What Will Survive A Crash Test? (GAME)

1,2 mill ganger178

    Today, we're smashing things together at high speeds and seeing what will survive. Don't try this at home! GMM #1683
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    Publisert 3 måneder siden


    1. Hizzy And friends

      I never knew Rhett was so much taller than Link.

    2. Shawn Murphy

      Rhett always has to win...must have hidden issues...

    3. Mason B

      Link: We've got a FANCY desktop Me: ... Well, what do you expect from a 42 year old man...

    4. the_ crow_himself

      I will destroy you

    5. ZuhaibMD

      -is that a meatball -it's a meateor

    6. Trinity Wheeler

      In life, if there's anything I have learned, it's that for every Rhett there is a Link

    7. Tech101

      The iMac was a more rare tray-loader, and the CRT was fine. -1.

    8. Lee Xiao Loong

      *Post Covid

    9. Olivia Mae

      why is no one wearing helmets this is stressful

    10. bnenomore

      I wish this was my job!!

    11. Detective Assassin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="414">6:54</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality

    12. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

      Is that Sinbad😂 Guy Fieri has a concussion😂

    13. Phuck Onyou

      What gives? Super toilet with lid that stays on with nothing holding it? Not a regular toilet

    14. Hey Nate

      I dunno bout you guys, but that toilet cheated...

    15. Leanne L

      This episode bugs my ocd. They aren’t releasing the items at the same time and it changes the test results!!! The one released first has more force of course it’s gonna win if they are about the same weigh.

    16. nintatsu akaninja

      That’s the Mac that was in schools when I was a kid lol

    17. Smokey One

      Is this in reference to kobe? Or filmed before?

    18. Crxptrxp ;

      It's a MEATEOR!

    19. TechGuy Teaches

      Link: looks at old XP Dell "Man this looks valuable!"

    20. Conor Harris

      Ah, yes. This would make Nigel Thornberry proud.

    21. Robert Reusch

      Your guys in scissor lifts should be wearing harnesses

    22. TheDeadCobra

      What a weak prize

    23. Erica Johnson

      Am I the only one who thinks that the last round should have been redone cause they didn't actually touch? The meatball hit the rope.

    24. Holly Siciliano

      I love the shirt Link

    25. Ray C.

      Link totally got screwed with the brick. Not only did he get the smaller one, but they also didn't lay it. If it was flat it would've been getting compressive force rather than the shear force it got, and prolly would've won. Instead the cinderblock got all the advantages.

    26. Thanh Binh Le

      if it anything the Mac is done. the PC is integrated in the MAC so the cathode tube anddrive bay is gone fixing it meant fixing at least 3 part, the PC one base on it look is completely fine just put the cover back or buy a new case and it work fine.

    27. Reece Elkins

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="393">6:33</a> early gradeschool flashbacks!

    28. FlintStoner-👌

      PC wins... but Windows will always crash :(

    29. NeXuS DRaMa

      More of this 👍👍

    30. Mr. Stripes

      Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, IT'S FUN! :)

    31. williamshaw3rd

      Sup with the Porsche shell next door?

    32. Clay3613


    33. Somebody Someone

      So THATS what a PC is good for...

    34. Morning Milk

      I just went sorta cross eyed by accident for like a second, and then Rhett and Link morphed into one being, it was pretty freaky deaky

    35. Gavin Hunt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> We're still good!

    36. Mike M

      Pronounced fieti. That is all.

    37. High Definition

      People passing by must wonder wtf they're doing with a trebuchet in their parking

    38. TNJ-productions

      2 videos in 1 day... Wow

    39. Zack Allen

      Looks more like Dood Fieri XD.

    40. mojo

      Smashing episode gmm! 👍

    41. Cowboygineer

      Seeing that iMac smashed into pieces just shatters my heart. Press F to pay respects.

    42. Leather Pants Guy

      PC > Mac

    43. Anh Kiệt Đàm

      smash or smash

    44. RockSleeper

      should have got the slow mo guys on this with ya

    45. Lάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ

      Hmm it's almost like they want computers to break...😏

    46. VedlAxe

      Production value just went up

    47. Kevin Smith

      We're still good LMAO

    48. Vascodigama

      Hello im a Mac and im PC and its tiiiiime to spin the wheeeeeel of mythicality

    49. Ayus

      Emma is cute tho

    50. DaSquid

      Good Mythical Morning should make a gaming channel, called Good Mythical Gaming. Like this so they can see this!!!! 👇🏻

    51. Donna Ridenhour


    52. Zain Khaled

      “Well, not in the way kids talk about it” adorable link 😂

    53. otto leeverink

      Link's glasses are NOT savety glasses guys

    54. Reece Casimere

      That wasn't a meatball. It was this big.🙌

    55. Trevor Howell

      Plz do more it made me so happy

    56. Trevor Howell

      Can we please do more of these

    57. Spangler@rt

      3 days and almost a million views 😯😯😯

    58. Sam M

      Rhett is legit turning into his buddy system season 2 character with his hair

    59. muri ella

      Link and I were both expecting a prank in this one (glad there wasn't)

    60. QuinnsCorner

      I think we all know pc is superior now

    61. Sam Ordna

      Haven't been here for a year.. Wth does Rhett look like Howard Hughes

    62. david bennett

      You guys should see if you could get the best ever Food review on your show. Love you guys be good.

    63. CleanMan

      Game idea: Blind donut taste test

    64. Teenage Stepdad

      Rhett you’re still good!

    65. Atif Fayyadh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> theres a hundred and four days of summer vacation

    66. Seth Barber

      “Is that a meatball?” “It’s a meteor.”

    67. Jeffrey Polan

      Do battle of the tortilla chip just like you did with popcorn last episode

    68. Lucifer Morningstar

      I read the title as "What will survive a car crash test?" XD

    69. kári agnarsson

      My first subscription on NOsel. I have binge watched your videos and I like! Come to my country and I will be your guide. (Iceland)

    70. DaBomb8493

      * spoiler? * I think there’s a better chance that pc still turns on than that Mac.

      1. benjamin bruce

        even undamaged that would be the case

    71. Abi Styles

      Bill gates vs Steve jobs (when he was still alive)

    72. Galactic

      Okay, but what about Ben and Mr. Whitewood

    73. Jacquelin Melton

      You are winsome

    74. _PanDart

      U guys didn't even line up the meatball and cake correctly, they didn't even hit each other.

    75. Broken JPEG

      No! The iMac G3!

    76. Doughy

      macs are overpriced and for apple tards

    77. Kitsune-157

      Of course PC wins! PC beats Mac every time!

    78. Irene O'Hare

      i love the simple concept meets extreme execution in this video. Smashing two things together is just so inherently satisfying.

    79. Hansy

      Mac = PC.

    80. GuiltyMalice

      Yea cinder blocks are usually made of concrete and bricks from clay.