money on worthless crap 5. They use banks that charge ridiculous fees ie overdrafts and minimum balance fees 6. They try to keep up with the jonesess 7. They go to college and take out student loans that they can never pay back I live with people who are like this one of my neighbors makes 16 dollars an hour and still says he can't support himself but wastes money on booze and takeout and another one of my neighbors has two jobs and a car but can't pay his rent in full every month mindboggling to say the least

      1. Cupcakes Yum

        @Joshua Allen Good for you I've made my share of stupid decisions with money but I'm trying to change as well

    22. GalactiNaut

      I took a sha-tee this morning.

    23. Oblivion NPC

      saw someone begging for money online to buy a 50$ vintage t-shirt

    24. Luce Gibbs

      God I really hated making those tie dye frappuccinos

    25. Stupid2669

      Oh man. The divorce rapes and single mother stories are just sad :/

    26. JoelJames2

      "120 dollars...ZERO ZERO"

    27. The Deco Cottage

      My coworker (and her husband) who financed a car with 17.86% interest with their other car as collateral.

    28. Neon Gigolo

      Anything my idiot ex wife does

    29. Rocket Pak

      Co-worker bought one of those 3rd party car warranties on a new car she leased.

      1. Charles Johnson


    30. monkeynumber nine

      My best friend received an inheritance from a family member. She shopped Amazon for about 6 months, spending approximately $40k on nothing... she invited me to go on vacation with her and she said she wanted to make sure she spent some of it on something that was enjoyable and memorable because she knew she would blow it all anyway.

    31. Tandem _Ferret

      My freshman English teacher told us that he only has a debit card, no credit cards, because he had the money so he doesn't need to borrow it from a big company. I think about that piece of advice a lot, especially as I got older and graduated high school

    32. Lcoq19

      My former neighbor received $100,000 his 2 sons, 22 and 23, each received $50,000 from something to do with their deceased mother's former job or something. The dad moved out of his mobile home to live with his girlfriend, leaving the boys there, and he bought all 3 of them a new car before he moved out. The boys had parties constantly with cocaine and booze and ordered in pizzas. One boy was through his 50 grand in a month and the other within 3 months. They actually had a friend move in with them and he was the only 1 of the 3 who consistently worked and he gave the boys money for rent every month, which they never paid. The dad ended up over 6k in debt from back lot rent and legal fees and just before a judge ruled on the case (where he would've lost the home he owned and had to pay out money) a friend of the boys swooped in and made an offer to pay off the remaining balance from the back lot rent, the legal fees and maybe an additional $1000 to the dad and got the home for a steal. One of the sons sold his perfectly good, barely used car within a month of his dad getting it for him in order to get a BMW with more miles on it and it was in worse shape than his other car! In the end they both ended up not only broke but they sold their vehicles too because they couldn't afford to keep them on the road (registration, car insurance, gas, basic maintenance, etc.). None of them have anything to show for that money as they're riding borrowed bikes to get around and crashing on whoever's couch.

      1. Unknown Artist

        @Lcoq19 ..... damn. That's awful. I'm honestly glad she couldn't have seen that. I wouldn't want my money going towards that

      2. Lcoq19

        @Unknown Artist the only solace is she wasn't around to see the mess and what became of her ex husband and children. But from what I understand, she wasn't a part of their lives from the time they were a few months old and 1 year old respectively. The dad got full custody of them at that age and they grew up to be children in adult bodies...I guess "grew up" isn't the right description because they still haven't done that and they're 25 and 26 now. The elder boy has at least 2 children whom he doesn't really see or have anything to do with. I stopped by their house one day, years ago when it WAS their house, before the dad left, and the baby mama had come by with the newborn girl and 4 year old son who was still in diapers. They'd only begun talking about potty training at that point because the boy was morbidly obese and he was in the largest-sized diaper they could find with the tabs barely reaching to close them.

      3. Unknown Artist

        Damn.... imagine being the mom and working for that money only for it to be blown by her two idiot sons and husband. It's a sad situation honestly

    33. Justin Sander

      My brothers father left him a House, A Harley, and a new truck. They have lost the Harley, and truck, and let the house dip into disrepair and abandoned it. Now he plans on trying to buy another house in Cairo Ill where there there are no jobs, and the only store (and I mean not even a gas station) is a run down DG :-/

      1. marie marie

        good lord, not cairo! i remember driving through there 30 years ago and it was a pit even then.

    34. Mustache Merlin

      About two minutes into this, I got the thought "wow, you could probably make an absolute killing if you could somehow figure out how to profit off of people's bad decisions" And then it hit me. That's a bank.

      1. DareXIII

        Payday loan, rent to own, money shark businesses (banks but worse), credit card companies, the list can go on and on.

    35. TenorCantusFirmus

      I notice there's a lot of money mismanagement topics on Reddit, this immediately makes me asking myself if there's not an unadressed issue about it... If one or two hours a Week in School would be devoted to money selfmanagement, I wonder what would be the positive impact on both local economies and the global one.

      1. Cupcakes Yum

        @DareXIII so true sadly an educated nation would not benefit big banks, credit card, mortgage, and loan companies in any way

      2. TenorCantusFirmus

        @DareXIII Yes, that's the unfortunate truth 😟😟.

      3. DareXIII

        I see 1 problem with this. It makes sense and they would never do that.

      4. Cupcakes Yum

        I agree schools need to teach children about money at an early age so when they are adults they don't make these dumb decisions

    36. Masked Foxx

      Ooh! Ooh! I have one similar to the first one! My mother in law owns like over 15 printers. Why? Because the /ink/ is cheaper if you buy a new printer. Like, "Oh yeah Ink is so expensive so instead of spending $50 for a new cartridge I spent $300 on a new printer and saved on ink!" It really baffles me so much, this woman. Show me exactly where you're saving money by doing this.

      1. Randall Martin

        @Masked Foxx okay that's definitely insane. I've wanted to just buy a new printer instead of just buying the ink, but I at least know I will likely never actually sell the printer. Plus I don't print off enough things to make the money really matter too much. She is definitely slightly insane

      2. Masked Foxx

        @Randall Martin I wish, but she uses them. My husband was syncing up his computer to our printer to print some documents and he had like thirty old printers listed as options. That's how I found out she does this. I found a stack of like five printers in their house once and they were big and fancy because I don't even know why. Definitely not the cheaper option. She's very financially irresponsible in a lot of different ways but this one is by far the most baffling to me.

      3. Randall Martin

        It actually is cheaper if you buy the smaller, 60ish dollar ones and actually sell the printer afterwards

      4. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Masked Foxx Resell the printers?

    37. The Pessimist

      the U.S Government's trillion dollar national debt

      1. Jabby The Hot

        Ohooooo the government is full of awful spending habits and bad money management

    38. Sean Porcelli

      This is how people stay poor today. No financial discipline.

    39. Majora Epona

      We need more Darwin awards.

    40. bangablesnowbeast

      Oh man... That mid-50s woman with terrible finances reminds me of one of my friends: she always complains about being broke and what terrible debt she's in... but lets go out to eat every weekend! Girl, you should save that to buy a car, or pay off your credit cards!

    41. SorasShadow1

      Had a really shitty teacher in high school who would go on personal rants nearly daily & often complained about how in debt he was to credit card companies & tell us about how in college (he was in his late 30s early 40s) he'd have like 15 credit lines open at one time & still drove new trucks to work at a public school in a high cost of living area of the state while bitching about his debt. He also just took everything a bunch of high schoolers said super personally all the time, which obviously lead to some issues & more personal ranting, he did not get re-hired the following year.

    42. fast 417


    43. TheRexTera

      Girlfriend and kids... Buy a fleshlight instead.

    44. Hunter Scott

      My dad and his girlfriend once moved. His girlfriend paid for the 3 moving guys and everyone's lunch (10 ish subway sandwiches and drinks). Then proceed to order 5 large pizzas for dinner. Tip the moving guys $100 dollars each, along with a cooler full of Bud-Light and Fireball whiskey. On top of the $1,000 or so for the moving guys to move all the stuff. It was a fun 12 hours.

      1. Hunter Scott

        @K1naku5ana3R1ka Ballpark of $1,500.

      2. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Hunter Scott How much does that sum up to?

    45. crystal sparks

      I knew some who would buy 2 cups of coffee a day. That's $72.00 a month. You can buy coffee, cream and sugar for around 15.00 a month.

      1. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Ah, Starbucks. There’s honestly much bigger and more memorable wastes of money, but the latte factor can really creep up on you.

      2. free Falling

        Ain’t that basically Starbucks?

    46. Ben Robicheau

      Many of my classmates in the 60s would, upon graduation, buy a used car financed through the Household Finance company because they would loan to anyone but charged high interest. They didn't even try the bank first, just went straight to HF. The cars were always old and the drivers young so they didn't last too long. I knew several guys who were driving their second or third car but still paying for the first. These same people, when they were setting up their own residence, would finance their furniture through HF but then default on payments and get it all repossed. One guy found out that the repo guys were not allowed to damage your house so he financed a house full of furniture, then built in the doorways so they were too narrow for the furniture to fit through. He stopped making payments and wasn't worried when the repo guys showed up, assuming they would just go away when they saw that the stove, fridge, sofa, etc. would not fit through the door. They left OK, but took the fridge and oven doors, furniture legs and cushions etc. with them.

    47. Aviator John

      Outro song plz?

    48. Cemetery of Choice

      I have a co-worker who scoffs at the idea of establishing emergency savings because, she says, the money she makes only barely covers her basic living expenses. She buys take-out lunch every day plus a $1.75 bottle of soda from the convenience store, is always buying new clothes and shoes online, etc. If she even switched to buying the soda by the six-pack at Wal-Mart she'd save over $300 per year. Pack a lunch just one day a week and that's another roughly $390. So she could save enough money in one year to have an emergency car repair covered instead of having to charge it. And that's just those two changes. But you can't talk to her about it. She insists that there's no wiggle room in her budget at all and that people who say that poor people need to develop better financial habits just don't understand what it's like to be poor and that there is no money to budget with.

      1. Cemetery of Choice

        @K1naku5ana3R1ka I don't bother. She'd just say something about not having time to cook.

      2. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Cemetery of Choice How does she respond when you explicitly ask about the takeout?

    49. Cemetery of Choice

      I was a case manager in a "welfare to work" program in a rural area. You pretty much had to have a car to have a job because there were very few entry-level jobs you could commute to by bus. "Karen" had gone through our program and we'd helped her to get a car and a job. About six months later the car broke down and she didn't have any money to fix it so she lost her job. So she was back on welfare and back in the program. Soon it was coming up time to get her tax return, and she was expecting to get a huge check because she'd worked and would get the Earned Income Tax Credit and it would be big because she had several kids. I tried to help her make a plan to spend it on a car and put as much in savings as the entitlement programs would let her have without cutting her off (food stamps, housing, etc.) "This check is your ticket off welfare!" I told her. Well, the following Monday there was no sign of her. Her friends said that her tax check had arrived and she'd rented a car and taken a bunch of friends bar-hopping all weekend, picking up the tab everywhere they'd gone. She didn't blow the entire check -- which would have been thousands of dollars -- but she knew that we'd be disgusted with her so she just didn't bother to come back. I was laid off soon after that but no doubt she blew the money and went right back into the program.

    50. Robert Phillips

      Wife’s family member got hundreds of thousands of dollars from a settlement claim and back disability payments. Bought a luxury car that when the tires needed changing they could not afford them due to the fact that they were made specifically for that car. It sat for over a year before they were persuaded to sell it off to buy food for them and their children.

    51. Ace Hardy


    52. Robert Johnson

      Acquiring debt is like sawing off a limb. It is a last resort, and never do it for something that won't grow back. Unless you don't mind spending the rest of your life like that.

    53. Kody Eldridge

      "I work hard therefore I deserve" honey everybody that works, works hard.

      1. Takedrugskillabear

        @TenorCantusFirmus Working hard at browsing Reddit and typing away on a computer. It's hardly "hard work" but it certainly is soul crushing either way.

      2. TenorCantusFirmus

        That's why I never claim to work "hard" and hate when people call themselves "hardworkers"... Coupled with the fact if you have an office job when in the World there still are people working in the mines or in workchain jobs since they're 10 years old, please, how can someone claim he's working "hard" when compared with those?...

      3. The Emperor Of Mankind

        No necessarily true,i know a few people who "work" but only do it half-assed at best,whereas others will work themselves to the bone

    54. Kody Eldridge

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="282">4:42</a> "she is the dumbest person i have ever met and i am always a little freaked out that she is handling our money." that's what you want in an accountant, the inability to do basic math. In the words of Obi-wan kenobi, "who's the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?"

      1. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Squirrel I was thinking that she was hired due to nepotism or the like, but I appreciate a more positive view.

      2. Squirrel

        It might be that she knows how to do her job with other people that aren't her, but personal life and emotions affect how she spends personally.

      3. Merlote

        To be fair, for the longest time I couldn't get our finances straight, but could pay bills at work up to a half a million without getting a countersign on it because I was always spot on with my accounts at work. I did eventually get a hold of our spending at home, but no one at work had the faintest idea that my personal finances were so messed up.

    55. Chana Keller

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> was actually pretty smart. Even if you sell it for 3k and you’ve got 50% more in pay. Might sell it for up to 3250. Take a few days but def worth it.

      1. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Yeah, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be that dumb an idea if he was planning to resell it, but I don’t think that’s what he was planning, given that OP never mentioned it.

      2. Tony Blake

        If he knew someone who would buy it for that much sure but if someone tried to sell me a watch for that much there's no way I would buy it. 1 because even if I knew them I'd think it was fake or something making it not worth it. And 2 even if I knew it was real I'd rather spend the extra $500 and get it from the store in case I needed to return it for any reason. No way random guy would honor a return. And not like he could sell it to another store or pawn shop for that price. Plus it was marked down for a reason, probably because they tried selling it for that much but no one would pay it until this guy. Reminds me when I saw something showing an example of someone buying something. It was marked $100 and they thought it was to much, but then they showed it was $100 marked down from $200. Same thing same price but saying it was marked down made them think it was a great deal. Could be the same with the watch. It's really only worth the 2000 but said it was worth more. Hell I used to but work pants from sears and for years they were on "sale" for $20. No if it's years that's the price not q sale.

    56. Carl FromTheOC

      Latrell Spreewell. Mike Tyson. Most mega-lottery winners. Mike Nesmith. Johnny Depp.

    57. Chintz

      Trudeau in Canada now


      Anyone who buys a new car immediately after paying off their old one

    59. SunPhantom

      I bought a Firewall Dragon card when it was $50. When it got banned a half a year later it dropped to $5.

    60. Matt W

      The one where the older brother saved up 8k for a car and then cajoled into giving it to his younger "gifted" brother made me feel sad.

      1. Kevin Counihan

        Intenselly LIt. NOsel looses time granularity rather quickly. If you notice after a week the order in a post is only knowable to a week at the finest detail, after a month it is only to the month, and so on. So I post the date to keep track of the order of my posts. I do this for most everything, not just NOsel. It's kind of a good practice to get into, especially from a legal standpoint should I ever be asked to prove when I wrote something. 02-27-2020.

      2. Intenselly LIt

        @Kevin Counihan why you signing your comments with a date?

      3. Kevin Counihan

        I would bet that one is from India. The parents there treat their children like that in that country. 02-26-2020.

    61. Bruce Davidson

      first year of uni I spent 400 on tim horrtins it was just so easy

    62. Pink Agaricus

      The story about the tabletop games shop, I find that location suspect...like the friend who wrote the story I wonder if there was more than just a "gaming" shop, if you know what I mean, that lead to all those taxes being owed.

      1. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        Pink Agaricus What are you trying to imply?

    63. 3sim159

      How hard is it to fix the text to speech errors, like you're just typing into a generator.

      1. that guy who would not share his name

        Some people find it funny

      2. Lcoq19

        They're probably just lazily copy-pasting the whole thing.

    64. Games4Nerds

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> I will buy that trailblazer as long as it's older that's 75

    65. Patricia Cross

      Hillbilly isn't necessarily stupid. Guy took care of his friends and family, who are likely all in similar situation to him and he knows first hand what it's like. I could not be rich and watch people I care about suffer. I already know what I'd do if I came into a large enough sum of money. 1/3 would be split between people I care about who could use it, especially those who have helped me. 1/3 for foodbanks and local non-profit organizations I like. 1/3 for wife and I for things we need to replace in house that are close to dying (laundry, dishwasher, etc) and to help my vintage toy business grow.

      1. Iwo DEU

        I would keep the Money and tell nobody that i have so much.

      2. Patricia Cross

        @ItsMeIGuess for people in rural areas that rely on their trucks both for work and transportation as well as a lot of their daily needs at home, a new truck us a godsend. Especially if they also have wood stoves/heating. It is something essential to their livelihood, and having an old truck break down us a massive setback.

      3. ItsMeIGuess

        Patricia Cross I totally get that. Maybe he could have helped them with something more essential than a new pickup truck though!

    66. Michael Choate

      My stepsisters whenever any cash comes there way they immediately rush to the nearest Starbucks and spend it all. They had around 200$ at Christmas gone in a day all on Starbucks.

      1. K1naku5ana3R1ka

        How the heck do you spend 200 bucks in one sitting at Starbucks?

      2. Lcoq19

        Tf did they buy at Starbucks for $200? Like a round of drinks, sandwiches and desserts for the whole place?? 🤨🤨

      3. Kerri B

        Geez, I love Starbucks but I don't even spend $200 there a month.

    67. Water King

      A friend work for a motor vehicle company to sell vehicles he sold a few but when they couldn't meet meet the ends meet they fired him as he just purchased a brand new at the time truck that'd costed $60,000 and did not get employee discount and the price had shot down three weeks later to 40,000 and now he's stuck with those payments and a truck that he did not want, car salesmen are evil

    68. Kim Zastrow

      My coffee problem or smoking

    69. Wicked Amoeba

      The tire one.....WHAT?!

      1. Lcoq19

        @littlesongbird1 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ that's about right.

      2. littlesongbird1

        @Lcoq19 she didn't really have one. She said it was our fault for telling her she couldn't driver her car like that.

      3. Lcoq19

        @littlesongbird1 and her answer was...?

      4. littlesongbird1

        I handle auto insurance claims for a living. I had a policy holder who didn't want to file a claim till the other drivers' insurance accepted fault. So she refused to get her car fixed even though we inspected it and paid her for the damage. She couldn't drive the car because the mirror was broken so she bought a new (used car) since she couldn't drive her current one. My boss and I asked her why she didn't just pay her $500 deductible and get her car fixed?

    70. Mngalahad

      use up $150.000 for a software that does half of what you need, while paying full price for another one that does the job for both and is 50% cheaper.

    71. profwaldone


      1. autistic puggerino

        Literally no one cares. No one.

    72. A K

      $1.4 billion raised to get Hillary elected.

      1. Emma Cat

        500 million to try and get Bloomberg elected.

      2. Alexander

        There's people who donated money to a billionaire's campaign. That's also fucking stupid.

    73. Touch Squad

      This is worse than any series of horror stories.

      1. Paris Green

        Yes, I thought it would be funny but it's just depressing. I only made it halfway through.

    74. Johnny Martin

      My ex gf blow through 20 thousand dollars from her divorce and then blamed me for the fact she was broke. A few things before I go. 1. I didn't have access to her bank account and, only spent her money when I went to the store and she wanted something. 2. I had my own job and so did she. 3. I gave her half of everything I made for bills and rent. 4. I have know idea what she spent the money on.

      1. Johnny Martin

        @William Johnson lol I'll edit.

      2. William Johnson

        Omg I hope her "back" account is fine now

    75. Sharayha Moore

      I'm embarrassed to be a Prius owner...

      1. e vil

        I love the prius, it's not the fastest, or the strongest, but boy does it get mileage

    76. Jason Dennis

      Years ago I remember car dealerships offering interest free loans or $1k cash. I wonder how many idiots took the cash.

      1. fiona fiona

        Admittedly loans at the dealership might not always be the best choice but if you can afford the car, not having interest might be a few k.

    77. The Reddic

      Nice video mate, keep on posting ❤🤙

    78. Bryce Armstrong

      It almost sounds like Prius owners are stuped.